The Obama’s $12m New Pad

Always knew he was a cunt, but apparently, now he wants to underline it!
He is hosting a birthday bash at his newly acquired residence on Martha’s Vineyard MA –

New York Post News Link

Apparently about five hundred have been invited – so fuck Covid …

And why the fuck has he just bought this place which is only a few feet above sea level? Recent statement from the Vineyard Conservation society –

“Rising sea levels will affect Martha’s Vineyard within the lifetimes of kindergartners who are living on the Vineyard today,”

So he obviously doesn’t really believe all the crap that he spouts about Climate Change!!

Nominated by Cassandra

86 thoughts on “The Obama’s $12m New Pad

      • How big would a bird’s clit have to be before a hetero chap would feel uncomfortable sucking it?!

      • Thomas-I banged Spanish girl who had a very prominent clit.
        Half an inch long, size of a little finger tip.
        She had an amazing pair of tits too-nipples like scannia wheelnuts👍


      • Dang and sheet, dat bees a mighty big ol’ snake. I bet ol’ Barry loves a little tiggle of dat snakehead in his batty in da dark.


      • Good afternoon Ron, shame this isn’t one of them!😂
        It’s hardly the pendulum you’d expect from the rumours about black dudes and their choppers.
        Unless she’s not really black? Now there’s a conspiracy theory worth looking into! 😂😂

      • no conspiracy, no one conspired to put a cock on michael he was born with one, like that fucked up transformer Lady C…a cock is just a slight mutation of the clit according to him…the hands like shovels, adams apple like a golf ball and face like arthur mullard are just a coincidence

      • Sorry, it’s a load of nonsense, eagerly jumped on by simpletons. Enough actual things to cunt this pair on without resorting to more lies and bullshit.

    • I thought she was a dude the moment I first saw her repulsive face. Lady Gaga is another.

      If the Russians and Chinese can get away with using doped but non-surgically altered blokes in the Olympics, if Serena Williams can look like a fucking roided tree trunk complete with rage fits, then no one is going to even consider the possibility of high profile transbenders who’ve had top notch cosmetic surgery.

      Gut instinct doesn’t lie. I knows a sneaky transbender when I sees one.. and all the surgery in the world can’t hide your bone structure.

      • The weirdest moment with the Obamas was when a wee girl in a school popped up in a Q&A and asked, “when did you marry Barack Obama?” and Big Mike goes, “uhhhhh…. ummm, oh… when was it again?” like a complete buffoon who forget the scripted bullshit that his her/his own life. No woman forgets wedding date, some men do, but not a woman, it’s etched into their inner cranium like the Ten Commandments. I can’t recall what you type into YouTube for that video. Then there was the time that Bath House Barry commenced with, “Michael and I…” uh what? Michael? No one gets their wife’s name wrong, EVER.

        Michelle was basically forced to hand in her law licence or she was going to be disbarred. The pair of them are political hucksters, it’s so gross. They aren’t as vicious, violent, unscrupulous as the Clintons but they have that lust for power.

        Then there is the Obama Presidential Library in Chicago. Supposed to be costing $500 million. I kind of get why those things exist, but then again, why do they exist? It’s a goofy-ass building filled with boring papers for historians to wade through, But half-a-BILLION of tax-payer money for Obama’s ego-temple? Can you imagine of we did that for ex-Prime Ministers? Here’s the Tony Blair Legacy Library, cost the equivalent of a dozen MRI machines, but fuck it! Let’s party!

        I used to like it when ex-PMs, ex-Presidents would quietly fuck off once out of office, but we’ve had to endure Blair, Clintons, Bushes, Obamas, etc hanging around the halls of power long after they had their shot at glory. Get tae fuck ye bunch of cunts!

        Hogmanay! Cue Russ Abbot…

      • Correction: Obama’s Presidential Library/Ego Temple is now marked up at $830 million. It will end up costing $1.5 billion, just watch. You could build a Johns Hopkins state-of-the-art hospital for that. Fuck me. People are losing their businesses, homes over this Covid pish and this narcissistic numpty is just spunking all over the scale model of that ego temple every night, what a transcendental cunt.

  1. Baz and Mickey looking cool there,. In their shades😎
    First thought it was Ray Charles out with James Brown.
    Good luck in your new home
    Dont for a second hope it burns down around your ears.

    • Well I hope him and Michael are very happy, a bit risky though you would have thought being the ex-Prez some climate change boffins would have told him to stick to a high-rise ghetto in Harlem as the Fiddler Thesis on uppity sooties clearly states that blacks cannot swim.

  2. “within the lifetimes of kindergartners”

    So he could have up to 90 years to enjoy his acquisition then?

    And why not invite 500 guests? He presumably knows the Mandela variant is no big deal, as will his guests.

    • Probably bought it out of cash he had left over from funding the Wuhan institute of plandemics. 😏
      How do, RTC?

      • Morning Gutstick mate. TBH, I’m feeling pretty vacant today.

        Just finished playing a couple a frames of snooker with the missus. Life’s been a veritable roller-coaster at Creampuff Manor since Willy Stroker and Liberal Liquidator left me high and dry, the bounders!

      • I live in hope that the fucker pays dearly if further investigations proves he had any involvement with funding etc.

        And it’s not because he’s black Gutstick 😊

      • Sounds like you are living the dream RTC, I have to settle with enjoying not being in work, which is good enough for me!
        Ha ha Spas, good one.😉 I don’t like the cunt either, the cunt spectrum knows no political correctness, and unlike real life, doesn’t give anyone a free ride on the colour of their hide.
        This funding Wuhan business just sounds like classic tinfoil bollocks, and requires a leap of faith, or abject stupidity, that is way beyond my limited intellect, and firm grip on reality.
        File under ‘more lies and bullshit’ by the internet cray crays!

      • “This funding Wuhan business just sounds like classic tinfoil bollocks, and requires a leap of faith,”

        Nope, no leaping required Gstick merely the desire to look combined with basic reading skills…

        – EcoHealth Alliance –
        Gain-of-function research and biolabs…

        …and here’s the originating award of grant funding…

        …easy when y’ know how.

    • 29acres?!!
      Not a bad garden that eh?
      Get in there LL!!
      Head gardener!

      “Morning mr Baz!”
      Morning LL.
      “Morning First lady Mike”
      “A’rite pal”.

  3. Say what you like “old Barrack “ has come a long way since those early days in the pg tips advertisements.

  4. Very posh.
    That’s climate change or global warming or the next name for complete bollocks totally fucked then.
    Can’t wait for his next speech about no more flying and cave living.
    Windy cunt.

  5. Does this new gaff have a swimming pool?
    Can we get Barrymore a position on the household staff?

    • Obummer could take Barrymore’s arm up to the elbow with room to spare. After all, he takes his hubby’s black pudding.

      • Afternoon Thomas👍

        Do you think we will ever get a Tea Swigging Piano Mover, with a transgender partner, in the flat above No 10?

        Or are we not stunning and brave enough, yet.

        Perhaps David Lammy & Anal-ease?

  6. I didn’t know that BLM O’Bumma was into conservation, look at him with the Gorilla wearing glasses, so admirable.

  7. Did they buy that monstrosity from michael jackson?

    Probably be seeing an article about in the next issue of “plantation life”.

    Make a sentence including these words (and excluding “fried”, “chiggun” and “wartymelon”) – “kuhn”, “taste” . Fucked if I can!

    • Dat there dis a fine pair of Obamatangs, two male giant silverbacks of Kenya if I’m not mistaken, mighty fine to see dem bois gambolling along da beach in da mist. Reminds me; must update my subscription to those mighty fine publications, Plantation life and Cotton pickers monthly

    • That founder/leading light of BLM has more houses than Baz And Mikel so she has to keep quiet.

      • Ha ha!

        I particularly liked her “excuse” for being a “ Marxist” with a multi-million dollar property portfolio:

        Owning big houses has always been a waycist, whitey preserve-so she is “liberating” them.

  8. Socialism has been very good to those who don’t have to live under it huh? I see he is “spreading the wealth around” in true capitalist fashion. For us commoners we apparently need the government to take our wealth from us and they decide where it needs to go. Does this place have a wall?

  9. With all that private land and beach Mick will be able to let ‘her’ cock dangle freely without being spotted ….. nice.

    • Wobbler, the correct question to ask would be:

      ‘Was that a white mans house’.

      • Probably been chased out by the BLM, to get the value down for them cotton pickers to move in.

        All that money off the back of doing sod all for your country, totally discusting.

    • WAS …won’t be long before the humans move out and the area descends into a nigpit with Obamatangs shitting in the streets and robbing each others huts

  10. Big Mike has XY chromosomes and Barry Soetero is a fudge packer recipient born in Kenya.
    Fuck the left.

    • and the two minor female niglets they “borrow” from their best friend the midwife. (name forgotten) who looks exactly like the kids, who look nothing like barry or mike

  11. Of course if these pair of cunts really had any compassion for their poor kindred people of colour, they would have bought an apartment in downtown Detroit or Baltimore – the kind of places where black poverty/crime is rampant.

    But no. They decide to do what some of the co-founders of the BLM did and buy some fancy mansion in some upmarket town well away from the looters, rioters and other pissed-off cunts.

    • Nah Techno, not Baltimore or Detroit.
      I thought they’d go more for the ‘high society’ pull of Philadelphia…

      (Even better, perhaps they should move into Lord Fiddler’s mansion? I’m sure Dick would be all too keen to take them into his stately manor and show them a good time – Day Admin)

      • An interesting suggestion DA, but I suspect that they’re about too ‘nouveau riche’ for Fiddler’s liking.

        (The next nom at 3pm should be interesting then! – Day Admin)

      • I’ve seen James Mason I’m “Mandingo”.
        A couple of “House ###gers” would surely lend “Fiddler Towers”, a certain ambience.

        Barrack could be a sophisticated “Benson”, offering cutting “ backchat” at his Lordship, whilst presenting his Guinness and Bushmils, on a silver tray.

        Michael would cut a fine presence as Mammy Two-shoe”, jumping on his Lordship’s valuable antique kitchen chairs, clutching “her” skirts, as her magnificent cock & balls swing freely, terrified by his Lordships, no doubt “vast” mice.

      • I have it on good authority that our Lord Fiddler is nothing of the sort and actually lives in a 1-bedroomed flat on a council estate in Southampton, with the prerequisite piss-stained mattress and doorless fridge squeezed onto his balcony.

        (Probably on life-long benefits too! – Day Admin)

      • I’ve suspected the same, with some Walter Mitty-esque fantasism thrown in. I always think of Robert Webb’s Sir Digby Chicken Caesar character talking about his nemesis when I see Lord Fiddler’s posts – no offence Dick!

  12. Obumma and the trained chimp he calls a wife are only one example of the climate change hypocrisy. Greta, Boris, Chris Martin, Attenbore et al wouldn’t dream of sacrificing anything from their millionaire lifestyles, it only applies to the plebs.
    Climate change is the new religion of choice for cunts like these, and like all religions in their early stages, there’s a clamour to be at the top of the hierarchy. Doing so means control, which means power, which means money, and lots of it. I’m amazed Bliar hasn’t got in on the act.

    • Clyde looked more human than Michaelle Obama eh, BB!
      Interesting bit of movie trivia for “Any which way but loose”:
      Clyde the orangutan was an emergency stand-in. They had to get a close comparison of the original actor, Sidney Poiter, who was hospitalised with Salmonella poisoning from some undercooked chiggun.

      • Clyde was brilliant in “In the heat of the night”.

        “Dey calls me Mister Tibbs. Chiggun.”

      • TtCE@ – I say Thomas – you mentioned something about a free fridge? Will it fit on a BMX?
        And if I paid 12 million Dollars for a mud hut I would not be pleased with my witch doctor/estate agent..
        I wonder if anyone has told little Soetero and big Mike how close they will be living to nazi Pelosi? 😀🤦‍♂️

  13. Is it just me, or do all American mansions look like they’ve been built out of Lego? This one’s no exception.

    • Your right Geordie, they do.
      But then most doodles look like Fisher price dolls.
      Always been that way.
      Those log cabins were fuckin stickle bricks.

      • MNC@ – American “building” is garish, low quality and obsessed with as much space as possible – our kid used to live in a 400 year old converted chapel and when he went to Florida they were just agape in disbelief – they could not get their heads around a building being that old.
        And try some Guinness for your alcohol discombobulation Sir!

  14. Another pair of fucking NIMBY’S. All Obama has to do is fart in a balloon and paint it red and the woke/commies go fucking berserk. The Donald did more for the USA in four years than this bag of piss and vinegar managed in eight long years. Then he lays the law down to us over Brexit.!! The fucking gall on the anorexic cunt. Fuck him and that he rode in on. Viva The Donald!!

    • BF@ Barry the bitch did indeed try – but some big gob Yorkshireman told him to “STFU” and fuck off home, but slightly more politely.
      His little PG Tips face was a picture.. 😀

      • You can’t beat us Yorkshire folk Vernon. We say what we like and we like what we bloody well say!!!

  15. Send the beaners to Martha’s Vineyard and watch the demographic change.
    That’s not the first time I said that.
    Have a banana.

  16. The man is a cunt and talks out of his arse. He is in it for himself; like all other so-called celebs. The sooner they all die the better. Happy New Year.

  17. Mrs O’Bumma needs an advert contract with wokey gillette, to sort that 5 o’clock shadow out.

  18. Oh she’s the king of the swingers
    A tranny VIP
    Her panty line
    Containing over nine
    Inches trying to be free

    Her husbands well used asshole
    She fills to his delight
    As the sun comes up
    As the sun goes down
    And every-fucking-night

    She want to be like you-oo-oo
    She wants to walk like you
    Talk like you
    Scratch her massive balls like you

    She wants to be like me, like you
    She want to break the mould
    As she shoots her load
    Apes don’t like the cold

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