Hugh Grant [7]

Another nomination for that hoity-toity-upper-class-twit, pansy, and waste of skin that is Hugh Grant.

Here we all are, us plebs at least, facing a looming cost of living crisis thanks mainly to the Chinks and already escalating fuel prices and then, on top of all that, the Ivans are trying to kick start WW3 causing sanctions on oil and gas supplies engendering stratospherically high fuel prices in the absence of any reliable home based energy fall back strategy in the U.K. and mainly due to the non-democratic implementation of Net Zero goals by the Government. In the face of the Net Zero debacle a certain Mr Nigel Farage has begun campaigning for a referendum on the issue (started before Mad Putin went full tonto). Grants response? “Go fuck yourself!”

Waste of skin doesn’t even begin to adequately describe this over privileged, talentless, narcissistic wanker. He won’t be left wondering if he can manage to afford to keep warm by getting fed from food banks, not paying the council tax and heating one room in the house.

Does he have links to any of the oligarchs? Can we sanction this cunt as well please to let him experience a little “reality”.

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Nominated by: Mikdys

Seconded by: Lord of the Rings

None of these overpaid virtue signalling cunts live in the real world.

Put them in a council house on £25grand/year. No accountant to avoid income tax, council tax, capital gains tax. Give them shitty internet, leaky windows and rising damp. A 20 yr old vauxhall vectra, make them eat ready meals from Farm foods, and try to heat their luxurious new abode with a 25yr old baxi boiler, rusty rads and a gas fire that sends 80% of it’s heat straight up the sodding chimney. Put reality spy cams in and watch them trying to decide whether they pay their rent, their extortionate energy bill, pay for a clutch in the car or try to order fresh organic Avocados from Waitrose online, only to discover they don’t deliver to the area as it’s too rough.

That or give Grant a flintlock musket, put him in a Napoleonic tunic and ship him to the Ukraine, telling him it’s to shoot a new film…Cunt !

58 thoughts on “Hugh Grant [7]

  1. Grant?
    Think that covers it.
    The only time I want to hear his name ever again is if is connected to a news story about him being set on fire in the street.

  2. Still throwing a tantrum over Brexit, like the spoilt child he is.
    I blame the parents.

    • GT@ – Grant could always fuck off to an EU “Member State”.
      But he won’t – none of the whining fuckers who have spent their life getting their own way by acting like stroppy little children who have never heard the word no ever will.

      • True VF, except for Colin Firth who put his money where his mouth is and fucked off to Italy

        “As they say in Llandow, ciao for now”

  3. It says it all about this irrelevant twat that he is more famous for getting a blow job off some Hollywood slapper than any film he has been in. He is always Hugh Grant in every film anyway, foppish, stuttering public school wanker.

    • Could not resist checking up on the Divine Brown episode and found that Hugh -“ I have hurt people I love and embarrassed people I work with. I am more sorry than I can ever possibly say” -Grant paid US$60 for a blow job in LA in 1995. FFS, I got one from a similar spaced out crackhead in New York – Manhattan, not some bombed out wasteland in Queens – for US$10 and she was so grateful she didn´t even ask for a tip. A fool and his money are soon parted.

      • By the time it came to court Ms Brown had scrubbed up quite well but when the initial police mug shots were published my first thought truly was of a creature called the dog-faced baboon.

        Had a letter from Buckinghamshire council today, which appears to be authentic. Our rates bill this year is £2608.12! Two-thousand-six-hundred-and-eight-pounds-twelve-pence!
        I am not fucking joking!

      • No way Jeezum. Small family house, two beds and a box, about 850 square feet in total. Think we’ll have to move your way.

      • Fuck, Arfur. Don’t
        It’s shite here, has been for years.
        Try Derbyshire. At least they fill the fucking potholes in, there.

    • “Ooh, I say. Gosh erm etc…”
      Built a career on being a posh twat.
      Oven time 😁

  4. It might seem good advice for himself, but the truth is Diva Grant is so up his own arse he probably is fucking himself already with a jar of luba and a mirror on a long stick to admire himself.

    Talking of millionaire wankers – ageing , past-it footballer Gary Neville, Dame Keir’s latest champers drinking useful idiot, has held forth on matters of state:

    . What a pity entertainment isn’t like it used to be – a short or long career, the curtain descends and years later you hear they have snuffed it in Denville Hall.

  5. He does serve a purpose. When I look if a film is worth recording, if his name is in the cast list I know it isnt. His versatility doesnt extend beyond chinless wankers in twee shite.

    • The Gentlemen is actually a very good film.

      Hugh Grant plays a gay, bent investigative journalist, who is thoroughly unlikeable.

      I think you’ll enjoy it. 😁

      • “a gay, bent investigative journalist,”

        The hardest bit for him will be playing the journalist

  6. Got caught being noshed off by some rancid, diseased old skank when he had Liz Hurley and her delectable, perky norks waiting for him at home.

    What a cunt.

    • Liz Hurley, still fit as fuck in her 50’s , why would anyone want a skank when liz is on tap , the cunt should be shot,

      • She could be a dreadful fuck.
        Her minge might stink like a P.aki’s armpit😢

        Although I hope not🤔

      • Liz was a cow when I went out with her. She’d complain like fuck if the food order was wrong when I took her in the Wetherspoons.

      • Bloody Hell, So Long!
        ‘spoons, my word. That’s rather pushing the boat out, chap.

  7. Hugh Cunt in Four Cunts and a Funeral – ““Excuse me. I think I had better be where other people are not.”

    Yes – take your own advice Hugh, you remoaner cunt, and fuck off.

  8. Student Grant needn’t worry too much. The result of the last referendum shook the Establishment to the core and they won’t be making that mistake again.
    Still, in his position it’s important to display your full, tree hugging, wokie credentials. That’s what it’s all about it, he doesn’t actually give a fuck about brexit or the fucking Polar bears.
    What a cunt.

  9. Does the daft cunt even live here?

    If he doesn’t then the oven needs taking to him.

  10. I drove passed Tesco petrol station this morning, £165 per litre…. Rishi is coining it in with VAT, cunt….
    Who gives a shit what Hugh Grant has to say, we are a democracy and WE can decide if we want to pursue a crippling net zero agenda.

  11. He was excellent at playing Jeremy Thorpe, so obviously got less acting range than Bogtrotting Nesbitt

    • I agree. He was very good in this role. Although he was really only playing someone exactly like himself – a greasy slimeball.

  12. I can’t stand this wanker.

    Forged a career out of playing the exact same character in a multitude of shite rom coms and enhanced his fame by getting caught out for being blown off by a two bit whore.

    Two decades on, he’s banging the drum telling the plebs they’d better vote for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party to save us all from the Tories.
    Like he’d know the first thing about the working classes.

    If Farage had embraced net zero then I’m sure Hugh would have been advocating for the reopening of coal mines and coal power stations the very next day.

    What a colossal cunt.

  13. He can get fucked the foppish cunt!
    And his wife Ninety nine ziggy ratface!

  14. I shall never forgive him for shagging Liz Hurley.
    I have been denied my sexual destiny.
    By a foppish, soppy twat.
    The cunt.

  15. It makes me smile when people ask him why he got a gobble from that rough slag when he had Liz Hurley available. Because he fancied something dirty, that’s why. Dirty things are fun. The episode of Judge Judy was fun too where Brown’s pimp tried to sue her after she failed to pay him for ‘managing her affairs’. “You don’t get anything for that, sir” remarked the judge, “except maybe jail”.

    • All Grants are cunts.
      Bobby Grant
      Bernie Grant
      Grant Schnapps
      Eddie Grant
      Student Grant
      Grant Canyon
      Grant ole Opry

      Its the law.

  16. Hugh Grant and Dog Shit adjacent to each other.
    Dog Shit is a better actor, more depth of character.

  17. Lots of actors just play themselves. He was always famous for playing a stuttering buffoon, ’nuff said.

  18. The latest regarding this lump of shite is that he may take over as Dr Who from the Whittaker woman. So TWO consecutive cunts in the role.

  19. I got deleted from Twatter because I told this talentless fop to f-off to his LA crack whore.
    I expect the simpering dribbly-dicked (how did this thicko get a scholarship to Oxford?) shitstain threatened them with legal action.
    Fuck off you nasty cunt.

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