Thomas Singleton

While the Tory shite storm is in full blast a lot of ISACS traditional cunts are getting somewhat overlooked. To wit paedos are still popping out of the woodwork left right and centre. Football coaches, gymnastic coaches, Vicars and Youth Workers and Old Bill: the list seems endless.

Must give a shout out to Head Masters, in this case one Thomas Singleton, Head of a primary school naturally and was also its “Safeguarding Lead” who to be fair took his subject very seriously and did his homework. Upwards of a million images and membership of paedo groups and chatlines. Upshot being he is now doing six years post grad study and no doubt enjoying his time at His Majesty’s Pleasure immensely.

“His house was filled with a large and disturbing collection of items…”

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Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

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  1. You’ll get a warm welcome in jail Thomas.
    Everyone will want to meet you!
    You’ll probably be on a special wing,
    But I implore you not to be standoffish!

    Ask other prisoners to cut your hair or shave you is a good way to make new friends 👍

  2. When I’m Home Secretary I’ll have the likes of this fucking vermin burnt at the stake.

    It’ll be compulsory for the BBC to show them all on the 6 o’clock news.

    Good show.

    • Come along beeb, no matter how benevolent you try to make amends, it won’t work. Just give us the programmes you were good at once upon a time.

  3. Growing up our local peedo was a bloke called Chinaman Joe.
    Deaf an dumb.
    Mithering cunt.

    Always on the park,
    Which I lived facing.

    Give him his due he could take a punch!!
    Suppose he built up a tolerance?

    Probably dead now?
    Nice one.

  4. A million images??

    Fucking hell.

    There’s no way Thomas was going to get through all that material was there.

    It would take some doing but I can’t see it.

  5. Could you make it in the BBC unkle?
    With the doors boarded up so the whole rats nest goes up like grenfell..

      • Wasn’t Pete up the arse of some Ready Steady Go presenter or some art dealer? Both blokes, incidentally.🙄
        Had a lovely wife (the beautiful Karen Astley), yet he went around knobbing fellahs. Some blokes are never satisfied.

        Townshend also admitted that he would like to fuck Mick Jagger. I knew drugs messed you up, but fucking hell….🙃

      • I remember. Wasn’t it about taking some equipment to be repaired and loads of porn was found on it. Should’ve smacked it up like his guitars and nobody would be any the wiser.

  6. I hate kids, the fuckers should be kept indoors until they are old enough to earn a wage, Old Tom and his mates prowling around, the government should put a curfew on kids, indoors 24/7 including school where they should be soundly beaten on a regular basis.
    The exception being peaceful areas, it’s their human rights 😂

    How the fuck does anyone have the time to look at 1 million + images, the cunt must be a speed wanker, more to the point where do 1 million + images come from!

  7. Whoever the beeb nominate for news worthiness of sex perversion of the day, John Thomas Simpleton Singleton could never reach the heights of Aunties very own Eric Gill, the incestuous pervert, giving the doggy one and all. Eric’s even got his own statue over the front door to broadcasting house of the one he’s abused. The dirty bastard.

    • Gill rogered about everything that moved. Including his sisters and his children. I was at Leeds University, I think some of their buildings up towards Hyde Park are embellished with Gill’s “artwork.”

  8. Totally a wrong ‘un. That picture says it all, you can spot it a mile off.
    But the cunt will get anything he wants in the nick. He’ll get an Open University degree, a pet poodle, and his favourite wallpaper. like that murdering slag, Myra Hindley.☹

  9. What the link doesn’t tell you is how they got onto the cunt in the first place. Was he fiddling with kids at school….was he doing this stuff on his school computer? I’m just wondering because the coppers are usually on the side of sexual deviants so what got them off their lazy arses to go after him in the first place?

    • He probably retweeted a link from Nigel Farage over the dinghy parasites or some other horrendous hate crime.

  10. 6 years. What a fucking joke. Lucky for him 6 years from now “minor attraction” will probably be normalized like the other degenerate letters of the alphabet. He’ll probably be able to legally adopt as well. That’s where we’re headed my friends.

    • Agree totally MC, the filthy bastards have been chipping away for years attempting to increase their “victimhood” thus enabling them to exploit the ridiculous equality legislation. The new name minor attracted person is a good example, note how it’s use increases in certain influential circles over the coming years.
      The last push by the filthy bastards was in the late 70’s and 80’s when PIE was very active and obtained some acceptance by various lefty campaigners, luckily the mass of plebs found against their sick antics and that was that. Now with all the legislation, the literal ban on free speech the dirty cunts have a chance to really promote their perversion and who knows what will become of their quest.
      Map is pronounced in English as N!.??

  11. I’m not so sure.

    I think it’s a taboo to far.

    Anyone with kids knows that the protective instinct is strong,
    Specifically when they’re little.

    People like Thomas above?
    Came near my kids when little I’d of nailed him to a tree.
    They’d be murders.

  12. We had a cunt that used to hang around the school gates at let out time. He drove around in a black & white Ford Corsair. Always trying to coax young boys with sweets into his car that wasn’t exactly inconspicuous. It seemed a rare thing back then, & none of teachers ever bothered to tell him to fuck off. We would shout “Here comes Don the Homo!” That always got everyone’s attention.

    • Before going to school I’d have to get my mam’s fags (cigarettes) from the shop,
      This was in sensible times when a 7yr old could buy 20 Benson and hedges and do gooders stuck their oar in.

      The above mentioned Chinaman Joe collared me once on my way home.
      Something about deaf an dumb people,
      Those weird noises they make?
      Like the mummy or Frankenstein or something?

      Anyway, I was fuckin terrified!
      I’d been told he chopped you up with a meat cleaver😳

      I ran like a rabbit over the fields an waved to some workmen in a van.

      “Alright lad? What’s up?”
      I dove straight into his foot well,
      “Chinaman Joe chinamans Joe’s after me!”

      They drove me home an on the way we spotted Joe.

      “Aaargh! That’s him!
      Don’t let him get me!”

      They stopped the van and the driver walked over to Joe and punched him straight through a privet bush.

      That blokes probably dead now, god bless him.
      But he has my eternal thanks for what he did that day.

    • We also had a song, & it went like this;

      On top of old Smokey,
      where no one dare go.
      You’ll find the next victim,
      of Don the Homo.

  13. Just wait until it comes out as a transformer.

    The BBC will be fawning all over it, calling it stunning and brave and it will get transferred to a women’s prison, where strangely a number of other inmates get knocked up.

    On its release in about two and a half years time, it will get a prestigious slot reading fucked up sexual deviant tales to little kids with woke parents at the local library in Brighton.

    anyone challenging the logic of this will get a visit from plod and warned to change their thinking.

    • He’s got the looks for it already, stunning, one of the more attractive of their species

  14. May all his food have ground glass in it,
    may all his shits rip his arsehole to shreds

  15. More years ago than I care to remember I had a conversation with a woman who had a relative who was a screw at the prison where the brute who killed Maria Colwell was banged up. She remarked on how clumsy the guy was. Apparently he regularly fell down the stairs.

    • He feared that he was going to Hell, Great musician. Live at the Star Club Hamburg 1964 is one of the greatest live shows ever, demented performance by the Killer. Pretty sure he killed his third or what it fourth wife? Massive methadone overdose. A previous wife drowned in a swimming pool. But he was the real deal, a true wild man. He once drove up drunk to Graceland with a gun to confront Elvis! Crazy motherfucker.

      RIP, Killer, the last of the architects of Rock and Roll.

      • Married a 13 year old cousin, so probably beyond the pale to most of the ISAC faithful.

      • And, ironically, he treated that third wife, Myra Gale Brown better than he treated his other wives! And two died weird deaths! He seemed happy in his later years, but he had a genuine fear of going to Hell, despite being devoted Christ.

        Hellfire: The Jerry Lee Lewis Story
        by Nick Tosches

        One of the greatest books ever written about a musician.

      • He had a strict Christian upbringing yet seemed to consider the music he created more sinful than fucking a 13 year old girl.
        He should have converted to Islam, he’d be alright then, LOL.

      • It was until pretty recent considered ok in rural parts of the US to marry a cousin.
        Isolated see?
        Not many cars etc.

        This results in some hilarious offspring 😆

        Check out these characters

        Blue Fugates

      • Jimmy Page had sex with underage girls. They “consented”, but were still underage. Nobody says much about the Lez Zep legend. He gets a pass for some reason. Others get a pass.

      • They all had sex with underage girls.
        It was the norm for groups in the ’60s & ’70s.

      • Indeed they did.

        What’s more, as a horny 14 year old boy in 1967, I would happily have been taken advantage of by Marianne Faithful.

        Would even have supplied my own Mars bar! 😂

      • In 1957, the state of Mississippi amended its marriage law. The changes included an increase in the minimum marriage age for women from 12 to 15 years and for men from 14 to 17

        Lewis married Myra Brown on December 12, 1957 in Mississippi but lied that she was 15, when she actually 13.

        He was a wild guy. The real trouble came when he came to England with her, that’s when it became a scandal.

        But you haven’t lived until you’ve heard Jerry Lee at the Star Club. Hamburg, 1964, one of the great live albums, a a gloriously demented performance by the Killer…

        (37 minutes)

    • BBC obit…

      DJ Tony Blackburn: “Jerry Lee Lewis has passed away, he was a great showman and gave us some great songs. R.I.P.”

      “God bless Jerry lee Lewis, peace and love to all his family,”
      said Beatles drummer Ringo Starr.

      The Telegraph’s Neil McCormick described Lewis as “the most dangerous man in rock’n’roll… he was a gun-toting, fire-starting ball of trouble. He was also the most authentic rocker who ever lived”.

      Lewis ended up in jail in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1976 after he was found brandishing a pistol and demanding to see Elvis Presley outside Presley’s Graceland mansion.

      Earlier that year, Lewis had accidentally shot his bass player, Norman “Butch” Owens, in the chest. Playing with a loaded .357 Magnum, Lewis had reportedly been trying to shoot and hit a Coke bottle. Owens was badly injured but survived, and later sued his boss, winning $125,000 (£107,000) in damages. Lewis was also charged with shooting a firearm within the city limits.

      • Then there was Bill Wyman and the 13 year old Mandy Smith. I’ve no dobut Wyman had his pick of top notch (and overage) fanny. So why?

        He’s a fucking Joe Ronce, that’s why. Then there’s Jagger and his ‘Stray Cat Blues’. But – like ‘Pagey’ they get off, because they were in a ‘cool’ band. Fuckng bollocks.

  16. No one had Jerry Lee Lewis is the DP? IsAC cunters are missing a few sitters of late.

    • I was going to submit a new set including Jerry Lee a few days ago when it was erroneously reported that he’d passed as a similar thing happened with another person not so long back and a few days later he passed but it seemed unsporting.

  17. To be fair us old timers have had most of the DP dodgers at one time or another but in Dioclese’s famous phrase “they failed to oblige”. I had Lee a number of times but he “failed to oblige” so put him in the back of my mind and eventually forgot about the cunt. If I can be arsed I will defrag the old brain pan and if any DP candidates from times past are in there and still farting I will post a list for the benefit of……

  18. The killer was the best
    Fuck up to the rest of the wanks in here
    Simply the best
    Get cunted

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