Mark Drakeford (5) – Everyone’s Favourite Bogbrush

Good news of sorts in that this dreary old cunt has said that he is stepping down as First Minister of Wales in 2024.

I’m sure the Welsh people (and British taxpayers) will be relieved/rejoicing at this news, albeit being 2 years too late! (at time of writing – 29th Dec 2022)

This from a man who imposed draconian restrictions on the Welsh people during the pandemic- so extreme that they eclipsed the one announced by our very own clueless wonder, Boris Johnson.

He is also championing the move towards a 4-day week for the public sector in Wales. He feels this will energise its employees as well as give them more flexible time to do their own family-oriented duties. (no mention of the private sector of course)

And then there’s his half-baked Universal Basic Income scheme, where he wants to give anything up to £1600 per month to young people” for “doing nothing” because Drakeford believes “we want all our young people to have the best possible chance in life and fulfil their full potential”.

Of course what he doesn’t mention is that the UBI scheme will be entirely funded by UK taxpayers and not from the Welsh coffers. He also forgets to mention that there will be no means-testing, which therefore suggests rich kids will receive the money just as much as poor kids.

He also wants to introduce traffic-calming measures, including 20mph speed limits in residential areas of Welsh towns and cities, which is a push to get drivers out of their cars and onto public transport (he doesn’t say if this includes himself and other dignitaries)

He has come up with a few other crackpot schemes, some of which never saw the light of day, but others that still might before he eventually steps down.

Even looking at the man suggests he has all the magnetism of a well used toilet brush. It also begs the question of what kind of cunt Wales can expect when he does eventually fuck off into the long grass come 2024!

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44 thoughts on “Mark Drakeford (5) – Everyone’s Favourite Bogbrush

  1. Devolution.

    Another fantastic way of somebody else who hasn’t a clue wasting our money on crackpot schemes and hopeless fantasies.

    This cunt will saunter off with a gigantic pension and never give a single fuck about the billions he’s pissed up the wall.

    Shove his head up Bliars arse then oven.

    • He looks like a “jowelly” version of Harold Bishop, from Neighbours.

      Like father like son?
      I imagine the apple never fell very far from this particular tree😉

    • I’ve always thought he looks like either of the Two Ladies of Llangollen. He ought to wear the national costume with the dodgy witch’s hat. It’s a shame his spunk didn’t end up in his wellies, given his son’s “career trajectory.”
      Thank Dog I’m no longer in his reich. Chubby Charlotte, however, can drop by any time she feels horny.

  2. The only people more stupid than this fucking idiot are the people that keep voting for him.

    Fuck Wales, fuck him and fuck the Welsh electorate.
    They got what they deserved.

    • We’d be twiddling our thumbs, if it wasn’t for gullible people voting for nonentities.

      • You should go to Soi Cowboy right in the heart of Bangkok. Everything your heart could desire down there. Just Google it….heaven on a stick matey.

  3. Cut from the same cloth as McKrankie north of the border.

    A toothache looking for a mouth to inhabit.

  4. Hard to believe but he is even more boring that John Major, probably goes down well in Wales.

  5. A Universal Basic Income of £1600 per month. He hasn’t thought this through, has he? How is your average work-shy sponging slapper with her mixed-race brood (so enamoured of our very own Lord Fiddler) going to cope with this reduction in her benefits?
    Back to the drawing board, Mr Charisma.

    • That’s not much more than a NHS Band 3 Emergency Care Assistant (Emergency Ambulance Crew) is on for a 37.5 hr week dealing with all the shite, death and horror that they’ll have to face.

      • Afternoon DCI.

        In your experience have you noticed an uptick in young people dying in their sleep?

        I obviously don’t want to give my location away but there have recently (probably within the last month)
        been 4 young people die suddenly and unexpectedly from the local area.

        Three of them in their sleep and one during a training session.

        All under 30.

        That is not normal.

      • Can’t say I have, Herman. Lot of deaths, but that’s normal for this time of year.

  6. Kind of reminds me of Wales’s answer to Joe Biden for some reason. Looks as though he shouldn’t be allowed out without his carers.

    Morning all.

  7. Bout time someone reminded these long vanquished nations of their place. Maybe a trial separatio? No more English cash for Wales.

  8. Another cunt who was appointed rather than elected.
    He should have been stood down years ago, and put himself up before the electorate.
    He might also benefit from a course in how to treat women properly. He never managed to educate his son in such matters, so why does the sheep-shagging dickhead think he can pontificate to the rest of Wales.

  9. Misses is a bit grumpy so – Soon the dumb Stalinist Welsh cunt is liquidated the better. Hoes his evil vile cunt of a son doing??
    Good day.

  10. First Jacinda Acunt resigns, now Drakeford announces his departure. I’d like to think Trudeau will do the same soon.

  11. See Boris lent £800,000 off his mate,
    Who then became head of the BBC.

    Funny how he never decriminalised the TV licence fee isn’t it?

    They all piss in the same pot.

    • All pimples on the same ass.
      Creatures of the same swamp.
      But the real question is why do we the people keep electing such vile cunts? We must be buying the bullshit they’re selling. We have the government we deserve. By “we” I mean western nations who once enjoyed semi-sane leaders. Now they are all arrogant psychopaths.

  12. I’m pro 4-day week, they are good. You feel more energetic. 5-day week is antiquated for most industries. By day 5, productivity is low, very low in some industries, most folk are on a doss. Friday’s are a right-off. Knock your pan in for nine hours per day for four days, then on ease yourself into your weekend: go to the sauna for a schvitz with the rabbis, then off to the tattoo parlour to get your symbols enhanced for the summer, then off Sink the Pink for a few drinks, a few gobbles, a few spikes through your pecs. Then you can have your usual Saturday/Sunday with the family, flock and clergy. Only Koreans work hard on a Friday, the frenzied fuckers.

    • I-ve had a couple of jobs where I worked 4 10 hour shifts a week, it was great. The cost of fuel to get to work was the same whether I worked 1 hour or 12 so it was cheaper for me as well.

      • There loads of advantages to 4 day weeks:

        – you can swap your days off with other workers
        – you arrange dentist and doctor’s appointments on the days you are off
        – A 10-hour shift means you often dodge rush hours
        – once you’ve done two shifts, that’s 50% of your week over
        – when you arrange a week off, you only use up 4 days of your allocated annual leave, not 5 days, so you can take 5 weeks off per year, not 4, for example

        Flexibility makes for a happier staff.

  13. Energised public sector in Wales – DVLC. Enough said.
    Anyway, as long as he stops the English stealing all our water, he’s ok by me.

  14. Remember that Monty Python’s Flying Circus (series 3, I think) sketch, where Michael Palin plays that doddering old politician who has to have his brain shaken into place before he says anytihng?

    Well, that’s this Drakeford cunt…. And Joe Biden…

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