Azeem Rafiq [2] – The World’s Worst Sob Story

A sorry Tale

”Azeem Rafiq claims he is “unemployable” after Yorkshire racism scandal”

Oh dear, too bad, never mind.

“If an opportunity of work came, they would have to have me like this. I won’t be prepared to look the other way any longer.”

That must look really tempting on his CV.

It seems that he put up with hurty feelings for a decade or more but when dropped decided that Yorkshire Cricket was racist, and Michael Vaughn should have his media career destroyed. All on the word of Rafiq.

I am sure fellow cunters will join me in petitioning our county cricket teams to take him on.
What could possibly go wrong?

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44 thoughts on “Azeem Rafiq [2] – The World’s Worst Sob Story

  1. Azeem Rafiq could always fuck off and play in Pakistan if he feels “hard done by by racist whitey”.
    But he won’t – fuck all for free over there.

  2. Not only is this chap unemployable, any Pakistani cricket player will find it hard to convince any English county team that they won’t be a pain in the arse.
    Yep, this guy has ensured that his countrymen will be unemployable!

  3. The report fails to mention that he was found to have posted antisemitic comments on Shitface. A racist hoist with his own petard.
    As for being unemployable, bollocks, Asda are recruiting trolley collectors at the moment. I’m sure they’d take him.

    • Cause fuckin mayhem in the workplace?

      Get people fired?

      Grass on long-term friends and workmates?

      Constantly act up and create disharmony?

      Your hired!!👍

      Your obviously a asset .

  4. Perhaps he could get a job helping out with the local Jewish community seeming he was so complimentary about them on twatter a few years ago.

  5. He could always be an Uber driver as long as he can put up with Jews and whitey in the back of his car. (no little white girls though)

  6. The one that thought it was O.K. to take the piss out of the Jews. But didn’t like a bit of banter directed at him. Remember! They don’t forget anything. You’re just an unemployable nasty cunt. Another unwanted dar key troublemaker.

  7. Perennial victims Raheem Sterling and Lewis Hamilton seem to do ok.

    Maybe Paki privilege isn’t as valued as black privilege.

    • You’ve got to feel a bit sorry for him though…imagine looking in the mirror every day for years and seeing a bloody pakı staring back at you – the poor lad.

  8. When all this came out it got more media coverage than the war in Ukraine, someone called him P*ki, shock horror it’s the end of the world.

    What a cunt.

  9. I do enjoy all the running about that goes on after an accusation of The Rascism.

    Spineless cunts.

    Whatever happened to You’re sacked now Fuck Off?

    Gravy goblins like this little cunt make most people feel ill but it all has to be kept secret.


  10. Who in their right mind would employ an ethnic of any colour/ creed …you’re asking for agro…

    Employ the people you have shared values with …..🇬🇧

  11. He even went after fucking Bumble (David Lloyd) too. About as harmless a cunt as you’ll ever meet

    For anyone who knows cricket, he’s practically an institution. Some say he probably belongs in one, but that’s a different matter.

    If memory serves me right, he said Lloyd said something about the clubhouse being a big part of the local cricket community, particularly for raising much needed funds for the upkeep of the pitches, coaching the kids, equipment etc. He said it’s a shame Asian players don’t contribute to this (or something to this effect). Which is just the fucking truth. It’s all take, take take. How about contributing like every cunt else?

    Anyway, all I know is that Lloyd apologised to this fucker, Rafiq ‘accepted’ his apology and all of a sudden…Lloyd retired from cricket commentary after god knows how many decades.

    Now, he’s getting on, but the timing, if one were sceptical, may look to some like Sky told him to say sorry and ‘retire’ with a big pay off.

    The way he’s gone after Michael Vaughan has been a bit nasty too.

    He’s just after a big fucking pay out, because he didn’t make too much from the sport because he was a bit shite. And you know what? He’ll probably get it after ruining all his ex mates lives.

    • David Lloyd is an ignorant cunt as is Vaughn, the paki cunt never met him his actions speak for themself

  12. Who the fuck is going to employ a Peaceful?. The cunt will be making bombs on your time.

  13. Are we expected to believe it came as a shock to him that p*kis arent popular?

    He must of known?

    His dad must of sat him down as a kid and said

    “Look son, dont know how to break this too you.
    So I’ll come right out an say it,
    Your a ..well, your a p*ki.
    Thats why no one came to your birthday party.
    Dont cry, come on dont cry.
    Look theres benefits in it!
    Youll get a free council house,
    A free Race card,
    And flies wont land on you your that repulsive.”

  14. Wasim Akram and Waqir Younnis get quoted as a famed ‘reverse swing’ partnership.

    I won’t bore you with the physics, but they made the ball reverse swing after just a few overs, when it usually takes an old ball of about 60+ overs old.

    How did they do it?

    Fucking ball tampering cunts, that’s how. Every player knows it but few say it (some do though).

    Once umpires got onto this cheating, no cunt since ever got the ball to reverse so early.

    Their records should be expunged, the cheating cunts.

    • Tampering you say?
      Cricket ball seams? Better that than 11 year old white girls 🤔

  15. He can fuck off! In the middle of the shitstorm he caused his antisemite posts comes to light, he says sorry and everyone applauds him for his bravery.

    Some members of Yorkshire CC didn’t appreciate an Asian playing for the club, these chaps think you have to be from Yorkshire to play for the club, as did generations of your family before you.

    As we know the worlds moved on, sport is full of people representing countries they care not one shit about.

  16. Struggling to think of a more punchable face. Nasty little cunt.

    • Mike Getting would be an excellent pundit.

      Outspoken, funny and knowledgeable.

      Problem is, he (allegedly) doesn’t like the tikkie takies very much.

      It stems (all allegedly) from him getting sick of the cunts cheating against his England team, of which he was captain at the time. In fact, I remember him losing it with an arrogant, cheating cunt Joe Daki umpire once. Very funny.

      Anyway, the dakis hate him for this, so he’ll never get a look in.

  17. Fucking lying tikkitakky peace of Sun dried pig shit has made himself irrelevant, best thing he can do now I’d dissappear.
    He has done his brethren no favours at all, lying Mogly mother fucker… What a cunt

  18. Azeem shouldn’t be too downbeat after his recent racism hell. He could always take comfort from the community spirit on offer up north and from ads such as the one I seen in the local greengrocers shop window somewhere in Yorkshire:

    The antithesis of everything and anything civilised?

    The join a grooming gang.

    Contact Abdul or Mo for further information.

  19. What a cunt.

    He’s put ‘race relations’ back years as even more businesses and institutions will be wary of the hassle and shit involved with employing these individuals.

    Who is he again? Best he crawl back to whatever flyblown shithole he came from. Bradford at a guess.

  20. Lying, two faced, back stabbing, untrustworthy piece of shit.
    Perfect MP material.

  21. Isn’t also true that this do called ‘victim’, posted anti-semitic tweets which were subsequently removed?

    Basically, a fucking racist hiding behind the accusations of racism while receiving protection from the woke British media.

    All cunts like this do is fan the flames of racism, not help to eradicate it.

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