Wilko Cancels St George

Wilkinson’s is definitely a cunt. Went in yesterday ( 23rd April ), for some hooks.
Whilst sauntering nonchalantly along the aisles, a female voice cut into the in store radio…….
‘ Celebrate Eid, with Wilko. We’ve got everything you need to make your celebrations memorable, etc. etc. blah, blah ‘
I waited with bated breath, to hear the excited voice inform me of their wares suitable for celebrating St. George’s Day.
Bugger all.
The fucking virtue signalling cunts.
They can bend over backwards to pander to the Peaceful Ones, but couldn’t give a toss for the Patron Saint of England.
The traitorous cunts.
Wilko also sell nuts, bolts, and other various forms of shrapnel, weedkiller and other volatile chemicals and lovely haversacks to pack it all in, along with your eid essentials.
Fucking bastards.
Get To Fuck.


Nominated by: Jack The Cunter

(Note: we  have a nomination revolving around Eid and Blackburn Rovers football club currently scheduled. So please don’t include Blackburn here. Cheers – Day Admin)

147 thoughts on “Wilko Cancels St George

  1. Well cunted personally couldn’t give a t Oss anymore and the sooner there’s a major incident then maybe it will backfire on the cunts in the establishment, nice day today and it’s good to know Dover is fucking ramming them in like a production line obviously it’s Whitey’s fault init bro

  2. I hate to be a stickler for detail but the wording of this nomination seems kind of dumb as Eid this year is in July (which has yet to occur) but St George’s Day was in April.

    I fail to see the relevance.

    • There are two. Big Eid and little Eid.

      The end of little Eid was on the 2nd of this month.

      • @Odin Yeah sorry it should have occurred to me that there are to Eids. At least Christians have the decency to have only on Easter and Jews have the decency to have only one Passover.

        Greedy Snackbar bastards.

      • I just refer to Eid as ’Pàki Christmas’.

        Then I fit my stereotype as a white working class, uneducated man.

    • Eid was last week, Twoey. You could smell the fuckers exiting their caves and the gutters ran with’ slaughtered goats’ blood and other expelled fluids.

    • St George’s Day was only 2 weeks ago. It usually takes that long for noms to appear after being submitted.

    • Also Two, the point was
      Little Eid, buy your stuff to celebrate.
      St. George, dumb silence.
      What the fuckerty fuck?

    • Oh fuck me, don’t say we have to endure another wall-to-wall-let’s-celebrate-Eid-bollocks in our retail and Establishment environs, while Easter eggs are removed from their shelves. Peacefuls celebrate Easter and Christmas by burning Christmas displays and beheading statues in churches, amongst other crimes 😡 I’d happily show their festivals the same amount of “Respect” and more.

  3. Wilko’s is open on Sundays in my town. People flock there for their Sunday Service.

      • Can Saint Wilko give me the tool(s) I need to get into a woman’s mind/knickers? (a claw hammer doesn’t count).

    • the fucking wilko nearest me is shutting down soon, like all the rest of the shops, now that the town is a third world shit hole.

      • A third world shit hole? So are all the black and brown men moving away and heading for the English channel then?

  4. St. George was a foreigner, you’d have thought Wilko would be falling over themselves to celebrate his day.

    And no, I’m not referring to Saint George of Floyd.

    • Don’t think ive ever been in a wilko?
      They like B&M?

      Eid can get fucked both of them.

      St George whether a foreigner or not,
      Hes our patron saint and the day should be celebrated.

      Fine English ale, fish an chips,
      Flags out, cakes iced with red crosses, etc

      Tyson Fury showed class that day in st George robe and gloves in his fight against Dillian whyte.

      StGeorges day should be a big deal,
      Maybe a symbolic slaying of a dragon?
      Any politician would do.

      Burn him for England!!

      • I think Wilko is a bit more upmarket than B&M and were founded over 90 years ago, and have a lot of own branded stuff. They were previously known as Wilkinson Hardware Stores. They do an excellent line in ultra-clumping cat litter and light bulbs.

        PS: St George is also patron Saint of Aragon, Catalonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Moscow, Istanbul, Genoa and Venice, so we’re in good company. 😁

      • Im not very happy sharing a patron Saint with foreigners.
        Especially fuckin Moscow!!

        Maybe its a different George?
        Our George brave, courageous and true
        Theirs swarthy, craven, bit greasy?😁

      • StEdward the Confessor would be a good alternative saint for England. After all, except for the short and disputed reign of Harold, he was the last Anglo- Saxon King of England. Since then England has been ruled by Normans, Welsh, Scots and Germans.

      • I think our Harold should be made a saint, especially after that brilliant post he left on the Jeremy Corby nom yesterday evening.

      • Thank you RTC and MMCM.

        Probably more like the Saint of Good Intentions, but not always able to make good on them.

        I’m usually quite mild mannered and not quick to anger, but he got on my wick yesterday.

        I did actually laugh at the comment he posted about the Karl Marx/Corbyn sex meld and wasps and bees. That was way better than anything the Mighty Boosh ever came up with.

        It was Nicholas Cage tripping on Magic Mushrooms with his cat levels of “out there”.

        I don’t really care what conspiracy theories people want to believe and I used to enjoy and sometimes find myself agreeing with some of Chunky’s less extreme stuff.

        I think it annoys me that many of the “truthers” want everyone else respect their beliefs and not mock them and yet, they don’t do the same in return.

        Conform to their way of thinking or they label you a “normie” or “sheeple”.

        Surely if they really are such free thinkers then they should accept other’s views as freely as their own?

      • ‘they label you a “normie”

        Yes I am a bit guilty of using ‘normie’ Harold. Bit naughty.

        I think I do it when I know what the cunters respose will be.

        You dont go on a site to read what you expect. But something unexpected.

        I think I’d rather make things up than post something that everyone knows.

        That what a Normie does.

        RT is a Supernormie.

  5. Kneel before the Saracens?
    In a DIY shop?

    Fuck that and Fuck their shitty cheap screws.


  6. I reckon it’s that thock cunt Sterling.
    “Ah fought it woz a lay-dee but den ah fought ….what a gwan! ‘is cock tastes of maa shit.”

    • I think it might be the player who recently got done for having orgies with brasses during lockdown.


      Could be any of the cunts to be honest.

    • First cunt I thought of too. Probably followed that 3 Lions Imposter into the gents toilets, stood & had a piss right next to him, “man style.” That’s when da penny finally dropped.

      • I read somewhere that the England player concerned has also been warned by his club for his ‘off field’ antics before.

    • I don’t tend to involve myself in football-adjacent discussions because I’m not a homo but on this occasion I’m making an exception.

      In much the same way that atheists don’t care to hear God-botherers talking incessantly about their God-boner; many non-footie fans/non-faggots have no wish to hear about your odd fixation on a game in which 22 men in short shorts spend 90 minutes (supposedly) chasing around a bag of stale air and spontaneously kissing/hugging each other and/or removing their shirts.

      As much as I consider myself a free speech absolutist, I feel it remiss of me not to say “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

    • @Cuntybollocks

      I’d say that’s the worst response I’ve ever heard but it’s not even a response; it’s just an insult with zero content.

      At least my comment had content, context and structure.

      Come on Fella, you can do better than that.

      • Your comment is nothing but a big personal insult. If you can’t see that then I can’t help you.

        Don’t get all precious if you get a bit back too.

        To be honest, I find your posts weird for the most part and you seem (no offence) a bit of a mental.

        Anyway, carry on being odd, I won’t be bothering with your odd outbursts from now.

    • @Cuntybollocks

      Good reply, good memory and thanks for responding!

      Although you’ve clearly responded in good faith, I’d also like to respond in good faith by stating for the record that:

      – Calling another cunter a cunt is strictly prohibited as per the rules of ISAC
      – Suicide faggotry is not quite in the same as footie faggotry
      – What
      – A
      – Bell
      – End

      That is all. In the words of Sid The Sexist.

      TITS……….. out.

      • You started with the insults.

        “I don’t tend to involve myself in football-adjacent discussions because I’m not a homo..”

        And you end with a very polite:

        “I feel it remiss of me not to say “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

        Don’t get all sanctimonious and precious!

        Anyway. We’re done.

        “many non-footie fans/non-faggots have no wish to hear about your odd fixation… “

      • Except when the counter deliberately provokes an ISAC poster.
        The Admin here are vicious.
        Good luck.

      • Cunter, not counter.
        Tell me spellchecker, do I look like someone who is going to put up with this twatage?

    • @Cuntybollocks

      Yes I am both weird AND mental……….. there’s a reason I’ve been somewhat absent from ISAC and that’s due in no small part to mental health issues.

      Even once my mental health issues get resolved (if they ever do get resolved) then I’ll still be posting on ISAC and I’ll still be weird.

      Suck it up Princess.

    • @Jeezum Priest

      Who you calling a troll you cheeky little bastard?

      I may not have been on here for a long time (for mental health reasons previously mentioned) but I’m no troll you cheeky little, Johnny-Come-Lately newbie.

      I can’t be certain but I’d bet my left knacker that my tenure on ISAC is greater than yours. Cheeky fuck.

      • Thank you so much for your kind words.
        It’s wonderful to be so welcomed, and although I may be a relative newcomer, compared to your venerable self, I have been around for more than a few weeks.
        I think you may find that I didn’t call you anything but Two.
        Anyway, delightful though it is to engage in discourse with your erudite self, I must sign off for now.
        My bladder is bursting, but I’ll think off you while I aim at the porcelain!

    • @Cuntybollocks

      The initial post of which you speak was a general comment; not a targeted insult. Your comments however have been very much targeted, very personal and very much vindictive.

      Shame on you Sir, shame on you.

      • TITS@
        Relax pal, both Cuntybollocks and JP are good cunters,
        They aren’t your enemies.

        Save your ire for the cunts of the world not your fellow cunters.

        Be like me,
        A paragon of virtue 😀👍
        (Indeed. Let’s all take 5 and relax. – Day Admin)

    • Still trying to solve that anagram you set from earlier C.B. with my Lexbook Solver open in front of me. Not sure if it has enough memory, though, as with that choice of letters in it, I’m convinced it’s a foreiger. Ah! Thought so. I’ve just solved it mysellf.

    • @Jeezum Priest

      “Thank you so much for your kind words.”

      You are very much welcome.

      “It’s wonderful to be so welcomed, and although I may be a relative newcomer, compared to your venerable self”

      Please, you do me too much honour! …….. although you are welcome and I welcome you.

      “I have been around for more than a few weeks.”

      In one form/with one handle or another to be sure.

      “I think you may find that I didn’t call you anything but Two.”

      What you called me is irrelevant; what you implied is the point.

      “Anyway, delightful though it is to engage in discourse with your erudite self, I must sign off for now.”

      Thank you muchly for the compliments but they are not required.

      “My bladder is bursting, but I’ll think off you while I aim at the porcelain!”

      I also have a bladder like an infant. Just do me a solid Mate………. when you’re at the porcelain and thinking of me, try to be like Odo in the link and not the other kind of Odo.

      Cheers Pal.

  7. I presume some lefty arsewipe has complained to Wilki et al that to celebrate our national day would provide succour to all those right wing waycists we keep hearing about. But celebrate this and even put Arabic over the tannoy, that’s fine

  8. StGeorges day in non-existent in England. Never celebrated, never referred to. “ Cos it’s waycist, innit?” And if it is referred to it’s usually a pretext for some smugass to say StGeorge wasn’t English any way. But then neither was StPatrick. He was British.

      • He was Welsh, probably couldn’t find an Irishman virtuous enough to be one.

      • Oh having to educate you all again is becoming so tiresome.
        Around the time of Saint Geirge they were no countries like there are now. There was just The Roman Empire. Or provinces of the Roman Empire.
        Saint Geirge wasnt a Turk. He was born in the Roman Province of Cappadocia.

      • I say virtuous, I meant pea dough, or a pea dough enabler, as they are a Catholic phenomenon eh?

      • Don’t you just love being talked down to by a pinhead? 😂

      • @Ruff Tuff Creampuff – “Who are you calling a smugass, you… you upstart!”.

        Lol. Don’t worry – it’s the tone in which you say it that matters, Ruff.

      • ‘And Cappadocia is in? Turkey.’

        And Saint George was born?
        In the Roman Province of Cappadocia.

        Before Turkey existed.

      • @MMCM

        “You upstart!” as in the Marx Brothers film ‘Duck Soup’, barked by the Sylvanian ambassador in response to a string of insults from Groucho (Otis T Firefly), thereby provoking Groucho to slap him In the face with his gloves and plunging the two countries into war!

      • In fact Cappadocia was hive of early Christian activity.
        St Paul preached there.

        We have the celebrated ‘Cappadocian Fathers’-
        Sts. Basil the Great (330–379), who was bishop of Caesarea; Basil’s younger brother Gregory of Nyssa (c. 335 – c. 395), who was bishop of Nyssa; and a close friend, Gregory of Nazianzus (329–389), who became Patriarch of Constantinople.

        It was all happening in Cappadocia in the 3rd and 4th centuries.

      • I always thought Cappadocia sounded like some fancy cup of coffee from Starfucks.

      • You’re all wrong.

        St George was born in the ancient province of Milton Keynes.

    • Don’t know about you, but I celebrated St. George’s Day by getting ratarsed.
      Much the same as any other day.
      Still, I figure it’s a Saints Day somewhere in the world, I’m ecumenical in all my faults and vices, so I celebrate every Saints day, everywhere.
      Sort of, the sun’s over the yardarm somewhere philosophy.

  9. A few years ago some mates went on a pub crawl on Apr 23rd with a St George’s flag. Some transport coppers got on their tube at Tower Hill (possibly some cunt phoned them) and told them to put away the flag because it was “provocative.” They were threatened with arrest for being drunk and disorderly. True story, not an urban myth.

    • The irony of that is that the intervention of the coppers could have provoked them into being violent…….. unless that was the intention of the coppers. Who can really say?!

    • @Freddie.
      That doesn’t surprise me at all. Many people see the cross of St. George as some kind of racist emblem.
      Remember Thornpiggery and white van man ?
      Whites in the woodpile, traitors.

  10. I’m not sure what is required to celebrate St George’s day. Perhaps some Tzatziki, some hummus, or a nice kebab, seeing as he was a Greek (bloody foreigners, coming over here nicking our sainthoods). Perhaps he changed his name to George from Georgios, like George Michael, who got two saints for the price of one.
    Saints are Catholic aren’t they? For someone not afflicted with that particular strain of lunacy celebrating one is the same as a non Muslim celebrating eid.
    I only give a fuck if there’s a day off involved, if not fuck off.

    • And the flag is really boring. Not a patch on the Union Jack or the Stars and Stripes.

      • Ruff

        In my brave new world those sort of despicable comments would see you get a 6month sentence.

      • The White Ensign seen on the stern of H.M.S. Victory is my favourite.

      • Only because im fond of you both.
        Id be more than harsh on the likes of that stinky rebellion fucker on the other nom.

      • Naw JP, im joking about.
        Im a fan of Ruff an Japseye
        I dont take offence easily👍

    • The St. George Charter Flag is another of my English favourites.

      • Drove through the small town of Great Missenden yesterday, in Buckinghamshire, not far from where I live. The Hight Street was festooned with English Flags (I mean the cross of St George not the Union flag). It might be in preparation for HM’s Jubilee. It looked great and made me feel quite happy. And not a NF member in sight.

    • Edmund got shot to fuck with arrows off the vikings!!
      I think the vikings would be better than Edmund.
      Feckless target cunt.

      • Shame on you Miserable! St Edmund died bravely, fighting for your right to identify as a woman and invade female only spaces.

        St George on the other hand was a smelly Turk who slayed imaginary creatures, much like the wokies do slaying racism and transphobia where it doesn’t exist.

      • Your beyond the pale!
        Not another turk!
        Bloody hell,
        Prime minister’s, patron Saint,
        Next you know we’re overrun with moors and Saracens.☹️

      • Stirring stuff👍

        Evening Harold,
        Knights Templar?
        They were betrayed by a envious Spanish king wasnt they?

        Lots of books, tv shows, documentaries about them lately.
        Interesting stuff!

      • @Harold

        I love all things medieval so that video gives me something of a semi.

        It’s a pity that my current favourite RPG is set in medieval Czechia and not medieval England.

        That being said, I should probably mither Warhorse Studios to make an English version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

      • @TiTS

        I have an interest in the Knights Templar and have done for some time.

        I also like heavy rock music and the NWOBHM.

        Just expecting any day that rock music is being taken to task for cultural appropriation. Eric Clapton and the Rolling Stones are knackered if/when that happens.

      • @Harold

        It’s funny that you mention Eric Clapton.

        I come from a town near where Eric went to stay with friends during his drug-rehabilitation during the 70’s……. probably fairly obvious where that is but I’ll remain mysterious because reasons.

      • I think it was the French King. He felt they had too much wealth and influence and he was in debt to them, so he did away with them in collusion with the Pope (Hi Miles 😁).

        He accused them of bummery and other sordid things.

        I’m quite willing to forgive the French providing they send Eva Green to my house and I indulge in the sort of things that even B&WC would disapprove of.

        She’s not as hot as she was in Casino Royale, but she still makes my balls throb.

      • @Harold

        You can have Eva Green just as long as I can have the poor man’s Eva Green………. Anne Hathaway.

  11. Wilkos, is depressing.

    It’s where old timers go to buy Sterident, a pound of grass seed, Strepsils, Milk Of Magnesia, and die.

    Fuck the place.

      • Yes, what is that chemically shitty smell in Wilkos?

        It’s like a cross between Phostregen plant food and a shit-ridden care home.

        If you were contemplating suicide and walked into Wilkos I’m sure you’d just end up eating all the paracetamol off the shelf, and then cark it down the paint aisle.

        It’s dull, dingy and beige inside, like its customers.

        And old hags on the till that have faces like a bulldog licking a pissy nettle.

      • My hound enjoys licking a pissy nettle.
        The expression on his face is one of deep content.
        Well, dogs, whatever gets their weird on!!!

      • @Dickvandyke

        Yeah It’s like pet food mixed with fertilizer mixed with something else I can’t quite identify.

        Wilkos smells like a Farmer’s welly.

      • Yeah, a farmer’s welly that Alison Hammond has curled a big log off into.

    • Elastic bands, ball of string and glue, well that’s what I bought, but only because Woolworth has gone.

    • Oi!
      I’ll have you know I frequent our local Wilkco and I’m a Silver Surfer. They have a nice cafe there, decent breakfast, and frequented by friendly young ladies coming off shift.
      They say they work at the Hallam shire, I don’t think they are nurses, but best £10 I ever spent!

  12. Not been in Wilko’s for years.

    I do remember being puzzled at them selling 10p packs of noodles among all the hardware.

    What the fuck was that all about and do they still do it?

    Or maybe it was just a really shit dream?

  13. Any mention of Eid – al- Fart reminds me of the useless Maybot with her bonce wrapped in some rag. Stupid cow.

    • All for votes……which she was never going to get. Stupid bitch.

  14. Wilko, anything to make a sale, even to stinking P*ki cunts 😂

    For England and St George 😉

  15. Two comments in moderation.
    No swearies.
    I’m deeply puzzled.

    Now three because you spelt your screen name incorrectly. Be deeply puzzled no more – NA.

    • Bless you, NA, may your curtains be like blackout blinds when you try to snatch a few zzzz’s tomorrow.

  16. I wonder if Wilko’s non-peaceful customers would feel about the wholesale halal slaughter of animals that this shit-fest involves. Why aren’t the eco-loonies making more of this?

    • Because, Mi’Lordd, it’s a fight they can’t possibly win.
      It’s their religion, it’s on page 239 which says,
      Thou shall slaughter them in the street, and let the blood run into the gutter.
      Not quite sure what is being slaughtered, maybe a goat?

  17. Sorry, I have just noticed that the ‘t’ was missing.
    Of course my comments are in moderation.
    Ap o loggies, Admin.

  18. Surely St Swithun would be a more appropriate patron Saint of England.

    It rains most of the time after all.

    • There are some deeply weird saints in the pantheon. For instance –

      – Saint Polycarp of Smyrna: Patron Saint Against Dysentery and Earaches.
      – Saint Fiacre: Patron Saint of People with the crabs.
      -Saint Jesus Malverde: Patron Saint of Drug Dealers.
      -Saint Drogo: Patron Saint of Unattractive People
      – Saint Rita: patron saint of the impossible.

      There is a saint for just about everything.

      • @MMCM

        That is quite an interesting list you have there….. a Saint for every occasion.

        – Saint Polycarp of Smyrna: Patron Saint Against Dysentery and Earaches.

        As a person with Coeliac Disease, I can appreciate this one (the former symptom at least).

        – Saint Fiacre: Patron Saint of People with the crabs.

        As a person who’s shagged more strangers than familiars, I appreciate this one… (although not familiar with it).

        – Saint Jesus Malverde: Patron Saint of Drug Dealers.

        I know people who know people who would appreciate this Saint.

        – Saint Drogo: Patron Saint of Unattractive People.

        Nobody who I know thinks I’ve ever needed to speak to this Saint.

        – Saint Rita: Patron saint of the impossible.

        This Saint doesn’t exist because my dick is definitely 9 inches.

      • You’ve sent me down the patron saint equivalent of a youtube wormhole now MMCM.

        There’s a patron Saint of Arms Dealers.
        Queens – as in monarchs, not Louie Spence and Julian Clary.

        Butchers, bakers and candlestick makers.

  19. St George is a middle Eastern figure, based on Perseus.
    Sod that rubbish I stick to St Edmund. England’s first True Saint. Born in Germany, died a English King fighting the Danes.
    You can keep the Christian Cross of St George I will stick to the White Dragon on a black background as my nation flag.

    • Edmund was basically a dartboard for the northmen.
      Not much of a role model?

  20. I don’t believe the leftwing smear campaign against st George,
    Saying he was touched by the tarbrush.
    Next it’ll be he was a bit Ducky.
    Had a boyfriend.
    Liked french fancies.

    Naw, George was a Englishman.
    Obviously northern too.
    Tall, full of attitude,
    Bit of a lad, goodhearted.
    Mounted that dragons skull in his bedchamber,
    Made underpants from its hide.

    Heard he slew a hundred moors in the Holy land too.
    And didn’t think it to many.

    • @MNC

      Maybe this is my modern Millennialness shining through, but of your list of allegations against G-Man:

      – Touched by the tarbrush.
      – A bit Ducky.
      – Had a boyfriend.
      – Liked French fancies.
      – Vegan.

      The only one I take issue with is the idea that he was a vegan.

      I don’t care if he was of the darker persuasion and liked a bit of sausage, just as long as he wasn’t a vegan faggot.

      • Not my allegations TITS,
        I think George was a all round good egg,
        This thing about him being foreign?

        I just don’t believe it.
        Probably started by that Jeremy Corbyn.

        I think George was from the Peak District.

      • @MNC

        It’s okay Mate, I wasn’t having a go – just having a laugh…….. at the vegans at least. Fucking hate vegans I do.

  21. Saint Polycarp!!
    I might stop laughing in a bit!
    Hahaha ha.
    Saint Polycarp!!
    Oh, my days.

  22. Fuck eid, fuck Wilkos and fuck islam. Don’t like that? Feel free to go to any muslim Country in the world and complain about it.
    “An appeaser is someone who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last”.

      • Dianne Abbott.

        Not even a crocodile with a BMI of 10 would dare risk it.

      • If I was feeding a crocodile, I’d hope it was never going to eat me.

        If the crocodile eat me, who would feed it?

        Stupid Crocodile.

  23. Question; Some comments from earlier have disappeared. & There is isn’t an older comments section. Cant see 137 thoughts here. Might be my tablet going though the menopause – it’s old enough. Any ideas?

    • There are some 25 thoughts that are now inaccessible, of which I was involved. Is it something I said?

  24. I bet those fucks at Wilkincunts also ban the Jubliee and all.
    Talking of which, I’m well pleased that Randy Andy, the low IQ ginger bastard and his race baiting slut have been barred from the Palace balcony. That’ll show the cunts.

  25. Man United, eh? What a shower of fucking shite.

    There hasn’t been a buggering in Brighton like this since 🤔 … well, last night probably….

    • Wouldn’t say too much about football Norman. Two In The Stink might still be awake.

    • They are woeful Norman.

      The side that was relegated mid 70s had more spirit than this lot.

      Erik Ten Hag has a job on his hands that’s for sure.

    • The worst defence in the premier league 👎

      Goal difference of +1 and they are in 6th place.

      On a positive note, looks like the scousers gave shit the bed re the league title 👍

      • Yeah they were very fortunate to get anything because the spuds done a number on them last night.

        What I find particularly galling about the bin dippers is that gurning bellend of a manager of theirs.
        Always bitching about teams who play on the counter against them.
        Sorry Jurgen, would you prefer it if teams didn’t bother trying against you and left gaping holes at the back for your team to exploit instead?

        They are called tactics.

        Stupid cunt.

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