Birmingham City Council (2) Clean Air Charges

(Pity there can’t be a “No Scumbag Area” in some cities – Day Admin)

Just received a PCN for breaching the clean air code or whatever that is for daring to pop into the outskirts of Birmingham and visit a shop the day after visiting a friend in Walsall.

£60 if paid early (which I did as can’t afford that let alone £120 if I appeal and lose)

I know ignorance is no excuse but I had no idea the council ( probably liebour run) had this in force and I certainly wasn’t looking out for signs as too busy trying to find the shop using satnav.

Do they contact you to say you have 6 days from entering the zone to pay the £8 charge then if you don’t pay charge the fine ? No they just wait till after the six days and send you the fine. Cunts.

The fact that the fucking M6 more or less runs overhead the shop is irrelevant it seems.
Like I can afford the fine, that’s two weeks petrol and food for me so looks like I’m cutting back.

Been researching and it looks like there is no point to appeal. Fucking fuming.

Birmingham council you are cunts of the highest degree a plague on all your houses and I hope a meteorite hits your offices.

Nominated by: Onceacuntalwaysacunt

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51 thoughts on “Birmingham City Council (2) Clean Air Charges

  1. Good nom Once A Cunt.
    Sorry to hear you got nabbed.
    Cunt Khan wants to extend emissions zone out to all Greater London Boroughs and I think including the M25.
    So that’s your average white van man hammered.
    All councils are theiving lazy no good shitbags IMHO! 😠

  2. If you have a pet with a regular name, say George or Bob, register him as the keeper and you as the owner.
    Then fuck all letters to him into the bin.
    Fuck councils, they put themselves first, I saw the leader of Hammersmith Council being interviewed in the on house magazine talking about her 3 day week around 2010.
    Cunt was on a 6 figure salary.

  3. It’s amazing how if you pay to go into these so called clean air zones it’s ok. How does that help the environment.bunch of robbing cunts. Amazing how all these fucking chicken shops and curry houses get away with polluting the atmosphere

  4. To be honest, the air in Birmingham does need cleaning.

    A simple matter of transporting half the population back to where they came from.

  5. My wife was born and raised in Birmingham and I moved there when we married in 1974. We left in 1999. Best move we ever made. Never going back.

  6. Tolls, & all that, have become so “stelth” these days. I can remember when the Dartford Crossing, was “pay as you go.” Now it’s the “Dart Charge.”
    So your first notification, will be the letter on your doormat. It’s a cunt, because what has been done, is not intentional. & that’s a bit unfair.

  7. I pay road tax, tax on my fuel, tax on the spare parts I buy, tax on my insurance and tax on the income I have which funds these things.
    Clean air tax as well?
    Fuck off – how about getting a few dangerous, uninsured p*kimobiles off the fucking road instead? (it is a well known ruse in the carpet riding community for half a dozen people to share one licence and one insurance policy – any problems with the cops and just pull the “no speaky English” routine).
    Are the “politicians” who thought up this bullshit paying it when they are out and about in their chauffer driven limos? Nope, I don’t believe they are.

    • Clean Air Zones are just a stealth tax.
      They don’t effect levels of pollution from traffic or have any environmental benefits.

      Birmingham, London, Bristol, I think Bath?
      Have them,
      And harelipped pocketdipping champagne socialist Andy Burnham tried for Greater Manchester.

      The Greater Manchester one has 6weeks to be resolved and Burnham saying taxis, white van man, etc won’t be charged.
      After a backlash where he got a roasting.

      It would of cost me £10 a day a nice little earner for the commie Mayor as it wouldn’t just effect Greater Manchester but bordering areas that pass through on the way during the working day .

      A pisstake people can I’ll afford especially at the moment.

      • Aye and how much did the commie S.paz spunk on the signs for it?

        The daft twat

      • In Bristol the mayor said it was coming from Central Government. Make your mind up. I highly doubt that central government wants to end up fining people for going about their daily business and freedom. However city centres do have high pollution, it’s always going to happen in industry. It’s an anti real capitalist social champagne socialist agenda.

      • The Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone has no support from a single councillor.

        Burnham has had to shelve it.

        The Manchester Zone is purposely sporadic in nature. There isn’t just a single zone in the centre. It’s one bit of road here and there. Parts of Bury, Wigan etc are embroiled in the shite too.

        I feel sorry for the likes of Barratt’s of Oldham who have ran an ancient fleet of ERF’s for donkey’s years.
        His whole fleet would need renewing. Do the likes of Burn-him really think that a small haulier can afford to buy a new fleet of Euro 6 wagons, and afford the maintenance on them?

        Or even a working class family being able to afford a Euro 6 diesel or an electric car?

        The cunt isn’t living on the same planet.

        And I hope there will be a reduction in road tax proportional to the amount of roads that I’m prohibited from driving on for free?

  8. I recently parked in a pub car park scouting around for venues for a Family gathering. Somewhat to my surprise around 10 days later I received a £60 PCN.
    Hmm – night time, dark car park, no signs – nothing except a hidden CCTV fisheye lens which records vehicles going in and automatically issues a penalty notice (I subsequently found out after a phone call).
    They agreed to scrub the PCN and I agreed not to issue a counter claim they had no legal way of defending.
    (Well it was a fucking liberty!)

  9. Another tax dressed up as We Know What’s Best.

    It has to be said that councils are always desperate for more money,due to the fact that they are utterly fucking useless.

    Naturally they can always scratch up enough for another Mudslime community terrorist centre.

    A pack of rats.

  10. That’s another sensible reason not to visit Birminghamistan. I occasionally go for work purposes but let someone else drive which saves me losing my rag.

    • I have to go to Great Barr later this year for my wife’s granddaughter’s wedding. But, I ain’t driving so I don’t care. London and Birmingham, both foreign countries, Manchester rapidly getting there, along with other major, and minor, cities.

  11. Bradford are introducing a charged for “Clean Air Zone” but I think they miss the point that most people would need to paid to drive into Bradford in the first place.

    Exemptions include 53 Reg Audis, BMWs with illegal number plates, Quad Bikes and anything made by Seat or VW.

    Electric scooters with people four up are also exempt.

    • Bradford’s clean air zone only targets HGV’s.

      We don’t want to upset Amjad in his X reg Passat do we?

      • X Reg today but given the number of assorted number plates in the boot for when he “fills up” who knows what it could be tomorrow?

  12. We’re going back to the Turnpike Trusts of the 18th century………fucking toll roads! Instead of a geezer to open the gate we’ve got the all seeing electronic eye to rob your bank account. All for our own good of course. You know it makes sense.

  13. I’m so glad I no longer drive.
    What a crock of shite!
    Clean air, my arse.

  14. The Commonwealth Games in Brum this year. Expect a load of w*gs flying in on a one way ticket and loads of wokies to turn up whining about fucking colonialism or some such shit.

    • When Manchester held the Commonwealth games in 2002 a load of the athletes from third world shitholes fucked off and disappeared.

    • To balance it out a little you’ll see me in a white suit, feathery hat on a palanquin carried by topless Polynesian ladies with a couple of punkah wallahs, taking pot shots at anyone darker than my ivory swagger stick.

  15. Yes Birmingham is a Labour controlled council. Not only have they introduced this poxy clean air zone, which if you know it’s boundaries just moves traffic into the areas outside it, but the cunts have gone around the suburbs blocking off roads with fuckin massive planters (stealthily installed during the lock down without any fuckin consultation) to create a so called “Low Traffic Neighbourhood” it’s caused fuckin havoc to the point where emergency vehicles can’t access roads and have to divert around it. I hope one of the cunts on the council who lives in one of these fuckin zones has a heart attack and dies because the ambulance had to divert and took 10 minutes longer to turn up. CUNTS

    • One can only hope and pray.
      Let’s see how much their ” clean air” act actually cleans the air.
      What a load of cunts. Just call it what it is.
      A toll.

    • I am going to do a nom on the south Fulham LTN and the thieving shit bags that instigated it in the coming says.


  16. Another stealth tax to cover the cost of our welcome ‘guests’ / replacements. That £5m / day hotel bill has to be paid somehow.

    • That’s the 1.25% hike in national insurance. For ‘social care’ bullshit.

      • This is for all the fuckers who don’t preplan, don’t worry now care homes up going up at a rate of knots now. Wonder if Rishi Sunak has anything to do with it? Doubt he he is whiter than white.

  17. Elect cunts, you get cunts laws. I understand that some have an interest in air pollutions, but I see nor hear any calls for restrictions upon the pollutants caused by the City Camel population. Did you know that Camel shit is only seconded by a Park in Stanley . ?

  18. Yeah, the Low Traffic Neighbourhood scam has been nicked from Suckdick who, no doubt stole it from somebody else. They are all cunts together with the same cunning plan to drive us off the roads.

  19. It’s all for posterity you see, but ask yourself this, what has posterity ever done for you?

    • Wouldn’t mind but I don’t even like clean air!
      Sets off my allergies and asthma.


      • The residents of Birmingham don’t give a fuck about clean air. If they did they wouldn’t be living in Birmingham.

  20. Last time I went to Birmingham I was shocked. I felt like I was in Bangalore. How can the second biggest financial city in the UK who don’t believe in interest be so popular?

  21. All large cities in this country have the cleanest air for 300 years. All down to the fossil fuels we use for everything including all medicines ,fertilisers and the internet( which uses more energy than the aviation industry)

  22. I lived in Brum for 25 years and emigrated to Australia ( NSW ) in 1978. Have been back many times to see family who are still there. Each and everyone says the same thing “Wish I had done it ”
    Each time I go back it seems the shit has just got higher and deeper. Brum is fucked and so is much of the UK.

  23. Only drove through Birmingham once en-route on a bus trip to Cadbury World. It looks like a shit hole. The first billboard I saw was with Lenny Henry on it saying “Get Checked For Diabetes” or something like that. Vast warehouses to store Frank Skinner’s Porn Mag Collection. A truly depressing place. Cadbury World was OK which was a bonus.

  24. The government and councils are just thieving, robbing bastards.

    Rob them back. Make them pay.

    Do as many cash in hand jobs as you can.

    Run on low/untaxed fuel.

    Contaminate recycling bins with hidden shit.
    If I lived on a suburban street, I’d love to stick a 5 gallon drum full of dirty engine oil in the green bin with old Christmas tree cuttings tied to it to disguise it. The cardboard bin would be even better as the cuntcils get good money for cardboard, but that would contaminate the load.

    I’m even starting to come round to the idea of fly-tipping, because the tip is such fucking hassle.
    No wonder there’s piles of shit tipped everywhere.
    I hate to see litter and fly-tip sites, but the draconian attitudes at the local tips drive people to such measures. And another way to hit them in the pocket. This goes against my love if the countryside, but I’m afraid fire must be fought with fire, or else where will this shit stop.

    Councils are always cash-strapped because they are poorly managed and piss money up the wall left, right and centre. Then average Joe Soap has to pick up the pieces.

    Fuck off the lot of you. Robbing cunts. If I have to pay, you cunts certainly will.

  25. Clean Air Tax my fucking arse.
    Where’s the clean air that everyone’s paying for then?
    Doesn’t exist.
    Just refuse to pay- they want payment for something they’re not delivering.
    Thieving cunts.

  26. Something amiss here. What is the point of paying a fortune for catalytic converters and particulate traps as well (Diesel engine) then being charged because of your life threatening emissions. Pretty damm sure that the emissions from my car are cleaner than the air going in and I live out in the sticks.

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