OFGEM and the Government

A few days ago I asked you to support an ePetition calling for the Government to step in and prevent the October rise in the price cap. Thank you all for your response but surprise, surprise the petition has been rejected. I received the following in a email :

Sorry, we can’t accept the petition you supported – “Stop OFGEM increasing the energy cap in October 2022″.

It’s about something that the UK Government or Parliament is not directly responsible for.

The calculation of the energy price cap is a matter for the regulator Ofgem, which is operationally independent of the UK Government and House of Commons.”

So I did some research. OFGEM was set up under the provisions of the Gas Act 1986, The Electricity Act 1989 and the Utilities Act 2000(3). Under The Energy Act 2013, it’s powers were amended to “extend the licence regime to 3rd party intermediaries such as switching websites”

So clearly there is a precedent here for Parliament to introduce emergency regulation amending its powers in respect of the price cap.

According to OFGEM’s own website “OFGEM is an independent regulator accountable to Parliament” which would seem to contradict the statement that Parliament is not responsible. Especially as – again according to its own website – it is a “non-ministerial government department”

Clearly there is a vested interest here in ensuring that any attempt to challenge the Octber price cap changes is doomed to fail.

OFGEM has also just announced that it will be reviewing the price cap quarterly instead of six monthly. Their reasoning for this is that it avoids massive increases all at one time and spreads the load on the poor old consumer. This is of course, absolute nonsense as it will end up costing the consumer more.

Consider this example :

Option 1 – pay £1 for 3 months, £2 for 3 months and £3 for 3 months – total cost £18
Option 2 – pay £1 for 6 months, and £3 for 3 months – total cost £15

So this simplistic example demonstrates that someone at OFGEM cannot do basic math. Or is it something more sinister? Clear the loser is the very consumer that OFGEM claims to be protecting.

Whatever the deeper motive, it is clear that my petition is being binned and, frankly, there would appear to be nothing I can do about it even though the above arguments clearly demonstrate that, to paraphrase Shakespeare, “something is rotten in the state of Britain”

The best we can hope for now is a revolt on the scale of the poll tax. There is already a campaign to cancel direct debits on 1st October. Apart from screwing the energy giants’ cash flows it will achieve little because in modern Britain, the little don’t matter.

I’ve already cancelled my direct debit and to hell with them. It’s time the little people got off their knees.

Nominated by: Chas C

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  1. Oddly, yesterday, I very nearly invoked the phrase “poll tax riots.”
    Like many fellow counters, I had the above-mentioned shit weasel email in my inbox this am. As Lord Carnarvon said, “the answer’s spherical, and in the plural.”

    I genuinely think riots are likely; people are at breaking point, while the government sits back and eats its collective cake. The bastards.

  2. It’s just a thought but I’m sure the Government is encouraging this in some way. After the price of gas, electric, oil will continue rising, it wouldn’t surprise me that the Government will then say “This proves our net zero and Green policies are the right thing to do”. Wouldn’t be a shock with the charlatans presently in power.

  3. HMG claim this situation is out of their hands and are are therefore unable to act. The actions of the grooming gangs and rubber boat hordes do lie within the remit of HMG but sweet fuck all is done.

  4. There is now the threat that if people refuse to pay, they will be forced to have pre payment meters. Would this threat be workable if enough people were to do it? What if the amount refusing to pay run into hundreds of thousands or more? I’m just not convinced the sheeple have the balls.
    The other alternative, is to cancel your direct debit but continue to pay what you can afford. I can’t see where the law stands on that one. If you are showing a willingness to pay something, then the remainder would remain in debit. It’s what occurs with this debit that is unclear. Would there be interest charges? One suggestion put to government, is that any debit would be interest free over an extended period of maybe years. The cunts have even dismissed this idea out of hand.
    Their constant argument is that energy companies would go bust. Well fucking let them! Then it would be up to the prime minister, chancellor or energy secretary to stand up in parliament and tell people to pay 75% more and take sole political responsibility for it. But they won’t, because they’ll have nothing to hide behind.
    I’m afraid social disorder is the only answer. The thing is. Have the British people got it in them?

    • And another thing. Any government that claims it has no control over its energy is either a liar, insane or German.
      My money is on the first option.

    • “Have the British people got it in them?”.

      Fnarr, fnarr!

      And no, they haven’t. At the mo no one is starving or freezing. A few more months, cold weather, US in a confrontation with the nips, events, dear boy, and we could see Rome burn, quite spectacularly. Once it starts it will snowball and I can see curfews and martial law introduced, as presaged by all the covid bollox.

      Interesting times FMC.

      • No it won’t! The British will do as they’ve always done, and that’s sit with a cup of tea and look a bit miffed. They only ones who will kick off will be the foreign monkeys who will use it as an excuse for looting, raping and stabbing, as if they need an excuse. The British no longer have it in them to fight.

      • When the chavs run out of fags and cider, anything is possible.

        I understand your sentiment though, I am appalled at what the nation has become.

      • I think the Brits will do fuck all. Just like they did over the council tax, the smoking ban, the dentists racket, the BBC, grooming gangs, and terrorism. Nothing will happen.

        Unless, of course, there is another Chiggen Floyd George. Only then will we see a bout of looting, arson, statue wrecking and knee taking.

  5. Just got an email saying the government won’t accept the petition

    Dear Once….

    Sorry, we can’t accept the petition you supported – “Stop OFGEM increasing the energy cap in October 2022”.

    It’s about something that the UK Government or Parliament is not directly responsible for.

    The calculation of the energy price cap is a matter for the regulator Ofgem, which is operationally independent of the UK Government and House of Commons.

    • Me too. At least they havent sent the plod round yet for daring to sign it. What i want to know is how the big solar farm near me is affected by Ukraine or Russia. The sun is currently beating down all day long costing them fuck all apart from capital cost and maintenance. Parasites.

  6. When I was young my grandfather taught me that nothing was impossible if you have the will to achieve it. This was the time of the moon landings and he cited this as a case in point. It did seem a terrific thing plucked straight from the pages of a science fiction magazine (which were popular at the time).

    This Government has no will to do anything to help ordinary people, whatsoever.

    I streamed yesterday’s episode of Farage and he had a shit weasel Conservative MP on arguing that Pritti Useless had been working hard to get a bill to deal with immigration through Parliament and that “it isn’t easy to get it past Labour and the Lib-Dumbs”. WTF. You have an 80 seat majority. If you had the will you could put any bill through in 5 minutes (or slip it through the back door without telling anyone like you did with the Net Zero bollox). Farage didn’t come back with any of this (I’m pretty disappointed with him on his new programme TBH he seems to go out of his way to avoid confrontation). Proof, if ever it was needed, that there is no will.

    OFGEM and all other Government regulators are just quangos providing “jobs for the boys” (with gold plated pensions). The list is endless and includes such wastes of space as the FCA, the ASA, and everything else you might be mistaken in thinking is there to help the public. It ain’t!

    Insurrection is the only way forward but the proles in this country don’t have the stomach for it. The Yellow Jackets in France are showing the way forward. Their movement needs to be replicated here.

    • That is the ONE thing I admire les frouzes for. If something gets up their nose, they’ll picket/riot in the streets.
      I keep seeing “The Battle for No. 10” on TV… At this point, it might focus their efforts a bit more if the headline “Sunak and Truss shot dead” were to appear.

      • “If something gets up their nose they will picket ” , wouldn’t expect anything else from your average dirty Frog, uncouth to a man, I’ll bred of the first water. 🤮

  7. My email came with a link to an alternative petition, which looks interesting.
    Would that be worth signing?
    It appears to have passed the ‘smell’ test and just needs signatures to get it in front a Parliament.
    Strange that one is accepted, but not the other.
    I wonder why?

    • All Parliament petitions are a waste of time, just like OFGEM itself.

      Take the “scrap the BBC licence fee petition” as a case in point. Went to Parliament who instantly responded:” The government has committed to maintain the licence fee funding model for the duration of this Charter period, until 2027.…” to bat it out of the way. Following this nearly 2million households have taken direct action and stopped paying this tax.

      Direct action is the only way to change anything – voting and Parliament are complete wastes of time.

  8. Morning All,

    The don’t pay group is gathering momentum, see here:


    It would work if enough didn’t pay but I guess when it comes to it most people will bottle it and cough up.

    I really am no socialist and I despise the left however there is a strong case to have a nationalised energy industry owned by the UK people (not foreign energy companies like the big 6) thats sole purpose is to provide normal folk with realistically priced electric and gas. The bills everyone pay should cover the cost of power generation, paying utility employees wages and enough for reinvestment into infrastructure NOT the obscene profits currently made by the big 6.

    Has anyone in Government really explained why we’re having to pay more again this October? I’ve heard fuck all tangible?

    It’s a big con. Time we got rid of these parasites altogether.

    • The trouble I see with it is that, if only isolated people don’t pay, their supplies could be cut plus it doesn’t hurt the Government (whom we have established clearly don’t give a flying fuck).

      Personally, I think not paying Council Tax is a better idea. It’s a big bill and not paying it could really help household budgets. They can’t really cut off your supply (because, for the majority of us, they don’t supply fuck all in the first place) and if enough people don’t pay Government might feel a small twinge of pain (not as much as the proles made Mussolini feel but it would be a start!)

    • Nationalisation will never happen a) because it will be too expensive for the government, b) it gives more power to the unions (see current situation with trains); c) the eco-green lobby and WEF in all likelihood will prevent it happening as it goes against the narrative of net-zero blah blah

  9. Latest forecasts for January prices might go well over £4200 for a “typical” household.based on Cornwall Insight.

    They use the term “typical” although this doesn’t apply to everyone – some will pay far less based on their actual rather than estimated usage.

    Regardless, it still going to be a shitstorm if it continues, especially those on Standard Variables at the mercy of Price Cap reviews.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if Putin knows this and the damage his war is causing most of western Europe. Clearly he’s in it for the long game hoping energy prices will keep on going up until their are mass protests/riots in cities and towns across Europe.


      • As far as the ecos are concerned:-

        Coal – bad
        fracking – bad
        natural gas – bad
        fracking – bad
        log fires – bad
        thousands of deaths due to hyperthermia – good

      • I wonder how happy the eco’s would be when 1000’s of them are dying at the hands of people that can’t afford heat or food.

    • IMHO the only reason Putin’s war is damaging to the West is because of the West’s insistence on playing the world’s policeman, plus their eco-bollox.

      Slavs killing Slavs? Meh. Win-win.

    • My moneys on Putin shutting supplies off completely in Winter, when it will hurt most and preventing the fuckwits in charge in the West doing anything about it before the cold weather hits. There will be a knock on effect to both the UK’s energy supplies and European inflation (when factories shut because they have no power to run).

      Good idea “sanctioning” Russia wasn’t it?! Thank God these fuckwits weren’t in charge in 1940!

      • The stupid thing was to entrust energy security to the Russians in the first place.
        As with China, you can’t be economically dependent on cunts that talk trade, but not even secretly hate you.

  10. Can’t get my fucking smart meter to send readings to OVO, have to do the readings myself then send to OVO via their website. Really smart fucking meter, the fucking gas meter will not connect to the cellular unit on the electric meter so the gas readings are also sent via OVO website.
    Sent letters, spent lots of time on phone sweet fuck all. Never asked for smart meters that ain’t but was basically told that my old meters radio network was no longer in use so had to have this new crock. Interesting aside when meter was installed by OVO on behalf of SSE the meter sent no readings from day one but at least the in house unit worked. That stopped when OVO became my official supplier the unit is unable to connect as the network is “lost” showing a fault code 22 at first the fault code was 26 so in all honesty something has happened.
    Not on topic sorry but all these privately owned utilities appear to have a wide streak of cuntishness built in mirrored by their supposed regulatory bodies.

  11. Remember when the cunts banned smoking in pubs? Something that had been going on for centuries just stopped on a particular date. They did that because they had the will to do it. When the cunts say we can’t do this, we can’t do that they are fucking lying. They don’t want to do it because it doesn’t suit their interests. The fucking bastard swindling cunts.

    • Don’t forget, a lot of people welcomed the smoking ban.
      I’m glad they did it, I can go out now without burning my clothes because they fucking reek of fags.

  12. I’ll say it again, The National Grid supplies power.
    It is paid for via taxation.
    Utility companies are just billing agents, they own the meters and charge for their hire.
    Question, how many power stations do Evo,Scottish electricity, EDF etc build and run here?
    Answer, four fifths of fuck all.
    People are getting their meters swapped out , around 250 a pop. You send NOTICE and meters to the CEO of said company using their name not title. Royal Mail signed for recorded delivery. You’ll know its been delivered.
    There’s a growing movement doing this but it’s under the counter obviously. Not that the owned media would tell us.
    Common law, legal fiction,strawman, cestque vie (or somesuch lawful standing).
    Too much to detail here.
    BUT it takes resolve to stand firm, we have been indoctrinated to obey and these fuckers rely on threats and intimidation to get you to comply. Comply = complicity.
    If a couple of million said a collective “fuck you” what could ‘they’ do ,lock us all up ?
    I hope it kicks off this winter, enough is enough.
    It’s not a letter, its a NOTICE.

    • A start would be getting MP’s to pay their own fucking bills and not get everything on expenses. See how keen they are to fork out an extra few £k for the houses they own.

    • @MF…..this is a genuine question..what do you mean “People are getting their meters swapped out ” ?

      • I mean there are engineers gas or leccy, travelling the country to replace meters.
        They supply the meter itself.
        One outfit are in the northeast on Thursday 25th.
        From what I understand the standing charge is a set fee that includes meter rental.
        So the utility company receives payment from your usage,not the NG. But they provide nothing except a meter and a bill. Kind of like a licence to charge folk.
        I can’t go into too much detail here , I have personal involvement* here so with all due respect, take it or leave it.

        * Not with installation but rather challenging the companies.
        Common law is an interesting and convoluted issue, it’s different to maritime law.

    • @MF….again,genuine question….” The National Grid supplies power.
      It is paid for via taxation.”……I thought that the likes of Northern Powergrid ( my area) charge suppliers for using the network and the network pass this on to consumers through the standing charge?

    • Should read “I thought that the likes of Northern Powergrid ( my area) charge suppliers for using the network and the *Suppliers* pass this on to consumers through the standing charge

  13. OT but Olivia Newton John has died. Judith Durham the other day, now Olivia, who’s next I wonder?

  14. I’ve been reading a lot about the 1917 Russian Revolution recently, and the way the UK is going is very reminiscent of Petrograd especially and the whole of Russia during the last throes of Tsarism. People are tired of having the piss taken out of them, and decisions such as throwing a few quid at us “little people” serve to only add fuel to the fire.

    I’m not as old as some of my friends up here in the North West, but they remember the Poll Tax Riots and predict the same coming for this winter. Dark times are coming. I’ve also cancelled my Direct Debits. With the Great Reset on the horizon, I’ll never have the chance to own anything or borrow any more money (despite always paying debts on times) so fuck ’em all up the arse.

  15. Perhaps instead of state ownership of the utilities why not try state ownership of BP?

    I still maintain many people simply have no idea how bad it’s going to get come October…many households simply won’t have the money to pay for even quite modest usage so a campaign to refuse payment isn’t necessary.

    I hope the gathering storm causes a seismic shift in the way this country is governed..but I won’t hold my breath.

    Our own government seems to be hell bent on working against the majority of the population..democracy is a sham..they behave how they like,a nice cosy place at the table of corruption.

    The cunts need oven and hang the cost.

    • Worth noting that “net zero” has helped bring this down on our heads harder than it needed to..

      We are rich in natural resources that we have no obligation to offer to the global market but we leave it buried and buy the same stuff at immense cost from Arabs.


      • There was a report just before the leadership fiasco started, Kwasi Kwarteng has asked Drax to gear up to burning coal this winter (get some in).

  16. I foresee many people snipping off the lead tags from the service head and bypassing the meter completely via a switched fuse. Not a difficult job.

    You’d probably have to reverse the procedure from time to time to provide at least some evidence of consumption so the buggers don’t rumble you.

    • If you don’t have a smart meter lie about the readings instead – meter readers seem to have disappeared with the Kung Flu.

      Bonus is that, if you should get really good at lying you could become an MP and never have to pay your own bills ever again👍

  17. Use less, pay less, I can go with that but I don’t understand why the standing charge keeps going up, I know what it is for but it isn’t directly related to the cost of the electricity or gas.

    If I were into conspiracy I would say this is part of the great green revolution, make energy so expensive no one can afford it, less is more 😉

    I notice on the revolutionaries website, you can donate to don’t pay uk 😂

    The energy costs are what they are but the government can use their ‘tools’ (good name for MPs) , dump the green levy, remove the VAT, put more cash directly to accounts of energy users, cut the fuel duty for petrol and diesel. It’s not that difficult and start sorting out OUR home grown energy as a national emergency.

    Instead of some leftie ideology of ‘don’t pay’, maybe a bit of education on helping people manage their energy use, I bet the house MNC lights are left on in empty rooms (assuming he allows any light bulb)

    I have noticed that everything is a Crisis, you name it it’s a fucking crisis 😂

  18. Whining cunts. In winter just wear a thermal string vest, a diamond-patterned woolen jumper, cords, a duffel coat and fingerless gloves indoors to save putting the heating on at all. Then you can thumb your nose at the European shareholders who own the UKs utility companies when their dividends are fractionally less. You got to take your victories where you can.

  19. It’s about something that the UK Government or Parliament is not directly responsible for. Since when has that ever stopped them?

    Something that the UK Government or Parliament is not directly responsible for?Well, neither is Ivan’s ransacking of the Ukraine. But the government cunts have been wetting their knickers about that and given them shitloads of money and arms.

    Then then there’s the flyblown shitheaps and crackpot regimes of Africa. They spunk millions in aid on these fuckers. But since when were they Britain’s responsibility?

    Same goes for the hordes of dinghy filth that swarm the UK like locusts. They just turn up. But, when they do, the cunts are treated like rock stars by the likes of Priti Porky.

    And they treat the ghost written rantings of Greta Mongberg as if they are the Second Coming. Yet, she is not British and she has fuck all to do with us and ours.

    Such nauseating hypocrisy from a set of complete cunts.

    • Bring back Boris. At least he had entertainment value.

      Calling Truss wooden would be an insult to trees.

      But then again Rishi should be expert about the current economic mess we’re in because he created it. Ipso facto best placed to deal with it.

      As a former Tory party member I object to a bunch of MPs forcing me to choose between two clowns after same MPs gave Boris a victory in tge confidence vote.

      Neither of these cunts is going to sort out this mess so fuck ’em

      Democracy in action… Pfaff….

  20. I bet the WEF are loving this global crisis. They want to catapult the plebs back into the Stone Age slice-by-slice.

    Of course if you have a well paid job you probably won’t care about it, but for the majority of people what is going to happen over the next 2 years is going to be merciless, especially since there is every indication energy prices will not fall by the same leaps and bounds as they went up.

    Fuck knows how people are going to afford paying £4k a year for their energy, on top of double-digit inflation, rising interest and mortgage rates

    The Globalists will rejoice as another piece of the Great Reset jigsaw falls into place

    • Never mind the next two years – most people are going to be absolutely fucked this Winter.

      Already there is double digit inflation, forecourt prices are 50% up on the level they have sat at for the past 5 years, home energy prices are double but in the Winter: energy prices will be hiked again and again, Putin pulling the plug on Europe gas supplies will cause energy rationing in the UK as well and stoke inflation even more. The totally inept BOE will stoke up interest rates to try to contain the inflation which will make a lot of mortgages unaffordable. Yes, the lights are going to go out so get ready to cope with that.

      Will we sit back and take it though? How far can these cunts push us? I think we are going to find out soon..

  21. I don’t know the ins and outs but surely the govt can do whatever it wants to regulate prices, setting a max, if it really wanted to, then other measures like removing VAT, whatever.

    Are we really supposed to roll over and pay crazy quarterly increases until it costs 200 quid to boil a kettle and at the same time borrow more money to help people pay their bills (£400 credit for all as a starter).

    Better off throwing your passport away and claiming asylum- free heating, free bed, free food.

    • With tariffs that can vary throughout the day, boil your kettle at midnight, put the water in a thermos for your morning cuppa.

      Smart meters sending readings every 30 minutes, big brother isn’t far away.

      • I actually bought a ginormous Thermos for that reason and any planned power cuts (had one recently).

        Next on the list a few sets of thermals.

    • The Government (Sunak), promises £400 per household to cushion against sky-rocketing fuel prices this coming winter.

      Are dividends going to be paid to shareholders on the back of this Government (taxpayer) handout ?

  22. If they force me to have a smart meter can’t I just get the dog to pee on it and ruin it? Not my fault, the dog did it.

  23. Perhaps the BBC need to update their “Children in Need” show and rename it “British People in Desperate Need”

    Although even if they did I suspect they will put special emphasis on “need” with the usual suspects while WASPs can join the back of the queue

  24. E-ON thieving next were obviously gearing up for this months in advance.
    They switched from quarterly billing to monthly, ostensibly to give the consumer more control and information on their usage.
    Fucking liars.
    Monthly billing helps them identify the non payers quicker, enabling them to cut them off sooner.

  25. Here’s my plan to work the system :

    1. Get yourself a cash back credit card
    2. Cancel your direct debit (loses the DD discount)
    3. Put money aside to pay the quarterly bill when they send it.
    4. Pay it on your credit card the day after the cut off date

    Result :
    1. The cunts get hit with a three month cash flow problem
    2. You get 4+ months without paying anything
    3. The lost DD discount is offset by the interest on your money in savings and the credit card cashback
    4. Any credit on your DD gets offset against your first quarterly payment again hitting the cunts in their wallet
    5. Carry on paying quarterly in arrears and you effectively get the first 3 months free.

    And always always check your readings and query the bill. This is especially important when a price cap changes. The cunts at British Gas used estimated readings and overcharged me at the higher rate despite the fact that their own online system displayed the readings I sent them. Fuckers tried to overcharge me by £53. Took 5 revised bills before they got it right.

    Don’t refuse to pay or underpay because they’ll hit you with debt collectors and you’ll get put on a prepayment meter which will cost you shed loads more.

  26. Seems the latest predictions for the next 4 quarters make for grim reading.

    Expect to see unit price for electric rise to between 53p/KWh and 66p/KWh between October and the 3rd quarter of 2023. The Standing Charge of £100 is used as a median throughout that same period but will obviously fluctuate.

    Unit Price for Gas is also expected to rise in the same period from between 15p and 19p /KWh. The Standing Charge of £170 is the median ditto.

    These predictions are taking from Cornwall Insight


  27. That’s very useful information, thanks for the link.

    My suggested “direct action plan” for someone with oil fired heating, no smart meter, quarterly billing and no meter readers since Covid is:

    1- make up the meter readings to suit your budget. They might be comical but so what? They will go through the system (nobody with a bean of common sense will be reviewing them);

    2- save up any money the fuckwits in Government give you “to help with bills”;

    3- next Summer, when you have survived the Winter spend the money on a “diesel generator set-up*” ready for contingency”;

    4-when your meter gets investigated (if it does – remember that the people running the energy companies are too stupid to be even MPs and the only skill they have is putting money in their own bank accounts) say”OMG the immersion heater has been accidentally switched on and left on”. Don’t pay the massive bill that will ensue, have your supply cut off and fire up the genny!

    * I calculate that for usage of 10kwh/day four 120ah leisure batteries, an 8kw diesel generator and suitable inverters (still investigating these) will fit the bill. Two banks of 2 batteries each. An inverter runs down a bank then switches to the other bank while the generator charges the first. Total generator run time should be around 2.5 hours per day at half load using 1 litre/hour fuel. Generator adapted to run on central heating oil at £1/litre (inc 5p tax – unlike forecourt diesel at £2/litre inc 96p tax). Quarterly cost of fuel around £228.

    Cost of setting up the kit might be quite a lot though and the batteries may not last more than a year or so because they will be taking a serious caning. More research needed to finesse the plan but it’s a starting point.

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