Adele [7]

Adele is a cunt.
Pluses- Lost a bit of weight, worth a shag, but you are getting kicked out of bed in the morning.
Minus- How many times can you sing the same shit about being dumped?
Every second song on the radio is Adele (the others are that ginger cunt Ed Sheeran. Can someone please cunt him) (He’s been cunted 7 times – NA)
Crying like a baby on social media about your Vegas shows. (Boo fuckin hoo)
Your music is boring as fuck, maybe you should ask yourself why you keep getting dumped? Maybe you and Ed Sheeran could hook up, then break up, and give you both some angst to write another song about a failed relationship. Fuck off Adele, you CUNT
(Link provided by that stud muffin, Night Admin – NA)

Nominated by: Cuntybaws

50 thoughts on “Adele [7]

  1. All me me me complex.A one trick pony.Bore off you talentless bint.Her “singing” makes me want to slash my wrists.

  2. Female Singers of Note.

    Karen Carpenter
    Mamma Cass
    Shirley Bassey
    Kathy Kirby
    Petula Clarke
    Carly Simon
    Tina Turner

    And there are more….

    Adele? fuck off !

  3. I pulled Adele in her early years of her musical career.
    I took her back to my place and she said one of the worst things anyone would want to hear.
    You’ll never satisfy me with a thing that small.
    I was absolutely gutted.
    It was the biggest fridge that I could afford.
    She might have a reasonably good voice for a karaoke, but when she starts speaking she is one of the foulest mouth chavs on the planet.
    No wonder the gobby cunt keeps getting dumped.

  4. Mediocrity rules.

    If Adele had been around in the ’60s & ’70s she’d have been lucky even to have come third on Opportunity Knocks.

  5. Fat ☑️
    Perpetually Heartbroken ☑️
    Warbler ☑️
    Crap ☑️
    Voice akin to nails down blackboard ☑️
    Never off the radio ☑️
    Virtue signaller ☑️
    Coal burner ☑️
    Covid vaccine fascist ☑️
    Cunt ☑️

    • Covid vaccine fascist? That’s a new one on me.
      All your other points are valid, although she does redeem herself a little by questioning the Brits removal of best female artist, one of the few, maybe only artist who has done so.

      • Afternoon GJ

        Sure I read somewhere a few month back that it was the triple jabbed only that were allowed entry to her concerts.
        So I decided to level that accusation against her anyway.

        In the interests of fairness however, she might have had nothing to do with the vaccine rule and it may have been the venue or organisers who implemented it.

        Yeah and with regards to the Brits female artist controversy (how that can even be a controversial thing is absolutely beyond me)
        – fair play to her.

        At this rate Adele might not be so bad after all.

      • Afternoon HJ. I think it would be the venue policy rather than the artist, but I’m not sure. I think Clapton said he wasn’t going to play anywhere that had such a policy, and I wish more would have done the same, although in the U.K. at least that looks like history thank fuck.

      • Never seen the Brits but struggling with this business of removing best female artist. Is there an award for best male artist? If not then fair enough, but if such exists then why has it not been removed? Afraid I might not like any answers I receive.

  6. I have probably heard her but not knowingly. Just more bland shite which runs into more shite.
    Cant find a fuck to give.

  7. I’m going against the flow slightly by saying I liked Skyfall, miserable though it is, but the rest of her stuff is bland, self-pitying bollocks. Not that I ever hear any nowadays as I listen to Boom radio, great stuff, a lot of which I’ve never heard before.

  8. What’s not to like, champagne socialist, LGBTQ lover, broad in t’ beam, part Welsh , thank fuck she isn’t blick otherwise she would have been a real pain in the arse.

  9. Another diva cunt who lives in a bubble. She wouldn’t last a minute at a real job. I suspect she is miserable even with all her wealth. Maybe we get lucky and one of us wins the dead pool with her soon.

  10. Fat, sink estate warbler who got lucky, spawning a thousand talentless sink estate wannabees on karaoke nights.
    Shut it you irrelevant slag, no one’s ‘bovvered’.

  11. Who in their right mind would pay £700 – £9000 a ticket (plus travelling /hotel expenses) to see this third rate sack of shit droning in Lost Wages?

    She was due to rake in £500,000 a night – that’s why she blubbed all over social media, fuck all to do with letting her tone-deaf fans down. Cunt.

    🎶 Everyone’s a loser, baby… 🎶

    • I’m astounded when I see and hear such figures Ruff. Back in the day amongst other bands we saw Led Zeppelin live. I can’t remember what we paid but it certainly was not into three figures because we would not have paid such a figure. When I was flying I had a conversation with a man who asked; “Isn’t that expensive?” When I gave him a rough figure for what it cost me annually his response was; “Oh that’s not so bad. I pay more than that for my season ticket to watch West Bromwich.” I’ve always felt I got the better deal.

      • Afternoon Arfur.

        In 1971 I saw Led Zeppelin at St Matthew’s Baths Hall Ipswich, for the princely sum of £1. A month later I shelled out another £1 to see Frank Zappa get thrown into the orchestra pit at the Rainbow Theatre: a moment in rock history, no less!

        Also for £1, in 1972 we saw Alice Cooper at the Empire Pool Wembley, this during the ‘Killer’ tour. Support band was Roxy Music…

        Still have all three tickets, the Zappa one is now worth £ hundreds.

        £3 to see all that, and Adele charging minimum of £700 a ticket. The world really has gone mad.

  12. Adele fans should note that though she won’t be doing her American shows, Boggs Enterprises (Taiwan) have made an arrangement with her agent and The Steaming Pussycat Club Soho (formerly the Westminster Striparama & Bed Show) proudly and furtively announce she will be appearing at the club every Sunday evening throughout March at 8 p,m. Striptease for the man who wants more for his money, as she is a plump little thing. She will also be available for modelling sessions in the upstairs flat between 10 pm and midnight (bring your own mac and Box Brownie)

  13. Looks a little as if she’s escaped from the set of “Bewitched.”
    However, if she wore a black rubber catsuit, I would harpoon her. Part of my Moby Dick fantasy.
    She’s the whale.

  14. I’ve been sucked off by more attractive looking bints working on the checkout at Lidl.

  15. Adele – karaoke singer who releases an album wi da numbers on it.
    Any writing on them would start with “init you caants”
    10 turgid spins of dogshit about a fat bird being dumped, now 10 turgid spins of dogshit about a rich fat bird being dumped.
    I have a young chum who does showbiz security, reports are that Roadkill, er, sorry Adele has gone full Beyonce and is an utter psycho cunt who treats the people who made and supported her like shit.
    She sure as hell ain’t no Mike Scavino or Burton Cummings.
    And never will be.

  16. Every time I hear Adele on the radio why do I feel the need to open an artery? Enough to make you stick your head in an oven and give yourself a gas supper.

  17. Here’s the thing.

    If you keep getting dumped, the problem might be you.

    I believe she’s going for darker meat these days.

    Dark keys obviously stick around longer, so what could possibly go wrong?

  18. Moaning cunt for a fat lass isn’t she?
    Chubby cunts are normally jolly.

    Maybe its because shes rich now?
    Bit spoilt!

    All those songs about love lost are about a Hollands meat& potato pie that broke her heart.

  19. Total middle of the road shit is what her and sheerans music is, there is no flair or anything it’s a boring dirge.

    It sums the current generation up that the most popular music is bland and inoffensive boring bollocks.

  20. I’ve seen the sex tape that Adele made back when she was a chubster. It was hot lesbian stuff and would warm the cockles of the prudest fellow. Her and this other bird engaged in all sorts of sapphic loveliness, culminating in a scene where Adele asked the other bird to cover her in strawberries and whipped cream.
    Alas, it was not to be as the other bird was Michelle McManus and she’d already scoffed the lot.

    • Are you sure you didn’t mistake Gemma Collins for Adele? They were the spitting image of one another back then.

      • Afternoon RTC, hope you’re well?
        Imagine the sight of Gemma Collins naked…🤢…she must look like a (slightly) less hairy Giant Haystacks.

  21. She’s like that cunt Mariah Carey. Singing twenty four notes when five will do. And I actually thought she was singing about scaffold on that James Bond song.

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