The Great Global Warming Debate

Global warming advocates (and deniers). Yep, throwing them in together. We have the muppet cunts and puppet Greta banging on about environmentally friendly travel, electric cars, pollution and carbon footprints. Some of these same people use commercial airlines (and private planes) to get around, hypocrites. On the other side are the ‘climate change is a myth’ bozos who have no fucking idea what they’re even talking about at times, which just makes anti climate-change people look stupid. Both sides need to bog off as I’m sick of hearing about it. Instead of trying to slow (unlikely) or stop (impossible) climate change, perhaps we should be looking at ways to SURVIVE it, as its inevitable. Explore our options, make a decision, stop arguing about whether it will or wont happen and admit that washing our clothes at 30 degrees becoming a vegan and driving a hybrid car will make NO FUCKING DIFFERENCE.

Nominated by ElDiablo666

172 thoughts on “The Great Global Warming Debate

  1. We have time to make a Plan B, but nobody wants to because that means admitting they were wrong. It will also make them look like heartless cunts when compared to all those still trying to ‘stop’ or ‘slow’ climate change. They need to all admit we’re fucked, and come up with realistic solutions, like getting the hell off this planet while we can.

  2. Is Greta legal yet?

    I wonder if she’s done it yet? That ought to put a smile on the face of the miserable turd. Or probably not.

      • I’d be careful. She bites.Then she’ll accuse you of ruining her childhood, never mind your cock.

      • Childhood? Bet she was being groomed for this bullshit spouting from the age of 10. Wonder if she ever had any friends, doubt it, pompous arrogant bullshit spouting troll.

      • Aye, her parents are nutters. They have faded into the shadows now, but when this shit-show started they got interviewed and they are mentalists who indoctrinated their fragile daughter into being their mouthpiece for their hysterical beliefs, so now Greta is flying around the world to tell us to… stop flying in planes. Uh… okay The World’s Ultimate Hypocrite.

      • If she bit me I’d ram a large spike up her cunt so she couldnt make another generation of morons like her. Saying that, I’d probably do that anyway.

      • I think Greta is gorgeous…in the dark, after 10 pints. Worth one, but only to shut her up. Once I introduce her to the pleasure of sex, she’ll forget this climate change shit and beg me for more. Though she would be tied to a bed, so not much choice.

  3. Apparently some islands in the South Pacific will be under water in 100 years time if we go on like this.
    Don’t worry China are building them as I type so where’s the problem.
    Also who is going to spend 100 years standing in one spot waiting to drown.
    More islands get washed away from earthquakes and eruptions.
    My give a fuck meter registers zero on climate bullshit. Both sides can argue till the cows come home it won’t change a thing.
    Alas the green agenda will bankrupt us all but don’t worry the planet will be saved.

      • The Earth is an inanimate chunk of rock, it doesn’t give a fuck whether we crawl its surface or not. If we wipe ourselves out the Earth will revert back to its raw state.

    • Yeah, it’s like telling Bangladeshis to leave their motherland because of the floods! “Oh no, we will just move our house on sticks another 500 feet north! Piece of piss!” If we had the floods that they have in Bangla, people would be moving to a tree-house at the apex of the Bolivian highlands and wearing platform shoes (goldfish in heel optional).

    • Once@ – Nearly a third of Holland is below sea level.
      Haven’t noticed anyone drowning there recently.
      How about the South pacific Islanders do a bit of land reclamation engineering like the Dutch do or shut the fuck up whining.
      Seas and oceans are at a historically low level.

    • Those South Pacific islands are just grifting for handouts, aid money, the same way as the Maldives we’re when holding underwater press conferences whilst building new hotels.

  4. Can I point out something really, really obvious.
    Climate change happens all the time.
    However, it happens so slowly that we’re unlikely to notice it or be affected by it in our lifetimes, or the next 30 generations lifetimes.
    The earth was gripped in an ice age, and I’m using the term loosely, from about 800 – 1200 ad, mankind survived.

  5. I see only two options: Work on a way to live underground/underwater until the planet cools, or get the fuck off earth. The sooner our governments admit this, the more of us can survive. Thdir constant denial, and thoughts of stopping it will only kill us all. Well, all except the rich cunts amd politicians that will go hide in the secret bunkers.

    • ELDiablo666@ – No need – the fear porn from the climaloons has all the sheeple convinced we will either burn to death or drown – and it’s just all complete and utter bullshit.
      We live on an incredibly thin skin of rock surrounding superheated magma and an even hotter solid core, the magma drops down, gets heated up and rises, just like the water when a kettle is being boiled, it is constantly moving and is affected by gravity, the earths rotation and the earths orbit. And as it cools and the tectonic plates solidify further and butt against each other new land is formed and rises further from the seas and oceans.
      There is climate change, there always will be but it is not harmful, not Man made and we are being fed utter bullshit from people with a wholly evil agenda.
      Never in the history of humankind has there been such a concerted and universal attempt to peddle provable lies as “science”.

    • It’s more than just bunkers they have, it’s vast underground cities. well, that’s the woo-woo conspiracy theory! Nah, these cunts aren’t stupid, they have places to go when the shit hits the fan. What is really at or beyond Antarctica? More continents? This is one of the real mysteries you encounter when you look into what the Earth really is. They want us thinking there is nowhere to run in a fucked up world, bt what if there were continents bigger than Africa beyond Antarctica? And humans who spoke English live there right now? That’s a waaaaaay bigger deal than “aliens from outer space” who come 100s of TRILLIONS of miles to come here and poke our rectums or crash in New Mexico! LOL! What a load of shit we’ve been fed in the last 100 years!


  7. I remember the days when they used to blame the weather getting warmer on a season called summer
    now they want to tax the bollocks off us to stop it, CUNTS

    • Water used to be free. It’s a human necessity like air. Then they figured out how to charge you for it – commodify it. Electricity could be free, but we pay for it. Modern life is a giant scam, a rigged game for the “elite” to always win from, just like the house always wins in the casinos. We could live a world stupendously superior to the one we have marched into over the centuries.

      But people are waking up to the scams of the so-called, “elite”.

  8. I take issue with the title of this nom. What ‘debate’? The science is ‘settled’ remember?

    And the sun used to orbit the earth, the planet was 6500 years old and the continents didn’t drift around on tectonic plates.

    Cunts. Speaking as a scientist, true scientist is dead Havi g been corrupted and captured for the benefit of elites.

    • Or so I thought, then I read CGs flat earth treatise CG how do you find the time!?

      • Like I say, I’m a bot in Nigeria masquerading as a cunt in Scotland who knows everything and winds up people on a website populated by other bots!

        Earth ain’t a globe hurtling through “outer space”. NA$$$A are cunts, massive, massive cunts. Oooh, that cuts to the bone with many, many people who nevertheless hate and distrust the government, doesn’t it? Why is that? It means that the Earth, Sun, Moon, stars and Cosmos-at-large is back to being a massive mystery that needs a fresh exploration. Bring it on, Donkey Kong!

      • It’s a hysteria not a debate. Do such proper intellectual, critical-thinking debates even exist anymore? Coke v Pepsi – remember how insane that shit was in the 1980s? LOL! That’s about the extent of intellectual public discourse in our age. Nintendo v Sega v Playstation. Left v Right. Utter pish.

  9. The greens who will not consider nuclear are not taking it seriously and LARPers looking for likes on social media, and I don’t listen to the cunts.
    Extinction rebellion and their ilk, idiots who use environmentalism as a cover for anarchism. Their little bit of attention-seeking on top of the electrically powered public train tells me all i need to know about the daft cunts;

    Bored, attention-seeking, middle-class wankers.

    • CP@ – My Nephew is an engineer for Rolls Royce, works on power stations around the UK – nuclear power is not cheap and not safe.

    • I reckon the Green Party got infiltrated after their antics in the late-80s, early 90s. They used to be hardcore lovers of the Earth who wanted to jam the machinery, now they seem like controlled opposition who wear suits and are just useless pussyfarts like all other politicians.

  10. I suspect net zero is just another power grab by elites. It is so obviously Insane, economic suicide, and the real power will know this.

    I think the idea is to force through as much of this madness as possible until the pips squeak, short of full net zero, which is an impossible pipe dream anyway. By the time they relent they will have forced through a load of draconian new restrictions on our freedoms, and a thousand new things to tax. They will spin this as listening to the people when in fact they will be where they wanted to be all along. Cunts..

    • Hopefully enough of the public will tire of this shit, and we’ll rebel. Fuck the government and their ‘anti climate change policies’ fucking us all over.

  11. Our moronic dim wiited twat government will bankrupt this country and have us crawling around in the mud like the middle ages, all to meet ‘Net Zero’
    It will make NO DIFFERENCE. You could shut of all energy use in UK, Australia and Canada tomorrow and it wouldn’t equal a 10th of the Carbon emmissions that China has INCREASED in the last year alone. They are building Coal fired power stations like there’s a prize for the country that smogs the air up fastest.

    The green party and all the brain dead vegans want us to stop all animal and dairy farming (in a country predominantly covered by arable land), grow mould and soya beans, take out a 10yr loan to be able to afford an electric car, that you won’t be able to afford to charge up. The battery will be fucked 5 years in (8 grand to replace)…Meanwhile, Billionaires in Dubai & Saudi will be cruising round in 7 litre petrol RollsRoyce Limos with the air-con going full blast.

    Just shoot me now….

  12. For more than 50 years Climate Alarmists in the scientific community and environmental movement have not gotten even one prediction correct, but they do have a perfect record of getting 41 predictions wrong. Opportunistic cunts attempting to stay relevant, and rich, fuck off

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