Piers Morgan [14]

He hasn’t done anything in particular, I just had the misfortune of hearing this chinless twat on the radio and he reminded me of how much of a piece of shit he is.

His interview technique is nothing more than verbal bullying, interrupting, lying, mis-representing, straw-man, shouting down and asking smart-arse questions before the previous question has been answered.

A smug, sweaty, arrogant hooray-Henry, utterly inept, a hypocritical liar. A waste of skin, a medical experiment begging to happen, a good reason for extending the abortion limit to 58 years old.

Naahh, don’t like him.


Nominated by: Termujin

76 thoughts on “Piers Morgan [14]

  1. Imagine having to wake up next to him in the morning? Could be quite a good alternative to short custodial sentences.

    “You are hereby sentenced to 30 days of living with Piers Morgan.”

    • he’s got a young attractive wife and little kids. i couldn’t fuck that, the things some women do for a meal ticket ughhhhh

      • Now that he’s fat, he must drip sweat onto his wife when he’s pumping her. He probably has a bank of TVs in the bedroom that he watches as he’s heefting, though. His mind is purely media-driven, I doubt he ever take a day off from his media addiction.

  2. He’s always trying to relaunch himself as a serious journo/interviewer, peppering his bluster with the odd anti-woke slogan to get the silent majority to like him.

    He’s a fat, odious, opportunistic, unscrupulous, ham-chinned cunt.

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