Wimminz Football. Period

‘It’s not woman’s football, it’s just football’

Except it isn’t because it seems the ladies need a change to the traditional club colours they represent.

West Brom ladies will now play in Navy shorts rather that the club white (Navy shorts not Navy Knickers 😂)

It appears that periods are an issue with white shorts, do they go commando on the pitch 😉, perhaps they should take a look a the lard arse skater who doesn’t have an issue with her period.

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56 thoughts on “Wimminz Football. Period

  1. Excuse the pun but the constant promotion of Women’s football is a good example of ‘astroturfing’; a top-down campaign that pretends it has a grassroots origin, a bit like the ‘clap for the NHS’ nonsense.

    • I have to say I thought ‘clap for the NHS’ was a bit harsh. Maybe a bout of Tonsillitis on Bank Holiday weekend would have been sufficient!

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