Spanish Government & Booze Caps

The Spanish government are Cunts. See story below, highlighting that all inclusive holidays are going to have a cap of 6 drinks 🍹 per day 3 at lunch and 3 at dinner. (Only at certain resorts – Day Admin)

Also they are banning happy hours two for one offers.

Come on you Diego cunts people only come for the sun ☀️ and 🍺.

Hope you go bankrupt you socialist meddling fuck tards.

Turkey Greece Malta suddenly look 👀 far better value.

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45 thoughts on “Spanish Government & Booze Caps

  1. I wouldn’t be seen dead at some ghastly all-inclusive Spanish resort….drunken,tattooed yobs,fat,lobster-red, common tarts and screaming,ill-mannered brats….I would blame the Spanish if they rounded the whole lot of them up and machine-gunned them.

    • Bit harsh Dick, better that it’s the spics problem than Blighty’s, surely? Think of all those empty Fosters cans clogging up the stream on your estate if the bastards decided to holiday in the UK.
      Can’t disagree with your sentiment about being near them though…

      • True enough….we’ve had a taste of it while people couldn’t go abroad…Cunts illegally “wild camping” and leaving the place like a tip.


  2. Anyone who goes to a foreign country and shows a complete lack of respect to that country is fine by me. Europe deserves to drown in the pis, shit and vomit of drunken English men (and women)

  3. I can’t see the Daygo coppers waking up from their siesta long enough to enforce any of this mither.

  4. Id rather staple my ballbag to a cat (😺!!) than go on holiday in Spain.
    Or anywhere abroad.

    Nowt wrong with Morecambe.
    Or North Wales.

    A paste butty on the seafront,
    Lifetime memory.

    • Mnc. They don’t/wont speak English in north Wales. They are more arrogant than the 🐸 s. At least Juan knows what half a dozen beers 🍻 means.

    • It rains

      I am just outside Milan at a trade show, sunny and about 70 F outside.

      It’s so nice just to be in Italy again, not all Europeans are bastards.

      Drunken English chavs and tarts deserve all the Spanish police give them, whenever you’re abroad you are an ambassador for your country. Instead of bloody Covid testing when you get on the easyJet there should be an intelligence test.

    • Mnc@ – And could I also add Brid! – Morecambe looks quite far and there may be wolves there! (my old dear loved Eric Morecambe and was once inadvertently part of the stage act when she went to see Morecambe and Wise) I love it there – as kids our local Vicar (a marvellous human being, a “quiet hero”, as it were) used to organise an annual day trip there for the families without much – I remember those days out as some of the happiest in my life!
      Always nice to have a swim about in the sea, spend a tenner in the arcades then off to The Taste O’ The Sea cafe for some laarvly fish and chips!
      Beats sunburn and chlamydia infested chavs in some foreign hell hole I say – look what happened to old man Steptoe when he was daft enough to go to Spain – a lesson for us all there! 😀

  5. That’s going to put the cat amongst the pigeons for all the seniors who go to Spain for 3 or 4 months during winter, because it’s cheaper to stay in a hotel all inclusive than to pay for heating at home.
    Can’t say I blame them, 3 squares a day, clean sheets and towels twice a week, room cleaned daily and usually a damned sight warmer than the UK.

  6. The donkey bumming greasy bleeder! Excessive alcohol is required so when mounting Shazza an’ Tray the Fred Perry and shorts brigade don’t realise what a pair of hideous AIDS infested sacks of raddled, sweaty spunk filled silverbacks they actually are – and it has the added bonus of it hurting less when the swarthy bow legged locals are knifing them!
    Oi! Pedro! If it wasn’t for the free ale we would either stay home or turn your backwards dump into fkin Guernica!
    Where’s yer navy?
    Bottom of the sea!
    Who did that?
    We did – now make with the grog you tightfisted bull botherers!
    Despicable behaviour, and typical of shifty foreigners – chavs need their El Stella, init!
    On other news I have received some rather strongly worded emails from the Spanish Tourist Board..

  7. Those dozy bitches in the pic would be the first to bleat if that dusky gentleman looming over them (as they lie on the floor like a pair of moral-free worthless harlots) reverted to type and raped the ever-loving shit out of them.
    They’re not destined for wholesome lives and they will have many multi-coloured children who are barely literate and have to eat microwaveable meals whilst watching Ant and Dec on a taxpayer-funded unnecessarily big 4k telly.
    I hope he murders them both.

    • Morning, Thomas
      You’re either extremely jealous that its not you hovering over those bints; or you’ve simply woke up in a grumpy mood this morning, lol

      • I have had to leave my trade show in Milan to attend a speed awareness course I had forgotten about fortunately the hotel has leant me their conference room with super fast broadband so I am like a pig in shit bit immensely bored.

      • There is no excuse for speeding unless you are building up to ramming-speed to clear the cunty pushbikers who are in your sights…..The Highway Code is quite clear on this.

      • Morning Mr F…what about hassling hunt saboteur Guardian-reading communists using a vulgar american car as a weapon?

      • Advanced Motorist skills are required when dealing with Hunt saboteurs,Mr.Cunt-Engine….the willingness to cover your Hilux numberplate with mud,wear a black balaclava and side-swipe some shitty, untaxed V.W. Polo type wankermobile full of scruffy layabouts and menopausal old Hags isn’t for the average driver… I am,of course,an expert in my field.

  8. If it all kicks off in the Ukraine and fuel prices go through the roof no one will be going anywhere. (No doubt Greta and the eco mob will be pleased about that as she flies around the world pulling faces)

    Btw: that header pic, is that chap trying to rob those two drunk bints? And I wonder if those bints are Katie Price and a friend?

  9. I can’t see this idea catching on. These Spanish coastal resorts have grown from small fishing villages into infamous drinking and shagging locations in the last 60 years off the back of drunken brits. Without these chav magnet qualities, they’d be fucked. Sounds like a few hotels are trying to attract a more discerning punter in an effort to reduce their laundry bills. All that vomit, fanny batter and spunk won’t wash itself out of the bed sheets and carpets you know.

    • FYI of Pommy cunters that’s a 2.25 litre beer bottle, 80 ounces x 6

      Quite sufficient indeed.

  10. Sorry Admin, but I think you’ve made a mistake. That photo was taken in Newcastle’s Bigg Market on a Friday night.

    PS For the uninitiated, that is the correct spelling of ‘Bigg’.

  11. Three beers limit for the evening?!! Feck off. This is a typical over reaction. From double figures, projectile vomiting into the pool and a ruck, to a quiet night in with the slippers on.
    The Health Nazis over here would love it. Imagine Sir (!) Chris Whitty coming on the tele every evening with death figures of people ‘with’ alcohol in their system, or ‘fat in the gut’.

  12. I avoid anywhere that the English go on the piss somewhere abroad. The thought of being mistaken for one of those egg and chips in the sun dregs makes me shudder.
    Tacky wankers.

  13. Drunken Brits abroad are cunts and i can understand that having to put up with these cunts is a nitemare, but i also know these oiley fucks rely on the Brits to make a living, so if you fuck with the sun,sea,sex ratio, Brit pissheads will go somewhere else, also the Brit holiday maker who can behave tend not to go to Spain anyway so they are going to lose, lose.
    Still who cares all spain is good for is biking….fuck em

  14. Seems like a good idea to me. The Spanish must be fed up hosting the Fat Slags and rejects from Eastenders every year, tanked up on cheap alcohol and vomiting all over the place. Wish we could introduce a similar cap over here.

  15. When I was young, dumb and full of cum I spent 6 months working in Ibiza ‘avin it large!

    Some of the things I witnessed we’re shocking and unfortunately it was mainly the English who were the worst. Ze Germans were just lechy, the Italians all thought they were sex gods, the Dutch were just off their faces on weed of E’s.

    Some of the police brutality I saw was absolutely shocking. No joke when I say nearly every night working outside the bar I was employed by did I see baton beating being administered (mainly by the Guardia Civil) – they knew they would get away with it as most of the cunts were too fucked to know what was going on.

    The Policia local were just corrupt cunts, always looking for a payout from most of the bars they were arresting illegal workers at (due to Spanish laws I was an illegal worker – nicked once every months to the point I knew most of the names of the coppers and sometimes had beers with them in the bar I worked in..!).

    However, the worst offenders were the ladies: FUCK ME – most behaved like they had never been let out the house and the marority were dirty fuckers talking.

    Flashing their titties or beavers but I get get to sample of the more ‘less chavvy ones’ – those were the days.

  16. I went on one of those Club 18-30 gigs to Spain 35 years ago, and it was like Blackpool on acid quite frankly.
    Booze, clubbing, easy tarts, greasy food, egg and chips aplenty, dope and all the usual laddish behaviour including shouting abuse at the locals and calling them all “Manuel” (from Fawlty Towers)
    Of course back then it seemed like a good idea at the time. But now it was just one of those embarrassing moments we’d like to forget about from one’s youth (including a time when I thought Esther Rantzen was a sexy milf on That’s Life!)

  17. Wandered into an all inclusive resort in Majorca by mistake while out for a stroll in the arid countryside. 3 sides of the complex were like colditz, but the side facing the interior was wide open. It never occurred to any of the fat sunburnt cunts to go and see some wildlife or fish in the canal, I assume they were scared the free cheapo booze would vanish if they left the vicinity of the bars. Got the impression most of them never left the all-inclusive area for the duration of their holiday. Guard let us out via security gate after interrogation, I was starting to worry we would be trapped like number 6. Only with more vomit and drunken brawls. Never felt prouder to be British.

  18. … and people pay money for that kind of ‘holiday experience’? … what a fuckin’ waste … bunch of cunts in my books! I assumed that the unlimited booze was to dull any senses that may have been present at the outset of the extravaganza … a way of ensuring that you didn’t leave the cesspool.

  19. Those places are all fucking shitholes I wouldn’t be seen dead in anyway so I say let all the alcohol dependant trash drink themselves into a stupor.

    If you market your country as a cesspit that all the UK drunks can visit and vomit on then you reap what you sow.

  20. It’s early in the day for me, but I’m still trying to figure out what’s actually going on in the nom picture.
    I remember my first trip to Spain around 1970. I honestly had no idea how much fanny was freely available until I went on holiday. My balls were like pancakes when I got back.
    Happy days.

    Morning all.

  21. It’s the local bar owners who have forced this onto the hotels.

    As people are getting their drinks ‘free’ (stupid cunts have paid in advance, nothing is free), then the bar owners are losing out big style.

    Nobody will bother enforcing these rules.
    So come over here as normal.
    Eat, drink, vomit and get horrendously burnt in the sun as usual.

    ¡Qué te diviertas!

  22. Ibiza. It so far up it’s own arse all you see are walking arses on the front. €4 million euros for a bottle of water and €2 million to unscrew the cap. €10 euros for a fucking drink in Cafe Del Mar to watch a sunset, as if you don’t get sunsets anywhere else. Seen better ones in bonnie Scotland. Hopefully going to Scotland this year golfing. The sun shining, the sea, courses with no fucker on them thinking they’re Tiger Woods, heaven.

      • Too true Vernon. When my ball is usually in the rough to start with. Scottish rough is brutal. You only have to look at Sturgeons gusset to see that.

  23. I read at the start of the pandemic that Brits drunk over 1/3 of all beer. Produced by Spain. Good luck with your national debt!

  24. Only 3 drinks is infinitely variable, 3 bottles of vodka served in 3 buckets fit the criteria.
    Bag of nuts or some olives and you’re good to go.
    Ole !

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