Pushing The State Pension Age Towards 70

Grandparent, Childminder, more precious than gold.

You read it here first, and thought so fucking what, but have a think.
I took early retirement at 55, with a pension and a lump sum that let me pay off all debts, including the mortgage.

I did it to look after the tiddler, whose now the Gradly Lass.

Could I have done childcare at 65/66? Yes probably.

Could my daughter have had a child at 45? Possibly.

Would I have changed it? Not for a bucket full of diamonds.

But the point is that older folk retire to become carers of grandkids, or their own parents. Whose going to look after me, if my kids have to work until they’re nearly 70?

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Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

45 thoughts on “Pushing The State Pension Age Towards 70

  1. The rate the cunts in central and local government piss money away the state pension will become history within the next few decades.

    As many have found,it’s increasingly beneficial to not work,have no savings and claim Pension Credit..which unlocks the magical door to such gifts as not being liable to pay council tax and so on..

    Many dossers have far more money that people who work for many decades and end up chasing the state pension,then get taxed on that as well.

    The government are cunts.


  2. The link is behind a pay wall….another fucking rip off along with the retirement age. Somebody’s got to pay for hotels for illegal immos, reparations for slavery, foreign aid, the Ukraine War, earthquakes and floods in fucking Pak*stan, fucking net zero, separate bogs for trannies and on and on.

  3. The Frogs are kicking off over the government upping the retirement age to 64.

    The whole pension thing is costing money, ‘they’ expected us to retire at 65 and then curl up our toes by 70, trouble is some of the selfish old cunts are living to 80, 85, 90.

    The new state pension plus the SERPS will be above the the personal allowance from April, the cunts will get the money back any way ‘they’ can.

  4. I don’t know how old your kids are at the moment JP, but they are probably not going to 70 for a few decades.

    By which time the pension age will have increased to 85 so they wouldn’t be able to look after you anyway.

    The situation is bleak for all of us.
    For that reason I have no interest in healthy foods or giving up drinking and smoking.

    I don’t want to be in the position where my family will be feel obliged to care for me whilst not so secretly hoping that I die quickly and leave them money.

  5. You bunch of selfish bastards, spare a thought for the benefit class. They need our money to buy scratchies, 10 cans of cider and a occasional line of coke.

    Join me in working yourself to death.
    Let me hear your voices..( 🦗🦗🦗)

    Fuck it the pubs are open..

  6. Here it’s now 67 and 70 for anyone born after 1965. I’m sure it’ll be raised before then. Not that my liver and other bits would make it that far anyway. A lifetime of taxes for what?

  7. You forget that when the pension was brought in, hardly any cunt lived that long. That was the idea, looked good on paper. Really it should be 85.

    • The whole concept of “pensions” was invented by Otto Von Bismark as part of a recruitment drive to for yet more cannon fodder. Survive that and live to 70, which not many did, and you got your “pension”. It was never intended to be a caring, sharing, thing.

      Otto would be proud of the UK politicunts going back to first principles!

  8. Children should be up chimneys sweeping them from birth – like I did. You just can`t scrape the grime off.

  9. The state pension age used to be 65 for men and 60 for women, but the government equalised it to 65 for both sexes because too many men were self identifying as women thereby able to claim their state pension 5 years earlier than they would otherwise have been eligible. Or something.

  10. Kids today seem to hate their parents and grandparents, primarily because they’re from the “Boomer” generation and life was easy etc etc.And that somehow its their fault young people can’t buy homes and blah blah blah.

    Kids don’t seem to realise that their parents spent a good 18+ years raising them and making sacrifices. But now that these same kids are now adults they don’t seem all that bothered about reciprocating the sacrifices when their parents need them most in their dotage.

      • @Guzzitheroadhooligan. And…..

        Twenty odd percent inflation

        Mass unemployment

        The IRfuckingA

        Poll tax

        Max Bygraves 🕺

        Good afternoon 👍

    • All part of the divisive nature of modern political thinking. Create divisions so that one group blames the others for the fucking mess we’re in while the cunts we should be blaming are fucking us over and filling their pockets with our money. Haven’t you wondered why these Tory bastards don’t give a fuck about losing the next election? It’s because the cunts replacing them will just be continuing the plan. They don’t give a fuck who is in government so why should I?
      It’s all an illusion.

    • Well, I’ve one daughter who is a candidate for sainthood, the other one is an avericious brat, who can’t wait for me to throw a 7, so she can move into my house, which is 3 times the size of the shoebox she lives in.
      She had the fucking cheek, 8 years ago when my partner died, to suggest we swapped houses, as hers would be “easier for me to maintain”.

  11. Best thing to do when nearing retirement is to hire a good accountant in order to work out the best tax avoidance schemes (as opposed to the rather naughty tax evasion).

    if its good enough for rich celebrity cunts and politicians to somehow redirect their savings into perfectly legal offshore accounts, then the same should be said for us mere mortals.

    This and future governments will no doubt be screwing honest, hard working tax payers and pensioners for every penny they can get their shit-stained claws on. Woe betide if your’e one of those people who save for a rainy day into retirement, only to find that the Taxman comes along and grabs a shitload of your hard earned taxable income in order to redistribute it to the feckless cunts who have never worked in their lives but somehow expect/demand massive government support!

  12. Retired at 55 Jeezum? Cushy life some folks have. I worked another fourteen years after I reached that age.

    Yes, you don’t need to tell me, I know I’m a mug.

    • To be a carer for my one and only grandchick.

      Also, I could see the way the wind was blowing at work, and after 40 years, I just didn’t want to be there anymore.

      I’m lucky that I could do it, massive lump sum and a decent pension too. Why wouldn’t you, if you could?

  13. It’s all because many people are living longer that the state cannot contribute to a sensible retirement, or provide care for poor fuckers with dementia.
    It has absolutely nothing to do with spunking tax payers cash on illegal immigration, paying single mums and the feckless to have more than one accident, throwing squillions at Zelenski, mental elf sickness and bailing out financially incontinent local councils.
    It’s the fault of the tax paying little people for having the sheer audacity not to croak it in their sixties.

  14. I read in today’s Express that the UK is, for some unfathomable reason, still sending aid to China!

    I think it was £50m in 2021.

    What the actual fuck?

      • That’s true. They paid for Chinese peasants to be taught how to grow rice. Like they haven’t been living off the stuff for thousands of years. You wonder what kind of posh Public School p*nce signed that one off.

      • Actually Freddie, I think someone just forgot to cancel the direct debit.

        Which is why you should check these regularly. You really don’t want to be paying for a mobile you gave up two years ago, or a vast, well organised military power.

  15. When I was an apprentice in the 70’s the amount of blokes that retired and said fuck it I’m putting my feet up and enjoying retirement were all dead within two years. Its just the latest bunch of political cunts who are trying to roll the clock back to then. Bastards.

    • There’s confusing messages.
      Don’t retire early, we need your skills.
      Come back to work, we need your skills.
      Fuck off Grandpa, let a youngster have your job.
      Give me your 3 bedroom house, you selfish old twat.
      By the way, get a good pension to pay tax on, our 5 year olds iPhone is 6 months old.

      Give me strength!

  16. Retirement is not a luxury afforded to me.
    I’ll work till, well,
    Till I’m incapable of working or drop dead working.

    But not arsed really.
    Doubt I’d enjoy it?

    • Not enjoy retirement?
      You have a hound, don’t you?
      Don’t you think he’d /she’d love a good yomp?

      Also, you could repaint your gate bi-annually!

      And learn how to make proper corned beef, so I’d never have to open a tin of it again.

      Don’t be selfish.

      • Just want to reinforce what Jeezum says there Mis. You have the good fortune to live where you do, not in some densely packed urban area and as far as I know there isn’t an entrance fee to Kinder Scout or the other peaks. Down here Mis we have some nice parts like Wendover Woods and there are usually so many people up there it’s like the town centres used to be on a Saturday afternoon before the internet. I paid a visit to Stonehenge one evening on my way back from a call out west. I was mortified to read a big sign; “Stonehenge is now closed.” Please don’t take offence but appreciate what you’ve got Mis.

  17. typical edict from a bunch of white fingered shiny arsed office wallahs, should think Paddy stood up to his knackers in muddy water in a hole will be overjoyed with this bollocks along with everyone else usually male who have to bend their backs and break a sweat doing manual work.
    Probably finish a lot of em off so a result for the bean counters, no pensioner no pay out. The world does not revolve around a fucking cunt of an office, absolute shower.

    • Dead right Civvy! My brother was in the building trade and he told me years ago of guys on the site, those on the ground works and the plasterers especially, who were practically counting the minutes to their retirement. The unfortunates who were in the wet trades in particular would head off on their last day and just leave their tools behind.

  18. I’m working til 73 at least, as thats what’s left of my mortgage.
    And, with no offence intended to anyone in particular, but my commute to work is blighted by the school run, where there are lots of women and doddery old cunts filling the roads as they drop off the brats. Both demographic are usually driving a vehicle way too big for their needs or driving capabilities, with the crumblies in particular being really annoying because they rarely need a third gear, as they are in no rush whatsoever, and stop if oncoming traffic is wider than a cyclist.

    • GJ, does no one walk their kiddies to school, these days?

      I always walked the Lass, and the dog, exercise for all, and up a bloody steep hill, too!

      • Yes they do, and use the many pedestrian crossings that mar my drive to work! There’s no escape from the fuckers!😂

      • I’m afraid that had our pair been asked to walk to and from school Jeezum I think there would have been insurrection in the happy home. Though at least when the elder one was in the sixth form if a car was free that day she would drive herself there. Bit different from our day, eh?

  19. Tony bliar and browns legacy of unhindered immigration from shithole countries has ensured there is now more people taking out the pot than those putting in.

    Those cunts have ruined this country and the current incumbents since then have done fuck all to address it. It will only get worse.

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