Rishi Sunak [6]

Here we go again, Rishi Sunak the “tax cutting chancellor” who has overseen taxation reaching unprecedented levels of pain. The Chancellor who is happy to be part of a government that is shortly going to screw the UK permanently into the ground with their absurd Net Zero policies (which nobody voted for incidentally). He is “going to help the plebs” by cutting 5p off Fuel Duty. FIVE PENCE. Think about it. With fuel prices having increased by at least an extra 50 pence a litre he’s raking in an extra 10p/litre on VAT alone. That’s 10p more than the cunt was taking before and he has the audacity to offer 5p off Fuel Tax to “help”.

Did you know that you pay VAT on top of Fuel Tax itself? Fuel Tax itself is 58p a litre. The VAT on top of this tax (the “tax on a tax” ) is 10 pence. That’s 10 pence of unjustified tax that was already being paid BEFORE fuel prices went crazy.

So why talk about 5p off? I can only think it came from the Government’s massive “virtue signaling department” (this has to be big they do so much of it). “Listen, we’re taking in an extra 10p on VAT so let’s pretend we’re cutting Fuel Duty by 5p and look good. The plebs are so stupid they’ll never notice they are being royally fucked over. And, besides, nobody wants to vote for “the other lot”, we don’t have any opposition [rubs hands].”


Listen, there are local elections coming up in May. Whatever you do don’t vote for any cunt allied to a conservative badge. If there is nobody else you want to vote for then please still vote but spoil your ballot. There are websites out there telling you how to do this or, in the spirit of this website, simply write “all cunts” across it.


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Nominated by: Mikdys

Seconded by Spanky Mc Spank with this:

I’ll seconmd this one, what a fucking farce from the government of comedy.

Rishi the billionaire chancellor is going to cut five pence from a litre of fuel that will then be instantly grabbed by the retailers by a price increase….market forces etc will be quoted. Hell, they will probably add on more than the shilling good old “British” Rishi will take off.

It really is an eye watering shame we do not have a strong, realistic opposition at the moment becuase this lot of are a bunch of foul smelling anal discharge. Are Labour talking about the cost of living? fuel prices? food prices?….nope, they are obsessed with what “defines” a woman, race, spongers and gazing at their own champange navels.

Cunts the lot of them, we should have a lynching of all thse overpaid cunts.

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  1. I like the cut of your jib spanky, it makes a tremendous rant in itself .
    Rishi Washi, another wanker living a gilded life offering crumbs to the dumb who still think voting for shite will bring solutions to the shitshow ringmasters.
    What a shower of cunts.

    • Ive never liked this greasy little tandoori weasel from day one.

      Other cunters have said hed be the next PM!!!

      Wonderful ☹️

      Another of the cunts floating to the top.

      Don’t need to tell me not to vote for the spicy little cunt,
      If he was giving out free chips I wouldn’t take one.

      Hes just Nazanine zighari Rattrap with a side parting.

      • A daki running the UK – whatever next!

        I might go to Jalabadadad to see if I can run for president…

      • Tandoori Weasel?? That’s fucking hilarious, and right up there with Marmite Badger and Chutney Ferret! That’s made my fucking day, that has.

      • If he becomes the next Conservative Prime Minister he will be the last for at least a decade. I foresee 1997 all over again – in Starmer they have an even more two faced, self aggrandising lying heap of shit than they had in Blair. Like Blair prior to 1997, Starmer will say and do anything to become PM and then dictator of the nation having surrounded himself with a bunch of arse-lickers who could crawl under a snake’s belly with a top hat on. Oh yes, and rejoining the EU within two years with all the shit the EU import to us,

  2. When your missus is a billionaire £2.00 / litre for your Datsun cherry is fuck all…..💩

  3. Tie him to a post and set Keith Vaz on him. Rishi will then know what it’s like to get reamed up junction two good and proper. When Vaseline is finished with him, his arsehole will be more rundown than a Mumbai flat.

  4. Proof positive that immigration works and diversity truly is our strength.


  5. Don’t need old vaz, just get nadine Dorries to give him a full sharon stone upskirt, won’t see him again, spew himself to death

  6. And hes ‘sken eyed’.
    Cant trust a sken eyed man.
    His eyes should be on the purse strings not focused on the tip of his nose.

    The cost of living is going through the fuckin roof under this cunt and that fuckin blonde turk cunt.

    See you at the ballot box Sabu.

    • As kids, we were always told to ‘ beware of the sken eyed man ‘. Like he was something out of the Tarot cards.
      I actually had an auntie ( who ended up being buried in unconsecrated ground ), who would make the sign of the pentagram, in the air, with the index finger of her right hand, and hiss loudly, if such a man crossed her path.
      Living across from the Eye Hospital resulted in her developing acute arthritis and tennis elbow, before she was thirty.
      Evening, MNC.

  7. Don’t trust Itchy Ballsack, looks like he should be on daytime TV convincing pensioners about the potential of home equity release or catfishing desperate middle aged women while pretending to be an airline pilot.

    Instead of being the thrall of these green mentalists, he should be pushing to frack the fuck out whatever needs fracking and help make the country self-sufficient.

    • Totally agree, LL. We have the same problem over here.

      Under Trump, the US achieved energy independence. Petrol was under $2 a gallon, economy was going great guns, military was being rebuilt, immigration across the southern border had tanked, America got its balls back and was keeping China, North Korea and Russia in check.

      But that wasn’t good enough was it? Oh no. He was the embodiment of evil because erm…well….stupid hair, a wife way too hot for him and he’s uncouth with a big mouth. Shock horror! So the American people voted for uncontrolled immigration, record levels of inflation increases, petrol prices which have quadrupled and America returning to laughing stock status.

      Yep, that’s what the American voters voted for. Things are so much better now that’s Trump’s gone. FFS!

      • Has the media in the U.S still got a boner for Trump? He was their bogeyman for four years and but the way they still obsess over 2016 and Russian interference or Jan 6th ‘insurrection’ is laughable.

        Sleepy Joe gets quizzed on his favourite ice cream or the White House cat. Jen Psaki, Harris and ‘The Squad’ all loathsome cunts, I guess even some Democrat voters are having buyers remorse.

        Afternoon IY.

      • Hi LL.

        Hope you’re doing great today.

        Trump gets slagged off all the time still. Like him or loathe him, he did really well for America. The contrast in the country’s fortunes between him and Biden are there for all to see. But when the MSM are in your corner, they’ll ignore your shortcomings and blow up out of all proportion anything and everything your opponent does or says. When there’s no mud to sling, they’ll make shit up, e.g. Russian collusion hoax. Ironic that it was Clinton’s campaign which colluded with Russian sources to invent and pay for the bogus ‘Russian dossier’. Did the MSM go ape shit over that? No! Because Orange Man Bad.

        The Jan 6th nonsense is, as you say, laughable. Did Trump say “Go to the capital building, break in, riot and cause as much turmoil and property damage as possible”. Of course not, but that’s what the MSM would have you believe. It’s the same strategy over the attempted impeachments. There were no cases to answer, but that wasn’t the point of the exercise. The point was to taint the Trump name and establish the connection in the minds of the voters the words “Trump” and “impeachment”. If you threaten to drain the swamp, the swamp will fight back. This is what that looks like.

        Can you imagine what the Demoncrats would have done to Trump thus far if he’d done what Biden has done (or hasn’t done). Like the UK, the US is being damaged in a way which will be very difficult or impossible to undo.

      • @IY I’m not sure America really voted for the Hair Sniffer who seems to be hell bent on spending to infinity and beyond.

      • I’m quite sure you’re right, Cuntologist.

        More people voted for Tango in 2020 than in 2016 and he lost the election to a senile old duffer who barely campaigned, had a 40 year track record of failure, whose family is up to its arse in corruption and who chose a running mate who is almost universally hated by everyone. Including her own party.

        Sounds like a winning formula. We will never know how they got away with it, but they did. I said before the election Biden won’t win because he doesn’t have a platform, strategy or message. And so it has proven.

        The Demoncrats are only interested in grabbing other people’s money and being in power. Once in power, they simply cannot govern. The hair sniffer has been in office over a year. Positive achievements and outcomes for America and Americans so far? Fuck all. QED.

  8. As far as I can figure it, getting to be the chancellor of the exchequer is mainly dependent upon you being mates with the cunt who happens to be party leader when your party wins an election.

    What a great, meaningful and appropriate qualification that is. Praise be to the business, economic and fiscal acumen of this utter, utter fucking tool.

  9. This country is heading for economic disaster.
    It’s all the untold/hidden drains on the economy that the New Age of politicians simply will not address.

    A cliché perhaps but open borders and the cost thereof on its own will ruin the economy.
    The NHS is a free for all and five million pounds a day to house an army of spongers that will continue to spiral.
    The knock on effect to housing and other parts of the social fabric will be devastating.

    Luckily nobody gives a fuck because it’s easier to lie or look the other way.
    A shambles.
    A disgrace.

    A steaming pile of shit.

    • It’s the same all over, UT.

      Ever notice when elections come around, there’s always a political slogan or several about “change”. Time To Change, Change for a Better Britain…stuff like that.

      That presupposes what has gone before has not worked too well and is thus in need of a change. But this happens every time. So the next cunt promising change will be campaigned against by someone else in a few years promising change.

      It’s all bollocks. Political life is about feathering your own nest, riding the gravy train for as long as possible while giving lip service to empty platitudes in the hopes you can fool enough of the people for enough of the time. That’s the game and everyone knows it.

      Once in a blue moon you get an exception. Someone who’s already loaded, doesn’t need the aggro of public office and genuinely does things for the benefit of the country and population as a whole. And then they get vilified by the establishment for not playing their game. Hmmm…gosh, who might that be I wonder.

    • Make London like “Escape from New York”. Giant inpenetrable wall around it, indigenous machine gun-toting guards patrolling on top every few yards and stick every black, carpet rider, tıddly-wink, bud bud ding ding, pikey, lazy long term unemployed and single mother with kids who have loads of different dads and lastly transbumder in there and let them fight it out for the taxpayer’s entertainment.

      • Ant and Dec’s agent is on the phone, it sounds like ideal Saturday night ITV entertainment as long as irritating talentless man babies are not included on your list of undesirables to be interned, Mr C E.

  10. I’ll actually cut him a bit of slack….I don’t think he’s quite as keen on all the “Green” bollocks as Johnson and his wife and I think he might be the one who tried to put some kind of brake on the “Great Covid Giveaway” after initially getting swept along on the tide of hysteria.
    Whoever was Chancellor at the minute would have their work cut out…a pussy-whipped,weak Prime Minister,Covid and the possible outbreak of the Third World War.

      • Warm pop from the fridge (switched off).

        He’ll sell you some fireworks though, even if you’re seven. Snide fags and baccy too, if you buy often enough from him.

      • All of these services were being provided by the corner shop in the early sixties. Mostly shop at Tesco’s now but delighted to hear they are still caring for their community. Does anyone know, do they still supply ten year olds with polythene bags and Evostick ?

  11. Just a “Jam boy fence turtle” graded way above his ability, bring back the proper Apartheid supporting Tory party, not this multi hued rabble of cunts!!!

  12. I fill up my van with diesel its worth more than the fuckin van!!😡

    I buy a loaf of bread (white obviously) I should get change from a tenner!

    I put the heating on It shouldn’t be a the same cost as Blackpool lights!!

    This cunts meant to be a money man.
    Understand investment,
    The ebb and flow of finance.
    Probably went that ‘uni’?

    The thick cunts driving this country into the ground.
    Ethiopia will be sending us aid packages at this rate!

    Im thick as fuck, can barely read and right (that was on purpose)

    But even I know in a energy crisis the answer isn’t a few windmills and solar panels!!!

    Jesus fuckin christ, the whole of politics is populated with fuckin idiots, sexual deviants and mitmots.

      • We’re fucked.

        Social media cunts control the world and its narrative.

        They’d rather die starving and cold in a cave than say, ‘This net zero shite is a load of bollocks’, or they’d rather have themselves and their family thrown onto a bonfire than say ‘Maybe we need to stop the channel dinghies coming in.”

        I’m going to start me a rootin’ tootin’ preppin’ like those mad yanks in a few years from now. Will have the place booby trapped and have plenty of guns if any cunt tries taking my stash.

        A few generators, stockpile diesel and tgen I can laugh at the starving Islington mob, as they eat bugs off the cave wall.

        At least nobody called them ‘a racist climate change denier’ though, eh?

        The silly fucking cunts.

    • No point even trying to save money making your own bread – it’ll end up costing £30 to put the oven on for an hour.

  13. All chancellor’s and governments take people for mugs and fuck them over, and Rishi and Boris are no exception. We all knew we’d have to pay for he great covid giveaway, but what we hadn’t banked on was the continuation of the suicidal net zero bollocks. Even with the prospect of western civilisation shunning Russian oil and gas, this government’s energy policy is still based on mythical wind farms and electric cars. The chancellor should do more to help. Genuine, tangible assistance, as opposed to lumping loans on to universal credit to help the ‘poor’ or low income types who have newer cars, clothes and phones than those fuckers that actually work.

    • Which is summat I’ll always go on about.
      Why the fuck are any of my pensions taxed. I paid tax on the cash before it was invested, and now I’m being taxed again.
      All to keep the feckless in Ugg boots and the latest iPhone.
      Fuck off.

      • Agreed. Death duties are immoral too. If all due tax has been paid on someone’s wealth, assets and estate, why the fuck should the government coin it because they died and want to pass it on to rellies or whatever. It is absolutely sick in my opinion.

        I still have a personal pension in the UK. When it matures I’ve got to find a way to get the funds to the US without paying UK taxes on it. UK taxes are supposed to be for helping to run the country. If I don’t live in the country, I don’t see why my pension should be taxed. Fuck off with that shit.

    • I was reading that the nickel needed to make the batteries in leccy cars comes from Russia (almost all of it).

      We’ll woke ourselves into cave life within a few years

      Still, ‘future stolen’ multi- millionairess teenager, Greta Thundercunt, will be happy (she won’t be living like ‘the little people’ though, of course.)

      Greta sex dolls still available for £10,000 each by the way.

      Cash only no returns no guarantee of delivery.

      • All goes back to UN slavemasters again. Foreigns R us. They will just end up being backrupt the same as them. Goodo!

    • I can’t understand these supposedly intelligent wankers that want to/insist we ignore our vast supplies of potential fossil fuel energy in favour of supposedly unlimited quantities of electricity which even a moron knows is bollocks. No wind or sun? No fucking lights. Oh wait, I forgot, our powers that be aspire to reach the dizzy heights of moronhood, an extra 20 IQ points would almost make them retarded.

    • I’d vote for the Taliban just because they have clear policies and fucking stick to them. Our cunts make something up at election time that they think makes them look good then ignore everything when get elected and pursue pockets full of cash.

      • CG hasn’t posted today though, so maybe Admin Guy had another change of heart. He left CG a message that read: “Whatever makes you think we’re reasonable?” CG hasn’t posted since. 😂

      • Evening Ruff, 👍

        Wheres Gutstick Japseye?
        Is he taking a break?
        Hope hes not quit posting.
        I sometimes have a different opinion on topics to him,
        But he’s a great poster and ive found out some interesting stuff from his posts.

        Also hes occasionally made me question my own point of view.
        For which I wont forgive him😁

        Hope hes ok👍

      • Evening Miserable. Gutstick posted this evening at 6:42pm and 7:58pm on the Ukraine thread.

      • Morning Mis, thanks for the kind words, I’m still here, just cutting back a bit, only saying stuff when I think I have something to say.
        Your outlook on opinions is the same as mine, I like to stand my ground on stuff as it tests how solid your knowledge of your opinion is. I also like stuff that makes me think again, and I’m perfectly happy to concede when I’m wrong. 🙂

  14. Is it me or is he bog-eyed?

    And he has the distinct look of someone who turns his underpants inside out and wears them 2 days running, rather than washing them.

    What a bog-eyed shitty undied cunt.

  15. You know what? I’m sick, of all this fucking whinging.

    (1) We’ve just been stuffed by a global pandemic
    (2) We’re being fucked by the Russians and their stranglehold on energy supplies

    Not one of you has actually come up with an alternative. Things have to be paid for. Simple as that. As I said in a previous nomination, things in the past have been a lot worse so just fucking suck it up and get on with it.

    Personally I would take the VAT of energy but then I guess you whinge that it’s going up 50% and that’s only 5%.
    I’d raise the tax allowance and NI limits to take the worse off out of NI and income tax.
    I’d bring in a 50% tax rate for, anyone earning over £500,000 a year.
    I’d review the energy cap system which is clearly unfit for purpose.
    I’d stop the energy companies fucking us up the arse with the increase in standing charges.
    I’d build lots of those Rolls Royce mini reactors to increase the supply of clean energy and stop our reliance on external supplies
    I’d dump the stupid green levy and any pretense of going net zero by 2030
    I’d cap the pay for top civil servants some of whom are grossly overpaid
    I’d start tapping shale gas and selling the surplus to boost our balance of payments
    I’d immediately send all the rubber boat people back where they came from – on the French beaches.
    I’d tell the SNP where to shove indyref2 and stop wasting money
    And while we’re at it I’d tell the EU to fuck off and dump the Northern Ireland protocol. Let’s put our own people first for a change.

    There you go. Concrete suggestions. Not just whinges and slagging off the chancellor.

    Anyone of you want his job?

      • Disagree. He could reduce foreign aid. Reduce taxes to increase consumer spending, stop illegal aliens costing millions. The pandemic could have been handled differently. This budget is shite imho.

  16. Essentials have to be paid for, not the whims of the Global Elite which is where a lot of the exorbitant tax take in the UK is going. And that’s before Net Zero, Covid spend and Ukraine invasion spooking the markets.

    It wouldn’t be difficult to do a better job than Sunak to help the working class (with a little help from Michael Bates makeup artist if she’s still around). Trouble is the job is only open to the likes of Goldman Sachs alumni who might better like to represent the interests of billionaires.

    Things were tough in the past, sure they were, but it seems to me that back then public money was mainly pissed away due to the incompetence of Government (which still exists) but extra wasn’t being blatantly thrown at their vanity projects. It’s this “extra” that needs to be reigned back in at the very least.

    Semper in excretia sumus solim profundum variat

  17. Sunak ignored me when he was campaigning in our village, walked right past me and the Jack Russell. Don’t know if it ere my Crocs, the army surplus camouflage Trousers or my naturally sneering expression…

  18. As mentioned in the nom.

    In may there are local elections.
    All of them, like those in parliament, are utter useless faecal matter.
    Most people won’t vote at all as there is no alternative.
    But you should indeed vote.
    People have died for the right to vote.

    If at the polls, and you don’t want to vote for any candidates, then do what I do.
    Diagonally cross through two lines.
    Also, put your thoughts on the ballot paper.
    I tend to put my thoughts next to each candidate, where there is space.

    Voting papers that are crossed through and have comments have to be read out.
    (I hope I have that correct. If not, please correct me).
    For example, on one of the candidates, I will be writing the following.
    “Runs a professional child caring business, yet uses the toddlers for canvassing votes, and litter picking, under the guise of teaching about the world.
    This happens while the parents slave away at work to earn a month’s salary to cover extortionate child care fees.”
    Another candidate will have the following comments next to them.
    “Doesn’t have the backbone to make real world, adult decisions, and instead is fucking another married candidate regularly, allegedly.”

  19. As expected, this shitweasel cunt reduced Fuel Duty by 5p (should be 6p at the pump to include the VAT that is normally charged on Fuel Duty but that’s not been widely publicised so expect canny retailers to keep that penny).

    Big tax savings for middle class virtue signalling though. No VAT on heat pumps or solar panels.

    If this cunt was running a corner shop he’d have the refrigerators turned down to save electricity and be selling stale milk and fiddling his VAT returns. He’s just operating on a bigger scale.

    C for Charlie, U for uniform, N for November, T for tango spells: CUNT!

  20. Here’s an interesting link on the cunt:


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