The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Queenie & her Platinum Jubilee.

Well from where I am sitting, vast swaths of the public backstreets will soon be closed off, courtesy of our local arse licking councils, so that we can all have our street parties, & be rest assured that everything will be safe.

No crazy Herpes delivery drivers, or home deliveries, & the paths by then should have been cleared of cars. The usual charity tins will be rattling a plenty, but no one will have the front to ask them for the cause? & there will always be some cunt selling food for 10 times it’s value.

So yes if the old bat does just happen to last for another two months, we can all dwell in this spectacle together!

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Well I don’t know about how you fellow cunters out there feel, but I would much rather eat my own arse, preferably after a serious bout of E.coli & Norovirus combined, than endure this saggy bag of royal ballshit. “God save the queen?”…Fuck off!

Nominated by: Lord Scunthorpe

94 thoughts on “The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

  1. I’m surprised Putin’s name hadn’t cropped up yet.
    Oh well, still time for his dictatorship to rule over us all.
    Unkle Terry had it right, all it would have took was an announcement on Christmas day to publicise grooming gangs , job done. Give me a refund,you fat ankled trout.

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