Priti “Vacunt” Patel (4) – Under Review

Priti Patel and ‘Reviews’

I see she has asked her officials to review the use of crossbows after the intruder at the Palace. Its not so long ago that she asked her officials to review or ‘look at’ the use of firearms in the wake of the David Amess killing.

She never releases a record or a book but she always having reviews. Haven’t there been numerous reviews into the problem of the migrant invasion from France?

Mind you there have been reviews into her conduct with those bullying accusations.

More widely if there were ‘events dear boy events’ back in the day ( in the words of H.Macmillan) they would usually set up a ‘Royal Commission’ to look into it.

Note to ‘look into it’ not ‘look at’ a problem.
You could say this the government is standing round ‘looking at’ problems instead of doing something about them.

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Nominated by: Miles Plastic

83 thoughts on “Priti “Vacunt” Patel (4) – Under Review

  1. Politicians need to appear to be “doing something” about a “problem”. It’s always about optics and symbolic good intentions but NEVER actually solving the real problems. This makes them the cunts that they are. I wonder if Priti shaves down below.

  2. Even at the lowest level of office, such as councillors, (who are lower than a worms tits), it is certainly about being relevant and appearances.
    Glad handing? ✅
    Bottom feeding ✅
    Vanity projects ✅
    Pander to those with a shared brain cell rather than those who have ‘got their number?’ ✅
    Engineering electorate ✅

    There was a time when treason was a punishable crime.
    All politicians, from cuntcillors, to the premium brand, should be tried for treason.

    • Blair should have been tried for treason (funny how he removed the death penalty for it when he was in office). Instead, old Brenda gives him a fucking garter. Perhaps she knows summat we don’t – maybe he is the anti-christ made flesh.

    • Agreed.An ordinary reasonable person using half a brain would say enough bollocks and start building back.But our “representatives” in Hogminster are clueless.Donkeys led by lambs.Cockwombles.Hang them all for treason.

  3. Like most ministers, Patel has accomplished sweet fuck all in terms of what the electorate, who voted for Tories, wanted.

    Instead we get yet another wishy-washy twat who talks the big talk, but has all the bite of a guppy fish. But again, like most ministers, she will end up either promoted or pushed sideways into another Cabinet position in order to repeat the same old non-achievements.

    But then again I suppose the civil service will probably impose their own particular will onto anything a minister genuinely wants to achieve based on the wishes of that same electorate.

    I am reminded of those classic episodes from “Yes, Minister” and newly appointed minister, Jim Hacker, trying to impose his will on good government, while being constantly hamstrung by his Permanent Secretary, Sir Humphrey Appleby, who made it his job to push Hacker into the long grass preventing him from making any “courageous” decisions.

    Although that show is 40 odd years old, I suspect not a lot has changed in terms of the power struggle between ministers and the unaccountable civil service

    • I’ve always been of the opinion that Yes, Minister was either a documentary or a training manual. Funny as fuck, mind.

      • My dear old Dad used to say it was true to life.
        I believe he was right, you could not have anything more comical than our current PM and his Cabinet.

      • Moggie@ – Margaret Thatchers favourite show – she said watching it was like being at work.
        So accurate it’s scary.

  4. She’s either totally useless or she toes the lefty, wokey, line exactly as instructed by the hierarchy. By accident or intent she’s doing exactly what her bosses want.

    Just like the new “Brexit Minister” will capitulate even further to the hated EU, despite trying to cultivate a public image of “being hardline”. Nope – they all do exactly as the Blob tells them to keep their place at the trough.

    The real issue is the hierarchy – unless that is changed we are truly fucked. The catch is, Yossarian, there is no way to change it…

    • Mikdys@ There is a way to change it – stand as an independent candidate at the next election.

      • It will never work Vern, the country needs a credible right wing party, even then the bar for getting past the top two is so high it’s almost impossible.
        Look at UKIP in 2015, more votes than the Libs and SNP combined and only got 1 MP, a party that came third in terms of numbers of votes got nowhere in numbers of MP’s
        The model of centre left and centre right is almost unbearable, look what happened to labour at the last election when they went away from the centre, absolutely hammered.

      • The problem is a handful of independent candidates won’t be enough to change anything. FPTP means we are locked into a system of either Labour or Cons (see what I did there?!). They are both wokey, green, lefty elitist, globalist, self-serving organisations.

        Farage tried to break the system but gave up because it’s unbreakable. He pulled his TBP candidates to “enable a Brexit of sorts”. I really do believe that was a mistake, thinking about it in hindsight. The Brexit we have is actually BRINO and seems to actually worsen as time goes on.

        Had Farage stood his ground he wouldn’t have got into power, that will always be a pipe dream. But, he would have split the vote and at worst caused a hung Parliament at best not enough majority/support for any sort of Parliament.

        I really do believe Parliament is like traffic lights in a busy town. When they stop working the traffic flows. A hung Parliament wouldn’t be able to push through “Net Zero” changes and bans on petrol cars for example.

        Also, possibly another pipe dream, but if Farage had kept on chipping away at it maybe, just maybe, the whole corrupt, stinking, cess pit of Government might have crumbled and collapsed.

        What then? Right wing led military coup maybe – that really would be the stuff of dreams. Send the SAS over to French beaches to burn the dingies at gunpoint etc (actually, WTF can’t the French police do this anyway – they have guns and we’ve given them more than enough money to buy a few litres of petrol and some matches).

  5. Make no bones about it: this present government is in a mission to disarm the general public, making them far easier to subjugate.

    An armed public is a threat to any government.

    Numerous firearm and shotguns owners having licenses revoked or guns confiscated, as a result of that cunt in Plymouth.
    For no legal reason, or transgression of licence.
    This is happening right now☹️

    Shame they (home office & polixe(, can’t put the same effort into confiscating knives off children in Britain’s cuties🤔

    • CG well done sir in pointing out that the perfect population is a population without any kind of bangy, or stabbiy implement to hand or locked away in the latest high tech naughty things safe. I gave up my firearms ticket in 1990 for medical reasons.
      Now I shoot bows of various styles, air rifle and pistol 10m target, slingshots, and slings that I make myself. Soon a licence will be required for every item in your toolbox. Well on the way to being fucked. Black

  6. “Home Secretary, promises, talks tough, makes assurances”..etc
    How many more excuses does this fat, dumb, chavvy sack of shitty brown ballast come out with before she is sacked?
    Tell her the dinghy invaders are white – the RAF would be strafing them in ten minutes.
    Piss useless full of shit bitch.
    Fuck off back to Uganda.

    • “Fuck off back to Uganda”

      As someone else once put it in regard to Yasmin A Brown, ‘a crocodile somewhere is missing its lunch.’

      • BH@ – Given the size of the fat marxist bitch I imagine four crocodiles could not finish that in one sitting.
        Dear old Uncle Idi knew how to get things done! 😀👍☠

      • If he was still with us Scotland would be in better shape, him being king of it and all.

  7. The more illegal immigrants that pile up here the more I like the idea of legalising personal carry weapons … like a lot.
    The laws surrounding all these issues are actually quite robust … trouble is that shitty little issue regarding interpretation of some types of people’s human rights keeps getting in the fuckin’ way of reality. Commit a crime and pay handsomely … with your life if necessary.

  8. Fatti Patel is a thoroughbred CUNT who is one of the least effective individuals on the planet. She is both hated and manipulsated by her Civil Servants

  9. She should employ a private contractor to protect our boarders. I would certainly put in a tender. I have an air rifle, a long bow, a pole with a razor blade on the end; all I need is a boat. I hear there are loads going cheap in Dover.
    I bet you a pound to a pinch of shit I could sink nearly every dingy coming our way at a fraction of the cost this useless peice of shit has given to the French.

  10. If she was a stick of rock, she’d have the word ‘ useless ‘ running right through her.
    As would the rest of them.
    Get To Fuck.

    • JTC@ – If Pigtel was a stick of rock bunter Johnson would have stolen it, eaten it and blamed someone else by now.
      Then claimed it on expenses.

  11. She is a fucking joke, how do you deter cunts crossing the channel, put them in fucking hotels when they arrive. Put the cunts on a ferry back to France, stop picking the cunts up mid channel, take France to court for allowing illegal departure s.
    Fucking potential terrorists walking around our streets, pick them up, lock them up, fuck the lawyers, emergency powers can be used to lockdown the nation so why not for looking up cunts.
    The only thing she has got right is when she talked about the footballers taking the knee as virtue signalling.

    • She’s not a joke – she’s a scapegoat. When the scapegoats become too unpopular/have had enough the Blob puts another one in place to do exactly the same or worst (watch the Frost to Truss changeover and you’ll see what I mean).

      • Exactly. It would make no difference who was in her position.

        Her role is to distract the public by having them vent their spleens on herself whilst the government march on with their globalist agenda, largely unnoticed by the ignorant masses.

    • Soi@ – Apologies, couldn’t reply on your earlier post – the minions will vote how they are darn well told when “assisted in their choice” at the Polling Station by some IAC heavies and goons!
      As Uncle Joe Stalin may have said “it’s not who votes that counts – it’s who gets duffed up for voting the wrong way that counts”!
      Any issues from the cops we will just explain the punters are Edward Colston supporters and the people in the community said we could do it – no case to answer!

      • I must admit I have never been told who to vote for, occasionally I have been asked by some cunt outside to see my polling card, the answer, it’s none of your business seems to be enough to make them back off.
        I am pretty sure the peacefuls are told who to vote for and the increasing number of postal votes ensures they do as they are told.

  12. Endlessly review things is all the Home Office can do. Patel talks the talk but when it comes to action nothing happens. I really get the feeling that governments are out of control – they seem powerless to change anything that matters to people and the things they usually do change are the ones no one wants – like fuel pumps, green energy levies and higher tax.

  13. Got to add my twopence worth to this.
    When some individual of a certain religious persuasion commits some heinous act. The matra is repeated over again, “not all persons of this religious persuasion are evil/wicked etc, and we should not condemn them” and in my view quite rightly so.
    However if some goblin commits a crime with a particular weapon all owners of that particular weapon are instantly demonised and must be punished and their property confiscated in the resulting hysteria.
    Self loading rifles.
    Shotguns with magazines.
    Pointy sticks?
    All at one time owned quite legally in this once free country! Like the man said “sacrifice a little freedom for security you get neither “

    • A well practised “pose”.
      The smug looking bitch. I can not remember such an incompetent cabinet. Ever.
      Even B.liar had a few “grown-ups”.
      We are following America’s lead: diversity hires in positions of power, fucking up the country 👎

      • CG@ – I have a terrible confession to make – I would like to empty my load on her arrogant, smirking chavvy face.
        (The rest of her is a fkin disaster unfortunately! 😀)

      • You’re not alone Vernon.

        It’s good to talk about these things, get it off your chest.

        I bet I could spoof my load faster than you could 😉

      • LOL. I’ll pass then – not interested in sloppy seconds, or thirds…

        Will have to imagine me cock between Nandy’s or Rayner’s titties instead.

      • And you can get your filthy hands off Horse-Heads tits.

        She also belongs to Spasticus.

  14. Border Force are threatening to go on strike over Priti Patel’s “morally reprehensible” plans to turn back dinghies choc-a-bloc with illegals crossing the Channel, a leading Commie trade union baron warns.

    The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), whose members include around 80% of the Border Force officials who would be tasked with implementing the ‘pushbacks’ demanded by ministers, have applied for a judicial review against the plans by Home Secretary Priti Patel.

    The PCS argues that the ‘pushbacks’ policy breaks international law.

    “The legality of the pushbacks policy is in serious question, and it is right that the court decides whether it is unlawful to turn back Channel boats,” said Commie PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka.

    “We cannot have a situation where our members could be open to potential civil and criminal action for implementing a policy that they do not agree with and know is not safe,” he added.

    Even if UK courts deem the policy legal, the PCS has not ruled out strike action.

    Mark Serwotka is a cunt.

    • The Border Force wants to work from home? Fine. Fire the cunts. And employ Hungarians, if, as I suspect, Brits with balls are in critically short supply.

    • I hope Serwotkas colostomy bag bursts right in the middle of a triumphant speech to his Bolshevik chums.
      As for Patel,it’s all been said many times before.
      Hot air and bullshit.
      The Border Farce are not fit for purpose.
      Any leader with an ounce of patriotism and regard for the security of the nation would recognise the present state of affairs as thoroughly dangerous.
      A state of emergency should be declared and the full weight of our armed forces deployed to defend the south coast and anywhere else favoured by invaders.
      Another national disgrace.

    • Fucking border farce. No surprises there then. Every time I return to the sceptred isle I have to check to make sure I didnt board a flight to Karachi by mistake.

      I’m frankly surprised to have made it this far down this nom without being scalded with hot piss. Maybe it was the belly laughs from the preceding KP nom that stopped it boiling over?

      • Border Force? Definitely. And the RNLI.

        And the police, and every fucking one… Machine gun the lot, they’re all cunts out there!

        Evening Jeezum. 🙂

      • Not too bad, my good friend. Nothing that a course of anti-depressants and a few cans of Kronenbourg can’t put right. I hope. And a resolution to skip some of the more seriously deranged comments hereabouts….

  15. This government has no intention of making the border farce do the job they are paid to do. I’m voting Hitler next time.

  16. A review was asked for after a cunt in the East Riding killed a neighbour and badly wounded his wife with a fucking crossbow. Nothing transpired..

    However, when a crossbow weirdo gets near Windsor Castle with 400 occupants and armed guards then a review is forthcoming even though no harm was done.

    There truly are double standards in this country which have fuck all to do with race and everyfuckingthing to do with privilige.

    • I think there should be a review into the size of her arse because if it continues to grow it’ll soon be the size of Canada. Looks like she spends too much time sitting on it after stuffing herself full of cake. She should get up off it now and again and do a bit of work, or would that be too much to ask.

      • Allan@ – It is rumoured that Patel gets her 19 dinners a day delivered in the front bucket of a JCB.
        Bloated lump of shite binge eats on taxpayers money as 1.5 million go to food banks.

    • Absolutely – it’s the Elite lording it over the Plebs but most are too blind to see it happening in plain sight.

  17. Well the curry scented fat little cunts not getting my crossbow!

    And if she comes after it I’ll be aiming at the red dot on her forehead.

    Useless fat dosser.

    • She got a real purty face though, ain’t she?

      Squeal, Priti, squeal. Squeal louder. Louder! Louder! Louder!

      Get down now, girl… get them britches down… you can do better than that, girl. You can do better than that.

      Come on girl, squeal. Squeal!!

      • She wont squeal.
        To busy sticking her snout in the trough.
        Although she did smile!
        I think?
        Maybe it was wind?

        Shes aged like soft fruit in summer.
        In the space of 18months shes gone from fuckable to mr Creosote.

    • MNC@ – That brought back memories of my Greencat compound bow – wish I still had it.
      And Patels address..
      Simmer down you crazy cats – I was joking! 😀
      (She might fkin eat me!)

  18. The correct box was ticked when she was selected to represent the cunts who voted her in. That is all she is. A ticked box. Next please !

  19. It’s only a matter of time before one of the dinghy invaders is found to be a terrorist. God only hopes they’re found before it’s too late. The ineptitude, callous disregard for the indigenous people she’s supposed to protect and her arrogance knows no bounds. Why hasn’t she been sacked already? I hope and pray that another terrorist atrocity doesn’t happen under her watch but if it does, then what? The old chestnut, ‘lessons will be learnt?’ If I myself were allowing thousands upon thousands of undocumented fighting age Muslims into a country that has just given ISIS a bloody nose, I wouldn’t sleep at night. Does she sleep soundly at night? Probably so, surrounded by MI5, SAS etc. Us common folk don’t have that luxury.

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