Exorcism of Children

Exorcism is a cunt, isn’t it.

Last Autumn, a three-year-old girl perished at a church after “faith leaders” performed a ceremony on the child to “liberate her of her evil spirits” but say what happened was “the will of God,” not the consequence of an exorcism.

Nonetheless, her death by asphyxiation has been ruled as homicide and the mother, who authorities say withheld food from the girl and squeezed her neck during the exorcism, has been arrested and charged with assault on a child resulting in death.

You’d expect this in some black magic Ooga-Dooga shit-hole or even a south American voodoo jungle ritual but no; it was in San José, California.

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These god-botherers are against abortion but think nothing of “sticking their fingers down the victim’s throat and squeezing the victim’s neck to induce vomiting” to remove the “demon”.

Abortion is wrong but “pushing down on the toddler’s head” to remove the “evil spirit” is acceptable. Bruising, torturing, and murdering a toddler in the name of a Sky-Daddy?


Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous

36 thoughts on “Exorcism of Children

  1. I assumed San Jose, California WAS an Ooga-Dooga shit-hole or South American voodoo jungle.

  2. Exorcisms are how “the Church” deals with extreme mental illness or even demon possession. To think this is a valid method of dealing with either displays a shameful ignorance and distortion of Scripture.
    The power of Linda Blair compells me to achieve an erection.

  3. Fucking loons.
    I believe they are possessed – perhaps I should nip down with my bat and knuckleduster to perform an “exorcism”?

    • Come to The Principality stadium in Cardiff, and exorcise Ed Sheercunt. Please. And Old Mother Dripford as well.

  4. Put the three god botherers in solitary in window-less cells, lights on constantly, for the rest of their lives. Prison uniform, just enough sustenance to keep them alive.

  5. When I started reading the nom I’m afraid my prejudices kicked in as I assumed the mess would involve Africunts or a descendant thereof.

    I had no idea that Mexcans were also this fucking mental.

    Silly me.

    Gas the mad cunts then pub.

    • I live close to Mexico. Those people are very religious and superstitious. They celebrate stupid shit like Dia De Los Muertos (day of the dead) and I see the painted skulls everywhere.
      That country is a corrupt third world shit hole.
      You can curl out a turd that looks like the Virgin Mary and charge large sums for them to come and pay homage.

  6. Wow .
    Good nom 👍

    Poor little kid☹️
    That these mitmots believe this bollocks beggars belief.
    Backward savages.
    Everyone involved should be convicted of murder.

  7. Fucking hell, i nominate my next door neighbours brat for a bit of exorcism from these cunts

  8. All these extreme god bothering types are cunts, why the fuck does anyone put up with their bullshit, exorcism ffs, too much horror channel, just like the bonkers Islam mob who get all shirty if someone criticises Mo and their stupid fucking book.

    The Middle Ages seems to be alive and well all over the world

    • Soi@ – When I am Great Overlord the only religion allowed will be The Church of The Fonz!
      MP, Mr Polly and young Fiddler will receive religious exemptions of course – we need someone to whip the ungodly brutes of IAC into Chapel on a Sunday! 👍😀

  9. America is full of these weird, horrific, splinter protestant churches – the Church of Elvis, Westboro Baptist Church, the Church of Christ the Dark-key, etc.

    The most horrific thing is the mother (who gives me the horn, by the way, but I wouldn’t touch her with a barge pole) was quite relaxed about her child’s death, saying she only needs god. Nut case.

    • According to my late mother, Scotland is even more fucked-up about religion than Ireland.
      There was a Tory Lord High Executioner (or something) called Mackay of Clashfairn, who was a member of the “Wee Frees,” until, that is, he went to the funeral of a very dear old friend, and was automatically excommunicated. What was Mackay’s mortal sin?? Well, the friend was RC, and Mackay crossed the threshold of a Catholic Church, merely to pay his respects.
      There s no such thing as a free church…

  10. There’s plenty of videos of these bible belt maniacs performing these stupid rituals, the best are overdubbed with video game karate sound effects.
    These cunts are all through American politics, and have a major effect on policy.
    That fucking cunt religious cunt Ted Cruz is typical of the cunts. Staunchly Pro life, but happy to allow it to be wiped out by teenagers with legally purchased assault rifles. He’s speaking at an NRA meeting this weekend in Texas, site of the latest murders, and if that isn’t tone deaf, so is Trump.
    Cunts beyond belief!

  11. Sick bastards without a doubt. In view of the state the Western World is in would it be possible to carry out this sort of procedure to banish the “cunt within” ?

  12. Is it safe to assume that all religions are just a sack of trouble causing cac?

    Get rid of the lot of them and the world would be a better place.

    There’s nobody up in the sky watching you.

    There’s no afterlife, when your dead your dead.

    Any rational person knows this.

    Religion. The biggest act of brainwashing and misinformation that humans will be subjected to in their entire existence. And a good opportunity to fiddle with a few kids while you’re at it, and hide behind your spud water stained cloth.

    The only saving grace is that we’ve got some wonderful examples of architecture as a result.

      • Still a bit dodgy Terry.

        Getting better everyday. Not too bad since yesterday thanks.

        I’ve just eaten an out of date meaty pizza now. And yesterday I ate 2 chocolate puddings that were out of date.

        I nip to the Co-op at 9pm once or twice a week and clear the shelves of anything that is out of date the next day. They basically give stuff away. Then I end up with a fridge full of out of date food which I eat in priority order of ‘nastiness potential’.

        The pork was actually from the butchers, but it had been pushed to the back by a cut price Co-op hoard.

        Tonight it’s an out of date lamb shank in a bag with some posh gravy.

        Pork, seafood and chicken are the nasties.

    • Agree 100% with every point you make Dick.

      Your observation about architecture strikes a chord. In the decades I worked in field service I often visited military bases around the UK many of which were in pretty remote spots. I was often impressed by magnificent churches in the middle of tiny villages in a rural backwater in somewhere like Lincolnshire for instance. Have to admit my next thought was often that building these places must have been a massive imposition on the locals centuries ago, when the vast majority would have been living hand to mouth in hovels and hoping famine or disease would not get them this year.

      • The tiniest Lincolnshire villages can have the most impressive churches.

        Lincolnshire is an excellent example. Somebody must have been really well-off in these tiny villages.

        The flying buttresses on Sausthorpe church are particularly impressive, for a village with a just handful of folks living there.

        There are lots of hidden jems in Lincolnshire villages. Particularly in and around the Wolds area.

        Lovely area, very unspoilt and a very English feel about it.

        I did a few small walks last year around the wolds, and drove to some of the churches.

        I had to have an ‘emergency shit’ outside Walesby old church.

        Sorry Walesby.

  13. In most ‘civilized’ countries, absolutely anyone is allowed to breed and they get paid benefits for it, as though they’re doing everyone else a favour. In my opinion all females ought to be chemically sterilized at an early age, then given medication to reverse the process only after applying for permission to breed and being given physical and mental evaluation to prove their suitability to raise children.
    This would solve all kind of problems and not just overpopulation.

  14. Children need to be EXERCISED not EXORCISED. Too many miniature Michelin Men waddling about these days, breathing like Darth Vader in a heatwave.

  15. Won’t be the first time that someone to do with the church put the willies up some k1d.

  16. Louth PC is definitely on my “must visit” list. Was in Market Rasen the other day, stunning. Reminded me of a decent novel (John Hadfield) and decent BBC adaptation, “Love on a Branch Line.”
    Abigail Cruttenden AND Cathryn Harrison.
    A real wank-fest.

    • Louth is a nice little town.

      You can climb up the steps of St James’ church and walk round a balcony at the base of the spire. Get a lovely view of the Wolds and out to sea.

      Lincolnshire is one of the few counties that hasn’t been ruined. The south of the county has. Boston is swamped with Polskis and other Eastern Bloc types.

      Keep away from Skegness and Mablethorpe too. It’s like Shameless by the sea.

  17. I spent last Saturday morning making myself sick to get the evil out of my system from the night before

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