Intersectionality [2]

A nomination for the warped and condradictory cluster-fuck known as ‘intersectionality’.

What’s funny about this intersectional shite is the identities of the oppressed have no time for each other. Black men have no time for feminists or LGBT.
Muslims have no time for LGBT.
Trans have no time for Lesbians.
Sometimes i think ‘intersectionality’ is so idiotic a philosophy that it was invented by the Christian right to seed the destruction of the.secular, neo-Marxist left, but the left are so moronic and culturally ignorant they could quite easily do this by themselves.

I guess that’s why we so many of them dyeing their hair blue and screaming iobscenities in publc; they’re trying to hold so many opposing worldviews in their limited brains at once….


Nominated by: Cuntamus Prime

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National Law Review Article

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  1. Is this like Adele wearing dreadlocks or ‘beads?
    Oh no that ‘cultural appropriation’.

    I must try harder to keep up.

    • Cultural appropriation is one of my favourites to laugh at.

      Like when white women have corn rows they get accused of it but when black people straighten their hair (which is many women), the same doesn’t happen.

      • Or wearing a sombrero to a fancy dress party is racist to Mexicans but a man dressing up as a drag act with grotesque make up, a bad wig, pneumatic breasts and a thong is considered empowering and primetime entertainment.

    • Aren’t trans freaks guilty of gender appropriation?
      Give that to the woke left and tell them to pick the bones out of it.

  2. I could tell straight away the term had hamshank written all over it. It came from a black yank woman trying to stir up trouble between them and us. I’m calling a movement, The Chessboard Effect. We always move first. Stick that in your knickers to keep warm.

  3. Had to look this one up.
    Intersectionality is the acknowledgement that everyone has their own unique experiences of discrimination and oppression.

    Recently we’ve been acknowledging plenty of that as we get punished for having white ancestors who invented the Industrial Revolution.

    • I thought it was when different species cop off, like on Star Trek with an alien, a Gruffudd boyo with a sheep, or when Iqbal/ Rafiq/Hamaad is near a goat.

  4. Intersectionality in Prisons, was the first time back in June last year that this subject matter was covered. Done I might add very well by our very own R.T.C.

    • Blimey, I’d forgotten about that nom!

      Cheers M’lud, you are the kindest among us. 👍

  5. Is like crossroads, but multiple crossroads, a bit like the magic roundabout in Slough.
    There has to be the common thread of Cuntfusion or what the actual fuck is that 😂

    • I think that’s close S.O.I. I got the definition ‘Finding & acknowledging the crossroads of identity, when I had a good look.

      • Eh?

        Nope, sorry, non the wiser.

        Race-baiting, whining, greviance-culture attention-seeking is a good description.

      • Perhaps we all need to read “My First Little Book of Intersectional Activism” by Titania McGrath. As Titania herself says -….Debate is a form of harassment. This is why I wanted to write a book for children to help cultivate the next generation of intersectional warrior queens. For we shall only achieve true diversity in our society when everyone thinks in exactly the same way as me.”

      • Titania also touches on intersectionality in her book ‘Woke’.

        She writes:

        “Intersectionality works like a net, with marginalised groups crosshatching at various junctures on the matrices of persecution. Think of it as a hierarchy. So, for instance, a woman is an oppressed figure because we live in a patriarchy, but not so oppressed as a Hispanic woman, who in turn is not so oppressed as a Hispanic lesbian, who in turn is not so oppressed as a Hispanic translesbian with shingles, and so on.
        I voted for Jeremy Corbyn reluctantly, because as an intersectionalist I would have preferred a black lesbian in the role. But there’s always the possibility that Corbyn might transition at a later date, or that Diane Abbott might assume the Labour Party leadership and develop a taste for flange.”

        Hope that helps.

  6. Nope. Sorry.
    I read this word spaghetti three times and I’m still absolutely clueless as to what it actually means.
    Is it the modern day version of walking a mile in another mans shoes?

    • Oh dear.

      My niece has a ‘PAW Patrol’ colouring book if you’d like to borrow it.

  7. The OED describes intersectionality as “the interconnected nature of social categorisations such as race, class, and gender, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage”. So that’s clear then ?

    It’s the bastard offspring of French Marxist post-modernism and American guilt-trippers, looking for a new way to really fuck the West up by trapping it an endless cycles of negativity and self destruction. Looks like it’s succeeding.

    The worst idea since Abraham Lincoln said “I’m sick of sticking around this house all day, let’s go to the theatre.”

  8. It feels like intersectionality should be like The Class Sketch with John Cleese and the Two Ronnies except swapping class for gender, race, sexual orientation etc.

    “I look up to they/them because they are non-binary and black but I look down on her because she is a straight white woman”.

  9. And all this shite about reparation for the enslavery.
    Fuck me, do they think that every white person who lived was lying on a feather bed waiting for Beulah to peel them a grape?
    Not one single child was being scalped alive in Lancashire cotton Mills, nor dying from black lung in Yorkshire, or choking to death up the chimney of some rich cunt in London?
    Fucking grow up, you mardy cunts. It is what it is.
    It were bad then, its better now. Thank the Lord on your knees, if you insist on kneeling for anyone.

  10. Off topic, someone threw eggs at king Charlie.

    Been arrested, I should fucking think so, the dopey cunt missed him..!

  11. I haven’t a fuckin clue what intersectionality means.

    But it sounds dirty!!

    Filthy bastard’s,
    All lickin each other on the toilet parts and doing mucky stuff to each other,
    Like sticking stuff from the greengrocers up their bums and fannies.

    Squirting on each other
    And writhing like worms.

    How do you get into it?
    Do you have to be invited?

  12. Read up on this subject, wish I had not bothered. Appears to be a subject that guarantees a steady income stream for some cunt at a uni.
    Waste of time money and oxygen. If this shit is being used by persons in government to “plan things” then the cluster fuck we have to day is a good indicator that intercuntywanksectionality is bollocks.
    Seems to be the case that every wokey subject has to invent a dictionary to attempt an explanation of their new power words and phrases. Fucking total bollocks that has no benefit for humankind whatsoever fuck them and their iPads

    • Now it’s all clear.
      Thank you, Bb.
      So essentially, it’s a load of made up crap, so certain people can feel better about their selves, even as they sink into that plough of despondency and cry
      ” I’ll never be as popular as Katie Price”

  13. Intersectionality is simply the wokie league table determined by points awarded for your “disadvantages”. Therefore a tranny outranks a gay but not a black gay. A black lezza comes above a black gay but not a black tranny. According to my calculations top of the table should be a Peaceful female to male tranny of African origin in a wheelchair. Errr……. I think.

    • Oh right.
      Like a Top Ten of victimhood?

      Top Trumps of mardarses?

      Fuck em.
      Gas the lot of em.

    • The Highway Code has a few choice words to say about intersectionality.
      “When approaching an intersectionist you must give way, especially if he/she/they/it is wearing an armband depicting a pink triangle.”
      “Watch out for powdered wheelchairs.”
      “Steer well clear of naked horse riders (aka bestial intersectionists)”.
      “Do not get cross or join an intersectionist until there is a gap in the market large enough for your stupid fat arse to protrude through safely.”

  14. I’m looking forward to the Mother of all Recessions.
    That’ll sort the wheat from the chaff.
    All these woke and weirdo folk will be like lambs to the slaughter.
    I can’t fucking wait.
    Intersectionality, indeed.
    Get To Fuck.

    • Evening Jack 👍

      All this stuff about Gavin Williamson being a bully has enlightened me to the fact if they’re scared of that little Frank Spencer looking spider fondler?
      They’d have a fuckin aneurysm at me!😁

      I’m just going to take what I feel like,
      Fuck the meek.

      If they’re hysterical and haven’t eaten in days then they can show me their udders in return for a slice of Warburtons toastie loaf.

      A hard rain is gonna fall!!

      • They think that they’re going to inherit the Earth……
        Let’s get those meek bastards 😂
        Saw Angie Rayner being interviewed on t’ telly tonight.
        God, she looked rough.
        I’m aroused 💪😀
        Evening, MNC

      • She’s one of those girls that the rougher she looks the saucier she looks.

        Disheveled, crying,
        Get em off!💪💪

      • Many years ago, I dallied for a time with a young lady for whom an all day breakfast would guarantee access to every hole.
        I look forward to such delights returning.
        Oh yes.

    • He reminded me of yours truly. Alex Harvey I mean.

      Maybe that Scottish gutteral accent lends itself to hard rock.

      I saw them in Barnsley 40 nay 45 years ago.


      Evening Jack.

      • Alex Harvey was a superb showman and a cracking vocalist.
        I remember watching SAHB at Liverpool.
        Alex singing ‘ Framed ‘ dressed as Adolf Hitler.
        Fuck me, nowadays it would give the woke a fucking heart attack.
        Evening, Miles 👍

  15. Think its a yanks motorway. Just keep on motoring and don’t come back. And remember to stop fucking up or language.

    • Intersectionality features in the Yank Highway Code too:
      “When approaching an intersectionist you must give way, especially if he/she/they/it is wearing a pink triangle armband.”
      “Watch out for rednecks in powdered wheelchairs.”
      “Steer well clear of bareback cowboys (aka bestial intersectionists).”
      “Don’t get mad or join an intersectionist until there is a gap in the market bigly enough for your stupid fat ass to protrude through safely, asshole!”

  16. Intersectionunreality?

    Who makes this shit up. Ever feel like a Taxi Driver?

    “ All the animals come out at night – whores, skunk pussies, buggers, queens, fairies, dopers, junkies, sick, venal. Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets.”

    Trouble is the woke virus has infested the big institutions in the west and now the woke are running them.

    I used to think that PC would die a natural death but I was wrong. So now the west is terminal, dying from a cancer that seems to be to have a deliberate cause, I don’t know who seeded the cancer but someone did and they did a great job.

    • Often feel like taxi driver SV one of the reason why I like living in the sticks. If I still lived in londonstabistan would probably have a pacemaker and portable defibrillator fitted as the thought of dealing with the multitudes of cunts would send the old ticker into meltdown.
      Three men stabbed outside Harrow on the Hill station this afternoon, Harrow on the Hill was once a pretty nice place, my paternal Grandmother lived there for years. Always enjoyed working in the area.
      All fucked over by pc then wokery, bastards

  17. I first saw this buggeration of logic in action once when a raging feminist was challenged about women’s rights in Islam. You could almost see her brain boiling in confusion about what to say.
    Same as when blacks are exposed to the uncomfortable truth that their ancestors were engaging in the slave trade with Arabs long, long before whites ever came on the scene.
    Their faces just say: “cannot compute! Cannot compute!”

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