Transformer Activists vs Sharron Davies

How the fuck can we let this happen?

”Former Olympian Sharron Davies has revealed she is close to bankruptcy following her comments about the participation of transgender athletes in women’s sport.
The British swimmer has been vocal about being against trans athletes competing against cisgendered women in the past, stating they have an unfair advantage.
Her stance has resulted in heavy backlash and she is now struggling to find work after her agents dropped her and charities have refused to work with her.”

A tiny minority of deviant nutters seem to hold sway over mainstream opinion. She has stated the bleeding obvious yet the craven cunts that represent her have caved in. As fucking usual. These cunts wont be happy until they have destroyed women’s sport. Unfortunately she doesnt have the resources of JK Rowling to tell the cunts to fuck off.

We should be fucking ashamed.

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Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

82 thoughts on “Transformer Activists vs Sharron Davies

    • She isn’t anti-trans, she has made allies in the trans community. She just wants the female categories of swimming to exclude people born with a johnson between the legs.

    • Sharon looks like she stands to piss and might of once been called Bernard.

      But shes fighting the trannies in sport thing and getting a torrent of hate from the trans activists who want to cancel her.

      Ive a idea!
      If your trans and hate being misgendered,
      Think your a victim,
      Hate the worlds ignorance of trans rights etc,

      How about suicide?
      It solves things instantly!

      Give it a go,
      Ill even carve your headstone for you

      Here lies the body of ‘funny Pete’
      Now hes at rest at 6ft,
      He wasnt wired up right in the head.
      Got upset
      An now hes dead.
      Fuck im.

  1. It was recently said on here that the wimminz now have a battle on their hands with the trangender bender group. Ah well, never mind!

    • And it’s literally a handful of militants who are calling the shots. Can’t we just have a trans category in sports? The activists are too lazy to do that, though, they just want to hijack the women’s world of sport and that will ruin it after over 100 years of building it into what it is.

  2. The only “Go Fund Me” I might consider donating a fiver* to.

    * if it came with a complementary BJ from Sharron herself.

    • She was a looker. Fancied her when I was a kid.

      But female swimmers, even the bonny ones, all have shoulders like Geoff Capes. Puts me off.

      Daley Thompson and a few other dark key athletes had a go on it (allegedly, of course). Although Daley (Thompson not Tom) went through half the split arses in the Olympic Village by all accounts. Indeed, if they put athletes minges up on the board on the ‘Mystery photo’ section on Question of Sport’ , he’d take the other team to the fucking cleaners.


      What was this about again? Oh aye.

      Thing is, I did see her covering the swimming on the Pound Shop Olympics this week for the BBC.

      Point taken though, she’s not on as much as she used to be. She’s not a n i g n 0g though, so she’s got no fucking chance of being a pundit in the studio.

      Mind you, Denise Lewis isn’t bad looking so no harm done. I can’t recall, but she must’ve been fit as fuck back in the day?

      • Denise Lewis back in the day was always a bit girly girly goody two shoes for me. Davies though……yes please.

        That’s Sharron Davies…..not Dickie Davies.

      • They could have run a Question of Sport/Naked Attraction Special, with that Daley John Thomas bloke in it. That would have been funny!

      • Fatima Whitbread was ahead of her time. Apparently, her genitals are a, “mosaic” according to her family doctor. Saw it in a documentary. I went, “a mosiac”? Like… artistic tiling?” LOL!

  3. Given the fucking awful state of the wonderful inclusive social media it was rather ill judged to post anything approaching common sense.

    I wonder if Ms.Davies will embark on a career in porn?


    • Nice thought Uncle Terry.
      I would love her to make films such as “ Sharron’s Bukkake shame and Sharron goes Dogging in Dagenham “

  4. She has always given me certain stirrings.

    The nom is about cunts who go along with the anti biological fucking nonsense which seems to make despicable cunts cave in to it.

  5. Always fancied her…….still would.

    Was anyone watching the womens diving last night….I ‘stumbled’ across it and had to get the box of tissues.

    • I think I mentioned this in a nom once, saying men’s synchronised diving is pointless gay shit, but women’s synchronised diving can be wankworthy. I recall sideboobage and almost G-string eque bottom half of the skimpy costumes.


  6. Elliw Simmonds is a transsexual hobgoblin…learned to swim while making her escape from the abortion bucket.

      • You won’t think she’s as sweet when she swims up the u-bend of the shitter and bites ya knackers while yer trying to have a quiet shit.

      • Indeed, I believe Melvin Bragg is doing an ISAC retrospective on The South Bank Show next week.

      • I’ve sometimes wondered if anyone…ever…has watched a Melvyn Bragg programme from start to finish….he’s like that other Cunt,Alan Yentob…. boring fucking windbags who should have their vocal chords cut and their fingers broken for fear that they try to learn sign language….I honestly don’t know which of them I despise more…..the rump-raider or the shylock.

      • Never watched it in full myself too. For wanky twats. The music, along with the music for That’s Life, still sends a shiver down my spine if I hear it. It meant the weekend was over and it was back to school tomorrow.

        And there aren’t many bigger cunts than Bragg’s son, the insufferable champagne socialist, Billy ‘listen to my cockney accent, I’m common not public school educated, honest ‘ Bragg.

        Now that’s a cunt.

      • Had to Google her as I had no idea.
        Not bothered too much about the stumpy legs, as I’d just throw them out of the way anyway.
        Pic of her in a red swimsuit reveals she has a cracking mound in between them.
        I believe I would gentlemen.

  7. I’ve always wondered how a minority can dictate to a majority? I’m genuinely baffled.

    As for Sharron, I’ve got a maternity bed with stirrups just waiting for you, my love.


    • How a minority can dictate to a majority?


      In a world of frightened people, it’s easy to get your own way through aggression. But it won’t last, the tide is turning against the cowards in power. Gonna be fun watching the house of cards fall down this decade.

  8. What a spineless society we’ve become when the likes of Sharron Davies states the bleedin obvious and is ruined for it.

    In Vlad’s Russia Benders and transformers are hunted down by Government sponsored track suited gangs and the Gayness is verboten in schools.

    • Only cos Vladimir wants to keep it for himself.
      He doth protest too much.
      I always joked he looked like a homoerotic knob, but this week I found out he actually has form!

    • Vlad knew his way around Kenny Everett’s and Freddie Mercury’s houses, I’m sure. Drinks spunk like a Russian welder drinks vodka.

      • Where is the Paul Joseph Watson video on this cunt?
        Oh yeah that’s right, he’s too busy defending his invasion of Ukraine, the treacherous little fuck.

  9. As I have said before, woke is like the new Nazi Party. They were also a fanatical minority that loved intimidating people. Of course, we know they got bigger and caused the biggest mass murder of the last century. Could it happen again? Will these psychotic woke cunts end up killing normal, decent and straight people? I think they are too cowardly and pathetic for that, they like hiding behind social media while they bully people. But, who knows? The woke already have law enforcement on their side (our cringeworthy police). I would hate to see these woke vermin with proper military back up. Perish the thought.

    As for the lovely Shazza? When she was in that swimming cossie in the 80s. Oh,dear me, yes….

  10. It always amazes me that when a small number of faceless, nameless and not at all scary dribbling cunts go off on one via shitty social media. Authorities, companies, and even law and government officials shit themselves and pubicly apologise to a small number of faceless, nameless dribbling cunts.

    • This is the power of the internet. In 2005, it was a goofy place no one in government, mainstream media, NASA, etc took seriously. Now it’s the main battleground for the truth war, of what reality is, of who’s calling the shots, who will be US President, if a war will happen. We’re in another Age of Chaos! Hold on tight…

  11. Sharron is a right tidy boiler. Looking fab for 59, probably got thighs like a vice too.

  12. As one who clings to the old quaint notion of reality I have to agree with her and anyone else to dares to speak the obvious.
    That said, I would love to do the breast and back stroke with her in a secluded lake on a summer evening.

  13. I met Sharron a few years ago over Crystal Palace sports centre. She’s a big strong girl, trust me. She could pick up one of those trannie freaks and break the cunt in half believe me. No wonder all the poofs are shit scared of her.

    • She’s straight-talking. Are you allowed to use that phrase – “straight-talking?” Answers on a postcard…

      • You missed a trick there, Le Cunt.
        Answers on the back of a £5 note, in a plain envelope.
        Fucking postcard, these young people!

    • That Sharon?
      Looks different?
      Dont mean the wings mean she doesnt look like a steroided up David lee Roth

      • Not a chance.
        She can beg me all she likes,
        I refuse.
        That makes me a bandit, then so be it,
        Theres something ‘flawed’ with Shaz.

        Undescended testicles or summat?

      • Anyone who points with a guitar or pretends it’s a gun is alright by me. In all seriousness, great guitarist.

        Cheesy song ‘Jump’, but sounds surprisingly good if heard nowadays. Probably because music ended in about 2006 (Arctic Monkeys were the last decent band).

        I thought it would age badly, like me, but it hasn’t. I hated it in the 80s (I was a B-Boy ffs) but don’t mind it now.

        If I ever see some cunt about to throw himself off a bridge though, I’ll stop, put on ‘Jump’ at full blast and feign innocence when the emergency services arrive to bag the cunt up.

  14. My best mate was a brilliant swimmer back in the day and represented his regiment REME in Butterfly throughout his 12 years service.

    I wasn’t a bad swimmer but couldn’t get anywhere near him in the pool he was like a fucking rocket.

    Being in the Army and good at sport he was able to travel around to various events and at one of these he ended up training with Ms Davies.

    He dined out on it for years but the point is he said that not only was she unbelievably quick she hung around afterwards to mix with the Army lads and came over as a genuinely nice person with no tickets on herself.

    My mate is a very good judge of character so I’ll take that.

    So here’s a WOMAN that has represented her country at the highest level for almost 20 years, lives through all of that without any scandal, personifies what it is to be a role model, inspires females in particular to take up sport, has a successful career in the media, again without any scandal and then……….. she dares to say men can’t be women and shouldn’t be allowed to compete in women’s sport.

    What is the world coming to when somebody with that pedigree and doubtless she’d loads of contacts in the media finds herself persona non grata.

    Fuck me it’s not like she’s Tommy Robinson or anything.

    Shameful. Utterly shameless cowardly cunts.

  15. Always had a soft spot for Sharon, very pissed off about some deviant transbummers giving the poor girl a hard time.
    What I find fucking despicable is her agent dumped her and charities have cut her loose all because some mentally ill fucktard has been hurt because she will not agree with the current narrative that a man is a women if said man decides hey I’m a woman., therefore I use female facilities and compete against female though I have a full set of tackle and full beard.
    When the wheel turns a bit more these cunts better hide real well. Cunts likewise those that bow down to this illogical shite.

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