Theresa May (29) – Interim PM?


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How could any Torfy, sober I hope at midday on Thursday really want this perncious woman back at the helm?

It was HER grovelling and appeasing the EU that caused the original problems in implementing Brexit, now some of the cunts – probably Jeremy Hunt and the absurd Tobias Ellwood – the pompous windbag, spawn of Ducky Dominic Grieve.

This seems a trick to try hyet again to derail Brexit. If you have a Conservative MP the message is clear: tell them SAY NO TO THERESA THE APPEASER

Nominated by: W.C. Boggs

108 thoughts on “Theresa May (29) – Interim PM?

  1. Just heard on the radio that Mavis Hunchback gets £120,000 a pop on the speaking circuit. What the fuck? She must be the worst public speaker I’ve ever seen, by a million miles. Absolute shit. If she has one of her coughing fits do you get a refund? Talk about money for old rope.

    • Stephen Hawkings was a better public speaker.
      John’s not mad would be good!

      I’ve got gay porn in ma goose!

      • Who the fuck would pay her to hear her yap? The leading suppliers of office stationary in the north west? The Cremation Society of Great Britain?

    • Imagine being the person or organisation fucking stupid enough to pay 120 grand for her to talk utter shit for an hour.

      She must be fucking laughing her arse off

    • Does she do bukkake parties as well? 100 Tories turning Japanese at the thought of that.

  2. There’s no chance that silly bitch will even look sideways at the job..with all the flying about to wank the EU off she did she must have a billion air miles to spend.

    Anyhow there’s a fair chance of our first Peaceful prime minister..

    And that’s the end of Great Britain as far as I’m concerned.

    The disgraceful cunts.

    • We’re finished as a country.I heard Zahawi is contemplating running for PM.No no no no God no.A stuffed cuddly bear can perform better.

    • ‘…she must have a billion air miles to spend…’ Perhaps she could use them in a single direction away from this planet, I believe that would take her a little past Saturn today.

  3. Dominic and his little grey friends

    They’ll have your kettle boiling on fusion power and the national anthem changed to this by tea time;


  4. Has the bitch written a book yet about her time as PM? I reckon all the bitter Remoaners will snap that one up.
    That’s money in the bank.

  5. I thought no if Farage jumped back into the game now, he could be a contender: we have reached a pivotal point in party politics, where the electorate has a choice between a sack of shit and….another sack of shit.

    He could NOT be any worse than this bunch of cunts…

  6. Meanwhile Johnson, relieved of any pretence of giving a flying fuck about running the country any more, plans to cane his expense account to death over the next few months. Starting with a lavish “wedding party” at Chequers:

    In the private sector, when you get shown the door, you hand in your company car keys and corporate credit card and are escorted off the premises within minutes. You are not allowed to hang about taking the piss for months.

    Think about where your money goes next time you look at the tax entry on a payment slip.

    These people are out and out cunts and our establishment is a cunt for allowing them to behave as they do. If ever there was a time for change it is now😡

    • There’s more chance of Neville Chamberlain being dug up and handed back the keys of No10 than there is of Theresa May getting in there again. And he would certainly be more exciting, engaging and competent than May.

  7. What we all need to remember is that Boris didn’t do this single-handed.
    He was aided and abetteted by others.
    They need to be exposed, and stripped of office too. Where possible, they should face charges of corruption that land them in jail.
    First to break gets the least sentence.
    Anyone taking odds?

  8. Don’t worry. Mavis won’t be returning to Downing Street. No could stand the sight of her weird facial contortions again.

    They’re still showing that bloody door on GB News – “LIVE FROM DOWNING STREET”. Nothing happening.

  9. The BBC covered Boris quitting well, didn’t they?

    Question Time – today of all days – shunted to iPlayer, while they showed NeverEnders (with added black drag queens🤢) and fucking wimmins football.

    As Cloughie would say, ‘They need shooting!’😒

  10. Theresa May always looks as though she’s caught a whiff of her own arse.
    Yesterday’s nobody.
    Mind, having said that, I can’t think of anyone who’d make a decent PM.
    We’ve reached rock bottom.
    Get To Fuck.

  11. Cunts who live in a shithole celebrating Boris’s demise… Vote Labour all your life and ensure you remain in a shithole.

    Also, leftie fuckflake woke scum can celebrate all they like, but they are still represented by an unelectable party…. 🤷‍♂️

  12. I hope that slimy cunt Sunak and his tax dodging slag don’t get anywhere near No.10.

    Javid, Truss, Hunt and Gove can fuck off and all….

  13. Penny Moudaunt please as new PM

    At least I can perv at her legs and ample bust. What else is today’s politics any good for?

    Fuck all is the short answer.

    • Too right, Dick. I also wouldn’t mind giving that Dehenna Davison a going over with the old tickling stick.

  14. As the Con party now panders to everything woke and they’ve used the woman card it will likely be someone with a better tan than most and if possible also female.

    I hope the cunts have enough brains to realise that’s going to cost them a few million votes for good!

  15. What an absolute shower of shit these last few years have been under the Tories where most of the population have been ..

    Fucked over with Brexit/ Brino
    Shafted over COVID
    Screwed over net zero
    Overwhelmed by uncontrolled mass immigration
    Ostracized by the woke and msm
    And now facing the worst cost of living crisis in 50 years!

    And what do we see? May a possible candidate for PM while earning £120k for talking bollocks for a hour or two.

    Boris refusing to step down asap and thinks he has some credibility left.

    Ministers resigning left right and centre but secretly hoping they might get their jobs back under a more understanding pm.

    But none of them will be out of pocket or out of a job for long.

    This country really is fucked to the nines and my wife and I are seriously thinking of emigrating to Holland or Austria in the next few months.

    Am pissed off having to work 50+ hours a week but getting taxed left right and centre, and then end up being means tested for any top up benefits to prop up my meagre state pension when I officially retire at 68. And yet cunts from abroad get the red carpet and shedloads of benefits no questions asked.

    Enough is enough. Fuck the UK!

    • Seriously, if you are in a position to get out of the shite hole the UK has become and you have the opportunity to do so then grab it with both hands and rejoice. It’s not an option open to me and I envy you.

      We are truly fucked. There is no alternative to the self-serving elite who rule over us pretending it is a democracy. Whoever replaces Johnson will just continue in the same way. And until he is replaced Johnson will rape the taxpayer with his expense account.

      “Get Brexit done”. The most injurious lie of all but nobody even mentions it. Even Farage who seems to have become a Conservative apologist as far as I can make out.
      I used to think how terrible it was that even dictators, such as Mussolini, were strung up by the mob whatever their faults. But I’ve changed my thinking. The behaviour of the high and mighty privileged elite here has made me see things in a different light. Nothing will probably change but were it to I would fully support it.

      • Both my wife and I are in our mid-50s. Here in this country that’s seen as being over-the-hill in terms of job opportunities. Moreover anyone over 50 (the Boomers and Gen Xs) is seen as The Problem by the liberals and Progressives, and would rather see us dead and buried by making life as difficult for us as possible.

        Fortunately both Holland and Austria are not quite so discriminatory – or at least not yet! Moreover bother countries are crying out for skilled/qualified people of any age, including old cunts like us!

        Both countries are fairly expensive to live, but during our times holidaying there in the past I have to say I am deeply encouraged what they both have to offer.

        If it means giving up being self-employed and working for someone else again then so be it. I have seen IT jobs in Austria paying well over £85,000+ for the kind of work I’m qualified for and have experience in.

        It’s a hard decision leaving the relative friendly olde-worlde Lake District where we haven’t quite been affected by “inclusion and diversity”, but it will only be a matter of time.

        Moreover, I don’t want to be taxed up to the eyeballs in order to keep the lazy, the feckless and the dinghy riders in a luxury they seem to feel they’re perfectly entitled too. And the Establishment seem to endorse this view!

      • Austria sounds good – I’ve holidayed there a couple of times and the scenery is stunning. Beautiful place to live. The key question would be how you would qualify for state pension locally and transferred from UK when you retire. A friend of mine moved to West France 25 years ago and these questions worked out OK for him but things may have changed.

  16. Suella Braverman is apparently a contender. She is a daughter of immigrants, loves this country and the opportunities it gave them. She is strongly pro Brexit. Therefore will be slagged off by the usual suspects.

  17. I dare say scores of liberal luvvie cunts (Steve Coogan, Daniel Twatcliffe, Phoebe Waller Cunt, Martin Freeman, David Tennant, Keira Kuntley, Michael Sheen, Emma Twatson, Anna Friel and many others) will be frigging themselves silly as they ‘celebrate’ the demise of Boris. Fucking ivory tower coked up tax dodging cunts…😉

  18. Johnson ws a useless lying cunt and was the architect of his own downfall….he was a cunt, plain and simple and a fat one at that.

    It all couldv’e gone so differently but the fat grease stain fucked it up.

  19. I’d rather have her back than a daki in charge.

    In fact, I will be livid if a daki wins the leadership contest.

    I’d like to see a whitey in charge of a daki country – pigs might fly, they say!

  20. Oh what a shock!
    Rishi Sunak is joining the who wants to be PM race.
    Never saw that coming.

  21. The most useless chancellor ever wants a go in the most useless PM stakes – no surprises there that’s the reason this useless cunt resigned at the last minute.

    This shit show is going to run until the autumn so get some blood pressure pills in an sit back and watch as the UK economy tanks…

  22. On the day the Jellyfish was being terminally wobbled, Sky showed the Maybot delivering the James Broken shire lecture at the Institute for Government.
    What a dreary voice she has. I simply CANNOT remember anything she said, so flat, grey, monotone, lifeless, dull it was.
    May as interim?
    No way to May. Fuck off, you old hoover bag.

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