Saudi Arabia (2)

(Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman-  Day Admin)

Old BSM has been a huge disappointment. No that’s a driving school.

Muhamnad…bin…Salmon that’s It. MBS.

It was all about liberalising Saudi when he took over wasn’t it. Everyone gave him the benefit of the doubt. Was there relaxation? More women are allowed to drive I think. But that was about it. Not much on the Democracy front.

My interest comes from considering years ago that I could go teach English there. All I would have to do I calculated was 2 or 3 years and I would be set for life financially.
Not to be. Too old now.

But I have retained an interest in the country. And their building projects. And their diversification plans.

In interviews and adverts there’s always a Prince in charge and his Saudi underlings and Western engineers giddy with excitement at all these massive building projects.

The Saudis always speak perfect English. They are thoroughly Westernised you could say.

These last 2 weeks a Saudi woman has been sentenced to 34 years in prison for tweeting. The tweets judged ‘disruptive to the state’ by the Saudi authorities. (She only has about 2000 followers) Then later in the week to my astonishment another Saudi woman sentenced to 42 years for the same ‘offence’.

The ‘offence’ comes from a catch-all law that can be used to crush any dissent.

The contrast between their modern technological-forward looking vision and these draconian sentences is…well…crushing.

MBS was given the benefit of the doubt and he has been found wanting.

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  1. Hi BB. My anachronism was a plant, to make sure we cunters are kept awake. On their toes so to speak.

  2. Those cunts at Manchester City are hilarious. Their owners persecute, imprison, and torture gays. Yet we’ll see Pep Fraudiola and his cunt mercenaries wearing rainbow armbands. Are they wearing them for all the dead ones that the Sheik’s regime have done over? The Gorton Globetrotters.The biggest circus (and cunts) in the modern game. Rotten to the core….

  3. I got offered a secondment to Arab land with my aerospace employer. Tax free salary ££££ , l politely declined. Not working for Arab.

    Turns out it was a wise decision, if I had gone my company pension would have been deferred as the aerospace plc was for tax reasons “offshore ” in effect I would have been resigning and then restarting for the same company…

    God save the k–t

  4. How about a cunting for the shit rats that just beat a woman to death for not wearing a bin bag on her head, piss be upon them

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