Jussie Smollett [2] and Supporters

Jussie Smollett and his Supporters

This cunt is desperately playing the victim card like I’ve never seen and why not? He has his dumb fuck fellow cunts supporting him for no other reason than his skin color and choice of cock holster.

This turd pusher has been fully exposed for the criminally racist cunt he is. His flailing and screeching in spite of his gig being up is bad enough, but now fellow cunts are coming out of the woodpile to lend open support. Most people would slink away in shame but this arrogant race baiter only doubles down. He expects the world to feel sorry for him because somehow his staged hate crime and being convicted for it make him a victim of racism.
The mental gymnastics are breathtaking!

To support this cunt is next-level cuntery. The blind reaction to scream “Racism!!” with every shred of evidence to the contrary tells us that there is NOT a desire to do away with racism. It’s too valuable and powerful to ever be done with it.

So we should never try to appease any of these cunts because there is no making them happy. Racism will never be allowed to die and false claims will always be used to threaten, shake down, cancel, or neutralize guilt.

On the good side, even casual observers will see this for what it is and hopefully the race card will loose it’s effectiveness.
May his career never recover and he reap every appropriate consequence for his horrible life choices.

I hope every appearance he makes will result in tanked ratings so he will be avoided like the plague.

FFS his sentence wasn’t any where near what it should be and probably because of fear of the accusation of “Raaaacism!!”

Fuck this unrepentant pillow biter and all who come to his defense!

Actress Taraji P Henson compares Jussie Smollet to Emmett Hill


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43 thoughts on “Jussie Smollett [2] and Supporters

  1. Lying, anti white, race baiting sausage jockey.

    What’s not to like.

    A truly despicable cunt.

    Oven please.

  2. The sad little fudge packer staged a racist assault by two alleged white supremacists, who happened to be wearing balaclavas and carrying a noose around Chicago in the small hours of the morning as he went to buy a sandwich.

    Ahem. Yeah. Totally believable in a city where the majority population is incredibly violent and venturing out after dark has an impressive 33% survival rate.

    What actually happened was Jussie, feeling the white man was keeping him down, wanked off two African brothers in a gay sauna and hatched a cunning plan to get him a pay rise.

    Normal people seeking a pay rise usually saunter into the boss’s office, put forward their case and have a sensible conversation about it. But not Jussie.

    The Chicago police saw through this laughable farce in under 48 hours. So we’ll done to them.

    Fortunately, no sandwiches were harmed in the process of Jussie being tickled a bit by two equally fruity bruthas.

    Unfortunately, race relations have been set back 60 years.

    What a cunt.

  3. Just as well he carried out his farce in the USA. From what I can surmise from the local plods and government if the puddle jumper had attempted such an act here in the U.K. the countless forces of the far right would have disenfranchised him post haste. There’s millions of them you know, waiting just waiting. Scaring myself here.

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