Albanian Immigrants

Albanian immigrants need a cunting again, wasn’t it these cunts who were protesting a month ago because they were so offended by the British ruling system that they draped their rag of a flag over Winstone Churchills stature on poppy day.

If this is the case why oh why do these thieving cunts keep arriving here in droves.

Let’s hope that useless fucker Sunak can actually do something worthwhile this time, instead of the pissing, moaning and tax dodging we are used to from him, and if he does, we can start ridding he country of this vermin today wave of shit immediately.

However the reality of an immigrant kicking out illegal immigrants is unlikely to happen and he will just rattle his briefcase for the next few years..

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74 thoughts on “Albanian Immigrants

  1. It’s worth pointing out, the Saxons did not invade England. They where invited in; slowly the numbers became enough that they became dominant. This is what is happening now. It won’t take long with our both rates. 1.6 births, not enough to replace our population. Look at the both rate in Africa et al. Nigeria is projected to have a population of 800million by the year 2100. Where will they all go? Yup Europe, that’s fucking where. If something dose not change we are incredibly fucked. You almost feel this is deliberate! I almost believe this is by design, why are there so many mixed race or black people on TV? We are being conditioned by a thousand cuts. We will go out with a whimper not a bang! Very sad.

    • According to most of the media, dark ‘uns were here first. Before the Saxons, Jutes, Vikings and Normans. Even the once great Endeavour TV series had some uppity chocdrop in it, gobbing off about how the dark personages built Hadrian’s Wall and how they were ‘here first’.

      Absolute bollocks and revisionist woke propaganda, of course. There were none, none whatsoever in any old historical English era. There were no treeswingers in the Middle Ages, in Tudor times, during the Cromwell years, the restoration, the Regency period and so on. The fact is there weren’t any. But cunts at the BBC and ITV want young ‘uns and thick millennials to believe that sambeau was here before anyone else, and that he built and invented everything. Well, the lying cunts can fuck off.

  2. ” And did those feet in ancient times, walk upon Englands mountains green”.

    Nah!Now fuck off !

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