Tony “Baldy Cunt” Finn

Mr Finn, of West Yorkshire recently won an employment tribunal case and is now in line for some juicy compo. Apparently Mr Finn was called a “bald cunt” by his supervisor and, according to the tribunal, this amounts to “sexual discrimination”.

Eh? Sorry, I know the world has gone crazy, but I just don’t see it. I bet he’s been called that a thousand times as have you bald cunts on here no doubt. Have you ever thought of it as sexual discrimination? It’s fucking mental.

Still, Mr Finn will be getting a nice wedge of cash the lucky baldy cunt bastard.

Nominated by: Freddie the Frog

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43 thoughts on “Tony “Baldy Cunt” Finn

  1. Hey Priti!
    Why are you so fat?

    “Because every time I let in another Afghan they gave me a biscuit.”

  2. Bald cunts always look after their own.
    This panel was rigged.
    I bet they’ve been promised a cut of the compo.
    New syrups all round.
    Good morning.

  3. I don’t get how it’s sexual?

    It’s just mild abuse.
    Finn’s a bit of a mardarse.

    Cant take a joke type,
    I was his boss I’d of printed

    “Yul Brynner baldybollox”
    On all correspondence.

    Had the other lads pin him down and glued a bit of carpet on his head.
    That’s the problem with slapheads.
    No humour unlike fat cunts.
    They’re dead jolly.
    Can take a joke even when you throw them in the canal at the works Christmas do.

    • And spacker employees are game for a laugh.
      Tip em out of the wheelchair and spray them with fire extinguishers,
      They’ll get the joke.

  4. I was called a ” fucking Throbber” the other day by a young fella who I tooted the horn at when he stepped onto a crossing at the same time as I drove up to it…. “Throbber” was a new one on me and still makes me chuckle when I think about it.

    • DF-F Morning Sir Fiddler – “fuckoff yer ‘frobber!” is a common term of abuse where I live – you must have some lower class Yorkshire folk in the area! (Tell Lady Fanny to hide the antiquities!)

      • That reminds me of a story I read in the papers some years ago. A docker had said “Good Morning” to his foreman who, presumably was having a bad day because he responded “Fuck Off”. The bloke put his coat on, went home and sued for unfair dismissal. I think it was Mr. Justice Donaldson who gave his judgement in dismissing the claim saying that the words “Fuck Off” were a term of endearment in many parts of the country.
        Just occasionally the legal profession gets it right.

  5. To be honest it’s quite nice for a man to win a sexual discrimination case for once. Usually it’s only wimminz.

  6. I can’t wait until the next person at work calls me a fanny; in fact, I intend to provoke them to say it.

  7. If he’d been called a mardy bald cunt would it still have been sexual harassment?

  8. The British Bung Company? Sounds like Harry Redknapp and George Graham should be on the board of directors.

  9. And what’s that company Baldilocks worked for anyway? “ The British Bung Company” !! Sounds like a good name for the Department for International Development foreign aid budget.

  10. Fucking loser, proving to the world he is in fact a bald cunt.
    I find it virtually impossible to say the word bald without adding cunt on the end, they go together better than fish and chips.

    • Everywhere I’ve ever worked there’s been banter.
      Nicknames an pisstaking.

      It’s testing your workmates,
      Can they take a joke?
      Are they grassing cunts that’ll run to the boss?
      It’s human nature.

      Last place I worked was a lad who had Crohn’s disease.
      He lost loads of weight,
      Gaunt looking,
      We called him Bobby Sands .

      We had a black lad from Angola we called Bubbles after Jackos chimp .

      They didn’t cry to the boss they took it in good humour and were popular because they were ‘sound lads’.

      I’d of stayed well clear of this bald fucker,
      Soon have him sussed as a wrong un .

      • Being a speccy Welsh short arse I’ve had my fair share of abuse and mickey taking and I learned very early to take it on the chin.
        I give at the bare minimum as good as I get, with humour or bile, depending on the context of the abuse.
        It’s character building for fucks sake!

    • Im a proud baldie but that doesn’t me a cunt though.
      some of you Yeti’s can be cunts too. think about the hippy flower power, peace and free loving freaky maddo’s

  11. There doesn’t seem to be anybody on here admitting to being a bald cunt themselves. I find that hard to believe.
    Hmmmm…….ok, tell us about your tiny cocks!

    • Freddy,
      If you lined up the ISAC residents it’d look like a audition for the king & I.
      Or the waiting room at Christy’s.
      I’m bald, right down the centre of my nut!
      Heartbreaking it was,
      Like the world’s biggest centre parting.

      • Being bald is a positive thing, it’s a sign of virility! Explains my chronic brewer’s droop.

    • Hand up here…not bald as such, but lost enough off the top (aged 50) ro warrant keeping it shaved. Most of my mates and workmates are slapheads too…it’s just easier.
      I’d be just as repulsive to women with hair or without. At least I can grow my lovely huge moustache so I look like a scrawny Lord Kitchener.
      It seems to irritate birds. Well, that and the terrible sexism/racism.

      • It appears we are in the same boat Thomas.

        I’m in bald but thinning on top and getting very grey,as Mrs Terry delights in reminding me.

        When I let her out of the kitchen.

      • TtCE@ – Morning Thomas – get a Paul Calf wig and walk around work all day saying “bag o’ shite!” 😀👍

    • I shave my scalp lately as I dont like the silver stubble. Spose that’s baldness-appropriating

  12. What about bald wimminz cunts?. A woman regularly comes past my house every day, and has done for years who looks remarkably like the late Sir Ralph Vaughan-Williams. If I call her a cunt will she kept compo too?. Shall I try? – she usually comes past here about 9 a.m. Surey to deny women baldies is sexual discrimination too?

  13. Score 1 for the touchy baldies! Much as this Man is a whining play the victim cunt it saves chippy w*gs hoovering up cash for spurious “waaycism”.

  14. Working in Manchester I was called a sheepshagger. The cunts made baaing sounds in my presence. I still suffer from PTSD from it. And hot flushes.
    I wonder if I can make a retrospective claim as compo has now set in.

  15. Being a bald cunt is still better than the judge, who is a thick cunt.

  16. Obviously a whinging slap head. But on the other hand, if everyone and his dog is claiming compo, why not get in on the act?
    There was clear discrimination me lud.
    Like the council down the smoke who tried to slap an injunction on noisy people down one street, and the old West Indian successfully appealed as making a racket playing dominoes was part of his culture so this was waycist….

  17. You get treated better as a slaphead.
    I’ve been bumped to the front of queues,
    Cards from well-wishers,
    Celebs turn up at my birthday,
    A kickabout with premier League footballers.
    Took me ages to realise they thought I had terminal cancer..

  18. Sensitive cunts everywhere now. There was a time when a punch in the face would have solved these sorts of problems without litigation.

  19. Did they give him a can of Pledge for his leaving do (and a pack of microfibre cloths)

  20. Fuck me, the world has gone mad.

    I’ve been called all sorts, it’s just banter.

    My favourite trick was grabbing a certain bloke’s bollocks from behind when he was handing in his tickets at the office hatch. He always stood with his legs apart. He used to jump a mile.

    The garage apprentice got tied up and a brush stale posted though the top of his overalls, and then tied to the handles on the roller shutter and hoisted up for being cheeky.

    We used to burn people on the neck with the back with a hot teaspoon when they were sat down. It left a mark similar to a love bite.

    The stores-man Barry had two phones. Whilst he was on one phone, I’d pick the other up and wipe my bell-end around the ear and mouthpiece and then put it back down. He smile and shake his head, and I’d say “you alright baz?”

    One driver with a big dick used to come in the mess room at lunch and slap his dick up and down on the table whilst singing ‘Camptown Races’.

    Most workplaces must be as boring as fuck now, and you’d be treading in eggshells all the time.

    Bald cunt, hardly offending is it?

    I’m glad I’m retired and worked through the ‘golden era’ of workplace banter.

  21. I worked with a black lad we nicknamed “jungle bunny” How we all laughed, except him the humourless bastard.

  22. Where I worked in the eighties our boss was totally and unapologetically racist. A young black guy rolled the company car in the early hors on the M4. He had a couple of mates in the car and all were injured but walked away. When the lad returned to work our boss told him he was going to order him a Transit crew bus so that he could take more of his mates with him next time.
    Separate point but when it came to court a traffic cop who attended the scene stood up and read straight-faced, from his note book :
    “When asked what happened, the driver replied ; ”
    “I don’t know, I was asleep at the time.”

  23. Someone should do a ‘Jackie Wright’ on this bald cunt, and do some rapid fire head slapping on his napper.

    But seriously, sexual discrimination?! How can this cunt dare to show his face? Whatever happened to grown men? If he was any sort of a bloke, he’d have have had it out with his supervisor man to man and that would (and should) have been that. I hate to say it, but we are now a nation of cry babies and tell teacher grasses. And that includes a lot of men too. This bald cunt is a fucking disgrace and a great big squealing blancmange. Absolutely pathetic.

  24. I’ll never forget the time in the Commons, Friday afternoon it was, when a leery Tony Blair said to Mo Mowlam “calm down ya baldy cunt!” and Ann, quick as a flash took off her wig and shouted, “COME KISS MY BALDY CUNT, BOSS!” and everyone fell off the benches! Gordon Brown cried – through one eye – with laughter. Simpler times.

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