The Tories Phoney War On Woke

As with immigration, the Tories talk a good game on woke, Sunak vowing in in his leadership campaign last year to stop the “woke nonsense permeating public life”

Fast forward 6 months and Rishi is PM, and guess what? The Tory Party is holding online diversity training workshops for its aspiring MPs, addressing such burning issues as “white resentment” and “unconscious bias”.

Prospective candidates are encouraged to use gender-neutral words like “they” and “their”. References are made to “microaggressions”, such as asking a black colleague “are you able to sit out in the sun without any sun cream?” and “why does your hair not look like ours?”

Eh? Jesus fucking Christ on an e-scooter!

Promise one thing, shamelessly do the exact opposite and expect nobody to notice.

Like the pledge in their 2010, 2015 and 2017 election manifestos, to reduce net immigration to the “tens of thousands”. Barely got below the three hundreds of thousands.

Johnson dropped that pledge in 2019, changed it to “control immigration”, the assumption being that with his “oven ready” Brexit bollocks and a government consisting almost entirely of Brexiteers, net immigration figures would be slashed dramatically… after all, the Tories were “bringing back control”, right?

Surprise surprise, in 2022 net immigration was the highest on record at 504,000!

Give me fucking strength!

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Supplementary link to show how many firms there are doing the diversity training racket. Must be money in it!

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94 thoughts on “The Tories Phoney War On Woke

  1. Yes, all smoke and mirrors I’m afraid. The modern day Tory party are part of the woke problem, and their 13 years in power have very much increased the rot that was established by Satan’s envoy Tony Blair, especially in terms of wokeism.
    Rishi Sunak and his horde will do fuck all, the same way Boris, May, Cameron, Brown and Blair did fuck all either (except to accelerate the destruction of the UK)
    Fucking Quisling scum bastards all of them, both ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ parties. Fuck’em all. Cunts.

  2. Sunak just said what needed to be said to win the leadership race. He has now reverted to doing what every other western politician does when the opportunity presents itself; kissing Zelenskyy’s arse and fuck the day job.

    How ridiculous did the cunt look in that flight helmet?

    • It looked like he would fall over from the weight of it and need three bodyguards to set him upright.

      The weak cunt.

  3. These cunts are consigning themselves to electoral oblivion and couldn’t give a fuck.

    Hopefully after a couple of years of Kweer Stormer and his woke windbags there will be some sort of push for electoral change..proportional representation would be a good start,allow as yet unknown parties get some seats in the House of Cunts and change the failed cosy arrangement that is rapidly sending us down the shitter.

    I hope the next election destroys the Tories who then implode into factional warfare..and out of it we get a populist right wing party that can help tidy up the stinking mess that social democratic liberal nonsense and printing money has gotten us into.

    Oh and limit MP’s expenses to ten thousand a year with no second homes and assorted bullshit.

    Ban second jobs and advisory rolls,speeches as well.

    Fuck the toffs off.

    The sickly grasping cunts.

  4. Great nom Minge.

    It’s just like you say mate. They talk the talk on a load of stuff, like immos, inflation, the north/side divide, making bonfires of EU regs etc, but they’ve just lost all credibility I’m afraid. They look as tho they’re just hanging on without any real sense of direction and purpose.

    The appalling thing is, the alternatives offered by the LabLib cunts (throw in the bastard SNP while you’re on it) are simply terrifying.

    We look fucked.

    Afternoon all, Gawd ‘elp us.

    • Can’t wait for the ‘rise of the machines’, a bit of AI that works on logic only…..

      Stop the boats, PM Skynet has just ordered the Navy (formerly Royal Navy, but as the PM decided a king was no long needed we could drop the ‘Royal’) to sink all dinghies heading to our shores.

      PM skynet has identified waste, including benefit scroungers, in response all benefits will be cancelled, all NGO’s will be banned, PM Skynet having the brain the size of a planet doesn’t need nerdy left wing straight out of university cunts to ‘stick their oar in’

      Long live PM Skynet and the AI’s.

      • Can’t be worse than this shower of shite in Parliament. I wonder if PM Skynet would still allow us to get pissed though

    • Much obliged, Ron.
      And all for their contributions.
      Apart from the Zelensky/Ukraine haters, obviously.

  5. I hardly think politicians need lessons in wokery……..they fucking invented it the cunts!
    The nightmare continues…….

    • You’d expect Labour, LibDumbs, Greens, SNP to be gung-ho for all this woke nonsense, but the Tories?

      TCIF. 🙁

  6. The party that has always touted itself as the traditional defender of Britain’s history, heritage and culture.
    Lying interchangeable cunts who would sell it all down the river for a fat expenses claim, some likes on Twatter and a chance to hop back on the EU gravy train.
    May they all burn, and rise no more…

  7. If the P@k! Partridge had half a brain, he would arrest Zelensky y (yyyy!) and hand him over to Ivan as a goodwill gesture. But he was never going to do that, because the safety of the UK and its people isn’t high on Rishi’s list of priorities…

  8. If you think about it, we don’t really need a war on work. The dim cunts are so fixated on finding fault and cancel culture, that eventually they will cancel each other until, just like Highlander, there can be only one!


  9. The stupid lockdowns showed how quickly the economy can be fucked.
    Going full woke ( whilst pretending to fight it) is just another nail in the coffin. They’ll be departments full of tossers in each large company keeping tabs on the woke unbelievers like ourselves. Productivity plunges once more

      • I didn’t vote for them last time and very much doubt I’ll be voting for them next time.

      • I’m making a list of swear words in readiness for the election to plaster my voting slip..

        I have only got as far as CUNTS so far..
        Any help is welcomed.

      • How about voting for that nice Mr Yaxley Lennon? After seeing my local MP defending the dinghy cunts and insulting bods who are saying enough in the Daily Fail. He can fucking whistle for my vote next time.

        What about the Reform party? Any ideas?

      • Robinson would make a great politician, he’s self serving enough.
        Last sn protesting against sending military aid to Ukraine, while pensioners here can’t afford to put the heating on. Probably the same dopey gammons that send him donations, that he uses to invest in property and gambling.
        What the dumb racist fails to understand is that if Ukraine falls, there will be millions of refugees, not only fleeing Ukraine, but other countries bordering Russia, who will be next on Putins Soviet land grab.

      • Considering the demographic time bomb that Russia is sitting on then I’d be surprised if the “land grab” would extend any further than the east of Ukraine.

        Putin is obviously a cunt for sacrificing a generation of young men to achieve his military gains but at the rate that the Russians are reproducing, dying or being needlessly slaughtered, then there’s going to be next to no cunt left in Russia of fighting age or that’s healthy enough to fight any future wars.

        Europeans once colonised the world because they were demographically secure.
        In a similar way that Africans are now colonising swathes of Europe.
        Europeans and especially Slavs, are no longer demographically secure.

      • Am I allowed to think that both Putin and Zelenskyy are cunts?

        Do I have to pick a side?

        Is there any desire whatsoever for peace in this shit-fest?

        Are any of the protagonists from either side of this conflict willing to sit down and negotiate or is there way too much money to be made by rotten cunts with vested interests thousands of miles away?

        I get the “Putin needs to get out of Ukraine” angle – and I agree with that myself but at the same time, it doesn’t appear to be quite that simple.

        I suppose it’s easy to support war when it’s someone else’s child being sent to the slaughter house.

      • Afternoon Gutstick. 👍

        Undiluted Kremlin propaganda still strongly in evidence here on ISAC. 🙄

        I’m off to spend some time foraging psilocybin mushrooms in Kielder Forrest. 😁

      • Forgive them?

        I’d split their nostrils open with a boat hook, given the opportunity.

      • You’re too forgiving.
        I’d nail their heads to a coffee table
        And Novichok them.
        Then put them on the next flight to Moscow.

      • Evening Herman.

        Unlike Russia, we’re still a free country – you’re allowed to think whatever you like.

        ISAC wouldn’t last 5 minutes in Putin’s Russia.

    • Funny how the BBC and the like have to tell usTommy Robbo’s real name every time they mention him. Do they do that with Sting, Bonio, Cher, and other celebricunts with stage names? They seem to believe it’s of great importance that we know his real name. Hilarious.🤣

      • He’s a smallish fella.
        White gnashers.
        More than a wee bit suspicious of a certain religious faith.

        A right wing Owen Jones possibly .
        Only in so much as the loathing that the mere mention of his name evokes.

        Depending on who you agree or disagree with of course.

      • So… who IS he? Does HE know? Maybe that’s the quandary raging within him. As I say, he looks like a wee gay fella who got refused entry at Revenge nightclub in Brighton.

  10. I’ve just been informed by the BBC that Joanne Rowling’s views on “trans” deviants are controversial. My immediate thought was that maybe the case in BH and parts of Islington, but certainly not where I come from.

      • Morning Ruff, hope you’re well.

        While I’ve got my knife into the BBC on the regional television news they have just reported on the refurbishment of Findlay’s corner by London Bridge. The Evening Standard covered this story on 21st October 2021.

      • Whenever someone mentions Rowling, I think of those monumental funbags.😜

        Oh, and odious trannie loving can’t act weasel, Daniel Twatcliffe is a little cunt. Who will be forever known just for playing that four eyed boy wizard girly swot arselick. Oh, and for crawling to trannies as well….

      • Afternoon Arfur.

        You’re not the only one losing it – I left all the lights on downstairs after going to bed last night.

        Never mind, soon be our birthdays. 🥂

      • The day the LGBTQ+ hysteria fizzles out will be fucking glorious. It’s all a distraction, a sideshow and people get sucked in (sucked off?) by the fake drama. There’s so many of these fake hysterical dramas playing out and play out they will… and then they will end, as all things end. Including you. Then you’ll be reincarnated as a transgender Nigerian-Chinese wee girl, but by then, we’ll ALL be transgender Nigerian-Chinese wee girl, so fuck you and your opinions.

        Play a record…

      • Guardiola and Klopp are a pair of A grade wankers and watching them both flounder of late, has been most enjoyable.

  11. Sky high taxes
    Sky high handouts
    10% benefits increase
    Overwhelmed with dinghy scum put up in hotels
    Civil Service totally incompetent
    Benefit lifestyle seemingly a choice
    A corrupt bunch of public school incompetent tossers

    Where the fuck are the working class tory ethics?

  12. Did make me laugh – Sunak and 650 other cunts applauding Zelensky for stopping unwanted invaders destroying their country and culture. Yet these same wankers are happy to let in thousands of unwanted cunts here and if anyone says anything, they feel the full force of the law. You really couldn’t make it up.

    • Completely agree, and didn’t their worship of Zelensky just make you want to vomit? It reminded me of when Obama – who absolutely fucking hates this country – addressed parliament and all of that self-serving scum grovelled at His feet like religious extremists.

      • Obama could do no wrong.

        He was awarded the Nobel peace prize for some reason.

        Don’t know if it was just for the colour of his skin or what but I do know that it wasn’t for promoting peace.

        Just ask Libya, Yemen and Syria

      • I can’t wait to see what FATE has for Obama. I have the feeling it involves fleeing America. And no, not Kenya! Africans saw through that cunt from a long time ago..

        He’s right, it’s a non-issue. Gay lifestyle is a part of western society now, but in other countries, it isn’t. Focus on real issues. Simply as that. FOCUS ON REAL ISSUES.

        Like obesity being eradicated.

      • It’s funny, but every shop I go in has a book by that Michelle Obama creature on display. Whether it’s a book store, a supermarket or even a record store, the bitch is always there with some ‘self help’ crap or some shite about how ‘hard dun she is, Mama’. I’m just sick of seeing its ugly face….

    • Obama was useless, ineffectual. Yet he was untouchable. No comedians aimed any satire at him. Nobody took the piss out of him and his family, yet Big Don and his lot got it in droves. Those cunts at Saturday Shite Live were the most guilty where this was concerned. Liberal Clintonite scum.

      Had that kippers and piss stinking slag Madogga said ‘Bomb the White House’ when the Obamas were in it, the filthy old whore would have been hung.

  13. When all this Ukraine shit is over, Zelensky y (yyyyy!) will be outed as the dodgy corrupt cunt he really is. And all his ‘fans’ will look like total knobs. Not unlike the fan club of that Burmese bitch, Aung San Suu Kyi. U2 Diddyman Bonio now looks a right cunt, after licking her arse for years. Mind you, he will look a cunt again when his precious Zelensky y (yyyyyyy!) gets found out and all.

    • Zelenskyy is very precious indeed Norman.

      A luvvie celeb laden awards ceremony wouldn’t be complete these days without him and the Mrs being there. Even if it’s via video link.

      The man has a wish list bigger than a spoilt brat on Christmas eve.

      I can’t help thinking that Mr T could perhaps tell him on behalf of the UK government and in no uncertain terms that “He ain’t getting no planes”

      • The latest ‘great idea’ is to supply extended range missiles that will increase their strike distance from about 80 miles currnetly to around 150 miles. hmmmmm…

        Putin’s stated objective is to “de-militarise” Ukraine which in reality means the Russian army will extend itself into Ukr. such that their longest shot can’t reach (or threaten to reach) the borders of the Donbass. Therefore, increasing Ukraine’s strike range merely increases the nescessary depth of Russian penetration to match the increased threat. Seemples!

      • Come on guys! Slobodan Milošević was the guest of honour at the 1998 Oscars and played, “Keep A-Knockin’ But You Can’t Come In” by Little Richard with his smelly Slavic cock on a diamond piano formerly owned by Liberace! Jack Nicholson got so excited at this gloriously demented performance that he later tried to fly over to Belgrade to give his Oscar to Slobo, but Sean Penn dissuaded his Hellraising buddy and instead they went to the newly opened “Epstein Island” to rape loads and loads and loads of kids.

        Play a record…

    • Zelensky y (yyyyyyyyyy!) was apparently some sort of comedian before he entered politics. It’s like that sickening cunt Steve Coogan becoming leader of the UK. A horrible thought.

      He is also the scruffiest world leader ever. He looks like any other Dooshka drug dealing scruffbag. Saddam Hussein when he crawled out of that hole in Basra looked better than Zelensky y (yyyyyyyyyyy!) does.

  14. The shit show earlier this week summed up what the MPs are really all about.

    As for the suntan kid, He looked like Roland Rat in a flying helmet, fuck me that’s gotta be his Millliband Bacon Sarnie or John Gummer Mad Cow Burger moment. Trouble is the MSM were too busy sucking Zelenskis cock and broadcasting the noises coming out of the dis-honourable MP for Uxbridge cake hole to notice how embarrassing and cringeworthy the whole event was.

    Like I said before they don’t work for us, Starmer and his lot will be worse, but no one cares cos there’s footy and love island on the idiot lantern.

    • “John Selwyn” has passed into cockerknee rhyming as “bummer”, as in “That’s a real John Selwyn.”
      One creepy muthafucker.

  15. As it is here in the states, British patriots have little real choice. If you vote Labour (Democrat) you get fucked.

    If you vote Tory (Republican) you still get fucked but at least they give you a kiss.

    But either way you still get fucked in the end. (Pun intended)

  16. I believe it was Goering who said “ whenever I hear the word culture I reach for my revolver.” I felt the same way when I saw that header photo.

  17. It’s the woke shit that keeps left and right divided whilst the globalist cunts of all parties in all western nations destroy our economies so that they can wheel out digital currency and control us totally. It is so depressing seeing this shit happen in plain sight. Immigration and the blue hair brigade are a smokescreen.

    Left and right unite✊️

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