Haberdashers’ Hatcham College – Hidden Agenda


These lefty teacher cunts pushing this white privilege horse shit and putting supposedly ethnic minorities on a pedestal. I’m in my 40’s and still waiting for my white privilege to arrive at this point I assume mine must’ve been lost in the post.

Meanwhile these lifelong failures that spend their life indoctrinating our children refuse to let parents know what exactly they are teaching them. I

agree racism is wrong however the imbalance is now strongly favouring the minorities in what is a white country…… how the fuck did we get in this mess? It’s almost as bad as indoctrinating kids about all the trans bollocks in the world.

Why the cunt do feelings now outweigh facts???????

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  1. So what are they hiding?
    Perfectly reasonable request to view your Childs work.

    It stands to reason if they dont want you to see it then they know parents wouldn’t approve!
    it’s probably slightly sinister,
    Not the norm and is Marxist indoctrination.

    Get your kid out of there.

    Confront the teachers in the carpark.
    Tell paki parents the teacher has been blasphemous about Allah.

    • Tell them the head teacher said Allah stunk of shite and was probably gay….😁

    • Mnc@ – Afternoon Mnc/all – I wonder if the “teachers” tell the children “it will be our little secret”?
      And if any degenerate, Peter Phile, chippy marxist shit don’t like the fact their creepy and nasty intentions are being exposed then feel free to move to any commie or socialist Country in the world.
      “Isn’t whitey waaycist?” 😪🤡
      “So fuck off then – leave for any African Country and don’t ever come back – want a size 11 in your arse to help you along there?”
      It used to be just class hatred that working class white kids were destroyed by – now it’s class war, race war and gender war.
      And we are losing – BADLY – because the tolerance we show is not shared by our enemy.

  2. “imbalance is now strongly favouring the minorities in what is a white country……”

    Like television, especially commercials, where they’d have you believe that everyone is in a mixed-race relationship and judging by their demographic, 60% of this country is non-white.

    • DCI@ – Afternoon DCI – if your ambulance is “over represented with ethnic patients” do you get to throw the relevant number out the back doors on the motorway? – For the sake of “inclusivity and diversity” you see..

      • To be fair, Vern, it’s entitled, middle-class white cunts that are the biggest pain in the arse. The ‘I pay your wages’ sort. Only dealings I’ve had with minorites have been very good, even when dealing with death.

        Big mistake.

  3. Lewisham?

    Par for the course.
    A slightly cleaner (?) version of Kinshasa.

    We are overrun.

  4. I’ve seen to many of these 🌚 on GB TV…….!!!

    Or is whitey, now insignificant in his/her own country. The great white unwashed definitely are…


  5. There are a couple of items on their educational pledge that stand out for me.
    “Reducing exclusions of pupils of black Caribbean heritage of all ages”
    Which begs a couple of questions.
    Are they being excluded because of their inbred desire to behave like gangstas, deal in drugs and stab people?
    If so, why should these exclusions be reduced?
    “Improving black representation in school leadership and governing bodies”
    Would this be the act of choosing someone for a position for which they are totally unsuited, based solely on their skin colour, like our beloved BBC?
    Will these black representatives be guaranteed to act in a totally non partisan manner?
    Oh, and one other thing. If the parents of the 17 percent of white pupils at this indoctrination centre were to write their own educational pledge to enhance the rights of their kids. How long do we think it would take before plod and social services were paying them a visit?
    Multiculturalism isn’t our strength. It’s our fucking weakness.

  6. Haberdashers college..City and guilds in crocheting. Masters in needlepoint..

  7. Racism is inhumane.
    Imagine you walked into a bar and everyone immediately assumed you had a low IQ and criminal tendencies. How would you feel?
    Then imagine Charles Murray published a book called Facing Reality that is full of statistics that supported those two racist notions. How would you feel?
    Then imagine a mainstream podcaster like Sam Harris interviewed Charles Murray and openly stated that the Bell Curve is based on rigorous science. How would you feel?
    Feelings are more important than facts.
    Empathy is more important than intelligence.

      • You’re probably right, though it wasn’t always the case. There used to be a variety of opinions here before the race hate brigade took over and drove them away.

    • “Imagine you walked into a bar and everyone immediately assumed you had a low IQ and criminal tendencies. How would you feel?”

      Grateful that I wasn’t as bad as them I suppose.

      • MF@ – “Imagine you walked into a bar and everyone immediately assumed you had a low IQ and criminal tendencies. How would you feel?”
        Black! 🤣👍

    • Never heard of any of those people so I doubt they’re mainstream were they talking about poor white kids from some ghetto sink estate? if so I can identify with that but I doubt if they were.

    • You’d walk into a bar full of blacks and feel comfortable or a mosque full of pakıs and feel comfortable that they wouldn’t judge you on your (presumed) honkiness would you, SEH?
      Would you fuck, you santimonious do-gooder. Piss off back to the comments section of the Guardian and continue with your acceptance of the destruction of this once-great country.

    • Racism IS inhumane, but, if you start forcing an agenda on people, ‘educating’ them that they’re something they’re not, making every issue about race, stopping organisations like the police doing their job for fear of accusations of racism, having agenda-driven targets for jobs – (Trevor Edwards, black, pilot, joined the RAF in 1986, became a Jaguar pilot, the elite, no favours given, all his own merit, I use him as an example of how minorities succeded before target-driven quotas), you start FORCING your ideals on, what is, I’d wager, the majority of people who just want to get on with their lives and your agenda is going to have the complete opposite effect.

      But you ‘lot’ don’t seem to be able to grasp that, do you?

      • Too right.
        It also gives oxygen to the knuckle draggers who are obsessed with racism, those that have an agenda to use these examples as fuel to inflame the easily lead.
        Positive discrimination helps no one.

    • How the hell would you know what everyone in the bar “immediately assumes”?
      Can you read fucking minds?

      • It’s an assumption, which, if left unchallenged, will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      • “feelings are more important than facts?”

        Hope your not a teacher?
        The pupils best start learning to use a mop an bucket for a career.

        And as for inhumane says who?
        And so what?
        I’d rather be inhumane than a self hater.
        See you at womad.
        One love ✌️

      • Feelings are more important than facts?

        Lol. This is how to react then.

        Nutter: I’m Napoleon.

        Me: Yes, you are.

        Nutter: As your great leader, I demand all your money, your wife, your possessions and your property.

        Me: My pleasure, dear leader! Here are the keys! Wife isn’t on the blob at the minute so have away!

        In real life though, it would be:

        Nutter: I’m Napoleon.

        Me: No you’re not. Your name’s Brain Shufflebottom and your mum was a pisshead who got drunk one night and dropped you on your head.

        Take one more step towards me and I’ll rip your arms off and beat you to death with them, you fucking mental.

        Maybe I should walk into a Ferrari showroom and ask for the keys to an F40? I’m not rich, but I think I’m Bill Gates, you see.

        They wouldn’t want to hurt my feelings now, would they?

        Tomorrow, I’m going to think I’m Nicole Kidman’s boyfriend and knock on her door with me tackle out.

    • @ Safe European Home

      Which hypothetical bar is this?

      Usually when you walk into a bar you look for the bar itself and a place to sit.

    • “Feelings are more important than facts.
      Empathy is more important than intelligence.”

      And there you have, in one sentence, everything that is so, so wrong with your agenda. You do know that ‘1984’ was a warning, not a script, right? You can only poke a dog with a stick so many times until it turns around and bites you on the arse, and, I fear, when this particular ‘dog’ bites, it won’t be pretty. I genuinely fear for the future.

      Pathetic, and disturbing.

  8. Fools don’t realise they’re foolish. If you aggressively push a one sided,totally misleading narrative you’ll end up creating that which you oppose. Q.E.D.
    White lives matter, white blood built the West.
    And the Pyramids.

  9. The ‘pledge’ like so many statements of the left starts with an assertion which is false. There is no inequality of opportunity in education, inequality in outcome exists. If you cannot be bothered to make an effort don’t expect to achieve.

  10. In the capital of our country a school that is only 17% white, the rest are black or other ethnic, well you wouldn’t want to go there if you we white, fucking shithole.

    Lesson plans are commercially sensitive, what the fuck, isn’t eduction supposed to be universally accessible 😂

    I saw this story (link below) a few days ago, another aspiring cunt/gang leader (at 16) bites the dust…. It’s time to stop pretending that blacks aren’t a problem, they are and it’s getting worse.


  11. Mrs Page, I would strongly advise you to leave the district. Do it for your kids. If you think you can sort out the schools in Lewisham you are mistaken. How well your kids do at school will set the pattern for the rest of their lives and they only get ONE go. In 1999 we left the West Midlands conurbation where my wife and I had lived the whole of our lives up to that time and moved a hundred miles away to a place we had never been before. Our kids were aged nine and eleven and the main criterion on where to move to was their education. We were not disappointed; our kids did better at school than we could have dared hope in the West Midlands.
    Apart from that everything else in life is better here, the shops, the environment, the neighbours, the medical services, the air is clean, you name it! And the physical move is piss-easy; load the van with your stuff, meet the guys at your new home, move your stuff in and put the kettle on. Never regretted moving for a moment, only that we didn’t move earlier.

  12. The aim of the woke agenda is to divide, subjugate and control the peasantry. They clearly have wrestled control of the education system where the “three Rs” have now been replaced by

    (1) critical race theory
    (2) promoting poofery and trannyism to break down the nuclear family
    (3) climate change scare tactics

    Forget about everything else, this is what the children of the plebs need to know.
    And of course we don’t want the parental plebs sticking their big noses in and asking questions. You’re not here to ask questions so shut the fuck up. Listen to your betters, they know best…….they’ve been “educated”, as Rio Ferdinand would say.
    You know it makes sense.

  13. Shit like this boils my piss up. Correct me if I am wrong but I thought this was an Anglo Saxon country = whitey’s, not a dependency or some far flung dependency of some African nation.

    Their lives here (even if miserable) are considerably better than if they were in the Black Country so don’t like it, fuck off. No one asked you to come here!

  14. I drive all over SE&SW London every day and when the schools turn out it’s rare to see English kids these days so why they peddle this bullshit is beyond me

    • Divide and rule. They want the blacks to feel oppressed, victimised and hating whitey. Similarly by promoting blacks in this way they make whitey hate them back. First step to control.

  15. I wonder how many teachers vote Conservative?. I bet they are all Kweer and Angie groupies

    • I know and have known a few teachers over the years and one of the conclusions I’ve reached is that to be a teacher is to be a Labour party lover. For some reason.

    • We’ll be at the bottom soon enough,the rate the thick cunts are paddling over here.

      Interesting link BTW,thank ye.

    • Can’t see Somalia on that list. Presumably not high enough to register…….like a dead battery on a voltmeter.

      • If IQ is heritable, then you must consider that there was a lot of immigration back to Africa down the Nile valley and along the East African trade routes.
        The IQ in Somalia should therefore resemble that of the territories across the Red Sea in Yemen and the Kingdom.

    • I remember an episode of Horizon where Bonnie Greer scored lower than a quantum physicist in a real IQ test, so a new ‘fairer’ test was introduced which showed Greer was just as intelligent as the physicist.

      Oh em jee it was like am-aaaazing.

  16. The England Womens football team should be reported for racism, not a single sooty face in the staring line up and only three is the squad and two of those look like they are only half soot.

    It’s a fucking disgrace, there should be a least 50% ethnic 😂

    It’s no wonder Blicks feel oppressed!

    • Soi@ – It will be funny as fuck when my team of middle aged Men turn up and demand to play – ‘cos we is wimminz, init?

  17. For fucks sake I’m 64 White Christian ex forces and mentally and physically I’ll,
    Cannot say what I want to say publicly cos that’s hurty, women do not have dicks n@@@@@;should get the hemp treatment grooming gang members should be fucked off back to whichever shithole they originated from and so on.
    I would assist in any way I could if a person was injured or in danger whatever their race+creed or colour. Never been able to standby vacantly staring.
    So Why the fuck am I being made out to be some kind of mega racist bigot.monster because I am White and living in my own fucking country?
    Should I spend time at Pete’s sun bed extravaganza so as to cultivate a more acceptable skin hue. Or shout hurty words from tall buildings so the wokalice can arrest me for hurty things that upset certain small groups of cunts and put me in a peaceful run prison.

    I am not a bad person so I’ve been told, I try and live by do as you would be done by.

    • Not me.
      I’d happily let a asylum seeker drown.
      And if found one having a seizure on a towpath,
      I’d look to see if the coast was clear then roll them into the canal.

      Fuck em.

      I’m everything I’m accused of.

      • Mnc@ – Afternoon Mnc – that’s a dreadful thing to say Sir, dreadful indeed! – Check his pockets for his free iphone, benefit payments and 12 year old white girls underwear THEN roll him into the canal!
        Then charge his Family with polluting the waterways..

    • Bb@ – I could not have put it better myself.
      And as a certain little bitch from NET has just found out – don’t push your racist bullshit on a Man who knows the law and never backs down.
      It will not get to Court as they will back down first, but I am rather enjoying the opportunity to put the boot into these bastards.

  18. I see some Japanese ex Prime Minister has been assassinated. Why did an image of Blair just flash through my brain I wonder?

  19. On Tuesday I took my daughter to Long Road College in Cambridge
    I know that the left have indoctrinated the educational system but oh my I didn’t know it was that bad.
    Every classroom had posters supporting all the causes, BLM, Alphabet community, Ukraine etc etc. the history course was about American black history in the 60’s and stalin. Probably how great it was.
    Every course had some sort of virtue signalling embroiled in it.
    Daughter had to shut me up a couple of times
    Even the students you could see were brain dead indoctrinated into the system and the teachers, well let’s say they are the product of 20yrs of lefty teachings.
    Our educational system is well and truly fucked. Critical thinking are just two words now that mean nothing.
    With the council and governments around the world spouting this bollocks I’m afraid it’s all too late.
    They should teach about revolution and guillotines and taking back control.
    We are visiting a college in Norwich next week can’t say I’m looking forward to that.
    Might do a nom on it.
    Watch this space.

    • Oh and forgot to add. Not one teacher of colour and I saw about 8 students ranging from a light brown to possibly North African traipsing around.
      I did notice the cars that some of them got into were borderline £100,000 price tag. The new Audi A6 electric one and that top of the range Tesla.
      Bitter Moi?!?

    • Norwich is full of cunts, too.
      The majority of working class folk in Cambridge are NOT woke bell-ends.
      Just the twitter class👎

    • Should have taken her to Hills Road Sixth Form College, far better….

  20. Am I mistaken, or is this the same establishment where the “majority effnic” kids were burning our Union Flag, last year?
    There was a cunting for it.

  21. In a weird way i’m glad the weird beard Marxist n0nces are pushing this in primary schools, as it’s only now that this utter crap is being challenged after decades on indoctrination in ‘higher education’.

    The guff we were told about ‘White European Males’ from my lecturers in the 90s/00s would get you laughed out of any decent pub in the land.

    Anyone studying English, Drama, Art etc gets taught this as the theory side to their degree, while any practical information on painting, using photoshop or acting for stage vs screen are now ‘modules’.

    I’ve had mates who wanted to work in TV and film and use editing and camera equipment, only to be forced to ‘appreciate’ the work of Carole Ann Duffy as part of their course.

    Still those who can’t teach Marxist gender bollocks.

  22. I’m very happy to say that my three female darlings think this is all a load of bollocks.
    The gradly lass is still at school, and even she thinks it’s a load of twatage.
    Good lass, bought up by a right thinking Grandy, and a sensible step Dad.

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