Quidditch [2] Changing Its Name

My fellow cunters.

For your cuntsideration:

“Quidditch changing its name, over anti-trans row.”

Yes you really did read that correctly!

It really is a sport in North America-(where else😂)- based on the fictional sport, central to the Harry Potter series of books, played by university teams😂

Now the snowflakes are looking to change the name, because horrible feminist JK Rowling, thinks women have fannies and men willies😢
How dare she blindly follow biological fact👎

Here: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/rcna9149

You couldn’t make this shit up-it’s more unbelievable than a school for wizards.

Nominated by: Cuntfinder General

107 thoughts on “Quidditch [2] Changing Its Name

  1. More purility and windmill tilting from the extremist trans lobby. All they need to do now is have a mass Harry Potter book burning session.

    What is irritating is the lefty cucks who acquiesce to their every whim as soon as their ‘dainty’ size 11 stiletto shoes start stamping in unison with yet another new demand.

    What will be the new name for this game – loosethemeat?

  2. I don’t know about this sort of stuff but, as the writer of the books, doesn’t she have some ownership rights as the inventor of the game? If soo, can’t she tell them to pay up or fuck off. Although, if I had the sort of money she had, I’d just stick to fuck off.

    • I’d love to see Rowling officially telling these twatt sticks to fuck right off and maybe set the lawyers onto them as well.

      • Me too. I’d love to see just how ‘concerned’ these cunts are about tranny rights when the lawyers get their teeth into them. Now that would be a sport I would pay to watch.

  3. Quidditch was flying around on broomsticks, so they just run about with a broom between their legs?😀
    Trans friendly..
    So pretend to fly,
    Pretend to be a woman,
    Pretend it wasnt invented by Jk Rowling?

    Rename it DenialBall or Ignorant Sticks?

    • Morning Miserable👍

      You Sir, are missing a fucking huge opportunity here:

      -giant ✔️
      -massive beard✔️

      Get yourself over there and tell them your name is Hagrid-the-Cunter.
      They would make you their deity.

      Tell them you have an associate in Blighty who can let them have good quality “Philosophers Stone’s” for $20k a peace👍
      ….now, where are those bits of coloured glass 😉

      • Morning CG,
        😁😁Yeah, I could cash in!
        Hagrid for hire!!
        Bit concerned that yank Harry Potter fans might be…..
        How can I say this diplomatically?…
        Mad as shitehouse rats!?!!

  4. More shocking-the millennial bell-ends have created a league, rules and actually play a version of this fictional game.
    With fucking broomsticks😂

    I mean-adults, prancing around like 6 year old children, with besom brooms between their legs😂
    How can their opinions, on any social issue, carry any weight😂

    • Morning CG, at least we can be amused by the fact that all of these people are going to lead pathetic, worthless lives and not know comfort or serenity whilst the woman they’ve ostracised has more money than they’ll ever see put together.

      • …..and 42dd titties Thomas.
        Don’t forget those magnificent mammaries😀

        Morning Mr Cunt-Engine👍

  5. It’s to do with copywrite and trademark issues, throwing in JK Rowlings stance on gender issues is just an attempt to muddy the waters.
    They ought to rename it “Give me £50m now, you thieving bastards”

  6. Adults playing a game from a children’s book.

    Pretending to fly on broomsticks.

    Men pretending to be women.

    Not sure which is the saddest.


    PS – only ever saw the first Harry Potter fillum. Hopelessly derivative shite. My son liked it for a couple of years in primary school but grew out of it a long time ago.

    • The most laughable part Mike, is when Potter fanatics describe it as a fictional work equal to, or greater than Tolkien 😂

  7. Well I just hope the case is settled quickly….the BBC are planning to make it one of their “ring-fenced” sports and show us live “Cockless Mentalball” on days that the Wimminz aren’t playing football/rugby/cricket.
    I’m afraid due to the fact that I’m neither a 12 year old girl or a trainee toe-toucher, I have no idea about the rules of Quiddich but I’m sure the BBC will employ a veritable smorgasbord of sexual weirdos and inarticulate Sooties to commentate and explain the rules.

    Jk Rowling,her publishers,her readers and the actors in the films can shove a broomstick up their arseholes and Fuck Off.

    • I look forward to Professor Rio Ferdinand Phd and some chippy dark key lezzas with ‘130 England caps’, telling us throughout the one hour build up, that taking the knee dressed in rainbow coloured outfits in the Quidditch league is essential ‘for your education, you ignorant bigots.’

  8. They need a new name?

    How about ‘Cuntball’?

    The fact this even exists as a sport shows the growth of the ‘kidult’. Every film or TV series seems to be childish superhero shit, with a big dose of woke thrown in.

    Grow up you pathetic losers.

    And JKR has great bangers, but I have to admit to not feeling too sorry for her. She was one of the leaders in pushing this woke bollocks and was massively anti Brexit.

    Well, at least she’s fucking loaded and it won’t really affect her when they try to ruin her. Us mere mortals on the other hand, can have our lives ruined, so fuck her, quite frankly.

    She helped create all this nonsense.

    Although those who acted and got rich and famous because of the films, are even bigger cunts for turning on her.

  9. Related to this story, is the Guardian ‘ Person of the Year ‘ poll, which was hastily withdrawn when it became clear that Rowling was going to win it by a country mile.
    Typical lefty, woke reaction, when the story and facts don’t meet your narrow minded narrative.
    What a fucking rag the Guardian is.
    As for Quidditch, any adult that plays it is a fucking mental.
    Good cunting.
    Good morning.

    • JK Rowling would get a lot more sympathy if she freed those massive titties for a photo shoot.
      If she wants to upset the transmentalists,
      Flaunt your natural knockers.
      Theyd be choking on their meds.

      Come on JK make amends for past transgressions,
      Show me your whammers and I’ll snuff one of those ungrateful kids for you!

      The ginger one.
      Rupert 😁😁

  10. On Bullingdon Club nights out they smash the rooms of a chosen student before they go out. Later they smash the restaurant up where they have dined.
    All very civilised I suppose.
    But the silliest part is how they get to the restaurant. Yes ‘pretending to ride to hounds’. That is pretending to ride a horse as if they were on a Hunt.
    That is some thought. From the famous photograh-Boris, David and Gideon (our future leaders) all dressed up pretending to mount and ride a horse.
    A bit like a climbing on a broomstick.

  11. What’s the fucking point of the broomsticks?

    These fuckers are adults for fuck’s sake. I remember my brother wearing his Superman outfit and thinking he could fly. He was 5. He’d grown out of that fantasy by the time he was 6.

    These fuckers had better hope I don’t run things one day. I’d have them all rounded up and given electric shock therapy in an old Victorian nuthouse.

    • Bet the broomsticks have a far more sexual part in this than theyre letting on?
      Its a big wooden dildo rather than a cleaning tool to the depraved mind.
      Bet most of those Quidditch broomhandles have been up more khybers than Buzz Lightyear?

      • Every single one of the ‘men’ playing this with the young ladies will be firmly in the friendzone, you can be sure of it.

        Until I came on to break the mold and performed a vag rub or two, as mentioned.

      • MNC@ You’re actually kind of on the right track there, MNC.
        Witches used to / do, coat a broom with a hallucogenic paste, made from things like Henbane and Nightshade.
        Straddling the broom enabled the drug to be quickly absorbed, giving the sensation of flying and enabling communication with the ‘ Spirit World ‘
        Morning, MNC 👍

      • Morning Jack👍

        Sexually contracted splinters.
        Witches when dealing with broomsticks should always insist on safe sex!

        “Have you got sandpaper?”

        Phallic symbols should be safe from splinters and sawdust.

      • You could have a nice little sideline there, MNC.
        Traveling Broomstick Maintenance Service.
        An opportunity not to be sniffed at, ahem ! 😁

      • Morning Jack-the Henbane story is interesting-something I learned many years ago.

        Do you know where the “Flying Reindeer” legend comes from?

        Reindeer love Flyagaric (magic) mushrooms. Go fucking loopy for them.
        The deer herders, aware of the dangerous toxins contained within these hallucinogenic treats, also know that the reindeer can process them and remove the “bad” toxins.

        So a symbiotic relationship developed, whereby the herders lead the herd to fruitful areas, let the reindeer feast, then harvested the reindeer piss, rich in hallucigens, not toxins.
        Then drank the piss.

        All true.

        Those fucking crazy Scandinavians🧐

      • I find stuff like this really interesting.
        Reindeers, who’d have thunk it ?
        You learn something new every day.
        ISAC should be on the National School Curriculum.
        Morning, General 👍

      • The things you learn on this site, every day a school day.
        We should start a ISAC university, at least the degrees would be worth something, unlike those of Lammy, Abbott and Butler.

      • This is true CG. it is also believed that the Red and white of the fly agaric mushroom is symbolic of Santa’s attire. The Ho Ho Ho being the euphoric effect of the mushroom infused Reindeer piss.

        Nordic shaman would leave gifts of hallucinogenic Reindeer piss on people’s doorsteps.

        This is again where we get the gift giving around the winter solstice.

        Santa is also believed to be the Christian version of Odin (me) who would take the form of an old traveller seeking out kindness and rewarding the good people who would assist him, while punishing the bad.

        Thieving Christian bastards.

      • Thank you Odin👍

        Did young Bjork ever join you in a round of Reindeer juice?
        I would have loved to smash the granny out of a prime Bjork😍

      • I quite liked the prime Bjork too. However, she’s an absolute nutter and even though this means she’s probably great in the sack, it also means she might take an unexpected dump on you, or perhaps chase you around the bedroom wearing a 12 inch strap on with a carving knife in her hand.

      • Bjork is one of my ex wife’s friends CG. They grew up in Iceland together.

        Last time I saw her was in Copenhagen around 2001 and can confirm that even then she was a bit borderline, considering the rest of the ex’s Icelandic mates were off the scale gorgeous.

      • Lucky man👍
        I saw her in her “Sugarcubes” days-tiny little thing-stunningly beautiful.

        The only other “pop star” who floated my boat, was that American girl from Dee-lite, who sang “Groove us in the heart”.
        What a body😋

      • On the topic of hallucinogens a scholar called John Allegro, who helped translate the dead sea scrolls, came to some interesting conclusions with mushrooms and Christianity.

        Worth You Tubing if that’s your bag. Terence McKenna is another.

    • Re crazy Scandinavians, some Finn blew up his Tesla car with 66lbs. of dynamite, when faced with a $22,000 for a new battery. Courtesy of The Epoch Times, yesterday, IIRC.

      • Ha ha😂
        Top Gear Scandinavian style.
        Ownership of these electric cars, will be exclusively for the wealthy 👎

  12. Although if you get near a fit lass and rub her broom against her vag and get it just right, she might get the horn and leave early with you.

    • In fact, you’ll need to tilt the lovely lady’s broom upwards towards her tummy a little. And then play the bald man in the boat like a gentle violin.

      Moistness guaranteed and she’ll be the one calling the taxi.

      Yes, I’ve really thought all this through, haven’t I?

      Back in 5 minutes.

    • My ex’s cleaning lady is Byelorussian, and gives me the horn, especially when bending over, he hair up in a bun…

      • A mate of mine employs an Eastern European cleaner-a little cracker.
        She often cleans in just bra and tight leggings, in warmer months, he tells me.
        I don’t give odds on his marriage lasting…..😙

  13. Everyone playing this game should be blacklisted and cancelled from doing anything ever and never be employed or allowed to run a business. They should be branded with the words I am a cunt on their forehead and ostracised for life
    Too much?

  14. Laughably, the Groaniad have had to “cancel” a poll after their own readers all voted for JK in a popularity poll for 2021…the lefty publishers don’t like it if any opinion they don’t agree with is seen to be populist. Cunts.

  15. Never read or watched any Hairy Punter. If you think wizards and magic are real then you need locking up. They only came to life because JK Rowling wasn’t getting cock.

  16. She married that Jk?
    Or boyfriend ?
    Or sleeps with a broom handle?

    If not a married man,
    Id make a play!
    Those tits need careful handling and those ££millions could be siphered into my bank account.

    Shes a bit toffee nosed,
    A bit lefty,
    But bet if I whispered racist, homophobic, sexist diatribe in her ear while bumming her shed go like a good un!!!

    Im getting off on this.♥️♥️

  17. Good Morning

    Anyone have April Ashley in the Deadpool? Her obituary is in the DT , she was the original, celebrity,tranny and kicked all this bloody nonsense off.

  18. I’m not a fan. Saying that I have never read any of the series. But just suspected it would be shallow (deathly?).

    Also isnt she a fan of Morrissey? A bit of a lefty Vegan. Dunno.

    Anyway, just didn’t like the look of her.

    But now. She seens the only person talking sense. Speaking the truth.

    Where is everybody? Why arent more standing with her?

    I see yet another ‘star’ of the Potter series has deserted her:


    In the link she is photographed alone. And what a lonely ostracised figure she is cutting now.

    • She makes my love eggs ache.
      Bet shes a ace ride if you get her blood hot.
      Filthy minx♥️

      I like her!!!
      And her twin Zeppelin.

      • It wasn’t long ago that Rowling was an ISAC uber-Cunt for her plagiarising children’s book, relentless remoaning and Trump derangement syndrome. Now that she’s upset the transformers and someone’s noticed her knockers she’s an ISAC hero! And rightly so. How times change.

        Point of Order, Admin: JKR has been cunted 10 times, when will we be seeing her wonderful jelly-wobblers on the Wall?

      • Good morning Ruff.
        I doubt ive ever said anything derogatory about this lovely lady?!!

        Id rather hack my foot off than upset Chesty Rowling!!

        Its amazing what a pair of tits brings to the table,
        If droopy faced Kraut Angela Merkel had 36dd thrupenny and a low cut top Brexit might not of happened!

  19. I don’t got no idea what this shit is all about … someone mentioned wizardry or witchcraft. Well let’s reintroduce the act of persecution of witches and get these fuckers offed. Turn their sport into our sport of witch hunting. Those that survive the initial hunt get a ducking (dunking) or just straight to burned at the stake. Sounds like a fine fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

    • Burning them at home would be a better option, it’d keep the ever increasing heating bills down.

  20. Can you imagine being a grown adult and putting ‘house quiditch captain’ under extra curricular activities on your CV.

    You would never get past the first interview stage for a job.

    In fact the only reason for getting a first interview would be so that the interviewers could satisfy themselves that cunts this collosal actually exist. Before pissing themselves laughing and binning the CV.

    • Itll be a Olympic sport before long.
      We better get a ISAC team sorted and get training.

  21. Why doesn’t she claim copyright infringement and ban them all from playing it? The fucking childish cunts.

  22. Those snivelling shit weasel luvies are shunning JK Rowling . The very woman that gave them fame.
    It just shows what a bunch of odious cowards they really are.

  23. JK must be pissing her pants laughing at this shit, a stupid made up game from a fantasy being politicised because she, the author of the book, actually lives in the real world and has the nerve to state her views on tranny shit.

    Burn the witch 😂

  24. Let’s face it, watching the increasingly bizarre antics of the trans lobby, and wokists in general, has become a spectator sport in its own right.
    They really are loony cunts, and I’d bet that the overwhelming majority of the population just shake their heads in disdain.
    Great nom, CG.

    Morning all.

  25. I’m just off to poundland to buy some of those “Harry Potter” broomsticks.

    They’re a quid each.

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