Cambodia’s Missing Antiquities

Antiquities, ”acquired” over the years, from their temples. Some $35M worth (allegedly) has been calculated in today’s U.S. currency.

The ‘long struggle’ to return Cambodia’s looted treasures to their rightful place and the B.B. fucking C. got itself involved ~ cunts!

Interestingly though, on this occasion, not a war crime, just that many of these items ended up, I guess in “safe keeping.” Like in the U.K.’s Victoria and Albert Museum. The British Museum and the Met Museum, to name but three.

And now they want it all back.

Nominated by: Lord Scunthorpe

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55 thoughts on “Cambodia’s Missing Antiquities

  1. They aren’t missing at all; they’re right there. The Cambodians would be able to see them if they’d stop squinting………. sorry.

  2. Have them.
    And they’re not missing – I can see them right there in the fkin photo!
    Any idea where our national pride has been expatriated to?

  3. Good job they did go “missing”, I hear that Pol Pot wasn’t too keen on history now, was he?

    or is this outrage because whitey took them I wonder?

  4. Smash them all up with a hammer and post the bits back in jiffi bags.

    Postage not paid.

    • UT@ – Mark them “FAO Pol Pot”! 😀👍
      I have worked with some Cambodians – grafters, kind and hard as fkin nails.

    • They haven’t a Pol Pot to piss in.
      Fuck em.
      Ours now Donny Mao,
      I’m a big fan of keeping everything we nicked in the good old days,
      From the Elgin marbles to Benin bronzes.
      Spoils fall to the heroes,
      Red jerkin,pith helmet,
      Fixed bayonet,
      Fire at will!!!
      Lovely 🇬🇧🇬🇧

      • Mnc@ – It turns out we didn’t nick anything, ever – we were just getting our property back from felonious foreigners!
        Shifty no good felonious foreigners..
        Can we return the shit of Africa?

  5. I’m sure most of the Cambodian population will arrive here sooner or later so they’ll be on their fucking doorstep.
    There’s a lot of real people we need to give back before we get round to fucking statues.

    • To be fair their cheap to feed.
      Bowl of rice Krispies feeds a family of four.

      • Mnc@ – Well they aren’t having my Frosties – I had to have a fight with Miss Busty before she finally relented! (She wouldn’t let me sit in the supermarket trolley though – alleged I was being childish!)

      • I’m more a porridge man Foxy but I am partial to Farley’s rusks.
        Missus took the piss “they’re for babies!!”
        When I came home with some from Aldi.

        I fired loads of em into a big bowl, milk,
        And ate them,
        Full of vitamins minerals etc,
        I did the Akita a bowl too .

        We’re cereal killers.

  6. There are a number of things that we would like back too.

    Australia, America, India, large swathes of Africa and a huge chunk of France.

    Purely for safe keeping, you understand.

    • As long as we didn’t have to have swathes of the filthy peasants over here.

      By peasants, I mean Australians.

  7. How about my family’s precious jewels that the Romans nicked? Give them back. Admittedly, we’d nicked them off some poor Scotch bastids.

    Tell these bug-eating, chînkchilla, buckteeth spyder-monkeys to fuck off or we’ll dust off the tins of napalm.

  8. Cambodian (some) women are fucking fit, they don’t seem to overly slitty, back to the bits of stone, who gives a shit.

  9. When is our national identity being returned to us?
    When does “have a go at whitey Englishman” stop?

      • ‘This is the first time since 2004 when EU Measuring Instruments directive required use of the EU-wide ‘CE mark’ to demonstrate conformity with EU rules’

        What a shower they were. Thank goodness we can say ‘were’

        I remember the crown on pint pots from when I was a glass collector in a nightclub. I never knew it vanished because of a ‘directive’.

        Funny it was those seemingly ‘petty’ things that most got me most about that ‘instutution.

        How petty they were.

      • MP@ – Afternoon Miles – “American born tramp of Turkish muslim heritage pretends to be loyal to a Hun and a Zorba who never did a days fucking work in their lives”..
        I was forced to attend the Silver Jubilee – much against my will as I had fuck all time for Liz the leech even back then.

  10. They eat grasshoppers an creepy crawlies.
    They’re the French of Asia.

    You get nowt!
    And keep out of my baitbox.

  11. We should tell the fifth column, anti English hand wringers of the BBC that when the Swiss banks and countless others hand back Nazi loot, we might consider giving the idea a passing thought. Until then, anyone we lorded over centuries ago can fuck off!

  12. They are just the usual tat you get from asia, probably fall to bits in a year or two.
    I would spray the little yellow bastards with napalm, give them something to really complain about.

  13. Cambodia, Greece and all the rest had fuck all interest in their cultural past when we invented archeology. Look what’s happened in Iraq. All their stuff would have been much better off here. Chinese clog up the British museum because they destroyed their culture in the 1950s . The Greeks were burning the Acropolis for lime before Lord Elgin arrived. I’d give back the Benin bronzes to Nigeria however as they are made of bronze obtained from coin obtained from selling their fellow sooties into slavery.

    • Yeah, the cheeky foreign fucks.
      We’ll arm wrestle you for it!

      • Mnc@ – No need – we’ll call round for JTC, you hold the foreign devils, JTC works the body and we post online with a warning “Want your shit back? Get to fuck!”
        We can give these sneaky brutes no quarter Sir!

  14. Cambodia? Is that place still around?
    I would love to recover the US antiquities of morality and integrity.
    Getting Ronald Reagan back would be nice too.

  15. While those guys are shitting out swords has anybody given a thought as to how they’re going to wipe their arsed?
    Typical slope,it’s all “me me me”.

  16. Arses,not arsed. This phone clearly can’t be arsed to print what I write. The shit.

  17. I remember the bombing of Cambodia. All about this is going to stop the war. When everyone was sick to death of it Nixon was escalatung the thing again.
    Nixon’s voice-going through the ‘strategy’ again, explaning it.
    How old would I have been then? About 13. But even I remember thinking why is America bombing a little aisan peasant country like Cambodia. On the other side of the planet from them.
    Have held to that non-interventionist view since then.

    • Is this part of your ongoing series of ‘challenging wanks’ Mr Cunt Engine?

  18. Patricia Brake (Ingrid in Porridge) has just thrown a seven.

    Dropping like flies, I tell thee.

  19. I see their point…it’s modern day looting….the same as the looting of the museums in Iraq. It is their part of heritage and these things should be returned.

    The Lindisfarne Gospels should also be returned to their rightful home afore Sadiq Khan announces that they are offensive to Peaceful people and burned.

      • Terrifying to think that someone like him is in charge of our Capital city.


    • Afternoon, Your Grace. Anything not called Mohammed is offensive to peacefuls. They are more than happy to destroy everything on the planet that doesn’t correspond to their way of thinking. Fuck ’em.

      • The Buddhas of Bamiyan come to mind. Those statues carved into the rock. The Taliban blew them up.

        A bit like the mountaineer when asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest replied –‘because it is there’

        ‘Why did you blow them up?’
        ‘Because they were there’.

      • Just think there must have been many centuries of Buddhist belief in Afghanistan for those statues to have been made.

        Imagine if the whole country had maintained Buddhist beliefs instead of embracing Islam.

        What a gentle, peace-loving people we would have today.

        What might have been.

      • Stockholm Syndrome is a term dreamed up by psychiatrists to describe appeasement in the hope that a murderer, or bunch thereof, won’t errrrr, murder you. The average western cunt won’t even argue with a peaceful. The average peaceful won’t think twice about taking a knife to your throat. That difference is the end of the west. That’s my view and truth isn’t fucking racist.

      • They blew it and other ancient works up because they are taught that anything pre 640 AD, birth of Mohammad, is irrelevant, wrong, Satanic, etc. They’d blow up Giza pyramids of they could, the smelly cunts.

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