Patrick Lyoya & Family

Welcome everyone, to da new George Floyd. The MSM narrative of course, is horrid honky cop shoots innocent black gentleman…but wait…

It appears this clown (who could speak and understand English) was driving a stolen car. He then refuses to stay in the car and when asked for his licence, runs away and fights with the police officer. He then tries to grab the cop’s tazer in the struggle, at which point (after fighting with the cop for a few minutes) he gets shot.

And the cop was absolutely right to do so.

You’d think, in a normal world, that would be the end of it. But no. The uppity chippity demonstrations have started and the ‘from de Congo’ dad (speaking through an interpreter, despite living in America for several years) says, ‘His life has ended.’ The brother (his brother not his dad) then says the cops should release the name of the copper. Like with Chauvin you mean? Smelling de compo?

I bet they will release his name too, once those fucking anti white commies in power hear about this. He’ll be thrown to the wolves like Chauvin and the others were, and this useless criminal family will be made multi millionaires too.

Get to fuck, he got what he deserved the thick, violent, criminal twat.

Perhaps his dad should’ve brought his son up not to be criminal filth, then he might not be brown bread.

I’d charge him for the bullet.

Fuck off.
(Night Admin found the full action movie. Enjoy! – NA)

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92 thoughts on “Patrick Lyoya & Family

  1. I feel very sorry for the police officer-just following due procedure.
    The fatal error he made, was not deploying his taser sooner.

    What white person would want to be a police officer in the US of A?

  2. W hat the fuck is the USA doing taking cunts from the fucking Congo? Dont they have enough trouble with their southern border and their home grown entitled criminal looters?
    Even if these cunts were law abiding they just need to look at their bredren and see how things work.

  3. In this instance the Police should all down tools and rise up untill sanity is restored. What kind of world are we living in when a cop can’t do his job without fear of arrest and jail time..
    To many politicians are afraid of their careers being tarnished by the woke cunts and other assorted scum that they are prepared to throw ordinary Police to the wolves

    • Completely agree FF, but some honky cops were prepared to throw Chauvin under the bus to further their own careers.

      I recall a few during his show trial, who stood on the stand and did all they could to make sure he got 40 years in prison.

      For what? A fucking promotion? One was a ‘high up’ and no doubt did it to protect his job and pension.

      I found that fucking disgusting.

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