Jamie Oliver [13]

Jamie Oliver, again. He’s hired ‘cultural appropriation experts’ to ensure that his recipes don’t cause any further offence after his horrendous, death sentence deserving crime, of creating a recipe for jerk rice.
Is it just a publicity stunt since his restaurant went bankrupt, or is he just a gurning rubber faced twat who needs to develop a backbone?

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80 thoughts on “Jamie Oliver [13]

  1. Know what, TV chefs are all in a group of cunts
    Jamie Oliver
    James Martin
    Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
    And countless others.
    All cunts.
    I’ve never cooked even one thing they’ve done, ever.

  2. Hate the man’s politics, because he needs to stick to the cooking, and stop sticking his fucking nose into anything else eg, telling dinner ladies to stop ordering the processed shite in to feed our kids at school. Those wee cunts need that salty processed shit. They will only go to the nearest chippy at lunch time to get their salty processed shit.

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