Hadrian’s Wall is Racist!

Seems that the Wall was partly built by some geezers from deepest Africa and the Middle East. But none were mentioned in the old history books, which are now being rapidly revised in order to cater for how diversity worked some 1900 odd years ago,

Seem that ethnic minorities should be recognised more for their “work” with historical monuments back in the day.

As a consequence I suppose Stonehenge was really built by some Somalian slaves, but the local honkies claimed all the glory!

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69 thoughts on “Hadrian’s Wall is Racist!

  1. What a load of bollocks.
    The only thing black people have ever built is resentment.
    They are the best in the world at THAT “skill”.

    • Actually, nowhere in the link does it suggest any blacks were involved in the building of the wall. It merely says a garrison of blacks guarded a fort somewhere along the wall about 100 years after it was built, so a tenuous link at best.

      • MJB@ – If they were it would still not be finished and would be surrounded by hordes of the fuckers with their hand out.

    • Recon there were involved in building the Great Wall of China though. That took over 2000 years from start to finish.
      They certainly hung that project out!

    • romans should be double congratulated for getting such ‘hard workers’ to work.

      Well done Romans.

      (every cloud a silver lining, turn that frown upside down, burn a woke cunt today) – with your wit of course.

  2. This is called stealing.

    Perhaps in those times the odd Spaniard might have been enlisted but to suggest ethnic minorities (the cunts in the link mean sub Saharan africans) played a part in Roman or British history is a fantasy.

    Yet another attack on our heritage by liars and Quislings.

    Throw them off the fucking wall.

  3. “Mohammed Dhalech said African and Middle Eastern people got little mention on the 73-mile (118km) route.”

    Probably because they did fuck all. These twats won’t be happy until every piece of British history is somehow commandeered, twisted and politicised. I’d happily erect a plaque mentioning that Mohammed Dhalech is a cunt.

    • Probably grafitti by some pissed off Roman that states ‘Ahmed and M’tebe are lazy, workshy cunts’

    • CMC@ – Why would they get mentioned – they weren’t there.
      And the last time I looked I do not recall Hadrians wall being constructed of mud and cow shit.

      • Spot on, VF. They single-handedly built Hadrian’s Wall – but only in Dhalech‘s warped imagination.

        Next thing to be claimed will be Africans defeated Richard III at Bosworth Field, or dinghy riders bravely tried to intercept William I as he crossed the channel.

  4. Hold on ……. I thought colonialism was a terrible thing, an indelible stain on our history, for which we should be grovelling and apologising? But here we have some Umbongos conquering our country, slaughtering innocent Brits, building walls and forts to control the population and ,apparently, this is fucking great and something to be celebrated.
    Oh yes the old wokie contradiction. I forgot, it’s only the BRITISH empire that was shit. All the other empires were great, especially the Roman Empire because it involved Umbongos.

    Where’s my fucking compo? Oi Cassius Marcellus! I want some fucking compo you raaaaaaay-sist !

  5. The trouble with archeologists and historians is they’re mostly male and white and therefore by definition racist, sexist and everythingphobic. Thankfully we are now better informed about the bruvante tribe of Ancient Britain (or ‘bruvs’ for short) and the great things they did.
    For example as well as building Hadrian’s Wall, the Roman goddess Diana was taken from the Bruvante deity Diane, Goddess of Mathematics, whom the bruvs believed to be the fount of all knowledge and wisdom in her palace in ‘Aknee’. Diane is depicted in cave drawings as being enormously fat and with 2 left feet.

    But there’s more, cunters, there’s more:

    STONED HENGE (‘Kay-eff-see’ to the bruvantes)
    Using massive stones stolen from the gammonite tribe, the bruvs erected this temple to feasting where they would gorge on their staple diet of ‘fride chiggun’.

    Now thought to depict a bruvante warrior threatening a rival with the war cry ‘U-disst-mee’ . The give-away is the huge erect phallus and the machete in his right hand.

    Incorrectly attributed to East Anglian King Raedwald, but now known to be the burial chamber of King Snoopdogg of the Rappaz, a bruvante sub-tribe. The famous mask was worn as protection against attack by rival Rappaz.

    Putting history right. About time too.

    • Thank you for those informative and interesting lessons, GT. Never took history at school as I could see no future in it.


    Whenever you see the words “Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer” that translates as “Race Baiting Shit Stirrer on the Make.”

  7. Blacks built a massive chip on their shoulder and little else.
    Would someone please tell them “No” at some point?

    • MC@ – I am. I do. I have just applied for my SIA renewal to be told “you have to complete a diversity and inclusivity course before we can have you in for the “training”.
      I refused, and informed them I would be contacting my solicitor to report this unlawful discrimination.
      If you don’t stand they walk on you.
      I used to be a live and let live” kind of guy – now I would cheerfully throw people off the White Cliffs of Dover.

      • Bravo VF! Need more like you.
        I quit a comfy government job a few years ago and boy am I glad. Friends who are still there are going through all kinds of bullshit training.

  8. That David Olahugabongo cunt tries to insert kaffirs into everything. Except their complicity in slavery.

  9. If the English race are so fucking racist why was that cunt Stormzy given a doctorate by Exeter university yesterday?

    Mrs CuntyMort thought I was having a siezure when the news was announced on the BBC. (Sorry Cunters she prefers it to ITV)

  10. This is not news. Nor is it particularly interesting.

    One of the auxiliary legions that built the Wall was from Syria. The Romans always posted auxiliaries away from the province where they were recruited to stop any chance of trained troops leading a rebellion.

    The Romans did not care about colour so much as culture. For example, the Emperor Septimius Severus was from Libya and was as black as the ace of spades.

    These twats need to learn some actual history before ‘discovering’ a fact that has been known for centuries and building a house of cards of the ‘everything is racist’ variety.

  11. I presume they all went back home afterwards.
    There was only one black family in my school of 800. Into stabbing even back then. And one really nice chap from Canada.

  12. Unsurprisingly the BBC love this nothing story. Anything that glorifies foreigners and makes the British look like a bunch of cunts. They fucking love it!
    Privatise that bunch of quislings or burn it to the ground.

  13. Whoever built it did a shit job, should have been higher, thicker with barb wire on the top 😂

  14. The geographic area covered by the Roman Empire at the pinnicle of the Empires greatness would have included many ethnic groups. Depending on their positon in society these persons could be sent anywhere especially slaves or soldiers.
    The only thing that would surprise me if found on a Roman site would be a menu from a chinky resturant

  15. Well I feel quite the fool…when my first wife , Lady Philomeana Foxchaser-Fiddler, dropped a brat with a distinct touch of the tarbrush, I accused her of indulging in racial pollution….the bloody Tart tried to tell me that the colouring must have come from a regressive gene in the Fiddler family tree!…well,I was,of course,outraged at such a vile slur and ordered my groom, Rastus “Bluegums” Um’Bongo to remove the mudshark from my presence….never saw either of the Cunts again ( damn shame,a good groom is hard to find).
    I live rather near to Hadrian’s Wall…perhaps I did my Good Lady Wife a disservice…I must consult a Doctor as a matter of urgency..the thought of Sooty blood coursing through my veins is intolerable…I shall have to arrange an immediate blood transfusion using untainted Anglo-Saxon plasma…I would of course go to that epiitome of Englishness,the British Royal family, and demand a few pints but I don’t fancy waking up with an urge to invade Poland and a constant need to tell people “Ve haf vays of making you talk, Tommy SchweinCunt”.

    • DF-F@ – Afternoon DF – you may rest easy, I have traced your ancestry back to vast Northumbrian cave owner “Ugg Ugg Fiddler” over a million years ago!
      Unfortunately he was black.. 😀
      And the chaps at the rugby club used to call Lady Philomena “Raleigh” for some reason 🤷‍♂️
      Once again I have disgraced myself – off now! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

  16. Can’t remember the name but wasn’t there a Roman Emperor who was a trannie? Maybe I’m wrong but let’s make it up anyway. I mean it’s only history innit? We can write it any way we want can’t we?

  17. The Romans had the right idea, they made them auxiliaries in the army or slaves.

    • HtB@ – Afternoon HtB – I would never trust an enemy in the ranks.
      I want people who have my back rather than shooting me in it.

  18. It appears that everything is now ‘racist’ in these days of woke insanity.
    I was actually wondering when the demented dribbling chippy cunts would start accusing inanimate objects. It was only a matter of time. The cunts will be calling the sky and the sun racist next.🤣

    Also, the Hadrian’s Wall cliche is a bit of a running joke with these chippy cunts. In an episode of the once great but no more Endeavour, a black ‘intellectual’ student gobshite type is gobbing off about how ‘Numidians’ built Hadrian’s Wall and also guarded it. Then there was the ludcirous claim from the same chippy cunt that his dark hued bruthas were ‘here first’ before Cavemen, Romans, Vikings, Saxons, Jutes and Normans.

    Now, the world and his dog knows that is a complete lie and historically inaccurate. But a flagship ITV programme is now spreading this crap as gospel?! We live in very sinister times….

  19. My great grandfather helped build both Manchester’s Town Hall and Central Library.
    But he was white and English, so nobody gives a toss.🤔

    Also, where are they going with this Hadrian shit? What do they want, a blue plaque that says ‘Hadrian’s Wall: Built by dem dark hued salt of de ert slaves’?

    Whatever they do, the cunts won’t be satisfied. Because they never are. Ever.😒

    • Norman@ – Appeasement wins slavery.
      You do not negotiate with bullies – you smash them so hard they are terrified of coming near you ever again.
      I would love to see ONE person challenge these chippy lying racist fuckers on the street and ask them why there seems to be no trace of black DNA in the tens of thousands of bone fragments recovered?
      Why there has been no mention whatsoever of this throughout the entirety of recorded historical fact?
      Why, if the Romans did use black people, aren’t the chippy race baiting pieces of shit not whining at the Italians and demanding (as they will be next) “muh reparations”.
      I will tell you why – because it’s a fucking lie.

      • Whatever they are given, Vern, it is never enough. They just want something else, and then something else. and then something else. If racism was wiped out overnight and no longer existed they would still not be happy. In fact, I reckon they would be anything but happy. For so many – from these Hadrian’s Wall knobheads to Megain Mantis of Sussex – ‘racism’ or playing the race card defines them and makes them feel important. It is a get out of jail card and, in some ways,is like an industry. Playing the race card and professional race baiting is a career in itself these days.🤔

  20. Hold on! Wasn’t the wall built to keep our Scottish friends out of England?
    Now if that isn’t blatant raaaaay-sism then I don’t know what is. It’s a fucking disgrace! Tear it all down and chuck it in the nearest river.
    And if there are any statues of this Hadrian fascist they need to be spray painted with the word “racist.” ACAB.

    • FtF@ – NO! Get it built 100 feet high, machine guns, watchtowers, guards with dogs – Sturgeon cannot get through! 😀

  21. How can I put this sublely?

    I’ve never heard such a load of fucking shite in my entire life!!!

    Time these fuckers got a grip rather than endorsing Orwell’s ministry of truth…

  22. Turn it back on them. I have it on good authority that High Zimbabwe was built solely by Prince Philip over the weekend Madge told him to bugger off for a bit.

    • Sc@ – I recall it well Shackledragger – my poor dear lily white Irish Grandfather building Capetown, Harare etc, all on his own after being sold into slavery by Nelson Mandela! He got his own back though – he cooked and ate most of the locals!
      Too traumatised to say any more 😢 – just give me a shout when the black people are handing out the reparations..

  23. Why don’t the Woke take a pop at the Egyptians and the building of the pyramids using black slave labour?

    • I’m hate the Romans.
      I still hold a grudge.

      Fuckin Betty spaghettis invaded us , caused no end of trouble,
      And it’s true they brought people here from all over the show.
      Don’t think Robertson’s built Hadrian’s wall though?

      I’ve had a nosey, very interesting!
      Maybe they built the bits that collapsed?

      They washed their arse with vinegar,
      Romans did.
      Underwear smelt like a chippy tea.

      The cheeky cunts.

      • Mnc@ – Afternoon Mnc – can’t say too much at the mo – DCI is lining up the Lancaster for a bomb run over Palermo and given my terrible sense of direction I am worried we may destroy Hull!

      • Robertson’s… I’m now trying to remember if there was a Wolligog on the jam jar in a Roman uniform…

        See you at tea time!😉

  24. On the radio this morning some academic was interviewed regarding some research into people’s view of the BBC by a team she ran. She said at one point that the BBC is NOT replete with woke lefties. Having worked in Broadcasting House in recent times I would beg to disagree.
    Oh, and she began every other sentence with the word “look” so fuck her.

    • arfurbrain@ – Afternoon Squire – accusing others of exactly what they are doing is a classic tactic of the left wing extremists.
      Not woke lefties – dangerous and evil people with an agenda.
      Defund the filth like I have – http://www.tvlicensing.co.uk – fill in the form, renew annually, job done – no more Al-Beeb propaganda tax.
      The Biased Bullshit Corporation will not see a penny more from me, ever.

      • Same here, Vern. I axed the Kill Whitey Corporation after the 2018 World Cup. I certainly won’t be watching the next one. Not on the BBC anyway.

  25. My brother reminded me the other day of a witty little ditty we sang as kids in the late 60s.
    To the tune of Not Fade Away, by Buddy Holly (and the Rolling Stones)

    I’m gonna tell you how it’s gonna be
    Dum da Dum Dum Dum dum
    Too many w**s in this country
    Dum da Dum Dum Dum dum
    I’m gonna tell you what they eat
    Dum da Dum Dum Dum dum
    KiteKat and Kennomeat
    Dum da Dum Dum Dum dum

    Revised lyrics by “Nocker” Powell.

    Even he didn’t forsee this fucking absurd cuntish aspect of the foreign invasion.
    His “Rivers of Blood” speech would run to several more pages if written today.

    • The rivers of blood after the mass murder at Manchester Arena proved that old Enoch (RIP) was absolutely right all along. And that’s just one example…

  26. One thing’s for sure, those Africunts the Romans brought into Britain didn’t come for the benefit of the indigenous population, they were drafted in to defend (fight) against them. Nothing to celebrate there, I wouldn’t have thought. Oh, wait a minute…

  27. Take heart my dears, for the Romans were expert administrators. They recorded all legions in detail, their origins, and also documented all legionary auxiliaries recruited locally. Not a single mention of any African Legion. Plenty of others from around the med, but no mention of Spartacus el Darquay

    If Darquays were imported, then they were either for food, sport (or both )

    • Too right. The Romans (Tacitus) even had the crucifixion on record. Mind you, those chippy race card cunts will be saying he was black next.

      Oh, wait. They already have done. Praise di lawd indeed….😜

  28. The only ethnic minority who gets wall-building credit is the Chinaman with his wheelbarrow, but that was after Hadrian.

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