LGBT Wales fans Boycott World Cup

Despite the prejudices of some of the cunts on this site – Wales leads again.

”World Cup 2022: LGBT Wales fans vow to boycott Qatar tournament”

Yes, no Llanelli lifters, Monmouth mincers, Barry benders or syphilitics from Sengenedd will go to Qatar. As a protest against corruption, yewman rights, modern slavery, the subjugation of women?

Er, no.

”Tracy Brown, of Wales’ official LGBTQ+ supporters’ group, said many members did not believe it was safe to travel to the Middle East in November. Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar and punishable with prison sentences.”

That’ll teach the cunts.

Welsh uphill gardeners and rug munchers will be proudly boycotting. No shirts will be lifted in the stadium toilets. There will be no frotting in the stands.

Apart from watching on the telly that is.
Well, you can only go so far.

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90 thoughts on “LGBT Wales fans Boycott World Cup

  1. How do you know if a Welsh bloke has been in your garden. Your dustbin is empty and your favourite woolly jumper on the line has spunk on it.

  2. Know that prince of Wales?
    Him with the ears?

    Know how he’s always waffling on about saving the planet and how ordinary people shouldn’t fly/drive,
    Carbon footprint, blah blah fuckin blah….
    That cunt?

    We’ll when he travels anywhere,
    Paris to lay flowers or Germany to visit relatives,
    Know how many lackeys he takes?

    Over 120!!
    Including one who puts toothpaste on his toothbrush!!!

    The bone idle cunt, if he can’t squeeze toothpaste I’m betting he doesn’t wipe his arse either?

    So thanks for the lectures but you can shove them up your dirty German arse.

      • The royal stool as well. He also wiped the royal arsehole (imagine having to do Henry the 8’s or that fat cunt Victoria’s..their cracks must have been caked in rich, sticky dung). He had to remove buckets sloshing over with “shit tea” (piss that’s been infused with the massive turd that’s been brewing in it all night). Poor fucker probably got booted up the arse on the way out with his bucket and all.

  3. I went to Wales once, a place called Tredegar, just the one night as I was in transit. I bought a pub meal and felt the attention of all in there as I ate it.
    Walking home at about 2200 was very dark with no lighting and everybody in bed. The valleys I believe, a dismal place with no jobs. Not the fault of the locals but I won’t be rushing back.

    • My grandad went to Anglesey to look at a property in the 80s and I went with him.

      Same thing in the pub. Stares and silence except for the drunk, moustachioed and permed so-called hard man that kept making threatening gestures and shouting at us in Welsh ; me a skinny 15 year old and my grandad was about 75.

      The weird thing was they were all talking in English until we spoke, then it was all in Welsh.

      I’ve never been back. Thinking about it though, if we all acted like that to outsiders, we wouldn’t be such an attractive proposition to those dingy riding bags of human effluent.

  4. Do they have religious police like the Saudis.? Mutwa or some such name. If one travels to Qatar and one is good with colours and knows the names of all the flowers one should be most careful when using the “facilities”. One could be exploited then grassed up to the authorities. Lose more than your passport that’s for sure.

  5. Well I for one wish them well in their endeavours and perhapsthey might reconsider their stance, affirmative action guys and gals (and the rest of the fucking nut jobs).
    Then I could look forward to reports of uphill gardeners and clam busters being savagely beaten, incarcerated and ultimately freed at colossal expense to faggeaux organisations like Stonewall.
    Ooh ducky,get those squeals of outrage.
    Followed by oven.

  6. I reckon the cunts in the photo all work for BBC Wales and probably never been near a football match in their lives. Just a set up to highlight the gays as victims yet again. Fuck the BBC and the fucking gays.

  7. Gay people don’t exist in West Wales, deviancy is met with violence, dished out by angry hambons with the IQ of pig shit, duw duw CC, there not even welcome in Wales, except for parts of Cardiff

  8. Bollocks to the Woke Cup. Its no longer about football but all about political grandstanding especially from the players themselves. Although it will be interesting if any of the England or Wales twats wear rainbow armbands just to piss off their hosts!

    With any luck both teams will fail to get past the 1st round and they can both come home to a nice welcome of “You’re fucking shit you overpaid cunts!” from true fans!

  9. Anyone who attends this mockery of a World Cup deserves a frenzied bumming.
    Players and management included.
    It certainly won’t be viewed at The Rookery.
    By cunts,
    For cunts.
    Get To Fuck.

    • Evening Jack.

      I think it will be the worst WC since South Africa in 2010. When I used to watch football there was nothing better than a big WC or Euro game on a hot summer night with a team you actually cared about.

      • Evening, LL.

        The glory days of football are long gone.
        Too much money in it now.
        Too many cunts.
        Woke, knee taking shite.
        A bloated corporate shitfest.
        They’ll make fuck all out of me.
        I’m lucky enough to remember ’66.
        It’s an absolute world away from today’s bollocks.

      • Sadly true Jack, the 1966 lads only got £1000 bonus for winning, a decent sum at the time but puts it into perspective. I should think some cunt gets paid that for tying Harry Kane’s rainbow laces for him.

  10. Most my family are from the valleys.
    I last went down there in the early 80’s only 2 families in the Rhondda valley , all got hair lips and play banjos

  11. I am really looking forward to the world cup. I cannot wait to see the headlines about people getting locked up for all the wokeness/drunkness. Don’t expect the government to look after you, there will be too many people banged up. It will be like Nazari-Ratcliffe but for the western world.

  12. I saw the 1982 World Cup in Spain. Brazil vs Italy, the greatest World Cup game ever.
    So, I don’t give a toss about Qatar 2022. We all know it’s going to be shite.

  13. Can’t stand footballists, and I despise those infected with The Gayness. Probably both fall into the same category of cunts. I once told a Jakarta GRAB driver that premier league players were all confirmed predatory homosexualists and most of the fans were. Showed him a few pics like the one above added that if they had a Gay Pride tattoo, they got free entry, probably through the back door, to all home games. Doubt he’s wearing his Man Utd shirt now!

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