The European Union [5] – ‘La Grande Illusion’

Well it’s official. It’s been confirmed that all of those voting to leave the EU in the Brexit referendum did so because they were ‘misled’, and were the victims of ‘disinformation’ about the role and objectives of the organisation. Leavers didn’t know what they were voting for. We couldn’t grasp the advantages of paying over billions every year for the privilege of being told what to do by a bunch of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

Who says so? Why, er, the EU, naturally. What a surprise.

Ironically, Brussels did in a sense get it right. We were misled, but this actually happened at the time of the referendum on joining the European Economic Community in 1975. We were assured that the EEC would remain a trading bloc, and would not transform itself into a political union.

What did we get? Creeping mutation, as the EEC slowly but surely became the suffocating, bloated plutocratic nightmare that we know and loathe today. This, I’m sure, is what was always secretly intended by those controlling and driving the long-term agenda.

If reports are anything to go by, the EU has learned some lessons from the Brexit experience, but not for the better. In future, it’ll be hell bent on making sure that it’s nigh on impossible for any other country to escape from its stranglehold.

As Abraham Lincoln might have put it: ‘the EU; government of cunts, by cunts, for cunts’. A plague on the house of all those who want to drag us back in.

Nominated by: Ron Knee

66 thoughts on “The European Union [5] – ‘La Grande Illusion’

  1. Well said Ron.

    A common market with reduced trade barriers is one thing.

    Being enmeshed in a deeply undemocratic cabal is quite another.

    Having said that the largely pathetic craven position taken by Our Betters in Britain since we escaped is a disgrace.

    The complete failure to recognise that it boiled down to reclaiming control of our borders and laws is the work of a pack of cunts.

    But that’s what we’re stuck with it seems.

    At least the weather is turning for the better,at least that’s what the Scottish lass with big tits told me onth idiot box.

  2. A number of opinion polls in EU countries have suggested that several other countries would vote to leave in a referendum. Which is precisely why none of them will ever be given a referendum.

    • Actually we were already in the EEC in 1975. The vote was to remain in or to leave. To my eternal regret, I believed the lying bastard Heath when he said it was just a trading arrangement and would not lead to any loss of sovereignty. The scales soon fell from my eyes.

    • Excellent RK and some brilliant brilliant posts

      Our membership always grated on me , what we joined and what we eventually left was chalk and cheese..

      I particularly hate these absolute cunts who post

      FBPE on Twitter

      Somehow taking the moral high ground insinuating if you voted for Brexit you were Anti Europe? Somehow less European?

      Surly it’s should be

      FBPEE ?

      I voted Brexit and like millions of Brexit voters love EUROPE with all its history and diversity BUT absolutely HATE the overbearing top down unaccountable CUNTY EU …….

      Fuck the EU and WEF ……..

  3. I voted to join a free trade area in 1975. I didnt vote for the EU with it’s Euro favouring German industry and centralised unelected control.

  4. Tariff free trade, other than that it’s fucking shit.

    What fuck is the need for European Parliament or commission, we pissed the cunts off and despite doing everything to stop us leaving we said ‘fuck off’

    A free trade agreement with Australia doesn’t need a new Anglo-Australian Parliament 😂

  5. As we all know, things have just got worse! & when the weather is fine, from Calais to Dover is just one example.

    • It does not help the situation that the term (& what it is) an illegal immigrant, is (if not already) just like the ‘N’ word become a derogratory term.

  6. My relatives in 1975 (not me I was in Rhodesia at the time) all voted a resounding “NO” to the “common market”, they had the foresight to see what putting your food supply in the hands of the French would do, and what putting your economic trust in the Germans would do too, ironically many of those Anti EEC types (Corbyn and his ilk) are now quite pro EU, money talks and they’ve done well out of fucking others over, they think the EU is socialist, like fuck it is, its a globalist shit show to keep dissent at bay, look up how the fuckers would allow capital punishment for dissenting against them, its near the back of the treaty so hope no-one has noticed, the cunts!!!

    • Yeah, didnt understand?
      I understood what I was voting for.
      Its what I got that I don’t understand.

      1) french fishing vessels still raping our fishing waters
      2) unaddressed illegal immigration
      3) a adherence to european law

      Ever get the feeling youve been cheated?.

      • + 1

        With hindsight I think we ought to have the referendum again with two choices: 1 rejoin or 2 actually leave properly. I reckon 2 would get 70%+ of the vote this time around.

        Wouldn’t happen though because the troughing cunts at Westminster love their EU backhanders too much.

      • I wonder what Lil Ms Thundercunt has to say about the Eco-unfriendly, factory fishing still being perpetrated?
        Oh that’s OK, cos Scandis are at it too, as well as the frogs and cloggies.

        One last thing… Shaun, have you nommed Verhoftwat for the Deadpool?

  7. I was living in Barry Soetero’s yoo-ess-ay at the time so didn’t vote in the referendum but Ill never forget the joy of mine and Mrs Huntmaster on hearing the result. I had to explain to a lot of septics why we wanted out. Simple really, merely draw parallels to NAFTA and point out that Britain had been ruled by the equivalent of a foreign committee for 40 years and ask Americans how they’d like it if their highest court wasn’t the supreme court but another in Mexico?

    As for this quote from Ron’s post ”I’m sure, is what was always secretly intended”. There wasn’t much of a secret about it. Did not the Treaty of Rome state the aspiration if ever closer union? Didn’t Jean Money openly speak about these things?

    I think we have the internet to thank for some of this. It actually gave people the opportunity to read the original sources. In 1975, few had the resources or know how to actually go and read the treaties so Ted Heath could receive the whole population.

    This is one reason why the internet looks nothing like its first incarnation from the 90’s. It has been gentrified, and balkanized to control information for the masses.

    • Fuck me what a dog’s breakfast of autocorrect shite. I have a new phone and it’s a cunt just like the old one

      Jean Money = Jean Monet

      Receive = deceive.

    • Monnet indeed DID speak quite openly about it.
      And, in Heath’s biography, he is quoted as saying”We can’t tell the public about it, they’ll never vote for it. ” Traitorous old bastard.

      • If you look at old YouTube videos from the 1975 referendum there are a number of things that might strike you. The level of debate was on far higher level than anything we are used to today and how far our present day politicians have sunk.

  8. The entire civil service thinks they are still in the eu and will do anything to fuck over any politician willing to act in a way we are not.

    • The entire political class thinks they are still in the eu and will do anything to fuck over any bastard who just wants his country back.

      Globalism, brought to you by Carl’s Jr.

  9. Remoaners are all cunts. They were cunts then, they are cunts now, they will forever be fucking cunts.
    Never forgive, never forget 🇬🇧

    • AC Grayling, another floppy-haired twat (cf. Verhoftwat) is such a senile, blubbing, bedwetting remoaner that even The Groaniad said he was a liability on any pro-eu argument. What is it about floppy hair? Verminhoftwat, Grayling, Hesselcunt…?

  10. The EU is a multicultural disaster zone. You can’t share sovereignty with a host of different nations and you certainly can’t have a single currency without some nations being plunged into poverty and economic stagnation ( Greece, France and Italy).

    A huge German racket. Run by Germans for Germans and enthusiastically supported by a bunch of Irish cunts so desperate to get out of the clutches of the UK that they will happily suck German cocks all day.


    • By Irish agenda driven wealth interests.
      We the Irish said no to the Lisbon treaty but were forced to vote again.
      Naturally with scare mongers tactics and Mis information expertise
      The result was overturned.
      Personally I voted No to all The Treaties but that’s water under the bridge

      • Ireland was then thrown under a bus by Germany insisting that we do not burn the bond holders which would have dire consequences for the whole of the EU rich countries.

        We were left with a death of 240 billion that we cannot pay back but must service the interest rates yearly.
        Even ordinary Germans thought it a disgrace but that didn’t make for the screenplay

      • Good for you for voting no Mercunty. But the UK has had so much anti- English biile directed at it from Ireland during Brexit that it’s seriously damaged Anglo-Irish relations and left a sour taste. A shame as relations were very healthy before.

    • Had Hitler and his merry men set foot in Eire, I wonder if he’d have fumigated the pikeys, begorrah?

    • I absolutely agree with you on that score
      Idiots trying to influence
      The pawns are always sacrificed
      Best of luck

  11. Bureaucrats make my piss sizzle and pop. They have a 3 fold job description:
    1) Waste my time.
    2) Waste my money.
    3) Enrich themselves.
    In the US we have these cunts running things by proxy no matter what the law or the will of the people is.
    My hard earned money pays their bloated salaries too.

  12. Despite the derison the likes Motherfucker Macron heaps on us and Ursula Whatshername the Madame of the EU brothel, they can’t wait to get us back so they can dictate to, and ponce of us again.

    They are aided and abetted in this by “Sir” Ed Davey (what the fuck has he ever done to be knighted for?) and his grisly looking tart Leyla Moron – all big teeth and big glasses and a condescending grin. Pus Dame Kweer has bought back Mini-Cooper and David “Slubberguts” Lammy. All of these deniers of democracy ought to be rounded up and shot along with that arsewipe Lord Adonis. Let’s not forget the frog-faced turd Steve Bray as well. We did the WU a favour -one less country to argue with . Cunts.

    • I’d give Morgan a good seeing-to, she gives me the horn.
      Deep down, I think mainland Europeans are profoundly jealous of our island status. Also, Escoffier said that British/English puddings were superb. Nothing like a Sussex Pond Pudding, or plain suet pud, with golden syrup.

  13. We joined a three way trade agreement with France and Germany – “The Common Market”. Someone then decided to start a money sucking “European Commission” which then expanded to the globalist control principle of a “European Union” – effectively a gravy train for Civil Servants acting like the Fourth Reich.
    They stole our rights, territories, money and sovereignty, we voted to leave (I am not an “undereducated whitey gammon” and am not too simple to understand that a dictatorship is a dictatorship irrespective of the flowery words they use to disguise the fact). Then we had years of whining, legal challenges, fuckwits outside Parliament with megaphones and the vast majority of the “politicians” who are supposed to serve the people actively working against the people.
    Leaving has been an utter shambles from day one because the “negotiators” are a joke – I would have taken a somewhat harder line – “We do what the fuck we please, you get fuck all money from us and if the EU don’t pay back the value of the money and assets we STILL have in the European Central Bank (now slyly renamed the “European International Bank” in a cynical and obvious attempt at denying liability) we will block their lorries and transport vessels until they do. Further, I would DEMAND the money the EU “Member States” owe us in reciprocal healthcare treatment back within three months or we start deporting their nationals.
    Never send a boy to do a Mans job, and never send a gutless traitor political snake to negotiate a deal with the enemy.
    FUCK the EU – we did not fight two European wars for rat politicians to surrender in peacetime, and FUCK the traitors who constantly whine and twist about the fair result of a fair Referendum – if they love the EU so much then feel free to fuck off to an EU Country – I am more than happy to assist them with a size 11 up the arse.
    “Zut Alor! ‘Ead negotiator Monsieur Fox ‘as punched me in ze face and called me a corpse fucking smelly dw*rf!”
    “Ach – zat is nothing – he has just booted me in my huge cunt and called me a fucking Kraut bitch! – a most unusual negotiating style, Herr Fox is now sat drinking beer and eating beef sandwiches saying what the fuck of it?”

  14. If we weren’t members now, we would never join these gangsters. It’s just a racket.

  15. Me and my motorcycle chums were staying in Bayeux the week we got our freedom back. The Friday evening after the result we thought we would get some agro in the bar from the frenchies but no, hands were shook and to a man & woman they all said ” wish we could have a vote to leave ”

    We said you’ve no chance now..🇬🇧

  16. Some of my work sees me dealing with the Italians, most of who are pleased we left and wish they could do the same.

    The French rug munchers are the ones who feel a bit hard done by, as to the Germans but they don’t say too much about all that do they; 1939 and all that…

    Good nom, just wish Boris would fuck off now but what cunt would replace him?

  17. That Canadian sniper cunt trying to pot Putin, will soon be available again, and for a modest per head charge of 1 million, he would be worth a few billion if we were to take him on. Just think, he could spend the rest of his life gainfully ( and lucratively ) employed offing Eurocrats !

  18. I’d like to warn any potential or sitting MP against making rejoining the EU any part of their manifesto in any oncoming elections.
    They don’t want us back, that’s why.
    Their still getting our money, we still want to sell our products to them and we’re still buying theirs.
    What the fuck has changed, apart from we no longer have MEPs?

  19. I wrote to Mr Rees Mogg to ask him if we can please immediately bin the hated “cookies law” as a sign of good faith that something might actually now be done to enable Brexit:

    Dear xxxxx
    Thank you for your correspondence regarding Brexit.
    The Minister for Brexit Opportunities and Government Efficiency, the Rt. Hon. Jacob Rees- Mogg M.P., will personally read your email and appreciates you taking the time to write.
    Yours sincerely,
    Correspondence Officer
    Public Correspondence Team Cabinet Office

    At the very least the email address I used works:

    • Fuck me sideways, Mikdys.
      So it does, but the reply was the cockroach letter.
      I’ve referred to this before, and now I need to explain it.
      A man flies American Airlines intercostal. During the flight he sees a cockroach on the floor.
      Appalled, he summons the stewardess and points it out. She’s all apologies, gives him special service, free drinks etc. Takes his name and address.
      Some time later, he gets a letter from AA, usual bullshit, never happened before, extra precautions being taken, here’s some free go anywhere tickets.
      So he shakes the envelope to get the tickets and there’s a note stapled to them, it reads
      “Bob, send this S. O. B the cockroach letter”

      • No doubt, but I felt better having put my thoughts forward and not having the email address bounce.

        Similar thing to Parliamentary Petitions and so on, the Brexit vote itself actually. “Oven ready Brexit” was Johnson’s Cockroach Letter to the lot of us.

      • Brilliant Jeezum, and sums up the way large enterprises treat their paying customers

      • It’s a very, very old joke, probably by Dave Allen.
        It’s got to be 30+ years, but it’s still valid today.
        I used to work for a well known telecoms company, and I always used to refer to standardised letters as cockroach letters.

  20. From half the world away we could see the mission creep of the EEC. We were heartbroken when you joined them, caused economic turmoil in one of Britons most loyal colonies. We all know the EEC will eventually fail if the political aspect is not removed, like radical surgery for invasive cancer.
    I think the thick know it all pricks who in the last 30 years had a good Woke education and infested governments now will be the undoing of it all as the old guard retires.

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