Vandalism and the Far Right?

Some cunt is daubing runic symbols on old buildings in York.

A spokescunt has said:
“We reported to special branch when targeted back in November. They weren’t investigating as [they] said it was isolated. Some of the symbols/runes we had were associated with far right/white supremacists.”

Spokescunt obviously disappointed that his paranoia not acted on.

Yep, get Special Branch involved due to the swastikas and SS style script. Except it isnt. This is hippy dippy runic shite. Fuck all to do with the ever present far right white supremacists who terrorise us all. Daily. They probably get the bus from Harrogate, that hotbed of neo Naziism. The cunts.

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65 thoughts on “Vandalism and the Far Right?

  1. No black, Asian or half caste person ever commits crimes in Britain. Every white person will be guilty till proved innocent – and even then there will be doubts stirred by MPs and the Guardian. The pilot for a Starmer Britain – even the current Conservative government. Even the many stabbings in London described as black on black will be adjusted so the killer is a white man in blackface – that IS Saddiq Kunts London already.

  2. Whatever happened to just spray painting a giant cock and balls?

    Perhaps with a drop of jizz coming out?

    The fancy cunts.

    • Oh and this particular vandalism has about as much to do with the oft mentioned yet never uncovered “far right” as the Afghan space program.

    • Morning UT…someone whatsapped me a pic last week that had me pissing myself…the silver badge on the back of an Iveco van had writing in the dirt either side of it to read:
      mass IVECO ck!
      Well done, that man.

      • That’s me sorted for my spare time the next few weeks. On the lookout for those vans to do that to. Genius!

  3. Hehehe 😀
    Itll be vikings that did that,
    Not the Far Right.

    Ive not seen Far Right graffiti since the 80s.

    NF itd say.
    Nowt else, not much to say see?
    Men of few words your far right thugs.

    And if they were doing graffiti they were probably kids as grown men dont fuckin bother.

    I miss old school graffiti.

    “Miserable has a 12in dong”

    See that on buses round Stockport back in the day.

    I like to do my own PR work.

    • “Miserable has a 12in dong” and in brackets..”…stuck up his arse” ?



      • Morning Dick😁

        I was of the belief if you write it enough some curious girl would be gullible enough to test it out!

        Once she was dissapointed its too late,
        No refunds, so to speak.

    • Reminds me of a very old joke. Back in the day pre 70’s bellbottoms in the RN fastened up front on both sides like a flap.
      Sailor persuades a girl he has 2 big C*cks and off they go for a BJ. He takes it out one side and she performs the act.
      After he puts it away she insists on seeing the other one, so he takes it out again from the other side of the flap.
      Not as big as the other one is it? she says.
      He replies. That’s because it’s sulking it never got out first.

  4. I saw some cunt wearing a white bobble hat and white tracksuit top jogging in the park the other day. Quite clearly flaunting his membership of the Ku Klux Klan. ( yes, they are over here, they’re everywhere)
    These far right cunts just do what they want and the coppers do fuck all, despite the warnings of Suckdick, Flabbott, The Jaffa Cake Man and other clued up intellectuals. He looked an awful lot like Trump now I come to think of it.

  5. The “far right” is the mythical unicorn fart of the 2020s.

    The myth is perpetuated by the likes of Owen ‘Juice’ Jones and other fruity, far-left cunts, along with cassock-lifters of the Church, gay MPs and those who are uncertain of their gender, e.g. Benjamin Butterworth.

    Pull a fucking great hole in the earth with a 30 tonne JCB, drop the cunts in and cover it over. Job done 👍.

  6. Fucking amateurs….if they want to see real Nazi symbols, they should have seen the state of ” Goldfarb and Finkliestein-Tailors to the Gentry” shop after they overcharged me to make an S.S. Obergruppenführer uniform for my exclusive fancy-dress party….looked like Leni Riefenstahl had got loose with a gallon of pig’s blood.

    • Fuckers also refused to pay the cleaning bill after my uniform got splashed while I went about my protest….typical tight Front Wheel Skids.

  7. Just say “Banksy” did it. The thick cunts will selling postcards with pictures on it Problem solved blame it on Banksy. Everyone s a winner.

    • In the Haga Sophia in Istanbul theres the same kinda of runes carved into the marble balastrade.
      A bored viking mercenary did it.
      Halfdan was here It says or something.
      Although special branch haven’t been called.

      What a load of shite.
      Far right my arse.

      • You’re right, MNC. I saw a documentary on YouTube about it. It translates as “Olaf is a big homo who likes mens bottoms”

  8. I agree this looks like some pagan Druidic Celtic dip shit. They use runes and symbolism. Not usually associated with the extreme right as they can’t read or white English let alone use runes

    The standard default now is it must be the far right. If it’s not the far right it’s Brexiteers.

  9. Looks very much like the stuff that used to get daubed all over Stonehenge, in various colours to me, before it got restricted. Skinheads? Nah. More like the Druids.

  10. Bet this was Vernon Fox.
    Hes in York.
    Hes probably been in the Jorvik centre, got carried away on his way home!
    Hepped up on norse mythology and race hate,
    Desecrated this church.
    Just his style that is.

    We know it was you.
    Special Branch are looking for you.
    Luckily special branch haven’t twigged!😁

    • Mnc@ – It was all a big misunderstanding – on my way to deliver Sir Fiddler his new SS Colonel outfit for the hunt ball – made by the exclusive outfitters “Goldfarb and Finkliestein-Tailors to the Gentry” (by all accounts there was a “dispute over the bill” and some disappointing behaviour exhibited by the customer..) I got an emergency phone call from Tommy Robinson “A got Family visiting at weekend, front doors a mess – can you give it a lick of paint a bit quickish?”.
      The only paint I had left was a bit of red, and given my rather appalling sense of direction and somewhat basic grasp of the English language I did the wrong front door – and nearly running out of paint I couldn’t do all the door so did some entertaining squiggles.
      This led to an unfortunate situation and some wicked accusations..

      • Miserable might have let you have some of his Cunty Cream Emulsion if he’d known what it was for,Vern.

  11. Let’s face it if you voted brexit and don’t swallow the wokie media bullshit then you are “far right” these days. I include myself in that although I don’t recall stabbing random cunts in the street, slaughtering little girls at pop concerts or planting bombs on buses and trains. But I am obviously dangerous.
    By the way, if any of you cunts grass me up you’re getting an envelope full of earwigs pushed through your letterbox.
    You have been warned.

    • There is even songs now saying “I’m pro black but not anti white” I have no opinion you the colour of your skin. But if you are a cunt then so be it.

  12. It could be handwritten KFC order scribed by an africunt immigrant using some oogabooga dialect for all we know.

    • And the few whites there are in this country all support BLM and uncontrolled immigration from the continent of Africa.

    • correct. My Jewish acquaintance is worried about the influx of Ukrainians – he says it’s bad enough with the mozzers.

      • Don’t worry about Ukrainians-the emergency directive from the EU that Boeis and chums are fully supporting, means any “stateless” refugees (ie. Muslim from Iran-Syria) are likely to be the ones coming to the UK🧐

    • Sadly that is very true smug. I was just reading something on that matter this morning and was shocked to see that a Battalion of Nazi affiliated cunts are amalgamated into the National Guard of Ukraine.
      That Zelenski cunt kept that fucking quiet !

      • Not that quiet, it’s been common knowledge for a while, mind you, the usual suspects (Al BBCeera etc) used to point this out, that was until it became politically expedient not to talk about such things.
        That’s why it’s been funny (if you can apply that word to what’s happening) watching so many ‘antifa’ leftists rushing to support actual fucking Nazis whilst painting their opponents as ‘Nazi adjacent’ in their current doublespeak.
        Sheeple cunts, the lot of them.

  13. It’s a message for the milkman! “8 pints today please. Yes I said 8 pints.”

  14. Probably the work of East Europeans, or Students, York is full of them.

    Far right my arse.

  15. What a crock of shit!

    Translated it says:

    “Trans women are women”

    The culprit(s)-Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Twotson👎

      • Looking up “Emma Watson is a cunt” is what brought me to this wonderful place. I knew I couldn’t be the only one who despised her. With any luck her throbbing black mamba vibrator will overheat, and cause her to melt from the inside out.
        What a slaaag she is.

  16. What’s the betting the “councillor” in York, pushing the far-right narrative, is a Liberal or is id a particular “persuasion”😉

    Coincidentally, the symbol used for “extinction rebellion” is a Runic one🤔

    • I remember first seeing the ER symbol chalked in a car park in Gloucester. I thought some German panzer division re-enactment mob were visiting and had gone a bit crazy on the Alpine Lager served by the the two Sam Smiths pubs in town.

      • I spotted an XR symbol that has been painted on the stonework of a railway bridge, yesterday.
        Probably been there for several years-the council will probably give it a listed status👎

    • CG@ – The Councillor in question is (what a fucking surprise) Darryl Smalley, Liberal Democrat.

  17. Special Branch have tracked these fascists down to the Harrogate Tearooms where they plan their next atrocity.

  18. This “Far Right” is alongside Big Foot, UFO autopsies, and The Boogey Man. Where are they? Where do they meet? Oh yes they meet at the voting polls and vote for Trump I forgot.
    How long before whites are in camps with a white swastika on a striped jumpsuit?

  19. More chance of keeping a Tasmanian Tiger as a pet than indulging in far right plotting round here. The woke descends and blankets all, turning once sane people to fuckwit fools. Black

  20. “The two 8’s side by side are a symbol used by the far right and some of the other symbols could represent HH – a clear reference to Heil Hitler”. 🤪🤪🤡
    If this was not so premeditated and evil it would be laughable – and the last time I looked I do not recall Tolkien being a member of the “far right”.
    We are moving further and further into the comedy propaganda and demonization used by the nazis in 1930’s Germany every day – but those desperate to pin a “far right extremist” narrative into everything mention nothing about our “site dwelling friends” who have twice targeted York churches to thieve the lead, or the deliberate and premeditated burning and destruction of churches and cathedrals all over Europe by some “lone wolf mentally ill members of a peaceful religion” – why is that?
    There IS dangerous, unhinged extremism in the UK – and every bit of it is directly aimed at white, heterosexual working class predominantly English Men over the age of forty – because when they get rid of “the old guard” there will be no one to stop them – and this vile hate campaign is actively supported and encouraged by politicians and the MSM – we now have communism in everything but name.
    If the “liberals” (the fucking irony of that title) had their way they would be loading us onto trains and marching us into camps at gunpoint – what was “the loony left” minority fringe in the 70’s and 80’s has been morphed into something very, very evil and it is not an exaggeration to say “we are surplus to requirements in their new world order, they hate us and they want us dead”.
    Because they do, and they do.

  21. The far right are more interested in stopping more dark keys and raggy heads coming over than painting poncey signs on churches.

    On the note of raggies, got me thinking of terrorists, which triggered Iran and then Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, the homely British but no so British from Iran originally.

    Don’t get me wrong, the kings of Kebab are cunts for keeping her for six years but it would ‘appear’ that ransoms do work and on TV last night Jeremy Cunt said on TV, I am pleased she is coming back and the 400 million is not a ransom, it is a debt we owe…

    Hmmmmmm – really. OK so these cunts order 1,500 odd tanks and armoured vehicles and apparently paid up front for them, so what. We’ve just proven that we’re cunts and will pay ransoms and I wonder what message this sends out to the rest of the world.

    That £400 Millions surely can go towards the cost of all the raggy headed cunts that have come here, had their mosques built by taxpayers money and their multiple wives with 20 screaming kids housed for the last 50 years..! They should be writing us another cheque – dirty camel jockeys.

    Fuck right off!

  22. Bored Goth, metal Teens strike again.
    There is not one Nazi symbol to see.
    The Police should however investigate all passed Vicars, and youth groups at the Church. You bet your bottom Dollar some kid felt the power of the Lord on thier buttocks.

  23. The police did not investigate at first.

    They would have been straight on it if it were a mosque.

  24. As the country, including the Tory party, lurches to the left, it means that sensible people in the middle are now considered ‘far right extremists’.
    Anyone remember Michael Douglas in ‘Falling Down’ who looks surprised and says ‘I’m the bad guy now??’ ?

  25. The far right have been known to attack churches… Especially in France.

    • Along with Muslims that were given the role as some sort of caretaker in France a year ago that burnt down his church…. Go figure

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