White Privilege – A History Lesson [3]

(Two East End children checking their white privilege 1905 – Day Admin)

I’ve been watching some rather interesting documentaries about life in Victorian Britain, and it couldn’t escape my notice how the majority of the nation’s population were genuinely poor and were treated like shit by their rich paymasters, landlords, governors and government.

There was an abundance of extreme poverty, appalling housing, non-existent sanitation, starvation, widespread disease, early deaths, infant mortality, and a biased judicial system that favoured the gentry over the whining of the plebs.

Moreover, children were often used as cheap labour with boys ending up as chimney sweeps or working down the coal mines. Girls, including preteens would find themselves working in cotton mills and factories. Sometimes as a last resort forced into prostitution in order to provide extra income for the family.

Quite often the illiterate, the unskilled, and the desperate were forced into dangerous jobs such as coal & tin mining, house building, road building… but with no union, no health and safety; and they were paid a pauper’s wage despite working long arduous back-breaking hours!

The two World Wars of the early 20th century, the poor and working classes were forced into conscription  to fight for King and country, only to return to abject poverty when the wars were over.

I have chosen the Victorian Era as an example of how white people were treated back then, but previous and more recent eras will follow similar lines. That basically if you were white, poor and had absolutely no influence on anything remotely important then you could be treated like a slave by the Establishment.

And yet none of this seems to resonate today. It’s as if poverty for white people never existed, and that every single white person was rich and deserving of their “white privilege”

It breaks my heart looking at these old archive photos of children (see Pinterest link below) treated like shit, working 18 hours a day for peanuts, starving, tired, riddled with illness, abused, bullied, probably sexually molested, and no doubt killed if they were of no longer of value to their employer.

But none of this will interest the woke. For them this is just another misrepresentation, and that the lives of dark keys suffered far more blah blah. And then have the affront to say the older generation had it relatively easy back in the day to be able to have a comfortable old age. Yet another sweeping generalisation!

Therefore let’s airbrush out what happened during Victorian times and beyond, and just focus on black history and the trials and tribulations of the Woke instead.



Nominated by: Technocunt

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  1. Woke pity is only doled out to those of the right colour. And yet, as Technocunt points out in his excellent nom, poor whites were effectively slaves in the years leading up to the early twentieth century. But it doesn’t cont – because they were white.

    These Wokies need to read Dickens and Mayhew. But they won’t, because they were dead white men.

    • The problem with the woke and the lefties is that they ARE just band Waggon virtue signalling cunts who only want to push there agenda and not listen to anyone elses opinion. Why do you never see debates anymore? Firstly because anyone with a modicum of intelligence would see just how ridiculous the lefty/ libtard/ woke way of thinking is! And secondly once they’ve been shown up for the cunts they are, they will try and get you cancelled/ censored because you’ve publicly embarrassed and humiliated them ( even though they’ve done it to themselves ). As for white privilege, as jack the counter would say Get to fuck!

    • Poor whites still the least socially mobile group in the UK, especially poor white men. The irony.

      Wonder why that could be. Maybe something to do with the fact the chattering classes couldn’t give two fucks about them.

  2. Whilst waiting to swear an oath to execute my mother’s will at Nottingham Probate Office in 2008 I perused some of the wills from 1929. The overwhelming majority of estates were less than £50 and I was touched by some of the bequests, leaving someone an overcoat was common.
    Yes , less than a century ago most people had bugger all but at least they were spared the likes of Lammy, Rashford and company lecturing them.

  3. I feel at the mo that there is a war being waged against white people, often by white woke cunts for some inexplicable reason.
    Yet to just give only one example; the UN’s estimate for the number of slaves living TODAY is tens of millions. Where are these people enslaved? Mostly in Africa and the far east, some in the middle east.
    White people aren’t responsible for this, yet it seems that wokies don’t want to know cos it doesn’t fit their twisted agenda in the Marxist culture war.

  4. It is the largely white marxist trash that seems to rule this country despite the wishes of the electorate that is the true enemy of ordinary folk.

  5. Time for a white history month, maybe showing the struggle for survival in Victorian England, it should required viewing for the moaning universal credit mob.

    The latest white privilege has come up with another life saving drug for Africa, maybe Lammy should tell the WHO we don’t need white mans medicine.

  6. An excellent nomination.
    That these commie cunts cherry pick their history to bolster their entirely hollow propaganda clearly illustrates the need to put every last one of them in the oven.
    At once.

    Keep Britain Tidy.

  7. There were no such problems in Africa in the late 19th Century/turn of the 20th Century. Slavery had been abolished and the indigenous Africans were either eating melon, having some ‘muh dick’, spearing antelope, roasting grubs on an open fire or dancing in makeup around a camp fire with bongos banging.

    Ahh, the life.

    • Ooga 1: Bongos good.
      Ooga 2: Bongos good good.
      Ooga 1: Bongos me make.
      Ooga 2: Bongos me make gooder.
      Ooga 1: Me go Europe. Invent computers and split atom and make fire machine with microwaves to cooking food.
      Ooga 2: Me go Europe make white woman have baby.

  8. I love a bit of white privilege!
    And im sure my ancestors enjoyed dying in mud filled trenches choking on mustard gas or losing hands in the mill or down the pit.
    The spoilt bastards.
    Talk some shite these lefties and n19n09s.
    Suck my dick.

  9. My inherited white privilege seems to have been the Potato Famine, the 2 wars and the pits and docks of S Wales.
    Born with a wooden spoon up my arse.

    • Exactly.
      Doubt theres many of us who’s family were swanning around in pith helmets on a camomile lawn playing croquet.
      These silly cunts think it was all Bertie Wooster and picnics at Henley.

  10. I keep checking the mail for my white privilege membership but so far after 49 years I’m still waiting. I am hopeful though as I keep hearing about it and so many are convinced of it’s existence. I keep reassuring myself, “One day….. One day it will be.”

  11. The reality of recent history in the UK👍

    The class divide was even more pernicious then than it is now, obviously. It still exists but the difference is there is no longer any awareness of it. The Elite still lord it over the plebs, no doubt about that, but aided and abetted by the MSM they have very convenient decoys in BLM, Climate Charge et al.

    The Labour Party were formed to fight this issue, and represent the working classes, but they lost their raison d’etre a long time ago.

    IMO Brexit was believed to be a rare vote that might actually change something for the forgotten class. More of a protest vote really, many thinking the result would either be rigged or not honoured and surprised that the former option was not chosen. It hasn’t been honoured though. Nothing has changed. If you work to just about afford a roof over your head and food on the table your hard earned tax money is still being spent on: illegal immigrants, foreign aid, HS2, climate change and, with a dose of Covid spend thrown in for good measure, the elite are now going to substantially hike up the tax you pay.

    Meanwhile, the elite carry on lording it about as far divorced from reality as you can get. Here is just one example of yet another elite CUNT reverting to type:


      • How can Peter Bottomley complain he got to fuck the fragrant Virginia?She is still a prominent member of my wank bank.

      • There is one white privilege.
        Generally, white people have a much higher intellectual capacity, compared to those of African heritage.

  12. A great historical nomination
    The thing about the Industrial Revolution of the late 18th and 19th centuries was that although life was absolute shit for those with no money it was even worse for those living in rural areas, otherwise there wouldn’t have been the migration to the cities. You see the same thing happening in China today, migration from the western parts to the developed,coastal, strip.
    The black history nonsense as propagated by the BBC is just so divisive, this country, having been the main instigator of the abolition of world slavery in the early 18th century, has a great story to tell, including paying reparations in 1817 to France of £4 1/2 million and Spain £17 1/2 million. God knows what those figures would be worth today.

  13. First World dark keys from the U.S and Europe would not last a week in Africa. In fact they seem to spend more time whining about “muh slavery”, 200 years later, than the people who were actually enslaved.

  14. I’ve research my family history back to 1750 and there is no white Privalige there just 12 kids to a family, child labour, disease and infant mortality.
    What gets me with a this BLM, woke shite is that no one recognises that white slavery was also a massive problem http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-42515373 not just from the barbery pirates but also in the USA in the 17 and 1800’s. One state alone had over 20,000 Scottish and Irish slaves who were treated worse than the blacks. No-one hears about this as it doesn’t fit the woke agenda.

  15. We seem to import only the very worst aspects from our north american friends; everything, and I mean everything, from suicidal economics to frankenfoods. But the heaviest burden has to be their neuroses and I include blick grievance politics in this, frankly alien, head fuck. Ffs 70% of the cunts are on medication, this is not healthy.

  16. Sweeping chimneys is a much sought-after skill nowadays – which may prove lucrative – which is why I have recently been on a course.

    • Oddly enough, I saw a chimney sweep van turn up next door a few days ago. I remember thinking that I didn’t even know they still existed. I assume gas fires produce some carbon that needs cleaning out of the chimney but don’t really know because I haven’t used a gas fire in decades.

  17. My mum has been into that family tree shite for decades, well before it became popular. She’s found out our family going back fucking centuries I think.

    Anyway, the majority of the tree looks like a cross between a disaster film and a Dickens’ novel. My great, great granpops blown up by a mine in WW1. Others dying in wars too. Beyond that, loads of cunts in the workhouses, kids sent to orphanages after parents died young (worked to death by all accounts, my mum said) infant deaths a plenty and not many made it past 35.

    White privilege my fucking arse.

    • Exactly.
      We were slaves for hundreds of years, mill owners, cotton barons, norman lords, feudal lords, so these Johnny come lately crybabies can fuck right off.
      Serfs up🖕

      • Slave? Bollocks. I heard your ancestor was Little John.

        Ignore the duplicate below, rubbish posting.

  18. White country? White privilege. Paid for by generations of white people who have shed blood sweat and tears as I’ve said before.

    Don’t like it fuck of back where you came from, see how you do there.

  19. You see the difference with us is that we knuckled down and sorted things out, we don’t cry about it, it’s history and we have moved on unlike those useless dumb beasts in Africa who are still where we were 200 yrs ago and will still have their begging bowl out in 200 yrs time.!

      • I love slagging off bad MPs, bad films, remoaners, bad govt policies, hypocrisy, corruption ,horrible food, consumerism and that kind of thing but ‘some’ of the stuff on here is just unconscionable. Today was particularly bad!

    • Cuntologist:

      In 2021, being (in no particular order):

      -middle aged
      -Anglo Saxon
      -hard working
      -tax paying
      -law abiding

      ….has put a target on your back, whereby you are accused of being and called every type of “ist”, imaginable.
      Under represented in media platforms.
      Abused on a daily basis.

      And you find a few blokes in here, pushing back, unconscionable?

      • Nothing wrong with pushing back on all of your points but statements like “I don’t like ’em because of the colour of their skin” or “I hate Pakis” are unconscionable; that is what I was getting at.

    • Upside of ISAC: you can deplore (“hate” is such an overworked verb*) anyone or any damn thing you like within the feasible boundaries of the law.
      Downside of ISAC: So can everyone else.

      For me, the upside wins.

      * I strongly disliked every Nigerian I ever met. But I only truly hated Tony Blair.

  20. Woke twats are unable to grasp the complexities of history, it’s black and white to them (excuse the pun). Take Churchill, these cunts call him a racist for “causing” the Bengal famine, brown people died because of him and that’s that, they neglect to factor in…

    1) The Japs being sat on the border of the region thus a requirement to deny
    them grain and other rescources should they attack.
    2) Refugees fleeing into/out of Bengal due to the presence of the Japs.
    2) Jap submarines attacking shipping.
    3) A fucking drought.
    4) Corruption across India, elevated by wartime rationing.
    5) National unrest

    The fucking list goes on, yet lefty cunts can’t see anything outside of the lens of race.

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