Independence for Liverpool (2)

Liverpool scouse socialist scum are cunts

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I take pride in being both British and English and whether you like her, the Queen, or not “Dick” it is the national anthem for the British. And as for turning your back on “abide with me “ beggars belief. Read the fucking words you inbred smack riddled bin dipping cunts.

Apparently this “we are scouse not British” stems from the Thatcher years when Liverpool were left to rot in high unemployment. I read Boys from the Mersey many years ago about Liverpool fans. And the Cunt that wrote it was on one hand saying similar anti-Thatcher shit yet claiming to be jaunting all around Europe watching the red shite whilst clocked on at work being paid.

Case of cake and eat it and apparently it’s Thatcher’s fault the car industry failed up there and not his thieving a wage and not being at work.

Give the cunts independence from Britain, brick up the east bound M62 and let the cunts develop their own smack, thieving, joy riding economy. And Chuck em out of the English league.

Scouse. Always someone else to blame. Fuck off Cunts we British don’t need ya.

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Seconded by: Lord Cuntingford

Liverpool FC “fans”

A platinum jubilee cunting for the scum who associate themselves with Liverpool FC. If it isn’t bad enough with foreigners knocking Britain all the time, we have the scouse cunts booing the National Anthem. I don’t know what was worse, the bin-dippers who were doing it, or the tosser from Liverpool fan podcast, a John Gibbons, with some long and boring diatribe about why the scousers felt the need to do it. Yes, you’ve guessed it, because they are all poor and hard done by, etc., ad nauseum.

I have no idea why Liverpudlians always have the victim mentality and think they are a special case in being hard done by Northeners. My family are from Newcastle, and they have had it hard up there. My mother’s side were from the (proper) East end of London and it was no picnic for them growing up there.

I’m sick of people being disrespectful on this country. Mr Gibbons – your excuse for the scouse bell-ends doesn’t wash. You say they were slagging off the monarchy, but the anthem is for the country. If you don’t like Britain, fuck off or shut the fuck up and just keep your trap shut when it’s being played. Fucking wankers.

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Scousers-more Irish, than British👎

(Note 1: Given the events at the Champions League Final last night (28/05/22), we have brought this scheduled nomination forward. – Day Admin)

(Note 2: There is a nomination regarding cultural comparisons between the cities of Liverpool and Manchester due to go live soon. Therefore, please just focus on the ‘Pool here. Thanks – Day Admin)

104 thoughts on “Independence for Liverpool (2)

  1. Many Liverpudlians are of Irish descent. Hence the chippy, resentful attitude to the “old oppressor”.

  2. Bit of a wake-up call for the Scouse pricks at the hands of the Paris police…too used to our soft, spineless police service.
    Eeeuurrgghh…Scousers. Just the accent alone is enough to set your teeth on edge.

    • Indeed.
      You don’t see the French plod dancing around like twats trying to appease da’yuff, or dressing up in rainbow colours, or bending knees like the cunts over here.

    • I thought the same, Thomas.

      For a nation of historical surrender monkeys, the frog plod aren’t shy about dishing it out.

      I wouldn’t be too excited about it though. It’s probably due to this the freeloading scum keep moving to Calais and rock up on our shores for free everything from the soft-as-shite British.

      I still don’t get how that’s even legal.

  3. Choose Liverpool.
    Choose the dole queue.
    Choose to scam disability benefit.
    Choose mind-numbing, grinding efficiency over flair.
    Choose Torben Piechnik, Istvan Kozma and Paul Stewart.
    Choose not to win a single league title since the back pass rule was implemented.
    Choose penalties.
    Choose car stereos, hubcaps and Stanley knives.
    Choose to trade on your proud sense of tradition and then not lift a finger in protest when two American billionaires who don’t even know the name of your club decide to buy it.
    Choose to win the European Cup whilst only having to play seven matches.
    Choose to bask in a perpetual, sickening, media love-in.
    Choose celebrities who stream out of your city as soon as they have earned the money to do so and then spend the rest of their lives harping on about how wonderful it is.
    Choose to end it all in an orgy of self pity, just another excuse to perpetuate the grief culture spawned by your selfish, insular messed -up excuse for a city.
    Choose your future.
    Choose Scouse.
    Choose the scummiest club and fans in Europe,
    Choose Liverpool fc!

    (Edited for clarity – Day Admin)

  4. Admin…that’s unfair of you to post a nom picture of those two lovely cuties in their football shirts.
    It’s far too early for a wank.

  5. Apart from my late father in law, I never met a scouser who wasn’t a cunt.

    • You are Tony Blair and I claim my Heysel Stadium disaster commemorative wall plaque.

      • Fucking hell, my cover is blown! I would have got away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling cunts🤣🤣

  6. So glad that the team with the English speaking manager won last night. Come on you whites

    • Interesting how most of the Real Madrid players didn’t bend the knee before the game. And even more surprising was how the BT pundits including that cunt Rio Ferdiwank never uttered any criticism about it.

      Just shows the double-standards. The media will take potshots at ordinary fans for not respecting the knee-bending bollocks, but don’t have the balls to criticise mega football clubs like Real Madrid!

      • Well highlighted, Techno.

        I didn’t watch the game myself. I’ve given up with football, but even when I did have an interest, I’d never watch a scouse game. Watching those cunts made me feel ill.

        Still, good to know Professor Ferdinand is still around giving his expert opinion. Once a cunt, always a cunt.

    • Awwww hey la!

      I’ve met loads of scousers,
      And it’s true about the socialist bit.
      Dole line Lenin’s.

      And Thatcher did fuck Liverpool over,
      But so did people like that little shite hawk Derek Hatton .
      I hated Degsy, swanning about in his designer suits and giant mobile phone whilst spouting “up Der workers!”

      Dey do doo don’t Dee do?

  7. The European Cup final being delayed for what appeared to be fans without tickets trying to get in…
    Will they never learn?!!
    Probably try to blame that on West Yorkshire Police as well….
    Where’s your quadruple gone? Scouse cunts need to settle for a Mickey Mouse double after scoring 0 goals in 3 finals.

    • A Spurs fan of mine said they were at it a few years back when they played them in the final. He’s a Londoner and couldn’t believe what he saw. As if Hillsboro never happened!!!

      (On the subject of the Spuds, expect something about them on here very soon! – Day Admin)

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      The title they won in the “pandemic season”-there were so many games played without fans or full strength teams-it didn’t ducking count.

  8. Liverpool used to be a very wealthy city.
    Still some stunning architecture made from the best materials,
    And had some wealthy people there.
    It’s a port, the docks,
    Bringing in goods, and…

    If you go to Liverpool they have a museum of slavery,
    Displaying real items used,
    They also have a Klu Klux Klan robe and hood esemble.
    Ask to try it on!!😁

    And they say they have a sense of humour….

    • Museum of slavery eh? Must have a lot of exhibits showing themselves seeing as work itself has always been regarded as slavery up there. Do they have a special section dedicated to the Triumph factory the workers made untenable?

      • Every time I went to deliver anything at North Irish Ferries in the 80’s they were always on strike.

        They used to encourage you not to enter, and if you insisted you did, they used to hand you a piece of paper entitled “What is a Scab?”.

        Lazy cunts.

  9. No doubt the scouse media will be rewriting events to suit the victim narrative once again.
    They’ve already revised history in terms of trying to get everyone to forget about Heysel.
    I bet Jamie Carragher was spitting mad at Liverpool’s defeat, ha!

    • I see Liverpool FC have called for an enquiry. Hopefully the french authorities will call it out for what it was, because it will just be a whitewash otherwise.

    • Good one, Techno.

      How the fuck can you spit at a father and his young daughter and still get to keep your job at Sly Sports? Carragher is an absolute disgrace and has no shame or self awareness. No doubt he’d say he was clearing his throat after a lengthy and intense pundit session and the father and daughter threw themselves in the way of his phlegm. Causing him anxiety and stress for which HE needs compo.

      Typical scouser trash.

    • mecuntry@ There never were. In the 80’s recession I took every lousy job possible because I would rather have something than nothing, lads there from all over the UK, but not one scouser.

  10. I like Liverpool and quite like scousers if I’m honest.
    Least you can have a bit of banter with them.

    I’ve worked all over Liverpool and never met a Mickey mouser who was sourfaced.

    Least they’ll say hello back to you.

    • they luv a laugh with you but will still want to rob the eye out of your head

      • I once accused a Scouse shop steward of been in the managements back pocket at a big meeting 😁

        It caused fuckin mayhem.

        People shouting, you’d think I’d said I’d dug up John Lennon how they reacted.
        All these Scouse wimmin demanding I apologise.

        Awwww hey!!!
        Dats not on dat..

        Get to fuck .

    • I banged a few lasses from “da poool” when I was a lad.
      They do have some fucking stunning women.
      Stunning until they open their gobs and that foul accent rolls out….😙

      • …and until they open their legs and that profuse foul discharge bubbles out of their holes.

      • I always wanted to bang Nerys Hughes when she was in the Liver Birds. Shit programme, mind….

        And although she wasn’t a Scouser, I’d have humped Heather from Brookside (Amanda Burton) until I could stand no more.

      • Norm –
        You would’ve been out of luck with Amanda. I saw her first. You know the rules. 🙂

  11. Perpetual victims. Liverpool no worse than the rest of industrial Britain under Thatcher.
    I worked there 1980ish. The unions were a fucking nightmare of obstruction when doing my job which was to actually benefit the cunts through process improvements.
    ‘We’ll see wa de union says about da’

    Fuck em. And as a republican fuck an anthem that glorifies parasites.

    • PS

      I still go back occasionally to visit my alloy wheels and stereo.

  12. And that horse jawed klippety klopp fucking square headed cunt can fuck off back where he came from an’ all.

    • Compare and Contrast.

      Ancelotti (Real Madrid manager) – impeccably dressed in a 3 piece suit, looked smart and presentable at last night’s game.

      Clip-pity Klopp – Scruffy cunt, baseball cap, pufffa jacket, trackie bottoms, trainers. Looked like he’d just crawled out of bed and was off down the job centre.

      • The cunt looks like a walking denture advert too.

        He’s probably well loaded, but you can’t buy class or sophistication or decorum. He’s at the right club for how he behaves and presents himself.

      • Fergie always insisted that United went into Europe in club blazer and tie. So did Sir Matt. Hard to imagine Shanks or Bob Paisley dressing like shite for a European final either. Both men were better than that.

  13. Thatcher may or may not have left Liverpool to rot, but if she did, it wasn’t the only place. Do the supporters of Glasgow, Newcastle, Sheffield or any other teams from cities associated with industrial decay repeatedly descend on stadiums ticketless? No they don’t, because they have dignity and don’t see the point of living in a world of self pity where everyone else is always to blame. When Tebbitt made his “on your bike” speech, it was more about mentally moving on and building a new future, rather than wallowing in self pity waiting for never ending handouts.
    Scousers are definitely right about being different, everyone else has got on with it since the 70s and 80s, and they haven’t. Having said that, the few scousers I know are decent people, but maybe that’s because they no longer live there. And before I’m accused of being a Thatcher lover, I’m certainly not, she was a cunt on a lot of levels. But to let a politician define you and be an excuse for decades of self indulgent misbehaviour, when everywhere else has moved on is pointless.

    • The best thing this government could do is a unveiling of a statue outside Lime street station on 1st April.

      Imagine the jaws dropping as the veil drops to show a rendition in bronze of Maggie trampling on the barricades of striking dockers?!!

      Hehehe 😂

      • It would be a change of scene for the prossies to perform cold, perfunctary acts of sexual gratification on fat scousers-make a change from “behind a skip” or “da front seat of me Gran-aaaa-da estate”.

      • Mnc@ – Methinks a huge portrait of Thatch hanging a child in a small (shoplifted) purple shell suit with a speech bubble saying “remember Heysel you dirty smack dealing bin dipper bastards” would be an interesting feature that “would evoke much comment and debate”!

    • I thought Thatch was ace.

      Best PM we ever had. Strong, decisive (The lady’s not for turning) and didn’t fuck about appeasing anyone. Contrast her with the current incumbent. Throws democracy out the window and acts like a ruler, then claims he didn’t know he was at a boozy party in his own house. You couldn’t make it up.

  14. We had a “long-weekend” break in Liverpool, some years ago.
    Stayed in the Hotel on Albert Dock.

    Took in the usual sights:

    Beatles museum-fucking brilliant

    Tate modern-spent most of the day there👍

    Liverpool Maritime museum-fantastic displays*

    The main museum opposite the sliver Buildings-one of the best in the country.

    The Cavern Club-saw the best “tribute” band ever, for Beatles sound.

    However, just 3 or 4 roads back from the Mersey, you see the real Liverpool. Dirty, unloved, dangerous, feral.

    The museums are just window dressing☹️

    *there is a particular display in the Maritime museum, close to my heart.
    A confederate ship, upon which my Maternal greatx3 grandfather was an officer👍

  15. Ah bless, I am a Scouser and proud of it, never a red always a blue, worked all my life ,I consider myself Scouse, English and British,I am not anti government they are all shite self serving xunts, I’m not raciest as I hate everyone equally, occasionally some more than others I admit,, I would sooner live in Liverpool than londonstan anyday

    • Have you been to London?
      Some pretty fucking nice suberbs👍

      Personally, I would prefer to live on the middle of a fucking Forrest 👍

      • I’ve been CG
        It’s a fuckin dump .
        Preferred Liverpool.
        I hated every square inch of London.

    • Not pointing any fingers but my butties are missing from the ISAC fridge?

      • It woz dem Chelsea fans, like….

        Actually, it was that little cunt ‘Are Damon’ and his mates Gizmo, Sinbad and Divvy.

  16. The perpetual victimhood status from Scousers is comparable only to Krankie’s lot. Give them both independence from the UK and see how long they last. Whining cunts.

  17. Thatcher fucked over the entire North – we got other jobs and got on with it, but of course the fan crushing bin dippers had it hardest..
    And even if there were jobs the shellsuit mafia would have been far too busy stealing and selling drugs to take them.
    Act like cunts then play the victim, every time.
    Red on the outside, red on the inside bin dipping socialist smack rat shit..
    Enjoy that French teargas you Irish rejects!
    *Note to self – eliminate Liverpool when Great Overlord*…

  18. My local town seems to crawl with Liverpool fans.
    Even more so when their “team” is doing well.
    Replica shirt wearing supporters ooze out of the woodwork like bacteria, multiply and before you know it – the local boozer is infested. With cunts.

    I don’t mind a bit of crack or banter with football fans of any club or country but in my experience, Liverpool fans for a myriad of reasons, are always the most insufferable and willing to cause trouble at the drop of a hat.

    The entitlement and arrogance drips off them in equal measure.

    Heysel – “not our fault it was the stadium and uefa wasn’t it wechhhkkk”
    Hillsborough – “not our fault it was dem bizzies fault wasn’t it wechhhkkk”
    “Justice for de 97 an all dat eh wechhhkkk!”

    If that tiresome shit isn’t enough you have the constant pro Liverpool media bias with ex players telling you how good the gurning oaf Klopp’s team is at seemingly every opportunity.

    Real Madrid 1-0 Liverpool

    Good Morning

    • Real Madrid were deserving winners. They got Liverpools measure-soak em up, hit em on the break.
      City will have that Norwegian wonderkid next season-Liverpool have two hopes-and Bob has left town😉

      • And that lovely loyal chap, ‘Mo’ Salah will be fucking off too, CG.
        Nothing to do with money, of course….

    • HJ@ – Some chaps I know from Leeds United Service Crew met up with the plastic “Who’s champion this season?” bin dipper supporters recently.
      An amusing sight seeing 300 grey faces and red shirts being chased to the railway station by a baying mob! 🤣

  19. Best sense of humour in the world. Jimmy Tarbuck and Stan Boardman. Beat that FFS.

    Best football fans in the world. ‘You’ll never walk alone’. Unless you’re a young keeper who fucks up in a big final (Karius a few years ago). Then, you’re on your own at the end of the storm, son. Never forget the rest of the team leaving him all alone and in bits at the end.

    Loads die at a footy match. Nothing to do with fans not having tickets of course. All the cops’ fault. Scousers would never turn up without tickets or with snide tickets. Best fans in the world. They definitely didn’t turn up with snide tickets and cause a ruckuss when refused entry last night. And they’d definitely not demand an investigation (they mean ‘gizzuz compo lah’) to the delayed kick off their own fans caused They definitely pay tribute to Heysel as much as Hillsborough.

    Best fans in the world.

    Scousers are ace.

    Get to fuck.

    • The beeb websites interviewed a Liverpool supporter last night. He’d paid £1000 apparently, and they scanned it 3 times at the turnstile and having not worked, they basically told him to fuck off. There was no mention of the ticket possibly being bent, it was all the french authorities fault according to the reporter, but it must have been. Cue tales of victim hood and being singled out. The Real fans didn’t seem to have a problem though. Amazing isn’t it?

  20. I had some dealings with a company on the Wirral many years ago, my contact there said they wouldn’t employ someone from across the Mersey.

    Bitter experience had shown them that they were trouble makers and bone idle cunts.

  21. I hate Liverpool Fc with a passion. The ban they got on English football from Europe meant Coventry, Wimbledon, Palace, Sheff Wed, Luton, Norwich, Oxford Utd amongst many others were denied the chance to compete in Europe. They should all have had the chance to get compensation from the scousers, until the club was financially crippled and folded.
    Then they could have really upped the victim card.
    Never met a scouser who wasn’t full of themselves and prepared to rip you off at the first opportunity.

    • I always said that too.

      They shouldn’t have been allowed to spunk money on players, until they’d compensated all the clubs who missed out o European football.

      They didn’t give a fuck, of course.

      Never forget it was them who started the take the knee shit in English football too.

      The schadenfreude was large last night.

      • Cuntybollocks@ – The bin dippers were well and truly found out by a superior team and a superior manager – suck it up smack rats.
        But, of course – it’s bound to be “someone else’s fault, ref was biased, we was robbed, ay, ay etc”.
        They can’t help themselves and aren’t Man enough to admit what we all know – they were beaten fair and square by a better team.

    • @Fish Mitten

      Good comment.

      Everton were the biggest casualty of the Liverpool – Heysel ban and could have realistic won a couple of Europe cups had they been allowed to participate.

    • And Everton would have – I think – had a serious crack at the European Cup in 1986. Their only chance of doing so. Of course, they never got to.

  22. As for this – “supporting the English clubs in Europe”
    What kind of bullshit is that?

    Maybe back in the 70s and 80s before the globalist takeover/hijacking of the sport.

    The only thing that binds an elite level club to its country now is its location and nothing else.
    The owners, management and playing staff are very very rarely from that location. Or that continent.

    • At one point the commentator called Real ‘the Spaniards’ lol.

      I think they had 3 in the team ffs.

    • I knew lads who would go to Old Trafford, but they would then go to Maine Road to watch City if United were away. I could never bring myself to do that, even when City had a good side (Tueart, Bell, Barnes, Corrigan etc). And I wouldn’t go near the hated Gorton Globetrotters of today with a ten foot pole. That horrible cunt, Terry Christian was a classic blue then red ‘supporter’. Fucking turncoat.

      I also remember the banners at Heysel and all, Herman. Munich 58 flags all over the show. That fat little cunt Sammy Lee posing in front of a Munich banner (as seen below). Bastards.

  23. The Dumb thieving wankers should be made to play in the Welsh league where they belong and so glad to see the equally detestable French Militia getting stuck into the Simpletons last night.!

    • Bosshog@ – That will teach the blighters!
      And why the fuck are Welsh teams (who are universally shit and equivalent to a League 2 English side) allowed in the ENGLISH Premier League?

  24. I say this as a guy whose Grandad was a scouser who raised my older brother as an Everton supporter (I don’t like football as I prefer vagina) but scousers are indeed self-righteous cunts.

    My wartime Grandpa had much to brag about:

    – He was bombed out of 9 houses before his family were evacuated to a town in Shropshire.
    – Back then, Liverpudlians happily left their house doors unlocked without fear of their possessions being scoused.
    – ……….. Their city’s name rhymes with super-cool.

    Aside from the above-mentioned positives, scousers can fuck right off. Bunch of chippy, pseudo-fenian, socialist, separatist, thieving cunts.

  25. I’d give the Toffees their due given our cunty cunty brother here in team cuntious as I don’t recall ever seeing a plastic home counties toffee fan, unlike Liverpool.
    Same for Manure. Fucking fake fans and their glory hunting bandwaggoning.

    • There were scores of ‘new’ out of nowhere Everton fans in 1985, when they won the league and the ECWC. Loads of cunts I knew were ‘suddenly’ Evertonians at that time. Not unlike the bandwagon jumping cunts who latched on to Blackburn Rovers ten years later.

  26. They could have their own national anthem. And, no, I don’t mean You’ll Never Cunt Alone.
    It could go…

    It wasn’t us, it was them.
    It wasn’t me, it was him.
    Offended by everything, to blame for nothing.

    Also – as well as the despicable but unsurprising antics in Paris yesterday – I notice that another young child has been murdered by another kid in that part of the world. What is it about this lot?!

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