The Conservative leadership contest

I’d like to nominate the Conservative party’s navel gazing leadership contest.

This link sums up the contest quite well:

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[A six week contest, between two totally unsuitable candidates, played out interminably to the whole population of whom only 0.2% are allowed to vote on the outcome.]

At this point, over half way into the contest, it seems there might be a clear winner but the process rolls on regardless. The previous incumbent of 10 Downing Street, meanwhile, having insisted on “staying on” (presumably to keep creaming those lovely expenses and lining up favours for wealthy businessmen in order they may return them post office) is refusing to have anything to do with running the country.

And, all the while this farce carries on, the “cost of living crisis” (mostly brought about by, some recent and some longstanding, inept decisions of the same politicians) rages on. But not a word about this from these cunts. It doesn’t exist to them and they don’t even bother paying lip service to it.

Brexit was about a little bit of power being returned to the people. The Conservatives managed to avoid that happening whilst carrying out the pretence of actually doing something about it. Buoyed up by this they now think they can just totally ignore the population whilst they indulge themselves in their pathetic political games.

There’s an old saying: never forgive and never forget. Carry this thought with you to the next general election when you will get a say (and have the opportunity to spoil your ballot paper because all the other cunts on it will be just as bad!). [Assuming of course there aren’t riots and a complete breakdown of society in the meantime.]

Nominated by: Mikdys

And then there’s this from Thomas the Cunt Engine

Rishi “The Snake” Sunak.

Normally I wouldn’t say anything racist against an Indian, but in this case: fuck this bud-bud ding-ding piece of shit.
The worst Chancellor ever?
Worse than Badger Lamont?
Now he’s been in the press saying that he ‘rues the Government’s ch1nk flu strategy’ and says ‘scientists should never have been
put in charge of the country’s response’.
Pull the other, you lying cunt. You were the leading proponent of all the lockdowns and all that ‘eat out to help out’ bollocks.
All that Covid money to fake businesses that’s gone forever.
And the Track & Trace app? £37 billion?!
Where’s that money gone, prick?
A few million (maybe) for some spotty oik to modify an already-existing app and dozens of billions squirrelled away to your fucking mates.
If it even existed at all.
Who’s going to pay the Covid money back to the Central Banks?
Us, the working folk of England.
We’re going to be buggered for decades (unless the WEF get their way and we’re back to using horses and carts and eating insects.
This motherfucker ought to be hung, drawn and quartered.

And for balance, Sir Limply Stoke offers his thoughts on “Bag-of-Old-Bollocks” Truss – the Fake Iron Lady

The most annoyingly persistent perpetrator is old twisted mug Liz Truss. Photo ops always available with scarf flailing in the wind pretending to be a tank commander plus the usual Johnson hi-viz vests and Mrs T’s favourite, the white coat to emphasize clinical knowledge (at least the Blessed Margaret was a chemistry graduate).

Before Lizzie T there was the embarrassing Maggie May who gave much hope of Iron Ladyness, soon dashed, by putting the boot in on the Police Federation at their Conference.

Photo ops of Mrs May pretending to be a tank commander when her premiership started going tits up? You betcha.

Not to be binary genderist, we have Johnson trying to fake it as Churchill (would Captain Chaos have taken air tours of the battle for Germany in a clapped out Blenheim?) or various Ministers such as Hunt the Cunt and dodgy carpet trader Sunac touring hospitals jacketless with the tie tucked in and shirt cuffs folded up ala David Cameron. Can’t imagine Winnie doing that all though he might have toured Covid Wards in his Siren Suit. Note to Tory Party image makers – are you missing a trick there or just content to let Starmer balls it up?

The sadness of it all is that whenever Truss does anything vaguely Thatcher like her ratings with the Party Membership rocket skywards.

Further sadness, the geriatric Tory faithful fall for it time and time again.

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65 thoughts on “The Conservative leadership contest

  1. I couldn’t give a flying fuck so long as the perverted woke leftists cunts never get a sniff of number 10.

    • Shafted further, would be more accurate. Hard to imagine being shafted worse than Johnson and his cronies achieved. Truss will simply finish the job of destroying the UK that Boris grabbed with both hands and ran with. Incredible that the Tory Party membership (who will elect her) seem oblivious to the mind-blowing extent of her stupidity and unsuitability for high office.

  2. Not impressed with either of these cunts. At least Mordaunt has fucked off. The 2 dark skinned ladies talked most sense.
    Whoever gets it we will be bankrupt subsidising energy ‘poverty’ while the same cunts carry on with their phones, TV subscription, fast food and the rest.

  3. Pair of useless, inept pathetic cunts. No way can either of them win the next election. The Jellyfish days will seem like a golden era when we have a Starmzy/ Krankie coalition. The clock is ticking…..This is The End.

  4. Another “say plenty but do nothing” deliberately useless cunt, to replace the previous deliberately useless cunt.
    Fuck all will change, apart from when useless cunt goes creeping back to the EU to beg to be allowed to rejoin (as was always the plan since 2016).
    Useless cunt then hailed by the media as a “hero” as all the problems and crisis’ disappear from the TV and papers.
    National humiliation plus a big fat payoff, then into the House of Frauds, a cozy directorship somewhere.
    While we lesser beings “own nothing and are happy”

    Incinerate them all…

    DO IT!!!

  5. The depressing thing is that there’s becoming less and less competent MP’s. Regardless of who wins this farce, they’re both useless, clueless and selfish. Then you look to Labour, and quickly realise there’s no way you can vote for that shower of shite, with their confused genders, their open flood gates for immigrants and their spineless lame duck leader. There’s nothing worse than looking at an extended recession on the horizon, with record inflation and a refusal of private sector businesses to pay anyone any decent amount of money; and when you look to the people in charge you realise you’d be better off turning to religion.

  6. Don’t get me started on these two cunts.

    One is fucking useless, and the other one is errrrrrrr……fucking useless.

    ..and to show how bad the opposition are, they are fucking worse than these two.

    In fact, as someone who is allowed to vote in this shitfest, I really don’t know if I would vote for anyone else they put either.

    Wish Moggy hadn’t backed Boris and just stayed out of it promoting Boris…..he wouldn’t then be tarnished by Boris’ useless tenure and could have stood for this vote.

  7. They should ask Jeremy Corbyn to have a go…the Country can’t afford any more of the manic Magic-Money tree spending that Johnson and Sunak gave us.

      • @BB….they won’t shoot me….I’ll be too useful to them…denouncing the twee incomers.

      • @CC….Coloureds never come to rural Northumberland…we don’t have any fried chiggun-shacks.

      • Ever see that soppy Kevin Costner film about the baseball field?
        “If you build it, they will come”


    • The unusual part of all this Dick, is that it’s usually Labour who visit the magic money tree, the conservatives by name are supposed to be, well, conservative. Boris and Rishi are clearly prime examples of the rich school boys club, they have no idea that when you spend money, that money has to actually exist in the first place. They have no clue, they’ve lived the lives of people who have no concept of budgeting or sensible spending.

      • Aye, Cameron’s years of austerity and “we’re all in this together” to save a few billion were quickly put to the sword when the latest batch of “fiscally responsible” Tories got into full cry.

      • Indeed, and the gall of those in power who cannot be trusted to be responsible to control their spending asking Joe public to be more careful with their energy use. Oh the irony.

      • Austerity my arse the fuckers have never put a brake on spending.
        A billion here a billion there.
        Who cares when your in the house of Lords on 300 a day..

      • “Two cheeks of the same rancid arse” has never been a more accurate summing up…

    • Corbyn would have immediately put an end to the dinghy riders and illegal immigration, because everyone and anyone would be able to come here free on government chartered ferries, no questions asked, £1000 pocket money on arrival, private property requisitioned by the state for accommodation, anyone not wanting immigrants living in their home would be straight off to gulag for re-education.
      At least it under Corbyn it would have been more honest.

      • At least we’d have had fewer of those pesky Jewish refugees.

      • @DF-F
        Lord Dubs has the appearance of a kiddie-fiddler. Probably explains why he’s so obsessed with child migrants.

      • I am not on Twitter but learned of this from someone who is -an anti-illegal immigration pressure group called Little Boats are encouraging people to write to the Prime Minister ( 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA)- simply putting END THE ILLEGAL INVASION and your name and address on the bit of paper, posting it first class to arrive on 6 September. They hope to get at least 10,000 letters there and GB News have expressed interest in covering this. Please share with anyone like minded.

  8. Without a general election the cunts have to select a new PM/leader, it just seems to be a fucking long drawn out piss take, there are only 160,000 voting ffs.

    Two weeks would have been enough to have it done and dusted and it will make fuck all difference who wins, the country is fucked, I can’t wait to see the new policies being drawn up, at least it will give us all a laugh. May as well have left Boris there, the next election they are out for sure and then elect a new leader out of what would be left.

  9. I hope the Tories self implode.Maggie had nerves of steel but these shower of shit are spineless.Hand grenade and locked room.We are shafted.

  10. “Wets” Thatcher used to call these spineless weak cunts in the Tory party. Now they’re all fucking wets. They might as well piss on each other and make a proper job of it, the bastards.

  11. On a lighter note, Princess Diana’s 1985 Ford escort RS Turbo that she ran until 1989 has just sold for 650,000
    It was bought originally at an auction in 1989 by some lucky fucker who now has his pension sorted.
    I suppose a 37 year old escort was to old for Andy
    I stole the last bit🤫

      • The driving seat and Di’s skidded kecks, which Paul Burrel has, would make a good pair.

  12. Cunt though he is,just happened to be in the wrong job at the wrong time,clueless chinless wonder who’s from the “you can be anything you want to be” generation. Own your mistakes like a man.
    Hancock,on the other hand …..

  13. As an outside observer, here’s my view from the states. (For whatever it’s worth.)

    Theresa May climbed through the ranks of the party. She may have been a good “politician” but she was totally unsuited to leading a nation.

    Boris Johnson saw an opening with popular support for Brexit and exploited it. Then he was seduced by the establishment and the trappings of power. He proved to be a clown.

    Insider party hacks decided he had to go. Whether because of his failures or his image was of no matter, he had to go.

    Two establishment, party hacks were chosen to replace him. Neither of whom have real conservative or populist credentials.

    In America we have what we call RINOs…Republicans In Name Only. They may espouse the right notions but in reality they are not true believers. They are rather, members of what we in fly over country, call the “uniparty”…the permanent Washington establishment…and they always sell us out for the interests of the establishment.

    Blo Hole may have been a clown…lacking only big shoes and a red nose…but he was an elected clown. Without a General Election, these two Tories In Name Only are simply power grabbing, establishment usurpers who DO NOT have Britain’s best interest in mind…only their own and those of the establishment.

    Democracy it seems…has been thwarted by the very traitors who purport to save it. Permanent London wins and the people lose again.

    Admittedly oversimplified but that’s how I see it.

    • A London WallStreet Alliance is what the West gets whether one likes it or not.
      This scenario is not going anywhere soon but recent events have put this on the doorstep

  14. What’s the point fuck all will happen and the only changes will be more illegal’s, more waiting for hospital appointments and the ever increasing rise in energy prices.
    The whole shower of cunts of all parties have done little except make our country a shite fest with their outdated illogical pathetic ideologies which hey cunts don’t work.
    As our governments over the past 30 odd years have been obsessed with market forces the vultures are coming home to roost. With a bit of planning and avoiding bandwagon’s a half decent government would have had the U.K. in a much more secure position today than it is now. Money money money makes a bunch of cunts.

  15. I absolutely do not understand this line of thought that because Boris has thrown the dummy out, and the PM race is still being run, all attempts at running the country and making any kind of decision must come to a total standstill.
    The PM is the leader of the party the people voted for.
    He doesn’t make any actual decisions, that’s what the Civil Service does. Then the useful idiots vote on it, as directed by the CS. It’s a good job they exist, most MPs would struggle with ” open this end” on a box of cornflakes.

    • It doesn’t make much difference at the moment, the cunts are all on summer break, all the calls from labour to do this and that are pointless anyway, no way the cunts would be back in Westminster unless ww3 broke out

      • Yes, SOI, but not every Civil Servant is, and at the end of the day, they run the country.
        So, it’s either indolence or a plan for a Premier rather than a PM.
        Sorry, I feel like I may have put a tinfoil hat on, but I think there’s a great change coming.

    • i work in a government department and we have been notified by the union (which I’m not in due to some of their habits when spending the members subs) that they are going to propose a series of strikes in the autumn. It is a pretty toothless threat because the pay is lousy, we are not likely to get any more and therefore nobody can afford to go on strike. There is talk of a strike fund but I can’t see how you would be compensated for more than a day or so. In terms of what does or doesn’t get done, it would be no worse than, say, days during July and August when most people take some holiday. The union receives a massive amount in subs and could hire the best legal minds available to handle the problems, but instead it’s the same old story, asking people who are low paid to lose more money for absolutely no point at all.

  16. To claim that the two duelling candidates represent the “best and most able” of a nation of 70 million people is absurd, but here we are. Like Northern Ireland, the country as a whole lacks a functioning government just when it needs it most. At a moment of historic crisis, the governing party fritters its attention away on a pointless contest to win over 0.03% of the population of a charming but economically and politically marginal province; or rather, to use it as a stage to speak to the lobby through which all power in Britain flows. There must be better ways of choosing a prime minister, or of running a country, than this strange performance. Northern Ireland surely deserves better than this, but so do we all.


    The West’s survival depends on freeing ourselves from the grip of this parasitic, cancerous elite — and of their political henchmen. This, in turn, requires nothing less than a democratic revolution. Many had hoped that Brexit, with its promise to “take back control”, could be the first step in a pr no ocess of democratic rejuvenation of the country, by making elected officials directly accountable to the British people for their decisions. The Conservatives have betrayed this promise.

  18. One + £100K + Expenses + Fiddles + Backhanders + I am a ‘lying lawyer.’ So why should I give a fuck?

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