Sky TV (2) and The Midwich Cuckoos Updated

Based on a 1957 book, and made into a very good film in the early 60’s with the great, suave George Sanders in the leading role, it’s now being remade, updated for a modern audience. How original eh?

In this version, the lead character is a woman, who’d have thought it? Her daughter has mental health and substance abuse issues, half of the weird children are effnick. Just what you’d see in a quaint English village, I think there’s still a few of those left.
Keeley Hawes, who plays the new lead, says ‘it’s apt that the part is written for a woman, as it’s a story about women and their bodies, but it’s telling that in 1957 the person at the centre of this female story was a man’

Not really darling, as in the original story, the man’s wife got mysteriously pregnant, so maybe he had a right to be the lead character and to wipe out those creepy little kids at the end. In this version, they’ll probably get therapy and diversity training.

Sky TV

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50 thoughts on “Sky TV (2) and The Midwich Cuckoos Updated

  1. Admin, you’ve put up the picture for the Harlem cuckoo’s by mistake.

    • Damn, beat me too it!

      What’s a cuckoon? A n****r with a stammer. Or should that be a starmer?

  2. Sooties, an Indian or Sri Lankan and some honky kids, but no pooch munchers? They’ve missed a slitty-eyed trick there.

  3. If there’s one thing I hate more than actors spouting pretentious bollocks to sell their wares, it’s actresses doing likewise. Keeley Hawes, as shagable as she might appear, is so far up her own arse, I’m surprised she hasn’t turned herself inside out by now. If she’d agreed to do a hard core version of Tipping the Velvet, I might possibly have a different opinion of course.

  4. Saw the picture. Laughed my bollocks off.
    Adverts, drama, those selected for interview in the news all discriminate against whites so that efniks are hugely over repsented compared to the demographic outside the stabbier areas of London.
    Luvvies invariably talk shit anyway.

  5. Can’t see the problem….going by the telly ads, 90% of modern Britain is Sooty children being raised by strong effnik wimminz or white homosexuals…the only time older white people appear is in ads suggesting we buy a funeral plan and leave our money to thirsty Um’Bongos….the makers of his programme are only following the same path…must say that I’m surprised that racist Keely Hawes didn’t stand aside and let some Whoopi Goldberg type have the part.

    In fact,they’ve got the whole totally wrong…. they should have stayed with hideously white children who go around chucking dogshit at the local Doctors,architects and nurses who have recently arrived by dingy and been housed in the local hotel…the kids should also chant about the benefits of brexit and refuse to get into Abdul’s school taxi…..the day could be saved by a coalition of homosexuals and strong black wimminz who arrange for a hijab-wearing,peaceful suicide-bomber to attend the local school (politically correct) panto.

    Oh…how we’d cheer as those fucking racist bastards got their just deserts….all together now…” Don’t look back in Anger”.

    • Is that a fear you have Mr Fiddler? Plants coming after you up there in Northumberland.

      I dont being chased down the road by a rohderendron bush. Or escaping into some field (hurdling the hedgerow) at the sight of that Hazel moving.

      Was that Beech tree shaking his arm/branches at you when you took your ealry walk this morning?

      Keep your eyes peeled for what’s happening in the undergrowth up there. I mean the whole undergrowth ‘astir’.

      Beware of aggressive plant life Mr Fiddler. It is not a benign as you think.

      • It’s not the plants that worry me,Miles….it’s those fucking moaning,interfering,fucking incomers…honestly,I’m beginning to wish that I’d never sold that row of farm-workers cottages for development.


      • Miles – is that a reference to the fact that John Wyndham wrote both the Day of the Triffids and the Midwich Cuckoos? Or am I being a smart-arse?

        Anyway, waiting for the woke version of the Triffids.

      • That’s right LC.

        Fundamental flaw in the idea though I think- plants having ‘roots’, being rooted to the earth.

        How can they move?

        That old sci- fi staple idea a ‘meteor shower’ mutating life forms..

        A bit inconsistent to believe. For me.

        Never read the book.

        The 50s film was great though.

      • Quite right,Miles,quite right….if God had wanted plants to run along after people,he’d have given them legs,not roots.

        The whole book smacks of Demon worship to me.

  6. I like John Wyndham and, until I saw this picture a couple of weeks ago, I was planning to watch it. But now? Fuck it. They are determined to make white English foreigners in their own country.

  7. That looks like the local kids after our wondeful government have dumped all those poor asylum folk in that quite North Yorkshire village….Lynton on Ouse?

    I refuse to watch this sanitised made up rubbish….what next? gay and trans Triffids? Quatermass and the Queer?

    (Beware of the word “queer”. WordFence doesn’t like it – Day Admin)

      • Donut puncher
        Poo-poo eater
        Shit stabber
        Screaming bender
        Pillow biter
        Light on his loafers
        Tennis fan
        Judy Garland fanatic
        Owen Jones

  8. At least John Carpenter’s remake won’t be the shittiest version ever made anymore…

    Village of the “BAME-ed”

  9. It seems an apt title for a flock of the darker hues. They seem to have cuckooed their way into every aspect of Whiteys domain despite being very anti white and full of venom toward our once fine land. I think its time we reversed the role and kicked them out of our nests like they have us over the last 50 odd years.

  10. The producers should have set this dirge of shite in Willesden or somewhere like that.
    At least the ethnic mix would match. We will have to wait at least another 6 months before any match with any village within a radius of twenty miles occurs here.

  11. Is it set in modern and wonderfully diverse Rochdale?

    It looks like it.

    I might watch the last episode if all the foreigners get killed (ethically).

    • Black Lives Matter init

      I can’t imagine why any white teacher would want to teach in a majority Black School, a silverback gorilla would probably shy away from the job as well 😂

      • Excellent link LC, required reading for all hand-wringing liberals. Its like some director read this essay and then made the Michelle Pfeiffer film Dangerous Minds.

    • Dog almighty, even worse than I imagined, and that’s saying something. Really depressing.

  12. “The Midwich baboons with dinghies, takeaways and corner shops”.
    Kelley Whores spouting her usual misandric racist shit? – Yep.
    Sly TV promoting yet more anti white propaganda? – Yep.
    “They smell awful, their personal habits are vile, they keep stealing and trying to touch girls and they are forever sticking their filthy unwashed arses in the air – are they aliens?”
    “No, foreigners”.
    “WHAT? Bring my pith helmet, Lee Enfield rifle and my bayonet!”
    “Keeley Whores is calling you racist!”
    “Make her undress, come back in half an hour and shoot her fucking first!”
    21ST Century Fox productions..

  13. From what I understand sky subscriptions have falling quite dramatically over the last 12 months.

    This could be down to the cost of living crisis but it might also be for the fact that sky have gone completely woke and that has irritated the majority of their customers.

    The same can also be said for sky sports and also BT sports. I suppose the people who cancel their subscriptions are white working class racists!

  14. And Disney have been true to form with their Star Wars spin-off, Obi Woke Kenobi.
    In the original story (Revenge of the Sith), Darth Vader kills every young Jedi apprentice, sparing no one. But now we suddenly discover that Vader spared a (wait for it) darkee type, to be his slave (yawn!) and servant in evil. Predictably, the dark hued personage ‘rises up’ and ‘breaks dem chains’ and then – ludicrously – holds her own for a while against Vader in a fight. As Vader eventually does her over and she lies dying (but she ain’t dun gone yet!), we also discover that the dark ‘slave’ was good all along, and that Vader spared her because she was ‘special’ (aren’t all dark types these days?), and she was also ‘darn oppressed’ by that nasty man, Vader. Nauseatingly predictable and pure woke propaganda. Mind you, Ewan McGregcunt is also the star and the executive producer. So I expect the Candyland Lordy Mama shit has a lot do with him. But – Vader aside – what a load of shite.😒

      • For me, Star Wars finished at Return of the Jedi, never seen any of the others, simply not interested.

    • One of many reasons I let the farce pass me by. Till jangling bollocks since the return of the giant wombat or something.

  15. This adaptation doesn’t really work unless you explain how all of the villagers got to be ‘diverse’

    is it set in Sierra Leone?

    Sky completely fucked up their version of War of the Worlds as well (even more so than the BBC) so it’s best left well alone..

  16. Hang on: aren’t The Cuckoos albino, silvered haired , alien spawn, sent to conquer Earth?

    Looks like they’re even ‘woke’ on fucking Venus, now!


    • Well remembered. I think it’s telling that the book mentions the children all look the same no matter the genetics of the mother, as there are other settlements across the globe where this happens

  17. Can’t be worse than the ear and eye fucking that was Hitmen with that gormless rug muncher and her druid.

  18. George Sanders was simply brilliant. Michael Fassbender was asked to ‘do it like GeorgeSanders’ in Inglorious Basterds.

  19. Ugly little niglets aren’t they. Fuck knows why people adopt them. They disgust me. They don’t even have the inherent cuteness of animals. There’s not a lot going on behind those eyes either. Not to be trusted, even at that age (has anyone ever noticed how raghead kids never smile?).

    Going by the clothes, this is set in 40s or 50s. I wasn’t around then, but I’ve seen enough street footage/ photos from the time. I also have a busy Facebook page where people from retirement age upward are always sharing school group photos. Off the top of my head I’d say one in 50 school group photos from that era will have one picanini in it. Why is the media so intent on trying to fool everyone into thinking this country has always been “diverse” (I detest that fucking word)?

    I remember my grandfather telling me how in the 1930s a black man was walking down his old street in London (probably a sailor having a look around) and everyone came out to look at him. People were even knocking on neighbours doors to tell them to come and have a look. That’s how rare they were. Yet if you listen to the woke media brigade, the other lot have always been here and probably won both world wars and beat the Spanish Armada for us.

    My question is: why are they trying to perpetuate this falsehood?

  20. They missed a glaring great woke as shit chance.
    All the men, of any shade, should have got pregnant as well.

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