Ladbaby (2)

Just a quick please floss your bellend cunting for the long streak of piss Ladbaby.

How many fucking times can this well used wank sock bring out a Christmas single.

But wait I hear you cry… is all for charity….fuck off say I. This cunt is a social media whore.

Fuck me the cunt could raise more money by asking for a pound to not release a single….I would pawn a kidney.

Yes I cunted the cunt last year….it is now a tradition based upon my blood boiling for this cunt and all others who never do a days work but seem to make nice money

Nominated by: DryItchyCunt

Helpful link supplied by: Cuntfinder General

To make it four in a row, the cunt has roped in Elton Cunt and Ed Sheercunt😂:

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(There is a separate nomination due to go live soon regarding the UK Pop Charts generally. So if you can stick to this Lardbaby twat for this nom it would be welcome – Day Admin)

47 thoughts on “Ladbaby (2)

  1. The Four Cunts of the Arsepocalpyse – seems rather fitting.

    As for Lardarse, or whatever he’s called. What a vacuous empty-headed cunt.

    • Im a very lucky man.
      Ive not only never heard this Ladbaby song I haven’t heard the first one.
      And plan on keeping things that way.

      Is it for charity?
      If so thats worse.
      A backhanded compliment.

      Landmines for Africa
      Bikes for amputees
      Fireworks display for the PTSD
      Capguns for victims of gun crime
      Hunger strike for Ethiopia

      All bad ideas,
      And all getting .. NOWT.

      Stop fuckin scavving and pay your way

    • Jebus!!!
      Having looked at that photo, Ed Sheercunt looks like a special needs Igor-perfect for a remake of “Young Frankenstein”.

      • To be honest, they all look like special needs type, as for the song….Jeeez what a fucking crock of shite !

  2. Attention seeking cunt. Who knows what charity he’s doing it for? No one, because it’s all about him, the prick.

  3. I don’t bother with popular culture, so I’ve never heard of them. But looking at that photo, I’d say they’re both a waste of DNA.
    Ed John and Elton Sheeran are too.

  4. No doubt Eton wanted that sausage roll stuck up his arse. The wife is perhaps the more annoying , not once seen a photo of her with that mouth shut.

    • Not really surprised. Judging by the size of her she’s constantly filling her face with sausage rolls. Shutting her mouth every now and then would probably class as exercise. I’ve been blessed to never have heard any of his crap and long may that continue.

  5. Two multimillionaire cunts can’t get a Christmas number one so jump on the Chav train of the brainless.

    Ed and Elton the story of an old man and a ginger crossing the boundaries of reality into
    Fairy land.

    Everything wrong with Christmas right there. If cunts like these want to make Christmas special for the rest of us they should shut the fuck up on the last day of November for a month!

  6. The Trussell Trust-for foodbanks.*1

    If his fat oompah-loompah wife*2 cut down on the pies and donated them to the food banks, it would save our ears from the annual assault.

    *1. I recently heard that there are now more food banks in the UK, than branches of Macdonalds-telling indeed. I imagine our very own Lord Fiflrt would have a strong opinion on this🧐

    *2. There is something strangely compelling about her goofy, lower order visage.
    I could imagine her giving me a toothy-blowjob, where I pull out and give her a Vitamin B6 facial, whilst her chinless cunt of a husband is forced to watch, sausage roll in one hand, “Lunt & The Gang’s” Boris is a cunt playing in the background 👍

  7. The Christmas number one used to actually mean something.

    It was highly coveted and artists often released their catchiest track in mid December.

    There have been some belters over the years.
    It used to take hundreds of thousands of record sales to take the top spot.
    Now? Get your mates to download it multiple times, using technology- effectively easy to buy got thousands of pounds.

    Meaningless 🤔

  8. This cunt makes me wish I’d been born deaf and blind, gormless cunt has vibes of that unfunny cunt who’s friends with that Gervais cunt off the office, Christmas number one should be “our friends electric” by Gary Numan, you know something that isn’t regurgitated vomit scraped from the electric blanket of an old bird with dementia!!!!

  9. Ironically I was listening to the Sex Pistols’ “Friggin’ in the Rigging” on Christmas Day, just after the Queen’s speech.

    A song that is well over 40 years old, and yet has more energy and memorability than more modern contemporary shite dressed up as edgy music.

  10. After the turkey has come out of the oven leave it on and put the ginger cunt and fat reg in

  11. Apparently this arsehole’s net worth is around £1.2m. Not bad for a talent-free prick.

    That is the ‘beauty’ of the 21st century; you no longer need qualifications, expertise, intelligence or looks to earn a fortune. All you need to be is a shameless media whore and a complete cunt.

  12. 2 council estate cunts whining about greggs cardboard rolls is one thing, but 2 illuminati millionaire cunts desperately banging their door down to get in on the act is vomit enduing…couldn’t adele get in ? she sold her soul to get in the media 24/7 yet the ugly cunt can’t get a number one…ladbaby will have to hire the council estate food bank to fit all the grovelling celebs in next year so they can whine about dog food steak bakes

    • No idea what a ‘Ladbaby’ is or what they are supposed to be singing abaaat.

      Pass the brandy Ruffers.

      • Evening LL. I’m on the Baileys tonight, with whiskey chasers.

        Lady C got me 3 bottles for Xmas.

        That Ladbaby header pic constitutes ‘cruel and unnatural’ punishment’ in my book. I could handle the sight of a fit looking young Thai ladyboy, but what we’ve been presented with this evening is nothing less than cunter abuse!

      • Btw, cheers LL… yer me fuckin’ best mate… happy Chrizmuss eh?? yer fuckah… hic… BLOOOAAARGH!

  13. Labia or whatever he/they/it call themselves, just another example of the facefuckbook ‘look at me generation’ that I fucking despise.

    Chavs singing about sausages rolls. Fucks sake, eat some vegetables you mongo cunts.

    I sometimes wish a fucking great space rock would come down from above and wipe it all out.

  14. According to that fountain of cunt Wikipedia he does multiple things that add no value to the world or job market. His wife seems to have her jaw wired open and I am annoyed by even a photo of them. Never heard of them before today but as far as I can tell a worthy cunting.
    I’m prepping for a bad New Years Eve with the cunts that will be blasting off fireworks. My years end badly and begin short of sleep and a street filled with shredded paper fragments with Chinese lettering. Cunts!

  15. Is ‘Ladbaby’ the name of this quartet? I’d have thought ‘Shower of cunts’ be more apt.
    Never heard of him/her/it.

  16. Sometimes I wish the internet wasn’t invented and this cunt would most likely be that office clown character that was epitomised by Harry Enfield or Whitehouse thinking he was funny but everyone in the office called a cunt.

      • Yeah Ladbaby is one of ‘Those’.
        Loves comic relief day!

        Aprils fools tricks that get him sent for a disciplinary hearing.

        Mithers people in pubs
        Gets sparked out😁

        Likes novelty signs.

        “You dont have to be mad to work here, but it helps!”

        “Beware of the dog! You cant trust the cat either;”

        Weve all met one.
        Fight fire with fire .

        Rat traps in the biscuit barrel
        Cut his brake cable
        Broken glass in his brew.

        See how funny he finds that the pest.😀

      • That’s the one. If ladcunt had an ounce of a brain cell he’d top himself live on tinternet. That would generate some cash

  17. Never heard of this LadBaby shite thank fuck.

    Fat Reg is looking rather appealing in the header pic though.

    Has he brought Terry-Thomas’s teeth for Christmas?

    He’s not giving me a blowjob with those gnashers.

    Poor old David Furnish must have a groove worn into his cheese encrusted bellend.

  18. To be honest, we don’t get that kind of brainless cuntery out here. That said, I’ve not heard any of his so-called ‘hits’ but if you lot say he’s a cunt, that’s good enough for me. But look on the bright side. At least he’s stopped Cliff ‘colostomy bag’ Richard from getting to the top slot with his hideous warblings!

  19. I hope that I comes across ‘Ladbaby’, his grinning spunk bucket Mrs, gormless Sheeran and syphilis riddled SuperCunt Elton John, whillst driving a combine, anc thoroughly shred them all in the whirling blades.

    All wankers that have bought this festering turd of a record, need to ground up in a large mincing machine and fed to pigs.
    “So say we all”

  20. Shit, if I run a charity and these cunts offered to help, I’d tell them to go to oxfam, they like perverts and no-marks.

  21. That wonderful picture will make a near perfect target face for my upcoming cunt round; the seasonal look is really eye catching (at 40 yards).

  22. As i don’t really read newspapers, listen to radio, watch TV or use social media i’m thankful for never having heard or seen this crap.

  23. Mrs Lard baby is the cunt who gets under my skin with her rasping cackle whenever she opens her gob.

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