The Customer is Always Right – Sometimes!

Minding my own business, ordering a hot drink with Mrs. KATG, as you do, from (name removed on legal advice), I asked the feckless ‘server’ why there isn’t any ‘blue’ (full cream) milk, but only the shitty semi-skimmed, green stuff available? (Red’s worse – just school chalk and water).

‘Sorry, but we don’t use it, as to provide a healthier option to our customers.’

Really? Well if I’m fucking paying, I would like full cream fucking milk.

‘But this option is better for you.’

Ok, so as you’ve been told ‘what’s best for your customers’, I’ll have nine sachets of sugar with that please.

Like most cafés, pubs & restaurants, low fat, low sugar, seems to be the only option.

But, if I’m paying for this at sugar, and at full fat prices, I fucking want the fucking stuff in it.

Happy fucking Xmas.

Makes me want drink my own, now boiling piss, with a twist of lemon.


Nominated by: Kunt and the Gang

90 thoughts on “The Customer is Always Right – Sometimes!

    • Agreed.
      Customer is always right till hes being unreasonable.
      Then he can fuck off.
      I have a list of customers who I wont work for again.
      Some customers are a pleasure to work for.
      Some a chore.

      • MNC@ – The “chippy unwaged” can be entertaining!
        And on the other end of the scale are people like the disabled lady who I do the gardening for – she gets state benefits but still insisted on giving me a tenner as a Christmas bonus.
        Felt bad accepting it as I had already stole her savings..

      • Indeed. Is it just me or are the awkward, chippy ones usually the ones who don’t really spend that much and seem to think that you’re going to curl up and die without their custom?

        I just charge them well over the odds and if they want to pay it, fine, if not then bollocks to them

    • We are all customers and cunts , to a certain degree, this to me suggests more often than not we the customers are right. If I’m spending then the Cunt doing for me better fucking listen

      • Customer care is important,
        And we all appreciate it.
        But if a customer is rude or abusive thats where customer care goes out the window.
        Dealing with Joe public you soon realise hes a cunt😀

  1. Sadly customer care seems to have been replaced with corporate companies following the twatter nazis like the politicians and the media with the narrative:- “customer, voter and viewer know fuck all and will get what’s good for them. And pay for it. Cunts.

  2. I’d like to see KFC telling their customers that they can only have a single piece of boiled,plain chicken…because it’s better for them.Imagine telling Diane Abbott that she couldn’t have the “Party for 15 Mega-Whoppa Wheelie-Bin of Chiggun” for her elevenses because she looked like she could do with losing a pound or two….she’d demolish the fucking shop and anyone who couldn’t outrun an enraged rhino along with it.

    • A curmudgeonly good morning Mr F….would you happen to agree that the nom writer has only himself to blame by going into a poncey, overpriced coffee shop in the first place? He ought to have refused to pay and stood at head of the queue, his complaints getting louder until everyone is irritated with both him and the coffee shop staff.

      (Morning, Thomas. Seems Wordfence has your number for 2022. Your “ponce” got you this time. Sorted now – Day Admin)

      • Morning,Mr.Cunt-Engine.
        Those were indeed my original thoughts….but I don’t want to get the reputation of being a bit of a Cunt,y’know.

        How are you and your Gay moustache this morning?

      • My moustache is thing of the past, simply because I’m dating some unnattractive ladies and have no particular wish to give their inner thighs a rash from the bristles.
        The bodies of wimminz in their mid-40’s are disappointing, to say the least.
        Do some exercise, you blubbery monstrosities!

      • My “pönće”, DA?!
        That makes it sound like I have a pet one locked up in my cellar! A sort of English Josef Fritzl, if you will.

        (What you and your pet gimp get up to in your cellar is no business of ours – Day Admin)

      • TTCE, I was under pain of death from Mrs KATG to go there!
        I’d had rather gone to a ‘Greasy Spoon’, and paid considerably less.

    • Good Morning,Mr. Cunt-Engine.

      You’ve read my mind…those were certainly my original thoughts…but I don’t want to get the reputation of being a bit of a Cunt,y’know.

      How are you and your Homosexual moustache this morning?

    • DF, that scenario would be truly apocalyptic if Dianne was in that KFC with her ‘gifted’, police officer-munching offspring.

      Imagine the repair bill. It would be similar to having two sturdy silver backs going apeshit in a greengrocers having been told there are no bananas in stock.

  3. Mrs CuntyMort and I both drink black coffee. I always ask for black coffee, the amount of cunts who ask do you want milk with that? Twats

  4. Tesco’s seem to have made all of their finest range of sausages gluten free. They now taste bloody awful, ruined what was decent. I’ve got nothing against there being a gluten free range, but every finest sausage and burger are now gluten free.

    I looked at the ingredients and they have added bamboo. I’m not a Panda, I don’t want to eat bamboo!

    Overall, and even worse since COVID, customer service is out the window. Instead if you have a slight rage because you’ve been waiting 45 minutes on the phone before you speak to someone, they’ll cut you off for being abusive to their staff.

    I deal with HMRC and they give me a maximum of 28 days to reply to a query, it’s usually 20 by the time it’s come through the letter box. When I queried how they had got something wrong they gave themselves a 7 month deadline to reply. That was beginning of December and still haven’t replied.

    Sorry about long post, but truth is virtually all large organisations now treat their customers like they are an inconvenience.

    • So you have discovered the bamboo fibre trick FM. Would you believe that some brands of Pesto also contain the food of Pandas. Stuff appears to be cropping up in many of our factory produced delights. Wonder if the reason is it’s really cheap? Or has some incredible health benefits. I think the former would be accurate. A simple pleasure of mine (if I remembered my glasses) read the list of ingredients and have a good chuckle sometimes I point out the nasty crap to other shoppers if they show an interest amazing how few people are aware of the crap that’s included in the recipe for “the finest steak pie or other culinary delight.

    • I thought their finest range sausages weren’t as they use to be. I will check the ingredients next time I am in there. I now tend to buy my sausages only from our local butcher. It is better to support local shops anyway.

      I was in my local Tesco at 6.30 ish in the morning a couple of days before Christmas. It was quite busy and the staff were working like shit, meanwhile the management team, about 5 of them, were having a nice conversation by the wine racks. They were still there when I left 45 minutes later. Tesco management are cunts, I keep on thinking that the shares I bought at nearly £7 will recover but they won’t in my lifetime.

      • I have some underwater Tesco shares too Wanksick. I bought them when living in Blighty not because I have any affection for the cunts but simply because at the time they seemed to be on the path to world domination. Then they totally fucked it up. At the time I bought them my groceries we’re bought there, my home insurance was with them, I may as well have had my salary paid durect to the counts and they could pay me whatever was left at the end of the month.

        Now the counts are putting bamboo in their Finest sausages? Time to cut the losses perhaps?

        I’ll bet the bamboo comes from China, probably some bat and pangolin in there too for good measure.

    • I too had an argument by post with HMRC last year. Persistence and refusal to capitulate worked for me, although the delay between letter and reply was then only six weeks. Because Covid, or because Brexit or (see DVLA) because eternal strike action – dunno.

      Note also that the Government Gateway website is designed to deal with a lot of tax and benefits enquiries. And that it is completely and possibly intentionally inaccessible to any resident of mainland Britain who doesn’t possess BOTH a current passport and checkable history of debt. (If you live in NI, your driving license will do for one of these, but not here) THis is to check your identity* That makes a minumum of 7% of the taxable population as far as I can estimate. Emailed the flakcatcher to query this, but she abandoned the exchange after telling me twice what I have just told you, without explanation or apology.

      *However, if you write to HMRC, there is no identity check and they will mail freely to the postal address you provide.


      • Nearly forgot: very important note. When dealing by post with HMRC and their one-month (one-way) deadline FFS don’t forget to get absolute proof of postage on anything you send them. The fact is that it can take weeks for mail to get from their sorting centre to the office concerned and further weeks to get read. Nearly lost ££££’s for omitting that precaution, don’t let it happen to you!

  5. “Aagh! This burning coffee really hurts”!
    “It would have burned less with full fat milk you cunt”!
    Customers are a mixed bunch, I always work on the principle of being polite, respectful and honest and they are generally fine.
    Apart from the Karens, chiselling chavs and the, ahem, “carpet riders and silvery moons” – universally dishonest, rude and bad payers.
    Not a racist statement, just my experience.

    • I agree that you all end up with clients who will be cunts. I have a couple who don’t give a toss what time they phone you. Sunday evening, yes I’ll phone my accountant at 9.30 and keep ringing until he picks it up.

      • FM@ – Every time they do it be unerringly polite and helpful – then call them at 6AM the next day and say “I know you were so concerned you felt the need to call me at 9:30 last night so I have called you especially early so I can set your mind at rest”.
        They will eventually get the hint.. 😀👍

  6. As a customer of Isac I am bitterly disappointed at this anodyne Nom.

    This is not what we want, this is not what we have come to exoect.

    What we want is the traditional Nom–slagging off Pak*s, Je*ws, Blacks, Trans, the French, the disabled etc…

    That’s the kind of service we need.

    What about Cunters’ customer care?

    I must take it up with Admin.

    • Yeah Miles, fucking migrants, cunts are still coming even with the French Covid restrictions.

  7. Cheer up, Thomas. Things could be worse.
    You could be Shamima Begum. Who’ll be once more, waking up with a a sore, suppurating fanny.
    All sweaty in the desert heat.
    Preparing for another busy day of being fucked by an endless stream of carpet riding gentleman.
    Happy New Year, Shamima.
    There you go, Thomas.
    Bet you’re feeling better already. 😀
    Good morning.

    (Am surprised EeeBygum hasn’t been given a knighthood for services to victimhood – Day Admin)

    • Morning Jack, I bet those ISIS fighters were looking forward to a bit of young “English” lady meat. Then, when she arrived and they took off her hijab, they were so horrified that they returned back to camel pussy.

      • They’ll still be going at her like the clappers, Thomas.
        They’ll fuck anything.
        I bet her daisy looks like a butcher’s offal bin.

      • Stanley’s have teeny-tiny cocks and are mostly 3-pump chumps.

        That’s why they like 9 year old girls 😉

        Morning (just) Jack👍

      • I don’t imagine that a camel cow has a pussy?

        First word that comes to mind for me is gorilla.

    • Admin@ Please don’t say that, even in jest. It’s bad enough, Blair getting a gong.
      Morning, Admin. 👍

  8. You do get some providers of products and services who go out of their way to antagonise and give their customers the opposite to what they want. The BBC for example.

  9. Count your lucky stars.
    It’ll not be long afore there’s one option only..
    What a bunch of cunts.

  10. A lot of it is about respect … a commodity that has been eroded to the extent that it has fast become valueless. I operate on the basis of reflection in that I reflect everyone’s attitude towards me.
    I do not agree that the customer is always right … I’ve always been of the opinion that at least ninety five percent of all people are utter fuckwits … cunts that need to be constantly put in their fuckin’ place. Ignorance and arrogance is unquestionably the norm and as I ain’t no diplomat my zero tolerance nature puts me in the conflict zone right from the get go … but then my expectation levels are very low so it’s not the problem that you might think … I expect to people to fail.
    Oh and I hate the trendy coffee outlets so that milk problem ain’t ever gonna be an issue.

  11. I’m amazed at how many of these chain and trendy coffee shops there are. When they first started opening (think about 20 odd years ago). I used to say ‘fuck that I can get a pint of beer for that’ or ‘’pay twice the amount and you can buy an entire jar and have 50 coffees’
    Now the fuckers are everywhere. Hardly no change from a tenner for a coffee and a small cake.
    People now go into town centres to drink and eat rather than shop.
    I’ve visited them twice and that’s twice too often.

    • The very existence of soap operas and Love Island proves that people are, by and large, worthless gullible spastics who deserve to be parted from their money.

      • Couldn’t have spoken truer words Thomas.
        Watch crap tv, eat crap food and drink crap beer.
        Go into a pub and ask what ales they have and you get the reply ‘John Smith’s.

  12. I agree with this approach. After all we have the government and all the medical professionals, the MSM and every Tom, dick, Harry in the land telling us poor plebs exactly what we can and can’t do when it comes to the China rona virus, therefore why not a retail establishment, food emporium or the like telling you can’t have full cream milk with your drink… after all, all of the above mentioned know exactly what’s best for you… and you will be happy.

    That’s is all, happy new year cunters and GTF.

  13. An angry customer is an opportunity and I’m afraid, to them anyway, the customer is always correct.

    When I started in IT thirty years ago and I spent my time fiddling with peoples PCs and application suite I was always being picked on, blamed for other people’s stupidity and poor productivity but you had to doff your cap and soak it up.

    Now I enjoy watching 1st and 2nd line wannabees getting it in the neck from angry Karens.

  14. All Customers Are Cunts
    That’s where I got my name from
    Even the nice ones will fuck you over to gain
    They will drop you in it
    Been involved in retail for 37 years
    Never trust any customer they are cunts
    I’m actually a nice person apart from when being a cunt
    Please keep up the daily news feed it can’t last forever

  15. I don’t think you can generalise. Many customers are chippy, ill-mannered, entitled Karen types who think they can walk into a store and intimidate the poor, low paid assistant because hubby is a LSE Trader and has just taken a £50k Christmas bonus.

    Conversely, some assistants are the most rude, inattentive, ignorant arseholes you could ever hope to happen upon. It’s just the way of the world

    I suspect, as service providers, many on this fine forum are the types of supplier you want to deal with 100% of the time as they actually do care. They wouldn’t be cunting cunts on here otherwise.

  16. If I see that vegan symbol on any foodstuffs I leave it where it is. It’s on fucking everything now.

    Low sugar, low fat, reduced salt. Sick of seeing that on products too.

    I went to one of those coffee shops on the motorway once. I asked for a normal coffee. The po*fter behind the counter said “Americano?”.
    I said, “just a normal coffee with milk please,- this is Charnock Richard services, how are the yanks going to influence this said coffee?”
    Anyway, I got what I wanted in the end.

    And since when did a milky coffee become a “lartay”, and what in god’s name is a “flat white”?

    I’d like a “flat black” please, about 10 million of them at least for starters.

  17. Where people are involved, disappointment is never far either way.
    Most tradesmen I’ve had the misfortune to hire on promises of a ‘top job’ could only be called bodgers at best. And, if you question their shoddy work, the cunts have more reasons and excuses than a politician. Cunts, I can bodge my own jobs without paying through the nose for it, which I now do if at all possible.

    • The landlord replaced our consumer unit last year. First class sparky did a great job. Quick, neat, efficient, friendly, polite and, oddly enough, English.

      • I should add that when a tradesman has actually turned up, they have almost invariably done a good job. Maybe I’ve been lucky.

      • There are good guys, and when you find one, he becomes a family friend. I used to work for a site services company, small team, father and son. The electrical side we dealt with exclusively, but other jobs, from upholstering to laying concrete, plumbing, carpentry and other trades were sub contracted to people the boys knew. Some of them used to moan about the boss, saying he was a bit of a nightmare to work for, but this was because they had to bring their A game to the job, as my boss wouldn’t put his name to anything shoddy or remotely below par. If there was more like him the programme watchdog would last about five minutes.
        Working with so many different trades wasn’t enough to go and do those jobs myself, but at least I could see straight away that I was being fobbed off, and could at least speak the language which made them think I knew more than I did.
        Living in a gutted house during the first lockdown made me have to do a lot of the jobs myself, and the majority of them I’m more than happy with.
        You don’t know what you’re capable of until you have to do it. 😀

      • Back in the 90’s, before a divorce, when I owned my own house, my then wife took our son to her mother’s for Christmas. In that time, I ripped our kitchen out back to a couple of water pipes sticking out of the floor. I rewired, retiled, refloored, renewed the kitchen units and worktops, wallpapered and painted. All in a week. Chuffed doesn’t begin to describe how I felt. Fucking pissed off doesn’t come come close to how I felt when I had to sell the house.

  18. White tea one sugar. How difficult is that ? Piece of piss you’d think ? Normally find the sugar at the bottom because the thick cunt has sqeezed the bag and not stirred it. This once great nation was built on cups of tea. We have become ‘americanised’ with the rise of shitty rip-off fast food and coffee outlets. You won’t find me at a hòmo coffee shop, and if I’m buying fast food it’s because the kitchen is closed and it’s dark outside.

  19. No full cream milk!!

    Can you still buy it, surely it must have been banned by now.

    The times I have visited coffee shops I have always found the staff quite polite and friendly, I mean what is there to angry about, any cunt can make coffee and serve a croissant or slice carrot and nut cake.

    Croissants however are like Russian roulette, I have so really good ones and some absolute shit ones 😂

  20. There is a lot of it about. I do think there should be more education on how food (and drugs) can affect your health later on though.

    A ‘friend’ (ahem) used to do a lot of Colombian marching powder back in the day. Now has hypertension, but can manage it with a healthy diet (normal readings, unless I, I mean my friend’ eats processed/salty food/drink sugary drinks). Sadly, booze seems to now send it through the roof. All probably connected to too much partying back in the day, according to the quack. Would it have stopped me, I mean my ‘friend’? Maybe not, but my friend reckons he might’ve toned the powder down a bit once he hit 30, if he’d known. Doesn’t do it now of course, would be in a box within minutes.

    There is also too much moddy coddling though, you’re right. I hate those crisp adverts saying they’re making them baked instead now, so they’re much better for you. They’re fucking crisps, I know they’re not good for me! They’re not one of my fucking ‘5 a day’. The baked ones taste fucking shite.

    • I find the taste of baked crisps ok but the texture is almost entirely not crispy, so call the fucking things bakes. Oven baked chips, scampi, onion rings? Chuck the bastards in a deep fat fryer! They’re not designed to be healthy, any more than anything from the chip shop is. They’re fucking treats!

  21. I’m a good customer unless you’re a cunt with me

    Make you a brew if doing a job for me. Cash preferred? No problem sir. I’m making a butty too, you want one lads? You need to nip out to buy some fittings? No worries, shit happens.

    But try to cunt me off and make me wait in all day, two days running while not answering your phone…I’ll arrange a load of fake appointments, all over the fucking county for you under withheld numbers or from call boxes/pub phones over the coming weeks. I can be a massive cunt if needed.

    Then, when you finally decide turn up at my house 4 days later, I’ll let you look at the new blokes I got in to fit the bathroom, as I tell you to ‘fuck off’.

    Yes, I could’ve told you yesterday when you called me. Guess why I fucking didn’t?

    • Our window cleaner loves us. We’re always the last call in our area. He gets a cup of tea and a good 20 minute chat/moan about his other customers, mostly wogs that, as usual, want lots for fuck all.

  22. The scenario in the nom is symptomatic of the trend towards creeping state and corporate control of evey aspect of our lives.

    Just one problem with this when corporate entities decide what’s best for you, they are often wrong. Much nutritional wisdom is not supported by science but by dogma and corporate interests. Take milk for example. There is plenty of evidence that full fat is better for you. As just one example, there is good evidence that the butyric acid in milk fat is protective against colon cancer. Also the evidence is mounting that low carb diets are healthier and saturated fats are good for you. So guess what if you remove the fats from milk? It’s proportionally more carb (lactose).

    The whole cholesterol thing is bollocks too. Cunters would do well to read Dr Malcolm Kendrick’s blog and books on this. It is a story of corruption and corporate interests.

    The switch from ‘unhealthy’ saturated fats for frying to ‘healthy’ sunflower oil by the likes of Walkers, McDonalds is a health disaster. Unsaturated fats oxidize and become toxic at frying temperatures. Cunters should never eat it.

    There are two kinds of white powder in your typical kitchen, salt and refined sugar. One is essential to life and the other is not necessary at all and is harmful. Guess which is which and which one the powers that be want to restrict the most ( hint, there’s much less profit in salt)?

    If the coffee shop really cared they would restrict your sugar, not full fat milk. Cunts.

    • I’ve heard the idea of a salt tax floated by politicians to protect us from ourselves. Anything consumed in excess us harmful, salt included but its impact on blood pressure is highly overstated and no worse than sugar (interested cunters might consider reading prof. John Yudkin’s book ‘Pure, white and deadly’.

      Think about a salt tax for a moment. This is a substance vital to life. Without it you will die, rapidly, and counts want to tax it. It is literally like taxing the air you breathe. Cunts.

      • Then again, they already tax carbon dioxide, and that also is literally vital to life on earth, yours included.

        Wow this nom got me started, but I’m steering clear of CG’s piss boiler about the woke force.

        So since I’m here I may as well elaborate a bit more on the cholesterol story. It’s a long and sorry saga which has been well described before by the aforementioned Dr K, and others such as Dr Aseem Malhotra so I won’t retell the whole sorry tale, but I will add this food for thought

        Pfizer are world class cunts deserving of their own nom. These cunts make a drug called Crestor which is a statin for lowering cholesterol. It is the best selling drug in history, it has made them somewhere in the ballpark of $150 billion. Yet heart disease remains the number 1 killer in the ‘developed’ world. Reducing cholesterol gas done fuck all and is harmful for many (cholesterol is another substance vital to life – see a pattern yet)?

        Pfizer also stand to make $37 billion from their unapproved Covid vaccine this year despite the evidence mounting that it doesn’t work (hence the boosters) and that the risk-benefit is negative. Meanwhile they work to suppress any mention of natural immunity, ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine for which, despite their best efforts, the evidence of their effectiveness is growing

        In normal markets when a product isn’t doing what it’s supposed to you would stop using it. But not in Pfizer’s case.

        ‘Heart disease still the No 1 killer despite statins?’

        ‘The answer is clear! ‘More statins!’

        ‘People still getting Covid despite vaccination? More vaccines!’

        What was that definition of Insanity again?

        Just for free, if you are diagnosed with atrial fibrillation you may get put on yet another Pfizer drug, Eliquis. They make billions from this too.
        But the chances are you just have a magnesium deficiency that when corrected with supplements will make the afib disappear.

      • I read today, that the NHL has followed advice on this and are using these drugs👍

      • Apologies:

        Meanwhile they work to suppress any mention of natural immunity, ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine for which, despite their best efforts, the evidence of their effectiveness is growing

        I meant that reply, in regard of the above🤔

      • “Pfizer also stand to make $37 billion from their unapproved Covid vaccine this year…”

        Approved in the US and UK, so unapproved by who?

        “….despite the evidence mounting that it doesn’t work”

        It does work. 95% effective against serious illness and death. Nobody ever suggested a single jab would afford protection for life.

      • Incorrect on both counts RTC. I’m afraid to say you’ve been taken in by the misinformation touted by the MSM and other mainstream outlets.

        The full clinical trials that are normally required for the approval of a new drug by the FDA and MHRA have not completed yet. The ‘approvals’ are not the same, they are Emergency Use Authorizations. These are only given when there is no alternative, which is part of the reason for the brutal suppression of ivermectin and HCQ which would be a fly in their $37 billion ointment. Pfizer have had an approval for a vaccine called Cominaty, but that isn’t what people are getting shots of. The EUA provides them with a cloak of indemnity.

        As for the effectiveness, that much touted number is the so called relative risk reduction (RRR). Which is deceptive and is usually frowned upon by regulators who prefer the more accurate absolute risk reduction or ARR. The ARR for Covid vaccines is less than 1 %. A group of Canadian doctors has recently published on this based on Pfizer’s own data.

        The above mentioned Dr Kendrick has written a popular book on how these statistical sleights of hand are deliberately used to deceive. It is called ‘doctoring data’s and I highly recommend it.

      • @ Miles – I can only guess that as AZ and Pfizer vaccines target different components of the immune system, having one of each probably reduced your risk of severe illness compared with two shots of either. There are several opinions regarding this however. Initially it was thought that AZ improved the T-cell response, but the latest study reports that this doesn’t last long.

        Still, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I am delighted that there are any vaccines at all. Mystic Komodo predicts an extremely large spike in hospital admissions mid-January, with a high, but less so than previous spikes, death rate. She guesses that, subsequently, Covid infection will become more like the common cold, with the bonus that a large number of those likely to get pneumonia from colds and flu are already underground.

        Herd immunity doesn’t work for the common cold, btw. It mutates too fast.

      • ‘Pfizer have had an approval for a vaccine called Cominaty, but that isn’t what people are getting shots of. ‘


        I went to get my booster jab. I haven’t the leaflet I was given to hand but it mentioned ‘Cominaty’. That’s what I had been given I think it said. With nothing to do waiting for the taxi I perused it. Then I read someting like ‘this is a two- part vaccine’ and I would need to take the second one in 2 weeks I think it said. I went back into the makeshift clinic and pointed it out to the receptionist. Oh they laughed and said ‘its ok…the leaflet is out of date’.

        Any thoughts?

      • @ Miles –
        Comirnaty (sic) is as far as I can find out, simply an alternative name for the Pfizer/Biontech vaccine. Looking at my card, I see that this, unlike the original vaccine, has space for a second dose to be recorded. I’m guessing that the latest batches hail from a different source. and have been packaged with the cards for a two-initial-dose regime. And have been broken down to provide individual booster doses.
        Probably no need to worry, then. After 20 weeks, they will only be 10% effective against Omicron anyway (The AZ vaccine is completely ineffective by then)

      • PS: My booster card had “Pfizer BioN-Tech” stamped on it. No mention of Comirnaty.

        Had it a month ago. Mild flu like symptoms for one day and a headache (may or may not have been connected) a week later. Fine since.

      • Thanks Komodo.

        I thought it was a bit slack.

        Just thought –my first two doses were Astrazeneca. And now this Pfizer.

        I have heard that Astrazeneca is useless against Omicron. Does that mean I am less protected?

        Ta in advance.

      • My first two were AZ. Pfizer booster.

        My next door neighbour’s first two were Pfizer, his booster was Moderna.

      • @ Miles – I can only guess that as AZ and Pfizer vaccines target different components of the immune system, having one of each probably reduced your susceptibility compared with two shots of either. There are several stories regarding this however. Initially it was thought that AZ improved T-cell response, but the latest study reports that this doesn’t last long.

        Still, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I am delighted that there are any vaccines at all. Mystic Komodo predicts an extremely large spike in hospital admissions mid-January, with a high, but less so than previous spikes, death rate. She guesses that, subsequently, Covid infection will become more like the common cold, with the bonus that a large number of those likely to get pneumonia from colds and flu are already underground.

        Herd immunity doesn’t work for the common cold, btw. It mutates too fast.

        (Duplicate post: ISAC’s reply hierarchy confused me. Dribble….)

  23. I can see where this could go : walk into a steakhouse and they’ll only have Bill Gates fungus food as they want to give you a healthy (sic) option. The other option is you don’t eat.
    No thanks

  24. The answer to this problem is to remove your custom from (eg) Bigbucks, Costalot and anyone else who does not provide the product you want. And tell your friends. Market forces should ensure that small independent cafes – already equipped with coffee machines and no longer dependent on Maxwell House – will step into the breach, and they may even not require you to order in Italo- American.

    Apropos of which, on reaching the head of the queue in POSta, inform the spotty youth at the counter of your choice, in thickly Neapolitan Italian, at high speed and the top of your voice. That should baffle the cunt. Americano, indeed.

    • I have already started to modify my purchasing behavior in this model. Hurting their bottom line is the only way.

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