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No link for this, however I have just had the experience of the lying cunts that is my local Waitrose and partners.

These cunts have been advertising some really decent prices on some of their finest single malts allowing the Fuglies to stock up for January.

So Mrs Fugly asked me to run her around to our local Waitrose to take advantage of some good deals, so after her walking around looking for these non existing deals, not only were their no deals to be found, the prices have jumped up since the other day, leaving me to surmise, Waitrose have lied about the discounts to entice the needy through door and once the audience is captured, they are then going to be butt fucked into paying over the odds, knowing that on new years eve, like as not your going to pay the extra.

What a bunch of cunts Waitrose are, I’m sure it’s not just my local, it’s probably nationwide, so Waitrose, you are a little late but you are now the scroogy cunts of 2023, fuck you I will not be tricked into shopping in your store… Cunts

Nominated by : Fuglyucker

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  1. I can’t afford the Waitrose prices. I went into one once and the mark up was colossal.

    I turned down one isle and bumped into someone I vaguely knew from my work. He grinned as he saw me and proclaimed loudly ‘only the best people shop in Waitrose’

    I muttered ‘what a cunt’ and left.

    • I’ve only ever peered through the window at the rich folk,
      My breath misting it up.

      Then I open my mack.
      Some lady screams,
      And I run away.

      • “Oh the horror…..that reminds me, a pack of sage and pancetta chipolatas for Jonty and his partner Tristram tonight for our exclusive soiree”.

      • Surely as COTY i would of thought waitrose would be courting your endorsement.

        Posters of you up in store.

        When entertaining mis recommends stuffed pimento olives.goes great with a can of mackesons stout.

      • I’ll bet there’re posters up in the shops of Mis, alright…along with police stations😆

      • Oh aye DCI, he is the scourge of Premier League footballers washing lines too. Raheem Sterling’s house being burgled was bullshit…..Miserable had just raided his laundry.

      • Well Premier league footballers do have the most expensive and frilliest knickers.

  2. Waitrose?
    Isn’t that where the poor little folk who can’t afford Fortnum’s prices shop?
    How quaint.

  3. I went in one in Londonistan,some water was about a fiver and it was full of posh vegan loud cunts.

    Fuck that.

    • There is a Waitrose in Bristol quite near where I live, whenever I go in there the aisles are clogged up with groups of middle class cunts having a loud competitive conference about who is doing well, I don’t know why they can’t go round eachothers houses or to the pub. I suppose it is because there will be less of an audience there.

  4. Waitrose is for lah di da, bay windowed, hoity toity fuckers with country cream gates.

  5. My ridiculous cunt of a neighbour (you know who you are) pronounces it Wairose; luckily too, (for Mare Cant), it does not end with a ‘g’ .

  6. When lockdown started and the local Tesco had been stripped bare by the illegal immigrant hoardes, I was forced to go to Waitrose for basics.

    While browsing their well stocked but hugely overpriced aisles, I witnessed some wanksock in a tweed suit arm swipe the entire San Pellegrino shelf into his trolley.

    You get a better class of selfish cunt in Waitrose.

    • It’d usually cunts in red trousers. Waitrose in Poundbury is well worth a few hours in the caff people watching.

  7. when I lived in Birmingham a few years ago I remember a work colleague who used to to shop at Aldi or Lidl but then he would dump all his shopping into a used Waitrose shopping bag in the boot of his car. so that when he returned to work after lunch he would carry this Waitrose bag and basically show it off with a “look at me I shop at Waitrose” smirk on his face.

  8. Lucky for YT the Fishgaurd to Rosslare ferry is not to far away, 4 litres of Bells for £55, fuck you Sunak, and the elephant you rode in on!!!

  9. I once drove 10 miles across Leicester to the only proper Waitrose in the city, to get something a recipe I was cooking said I needed. I forget what it was but I tried the dish before and after adding it and couldn’t tell any difference. I was heartened to learn that that Waitrose, in an affluent area, was closing down. It was taken over by Lidl. Tee hee.

  10. I went to Aldi this morning, I am hoping to get over it by lunchtime 🤨

    It was too early for the chavs, thank fuck 😂

    • Most of the people I see shopping in Aldi are middle class, there’s very little sign of the chavs.

      • The one near me have gone upmarket, all the chilled stuff is behind glass doors, fucking pain in the arse 😂
        Mind you, still has all the fucking tat in the middle aisles to attract the chavs.

  11. What you describe in the Nom Fuggy, it a typical sales trick, just to get you in there to spend your money. Not on what you went in for, that will more likely be stashed away in the warehouse, waiting to be put out later at full price. This seasonal dishonesty is very common & many other companies practice it as well.

  12. Never understood the fuss over this place.

    Posh? Fancy?

    It’s shite. The grub is no better than in Morrison’s. Rip off. Went once and was hugely underwhelmed.

    Marks and Sparks food. Now that’s posh and expensive, but it’s worth it.

  13. We shop wherever there are good deals on single malt as I’m no longer allowed to blow my cash on coke and hookers, so it can be anywhere, even Waitrose do good deals sometimes (if of course its note a reuse to get you in the door) we will go anywhere, but I do take exception when it turns out to be bollocks.

  14. Wankbury’s is the place for cheaper booze👍

    In South Lakeland, “Booths” is our Waitrose & M&S.

    It’s all about the snob factor:

    -drive the right car
    -kids in the right school
    -shop at the right supermarket

    A fine example of “two cars on the drive-no food in the fridge / all fur coat & no knickers 😂)

    Incredibly sad, when you decide to spend your entire life trying to signal your “social standing” like this.
    The sign of a true CUNT.

  15. I see Waitrose have removed all “Warburton” products from sale, claiming they didn’t meet quality levels demanded.

    We all know they have seen this nomination and are panos stripping the shelves of any product that would attract IsAC’ers🤔

  16. All the supermarkets are having a great time putting their prices up, the robbing bastards. They say it’s because of rising fuel prices but that’s bollocks. Asda have put up their own brand of soup by ten pence per can. So if it comes in boxes of twenty four, that’s an extra £2.40, and how many boxes can they get on a lorry?
    It’s just an excuse to raise profits and they think we don’t know.

  17. Waitrose is my nearest source for E5 petrol (E10 bunny juice really fucks the economical consumption of my bike), but after filling up there is fortunately a nearby Lidl. I have never been in the Waitrose store and a large Tesco has all the choice I am ever likely to need in the area of Speyside malts, or anything else.

    Exercise your freedom of choice, chaps. That’s what it’s for, and the John Lewis/Waitrose Partnership will go bust before it ventures downmarket. Not long now…

    • E10 will fuck up the whole fuel system in any engine sooner or later. Might as well take off the filler cap and piss in there. Suits the politicians of course. When your car dies the implication will be that you should buy an electric one.

      I have been told that Shell and Esso 99 octane though labelled E5 do not actually contain any ethanol. Hearsay but if anyone knows anything relevant please post.

  18. Waitrose… Isn’t that where third division celebrities, thick footballers and their WAGs, and well off p@k!s do their shopping?

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