Naga Munchetty (5) Gives Blood for the Attention

I’d like to cunt naga munchetty again.

I was somewhat intrigued by a headline on newsfeed that said
” Naga Munchetty hospital”

Oh good, I thought. She’s had a stroke, or been shot by a stalker fan”

No such fucking luck. She’s got herself filmed while donating blood.

I have to say, to all those out there who donate, I tip my hat to you, thank you.
BUT me, me, me Munchetty needs to shut the fuck up.

Daily Mail News Link

To all of you who have lost a much loved pet this year, may I offer my sincere sympathy.
When I lost my first dog, I swore I’d never have another, as the heartbreak seemed overwhelming.

Yet, through the years, I have had a steady parade of dogs and cats that have been left, lost, or abandoned through my home. They have all been loved and treasured, and held in my arms for that final goodbye.

Although I have said over and over ‘ no more’, somehow I seem to find an extra bit of love for another lost sole.

It maybe a little too soon for some of you. You may feel that you’re a bit too old, but I beg you to think about the love and comfort you could offer to some little love.

Nominated by: Jeezum Priest 

130 thoughts on “Naga Munchetty (5) Gives Blood for the Attention

  1. I fully concur with the sentiments about loving our animal friends, however, I draw a line at actually shagging a monkey…

  2. I’d go there. I’d have to gag it, mind. And hogtie the whore. Put her in the shed and fuck her stupid for a month. The cunt.

    • You are a bloody degenerate teacher. Thanks for the pub offer in Birstall, I didn’t catch it until the following day.

    • Yes, but unfortunately was trumped by an earlier death of a mafia Don. New dead pool in effect, hurry!

  3. Right, I’m off to bed now, after spending an extremely frustrating hour trying to attach a news link about everyone fave, Kevlar Katie, and her new venture on Onlyfans.
    Ps. Kerry Katona has managed to snag a ride on KP’s coat tails.

  4. I hope I never need another a blood transfusion because I don’t want vaccine contaminated blood…need to take an UNvaxed relative with me of the same blood group….this is just another way the scum are getting their AI poison into the public

  5. It must be hard sharing every aspect of your life as a celebrity. Even though no other cunt asked you to. Naga is a true lifesaver, all the thousands of others that give blood, that shit goes straight to the butchers for black pudding.

  6. Naga Manshushy.
    Another man hater yet she is married to a man.
    Go figure.

    Naga is akin to celebrity like Dynaglass is akin to curry.

  7. Lego hair, weird neck, voice akin to nails on a blackboard. Man hating , golf playing, jazz lover and overpaid. Better she worked in HR as that seems to better suit her attitude.

    • She would fit in well at a place I used to work at.
      The offices at loreal in Trafford park, Manchester.
      Not a pleasant place to work if you have penis intactus.

  8. I wish they had sucked eight and a half pints out of her, fucking racist cunt.
    One of my favourite archery targets.

  9. Not my favourite presenter but she has a shapely figure in that photo.
    I’d stick a bag on her head and fuck the racism out of her… to Indian restaurant music..

  10. I have had the misfortune of having to do some work this week, so I have only just seen the nomination and hadn’t read the last bit.

    I was going to do a nomination in the summer about what a cunt it is losing the family dog or cat. We had just had Rosie the Red Setter put down a hugely fun dog who had a sense of humour and a love of life that belied the fact that she had been on a puppy farm and chucked out aged 7. Every time I started to do it I broke down and even now, 7 months on, it seems incredibly dusty in here as I write this.
    We have a Lab now whose spirit has been broken by her time on the puppy farm and we are slowly trying to put back together.It is funny, my closest relationships in life have been with those who have 4 legs rather than two.

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