Elon Musk [5]

A right royal cunting, not only for the Tesla agent of evil but anyone else that buys into this electric car eco bullshit.

Mr Musk will have you believe that lithium ion battery powered cars are the greenest driving solution and a major contributor to saving our planet. Neither are true.

Firstly, coal mining is like precision key hole surgery compared to mining lithium which is environmentally catastrophic.

(Link provided by Dr. Science himself, Night Admin – NA)

Secondly, the clue is in the name – lithium is a ‘rare metal’ and therefore not sustainable. Thirdly, charging your battery with electricity produced from coal fired power stations totally defeats the object.

Yet we are all being forced to adopt this flawed tech to save the planet. A colleague of mine visited a battery production plant in a remote part of China last year. He was advised to wear a face mask within 40km of the site as the air was so toxic.

Studies have proven that eco diesels, when all things considered, leave a lower carbon footprint. They are not the answer but neither are EVs. Hydrogen is the best option but the infrastructure is more expensive.

But Alan Musk’s incessant propaganda backed by the ignorance of Greta Turdburg ensures that eco warriors across the globe buy into this nonsense. Which means in 20 years time I wont be able to drive to Cornwall without stopping repeatedly to charge up which is unforgivable.

Not just eco cunts. Holiday ruining cunts.

Nominated by: Birdman of Cuntytraz

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  1. He can shove his glorified milkfloats up his arse the puddled cunt.

  2. Lean burn diesel and petrol engines are the immediate future as far as I can see. This electric vehicle bullshit is a giant, calamitous car crash in the making.

    Combine this with the banning of gas boilers in new homes by 2025 and we are heading for an almighty shitstorm.

    • Good Morning Paul.

      That’s because the people peddling this bullshit are completely insane.

  3. I wouldn’t worry about driving to Cornwall, or anywhere else for that matter. All these flaws and impracticalities are irrelevant……..the whole point is to drive you off the road. Get on the train like all the other peasants. It’s for your own good …….you know it makes sense.

    • I like the train FtF, you can put up with nutters, enjoy a piss in toilets similar to a shithole pub & listen to other people’s kids being little cunts. Mind you, you can get pissed too, so not all bad.

      • All valid points TSG, but to me the real problem with the trains is the cost combined with lack of flexibility. From time to time I travel from Bucks to south Devon and back, often in the same day. If you walk into the station and ask for a ticket you are offered a price which resembles a telephone number ! If you book days or weeks ahead the price is much lower but still several times the cost of the 99 octane I burn in my V6 for the same journey. Also you have to travel at times of day which suit the rail company and what caps it is the catastrophic cost of leaving the car in the station car park for the day.
        No, they can stuff it I’m afraid, I simply get in the car and drive down to Devon.

      • Yeah arfur, it depends massively on where & when you’re going. Me & Mrs TSG trawl down to the smoke on occasion & the train is alright for that (it’s a fucking long way), but she has her shit together & books when it’s cheap. But if it means changing 5 times & freezing your nutsack off in various stations, then the train operators can kiss my starfish & we drive.

  4. Did anyone else notice the car transport from Germany that sank near the Azores last week.

    The Felicity Ace was carrying around 4000 cars to the US when a fire broke out on board.

    It is believed that one of those totally stable and definitely not dangerous lithium batteries went up and started a Blaze that lasted two weeks.

    I hope Greta is happy.

    • Just looked it up Odin, because I hadn’heard about it. Looks like well over half a billion dollars down in 1500 fathoms in the middle of the pond. What strikes me though is that when you google “Felicity Ace” youare offered the usual list of reports across the media. Except there are none from the BBC or any other British MSM.

  5. Presumably the SpaceX Starship runs on the ‘leccy then? No? Thought not.
    Double dealing. hypocritical cunt.

  6. They should save all this dangerous and expensive lithium mining by making all vehicles clockwork-driven…Hey presto.saving the planet plus a vigorous work-out for fat-fucks.

    Now..where the fuck is my Nobel Prize and gobble off Greta ?

    • I think Greta’s more of a up the wrong ‘un kind of girl, Dick. No-one wants to look at that twisted little, bulldog-sucking-piss-off-a-thistle, ‘how dare you’ face when they blow their beans…

    • Dff@ Morning Sir Fiddler – exactly – thrusting young entrepreneurs like us simply don’t get the recognition we surely deserve for our contribution to saving the planet!
      My workable and perfectly reasonable solution of replacing engines with a pair of illegal immigrants strapped in (with patented “thrashometer” which would have a cat o’ nine tails vigorously deployed across their backs when the accelerator is pressed) under the bonnet to be discarded and replaced at various stations like they used to do with horses has been rejected out of hand and I have had some correspondence which is not only impertinent but somewhat threatening from someone claiming to be a “human rights lawyer”!
      Shifty no good human rights lawyers..

      • Like it Vern, a true visionary! And if you’re of the monied gentry, like Dick no doubt, you could afford the V8 version with 8 of the grubby dinghy riders up front – just for that extra burst of speed off the lights.

      • Fucking hell CS, I just about ruptured my spleen laughing at that! Paul Kaye at his best.

  7. Electric cars are another example of enviro-nutters choosing only what they want to see. Because they can’t see the emissions coming out of an exhaust pipe, they think it’s clean. The uncomfortable fact that those emissions are belching out of a power station chimney, far from their gaze, is totally ignored. The environmental and ethical issues of lithium mining are also being ignored by the very same people. And have they ever seen a 3.7 volt smart phone battery explode? Imagine what a 800 volt lithium battery from a Tesla can go up like. Electric cars will go down as an expensive, ecologically damaging and dangerous folly.


    • They already have, back in 1884 when they were invented and discarded for the internal combustion engine, that uses a fuel that turns into plant food when burnt.

    • Once upon a time the goverment gave tax exemptions for diesel cars because they were envorinmentally friendly. until they found out they belched cancer. Now they support electric cars powered by gas from russia, which produces carbon, and a war as a by product, got to love the mental acuity of our decision makers. And the dust to dust footprint of an electric car is far worse than a petrol car. Want to save the planet? Buy an old car and run it until it is no longer ecomomically viable. If the government wants to be serious about sustainability, give a tax break for people using cars over 10 years old instead of people buying new cars and all that resource they use to build it

      • Nail on the head TOC. The real greens are the folks running old cars until they are beyond economical repair. A neighbour has just scrapped her car, fifteen years old, 198.000 miles, needed an ECU and injectors. She’s bought a nine-year-old replacement. My car had its twentieth birthday last month, 117.000 miles and I bought it in September 2009. No plans to replace it.

      • My father had a 1911 Renault. He was a green pioneer! No danger of it polluting the planet either as it couldn’t go faster than 33 miles per hour. Unless it was going down hill, in which case you had to desperately pull on various cranks and leavers to slow it down. Prayer helped as well.

  8. It’s my firm belief this fellow is in fact an alien impostor sent to destroy humankind.
    These virtue signalling scalextric vehicles are all part of the diabolical plan.
    Oh and Greta is a fucking lizard or gecko.
    The fiendish cunts.

    • ‘Coochie coochie coo… X Æ A-12…who’s a little spacex astronaut then…?’

    • Fucking hell Miles, I just googled wtf you were talking about! Fucking loony tunes twats!

      • Update: it’s now changed to: X Æ A-Xii because apparently, Californian law doesn’t allow numbers in names or some such shit, which is ironical really, because they obviously allow utter fuck-knuckles like Grimmy & Dr Evil to have offspring.

      • ‘Æ A-Xii’

        Between A and Xii there is a dash. Is the dash pronounced?

        I would like to introduce-
        E A dash Eks e e Musk.

        Or is it? –

        I would like to introduce-
        E A Eks e e Musk.

        I think we should be told.

      • I believe the dash is pronounced ‘My Parents Are Cunts’

        The Xii is of course 12 still, because that’s important if you have a meaningless string of shite as the rest of your name

  9. I thought this was a cunting of some Bond villain from the nom picture.

    And, sure enough, it is a cunting of a Bond villain, Elon Bloemusk, who along with Bezos the Merciless, threatens to enslave Earth before moving on to the conquest of the Solar System in their Flesh Gordon inspired phallic rockets

    The eco movement is wilfully blind to the destructive element in lithium mining. Best stick with petrol engines

  10. Saw a thing on YouTube about some photo from 1900 which features Greta Thunderbirds. Certainly this bird is the spitting image and probably photoshopped. Anyway there are cunts saying this proves that she’s a time traveller and has come from the future to warn us.
    Don’t laugh, you know there are plenty of dumb cunts who will swallow this sort of shit.

  11. The way things are going electric cars will be for the rich only. The rest of us will be driving Fred Flintstone cars. Which will be a good thing really, as it’ll get some weight off the nation’s lardarses.

  12. Is there a go funding page where I can sponsor the launch of the millionaires into space, and leave them there?

  13. His cars are supposed to have appalling build quality and are (apparently) riddled with bugs and glitches.

    They are also far too common among the unwashed for me to even consider one and you have to add the fact they are fucking ugly.

    Give me a 2.8i Capri anytime over that computer controlled glorified Gameboys on wheels.

    • Yes. Real cars are for real men. EV’s are for nancy boys and snowflakes. I will never part with my V6 and V8. I love roaring along and making a loud noise.

    • That’s the one Spanky ! We loved our three litre Capri and the 2.8 had beefier brakes and an LSD.

      • These cunts with electrical cars seem to have missed the point that AC is now at an all time high and successive governments have sold our national generating and distribution to the highest bidder from overseas to line their own pockets some more.

        Cunt cars driven by smug greasy cunts who are willing to pay through the nose to drive a car that looks like shit, falls apart and breaks down a lot/

      • “British Leyland were pioneers in that respect Spanky.”

        Maybe, but it produced a generation of males who (mostly) had the ability to fix the endless minor electrical ‘niggles’, bleed brakes or whip a cylinder head off for a de-coke AND what’s more, owned the tools to do it.

  14. https://youtu.be/0k1tbf8muMc

    The electric car bullshit is just the government trying to put a plaster over a gun shot wound, its what those clowns think will get the UK into acceptable air quality limits, like when they decided diesels were cleaner than petrols, and forced everyone to go down that rout, uneducated bollocks sold to them by money grabbing cunts like Elon Muck.
    The electric thing just dosnt work on lots of different levels and anyone who buys one is retarded.
    Tesla drivers are all cunts who will tell you the sky is green because they believe the hype and have listened to the fuckwits ravings.
    Teslas are shit and have a life span of 5 to 10 years max before the scrap yard, and then no fucker will even take it off you hands due to battery disposal costs, so it becomes a garden ornament and thats before you factor in all the other problems your going to have thanks to the eppicly shit build quality.
    All electric cars are subject to loads of problems, water ingress, not be able to fully charge or deplete the battery, especially when its cold, fast charging fucking the battery up in a year, charging stations not working or not compatable, home chargers sucking power from your car thanks to smart meters when the grid needs a boost, the fucking list goes on and on and on .
    The answer is to run your fossil fuel cars as long as you possible can, no matter how hard the cunts try and force you to comply…..

    • The battery packs are not recyclable, so the “rare” metals used become even rarer. Leccy cars seem to be self-defeating form the start. Furthermore, the insurance is astronomical due to the fact that a battery pack cannot be repaired.

  15. Isn’t it anything registered before 1982 (rolling 40 years) is Tax & MOT exempt?

    A stage 1 V8 Land Rover (pre-dates the 90/110) is the way forward 👍

  16. Cars are for the elites 💪

    Everybody else, walk, cycle or get on your electric scooter.

    Oh, don’t forget to eat your bean-burger and put on another jumper, if your unheated home feels a little chilly…….

    • The mass of electrical scooters seem to have vanished from the area I live in, we were plagued by the cunts this time last year.

      My conclusion is they were all cheap shit from China and are now broken, the Police have seized them (unlikely) or the weather doesn’t suit them….batteries hate the cold.

  17. Elon Musk, the Lizard of Oz, busy behind the curtain “twiddling with his levers”.
    “Ignore that plastic faced cunt behind the curtain Gretathy, the all powerful Ozmusk has spoken”!
    I will give him one thing – he has either paid off or conned just about every major “Government” in the world without them bothering to do five minutes of scientific research which shows what an utter disaster electric cars would be.
    Musk currently unavailable for comment as he is working on sending more shit into space – way to go enviroboy!
    Easy solution – get hydro generating stations on rivers, use some of the electricity produced to electrolyse water (Anode & Cathode) which produces hydrogen, the hydrogen (vehicles, domestic and business use) burns, cools down and re-bonds with oxygen molecules in the atmosphere to produce water vapour which turns into clouds which then produce rain, and the cycle is completed to re-start.
    Simple, cheap, completely clean proven technology and energy independence so we don’t have to beg for oil and gas from A fkin rabs and gay hussars – see how their economies like THAT one!
    There is zero credible evidence that the CO2 output of humankind has made any difference whatsoever to climate change, which is a naturally occurring thing – we are at the fulcrum of the warming phase and will then drop back into the cooling phase, but telling the truth is bad for business.
    We will own nothing, we will walk everywhere and eat plants and grubs and we will be happy – as our “betters” sweep by us in their chauffer driven petrol and diesel vehicles to their mansions..
    But Jellyfish Johnson is, as always, just saying anything that will get him a blow job and popularity – and the Tories know that pursuing this evil madness will see them smashed at the next Election so fatboy will be gone well, well before then.
    Fuck them.

    • Design a submarine, Elon, like you designed a “spaceship”. Yeah, thought so.

      That’s a great way to see that NASA are fake – take the submarine analogy. A sub has a big crew, safety is paramount, but look at the International Fake Station – no one really looks busy on that thing, no safety crew. It’s so pointless. A guy tightening a nut on the outside of a craft travelling 17,000 MPH?! LOL! Fuck off. The toilet is the killer blow though. How do they shit on that thing? All the poop particles would be everywhere. BLECH! Imagine how much poop particles would floating in the air? The ISS is a joke. NASA is a joke. We were fed nonsense for 60+ years about the Cosmos.

      “Trust the $cience, bro!”

  18. I can’t wait for a massive backlash against all this shit. Passed an electric toy which was going flat out at 110 mph in my diesel and carried on until I cleared 150! The noise from the engine was music to my ears.

  19. Top and bottom of this whole bollocks is that they basically don’t want that many people owning cars in the near future.

    For the variety of reasons highlighted in the above comments.

    The whole net zero carbon agenda (for us in the West) is a mixture of bullshit, impracticality, contradiction and hypocrisy.

    • Yep it looks like this is the agenda HJ. Cars and flying for the rich and powerful only. Cunts.
      Meanwhile China builds a coal fired power station a week…

  20. I wonder where Musk gets his financing apart from banks. I saw the head of some big US investment fund saying on Bloomberg recently saying that he had about 70% of its assets in two of Musk´s companies. That´s an incredible percentage to put into such risk assets. Presumably he genuinely believes in Musk to deliver or something funny going on. I am surprised that the fund´s investors have not made a fuss about this. The recent Time “Person” of the Year profile on Musk made no attempt to get to the bottom of his funding.

    • It’s amazing how people suck Elon’s cock like he is a god bestriding the Earth like a colossus. He’s retarded in interviews, comes across as… South African! He is yet another actor on the world stage to capture the minds of easily-impressionable nerds of all ages. Just look at his shiny 1950s Buck Rogers rocket that he has! I mean, come on, that thing looks as air-tight as my garbage can. People have wakened up big time to NA$$$A’s deceptions and I think that SpaceX and Elon were conceived to make “space travel” seem legit again, but it’s all stagecraft and it looks worse these days than it ever has.

      There is something, “up there” and “out there” but it isn’t what NASA show us. Stick to your own experience of life, not the images you see on TV, computer, etc.

  21. It is you who is the cunt. Owning to NASA’a ineptitude, Musk and space X keep ahead of the Russia and China space programmes. Yes it is important.

    • Ever been to space? No, neither have I. No one has. It’s a giant mindfuck to keep is dumb and powerless and obedient.

    • NASA at the moment have given up on manned spaceflight so the future does indeed rest with private individuals on this score. And that’s a good thing.

      But NASA is making very valuable contributions to astronomy via the Webb Deep Sky, the Perseverance Rover on Mars, the Deep Space Climate Observatory, the ISS and a host of other projects. All very exciting stuff.

      • Enjoy the fantasy. I used to. Then like millions of others, I saw that it’s a deception to keep us dumb and obedient. Like I say, the Cosmos is beheld before us, but what NASA has been showing us for decades is a crummy theatre. 34 million miles to Mars, right? How much fuel did that take? Whatever Mars is, it isn’t 34 million miles away. I agree, it’s exciting, but I’m excited in a different way. It will be amazing to see what bullshit NASA and SpaceX and whoever else show us in the coming years.

      • Exactly, you have no comeback. You trust NASA, fine. I don’t. I was a NASA fanboy as a kid, then I scrutinised the footage. There’s no way in Hell a guy like you would ever see through the deception as you are too emotionally invested in what NASA has duped you with for decades. No amount of videos that scrutinise the photos and film would convince you. And forget about videos that present the case for the globe Earth deception! NASA is like a religion to many people, modern $cience in general is a religion to many people. So I leave those people to it, enjoy your trip.

      • Yep. The NASA fanboys are in a corner, on the ropes in 2022.

        Earth ain’t a globe.

      • I confess Cunty. You have absolutely convinced me and I will rip up my degrees in Astronomy and Astrophysics. I am a convert. Hallelujah.

      • MMCM@ – Never mind all that – you lot keep quiet about my secret moonbase and my plotting with the moonmen to invade and enslave you puny Earthlings!
        I thought Mnc was onto the wheeze and would grass me up but luckily I have so far managed to bribe him with some voluminous and rather fine meat pies! 😀
        And if the Earth was flat cats would have pushed everything off the edge!

      • @ Vern – you’re forgetting the wall God built along the Earth’s edge to keep the water in.

      • Apologies for the cheeky familiarity, Mr Fox. Would it be alright for me to call you Vern?

  22. Musk’s grandfather was of the technocrat persuasion. People who believed they had the right to play God.

    What we’re seeing now is the rise of the technocrat-nazi cunts. Descendants of those who were the economic and intellectual life-force of those great social engineers like the.. the British eugenics movement and the Nazi party.

    Fuck Elon. Like Bill Gates, they are both halfwit con merchants that are the public face of corporations with deep ties to the intelligence and military complex.

    • Bill Gates seems as computer literate as those chimps who play Pong. Gates was kicked out of the boardroom of Microsoft because his ideas were so dumb he himself was so cunty. He’s a creepy, badly dressed, vaccine-obsessed douchebag who should be made to live on Epstein island with all the others who went there.

  23. Remember the Tesla in outer space video? Hands up who thinks that was real? You’d have to be dumber than a bag of hammers to think that was real. All “outer space” footage is fake when you really scrutinise it and think it over. It’s scary that people still think that NA$$$A and $paceX are legit. Do people really think that Elon Musk will put people on Mars some day? In his 1950s Buck Rogers shiny penis rocket? My God people are easily duped. Elon himself is a joke, he’s playing a role. Spend 30 minutes looking into him and you see that his is a fraud. He’s a smart guy but so are millions of other people who have way more credibility than he has. From the get-go he was fake. His father was a co-owner is fucking emerald mine! LOL! Yeah, and he had to stay in a YMCA in college! Er, no, he OWNED the frat house he stayed in and he ran a night-club out of the place. His entire story is nonsense. NA$$$A are nonsense. But, “what are you a flat erfer?!” well… yeah, when you look at the world with a critical mind, yeah, the sea is level, hence sea-level. We live on a level plane, hence aeroplane. Nowhere on Earth in the real workaday world do we take into account curvature of the Earth, only on blackboards and books with mathematics. You can confabulate ANYTHING with mathematics and formulas. I have a ruler that measures my dick at 10 inches! Wanna borrow it?

    Elon Musk is a cunt. And so is NA$$$A.

    • what about *around the world in eighty days* and that was done before aeroplanes.
      in a round balloon
      agree with the Muskie smell off MasterGates though

      • Balloons are flat, everyone knows that. I’ve got a whole box of them leftover from the Queen’s silver jubilee 1977. What’s more, the moon is flat too cos David Niven wrote a book abaaaat it called ‘The Moon’s A Balloon’. It’s not fucking rocket science.

  24. Balloons are flat, everyone knows that. I’ve got a whole box of them leftover from the Queen’s silver jubilee 1977. What’s more, the moon is flat too cos David Niven wrote a book abaaaat it called ‘The Moon’s A Balloon’. It’s not fucking rocket science.

    • I’ve never understood why these crazy folk think lying about the shape of the earth can have anything to do with controlling people.
      Also the obsession with NASA lying to them is bizarre. The ancient Greeks first saw that the earth was round, and by the 1540s Copernicus had gone much further and most of the planetary system was worked out.
      I watched a documentary about flat earthers, it was fucking hilarious. Watching them scratch their heads when their experiments to prove flat earth a reality.
      Then there’s the dull cunt who tried to get high enough in a steam powered rocket to do the same. It would have been far cheaper to buy an airline ticket. And he wouldn’t have died.
      Space? That’s what exists between their ears.

      • Cunty – Pythagoras and Anaxagoras correctly deduced the Earth was round over 2300 years ago in Ancient Greece. Or were they also hoodwinked by NASA?

      • dead right Gut Jap
        The Parthenon that sits on the Acropolis has lines, that take into account the curvature of the earth.
        the doric columns all are aligned at a slight angle ,each one slightly different
        the steps that surround the structure have an arc with the radius point aprox two miles high in the sky
        all this was done by the creators to achieve perfect straight lines when viewed from below in Athens
        Mathematics was their true art

      • The Ancient Greeks were wonderful. A high point in human civilisation. It was mostly downhill after then.

      • it was pretty much MMNC a slide down a slope after them ancient greeks
        the Romans while wonderful engineers were war mongers and loved riding their sister and mother and anything that drew breath.
        No wonder we ended up where we are currently

  25. Words really fail me on the state of the world..l, and I’ve yet to look at the Brighton nom…

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