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I’m getting a bit fed up with news items going on about additional payments certain people will get from the DWP.

Northern Echo

This is an example, and lists Universal Credit amongst others, unless I’m very much mistaken, that a benefit paid to unemployed people, mainly.

As a state Pensioner, I don’t qualify for Pension Credit, because I have private pensions, although I did get an extra £300 last year and will again this year.

I pay more than that in Income Tax. Much more.

But what really, really sends my blood pressure sky high is when I see articles that use the phrase “Free Money”. Even an article about advice from Martin Lewis have used this.

It’s NOT free, it’s taxpayers money, you cunts!

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21 thoughts on “Free Money

  1. The simple motto is:-
    Taxpayers are entitled to pay tax
    Benefit scroungers, migrants and other feckless cunts are entitled to receive your tax as free money no questions asked!

  2. The country is fucked because of politicians love of “free money”.

    In fact they printed that much of it during The Great Panic that we’ll probably never recover.

    Big Government and it’s Magic Money Tree is a giant cunt.

    • It’s also worth noting that the braindead masses have become addicted to it,have a voracious appetite for it.

      They couldn’t care less about the economic consequences.

      Cost of living Crisis?

      Cost of being governed by spineless Cunts more like.

      • Some charities are insisting that the government should make the energy payment scheme more or less permanent for people on benefits.

        Their argument being is even when energy prices eventually level off and even start to fall, energy bills will still remain high for quite a few years before they too start to fall to pre-crisis levels.

        They say that if the government pulls the rug on handing out anything up to £1000+ in energy payments people on benefits or low incomes will fall into terrible poverty etc.

        Ergo- let that particular money tree keep on growing, courtesy of the taxpayer, energy crisis or no energy crisis.

      • The usual cunts want a social tariff, the bone idle get it cheaper than the poor cunts who pay tax to fund it.

        There doesn’t seem to be much interest in a variable tariff for leccy, why the fuck does it cost the same for ‘cheap’ energy from wind as it does from expensive gas generation.
        I remember the fat cunt who used to be in No 10 boasting several months ago that on one or more days all our leccy was generated by wind, surely that should be free for everyone 😂

  3. Since when did we think it was a good idea to separate wages from work? “Benefits” benefit no one. Government money should only be spent if the entire citizenry will benefit (ex military, border, etc). When only a portion of the people “benefit” from your spending, you have to steal from another portion first and that is evil.

  4. I love free money, trouble is that it’s my fucking money collected by the government and if I am lucky I get some of it back.

    Anyone retired since 2016 and have Protected Payment (from SERPS), well form April when the 10% pension uplift kicks in you (and me) will be paying tax on the State Pension. New Pension + Protected Payment will exceed the personal allowance. But it won’t effect the harder up pensioner who gets pension credit which in turn opens the route to other benefits because like UC pension credit is tax free.

    Fucking government are cunts.

    • Remember how much the EU used to love good ol’ ‘Treasure Island’? Take a couple of bill away from us every year, then give us a hundred mill or so back out of the goodness of their hearts?
      Yeah, thanks for all the ‘free money’ Brussels.

    • Lizard Aliens of David Icke running the world would actually be not a bad shout at this point! 😀

      Ah, are we REALLY suffering right now? I mean REALLY REALLY REALLY suffering? No. We have it pretty fucking good, if you ask me.

      Look at Norman, his team just beat Leeds 2-0. Focus on the small things that make you HAPPY not Apocalyptic shit that the media peddles.

      Play a record…

      Bring this sort of thing back, I say! 😀

  5. I’d remove all benefits if I was in charge

    Seriously if you are too much of a cunt to support yourself then I don’t really care

  6. Notice when the government is handing out money none is ever handed my way?

    Too white
    Too working class
    Too northern.

    Why I don’t pay my taxes.

    Im a persecuted minority.

      • Ooooh, death threats!!

        Always getting them Gordon.
        See it as flirting.

        A man who doesn’t get regular death threats has wasted his life.

        Bet you get loads?

  7. Well there is alot if crowing about no one wants to work in the UK. WHAT A FUCKING SURPRISE!!! Why work when you get more money for staying in the walking chariot..
    Then the cunts who use “food banks”……

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