Cancel Culture and Hogwarts Legacy 

A brief cunting for cancel culture and its amusing backfiring:
Silly left wing horse-faced cow J.K. Rowling has taken a break in spouting nonsense about wimminz and bloody immos to actually say something sensible, namely that men are men and wimminz are wimminz. Cue: hysterical outrage from the usual suspects.

There’s a game out today called Hogwarts Legacy, where you go to Hogwarts and play as a pupil, it all sounds jolly good fun. Rowling had nowt to do with the game but will, of course, make royalties from it and that’s sent the woke retards into an absolute fury, unsurprisingly. But much like the “Streisand effect”, all this has served to do is to make the pre-orders go through the roof partly because it looks pretty good and partly as a ‘fuck you’ to the transbumder enthusiasts. Presumably the developers are rubbing their hands in glee!

I might get the game, but only if there’s a mod where I can cast ‘Engorgius Maximus Rapius’ upon my schlong and give Emma Watson a seeing-to that she’d never forget, mostly because of the permanent damage it’d do to her smug, Guardian-reading witch fanny.

Nominated by: Thomas the Cunt Engine

52 thoughts on “Cancel Culture and Hogwarts Legacy

  1. Hasn’t that Rowling got a fine set of tits?

    In which case I couldn’t care less what she says.

    Anyhow,just be careful Thomas as I understand this Hogfarts video game is full of ethnic minorities with no sign of sanctimonious Ms.Watson anywhere,especially not naked playing with her tits or something.

    Oh and the Perpetually Offended can fuck off as well.

    Jolly good.

    • Jk’s knockers are rather spectacular, Tez.

      I hate grown adults who have ‘Hogwarts’ T-Shirts on. Cunts who think the Harry Potter books are on a par with Dickens, Tolstoy and other classics. And tosspots who have Harry Potter tattoos are even bigger bellends. It’s a toss up between Harry Potter and Game of Thrones fans who are the saddest.

      And as for the Potter ‘stars’, Daniel Twatcliffe and Emma Twatson. Backstabbing woke toadies. Utter trannie sucking cunts.

  2. Don’t fucking care. Don’t care about kids fucking games, don’t care about kids fucking books, don’t care about kids fucking films. Don’t care about fucking moaning trannies and don’t care about JK fucking Remoaning.
    I don’t fucking care.

    • It sounds like you’re in a time capsule like me. Starting from birth, to the time you switched it off. Presumably when everything started to go ridiculously wrong. That’s my idea of living. I speak my mind. If they don’t like it. Fuck ’em.

  3. Royalties pouring in for this crap, and Krankie Jong Un is on her way.
    JK must be Rowling with laughter.

  4. A new Harry Potter movie is in the planning stage.
    A grown up Harry finally gets to throw one into Hermione
    Harry Potter And The Beast With Two Backs.
    “Fucking hell Ron,you carrot headed cunt, she had a grip on my gristle like Nagani swallowing a muggle”

  5. That demented looking cow in the glasses up top has inadvertently become a meeja superstar. I bet it boils her piss, the nutty fucker!

    As for JK, she’s laughing all the way to the bank. If she gets up the noses of the vicious trans lobby, she’s doing something right.

    Morning all.

    • Dedpite her common sense comments on gender, I still can’t forget her whining about Brexit and virtue-signalling about the Dinghy Invaders. I could only forgive her if she writes a spin-off where some wizard magics away all the dinghy sćum:

      🧙‍♂️🪄 Nuclear Expellius!

  6. I watched the first two Harry Potter films….
    I have been in the Potter shop in Kings Cross and couldn’t believe the fucking prices of all the shit.

    JK is making a mint from shite, I think that is the best two fingers to the Woke 😂

  7. I hate Rowling and anything associated with her (loosely or directly).

    She’s a dirty cunt, who has made her money from stealing (in my mind) most of the lord of the rings and other cunty fairty tale books to make her fortunes.

    Now she’s worth a few bob she thinks she has the right to stand up and be heard, when is fact she is a dirty tea leaf and I hope some cunt sues her one day and rinses her for everything she has.

    Alluding to an earlier post on here Emma Watson is looking fine these days – I’d pork her until I can on longer walk.

    Just another get rich quick bitch – wish she’d fuck off to

  8. Who the fuck is that annoying, thick as shit Yank kid in the video? What a fucking wanker. Lucky for him he spends all his time playing stupid video games. If he ever went outside the front door he’d get his wanky head kicked in. Fucking stupid looking prick. Fuck off cunt.

  9. I did indeed buy the game and my character’s name is Maxhelmet Twitticus.
    I am a sad bastard.

    • Afternoon Mr Cunt Engine.

      I did hear they included a trans character to pacify the nutters, if you misgender them will your character be arrested by Hogwarts security and charged with a thought crime?

    • He is dead. It’s actually Penguin Books, who I mentioned yesterday, who have unleashed their army of “sensitivity readers” to alter his work. His intellectual estate is actually owned by Netflix, another bunch of cunts busily re writing history.

  10. Is there an option to play as that fucking Owl and shit on everyone from a great height?

    Apart from J.K.

    I just want to spaff over her lovely jugs.

  11. I bought this game. Not particularly a fan of Harry Potter as such but if buying it upsets the woke mob then that’s good enough for me.

    It is indeed full of ethnics as far as I can see so far, which is strange given the game is set in the 19th century. It also has a trans-wimminz as one of the main protagonists, again I’m not sure if that was an option in the 19th century unless penis removo was one of the available spells.

      • Unfortunately not. to be fair although I wouldn’t complain about a good view of Emma Watson’s baps unless there was a spell to keep her mouth shut I wouldn’t partake.
        I was always more of a Luna Lovegood fan in my younger days,

      • Watson doesn’t have any baps. Like two asprins on an ironing board. Pretty face, but fuck all else (except a big blabbering gob).

        Rowling hasn’t half got a pair though. That’s probably why Daniel Ratsclit got all woke and sold JK out. He was sore that he was never enveloped by those monumental magnificent funbags.

  12. There are some fooking loony trans lobby types about;


  13. Rowling has the money to tell these cunts to fuck off. However a lot of decent people are losing their livelyhoods due to this baying mob of cretins even though they are a tiny minority.
    Something is seriously amiss with western societies.

    • That’s what’s so good. Rowling’s got more money than a small country, and can’t be cancelled by these loony cunts.

      It’s great to watch them braying uselessly against her.

      • She should hold a wet T-Shirt contest to settle things.

        I’ll be a impartial judge.

      • As long as I get to assist with spraying the cold water then applying some soothing massage Miserable

  14. When the politicians and the chattering classes are pushing anthropogenic climate change they regularly use the statement; “Follow the science.” Well I have and I conclude it is by no means proven. Furthermore it seems to me that evidence to the contrary is supressed.
    However, when it comes to the idea of changing one’s sex or “gender” this point is never raised. I understand there are more than thirty billion (or for our American readers, thirty trillion) cells in the human body. The last, 23rd pair of chromosomes in EVERY cell in your body determine your sex. Ergo you can no more change your sex than you can change the colour of your eyes. Other cunter will have seen the edition of “Question Time” where Robert Winston pointed out this fact and Fiona Bruce (dozy tart fluent in French and Italian and with an ego the size of Jupiter) disagreed with him. Robert Winston is one of the world’s leading experts in this field and I quote him;
    “We can remove bits of our body and change our shape and so on but you can’t change your sex because that is embedded in your genes in every cell of your body.”

  15. Good evening Ron. No, somehow I missed that. Best ignore my previous post.

    Seriously though, a big part of this is the corruption of the language we are told we should accept. For instance marriage can be between two people of the same sex. Not in my book it can’t. A woman off the Financial Times stated yesterday that the paper is now going to treat the word data as a collective noun rather than the plural of datum. Well I could say our old tom cat was a pineapple but rightly people would simply regard me as a fucking idiot.

  16. Perma-offended activist twats, well I never hear them calling out true atrocities such as the existence of child soldiers, child miners or child abuse.

    Hogwarts is fiction, being forced to take drugs, use an ak-47 and kill people aged 12 is a real tragedy.

      • Mmm, dunno, I’m all for child miners.

        They enjoy it more than fetching dirty water 15miles whilst their feckless parents have a lay-in.

        No, fuck it.
        Get em down t pit.

        It was good enough for my great grandad it’s good enough for fuckin mtembe

  17. alot of the goons were caught playing the game themselves. steam groups set up to hate on the game had like 50%+ members playing the game, almost as though JK cunting (she still a feminazi cunt) only had one role in this game, pick up the royalty check

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