The Police (3): Plod by Name, Plod by Nature

(THREE plod charge some bloke minding his own business for breaking lockdown rules – Day Admin)

The police and how far they have fallen.

Manchester force not fit for purpose. Middle class idiots of XR and the ridiculous Insulate Britain not only indulged but aided and abetted.

Fucking rainbow police cars and Gay Pride police celebrants. More emphasis on hurty feelings of deviants than burglaries and robberies.

And the Met. Where to start?
The killing of a Brazilian commuter. Who was in command of this botched op I wonder?
Knife crime and general violence in London off the scale. Daily. We now have cunts on motorbikes targeting cyclists – no descriptions given of the perpetrators though. I wonder why?

The climate of misogyny and bluster which effectively encouraged the vile cunt who murdered Sarah Everard.

Anti Semitic and pro Jihadi sentiments from a serving officer effectively unpunished.
Dick continuing to obfuscate and delay yet another investigation into the killing of Daniel Morgan, which was corruption related.

And now we are told that Cressida’s Dick is still in office due to ‘ there being no suitable candidates to replace her’

Dear god, are we to believe that Dick is the best we have out of the whole UK police ‘service’ as they style themselves?

God help the poor ordinary fuckers the Met is alleged to serve.

The cops. No longer fit for purpose.
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I can’t second this enough. Dick was the Head of Terrorist Response (or whatever) when they put 8 or 9 bullets in the head of an innocent.

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And the police (Apols admins – I lived in London at the time so remember the stories but cannot find links) said he was an illegal and was a cocaine user in order to deflect the news. (9 FUCKING BULLETS. You should be aiming south-east off the coast, you cunts.

Additional support by Ruff Tuff Creampuff

‘Keir Starmer, Director of Public Prosecutions, approved a decision not to prosecute any police over the shooting.’

News Link

‘Jean Charles’s cousin Vivian Figuierdo said “We are in shock and cannot understand how the deliberate killing of an innocent man and an attempt by the Metropolitan police to cover it up does not result in a criminal offence.’

Kweer, Strap-on, Suckdick, they’re all fucking cunts out there.

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If i may add to CC’s excellent nomination.

A performance table from the Gruniad:

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83 thoughts on “The Police (3): Plod by Name, Plod by Nature

  1. Never, ever talk to the police (except when legally obligated for details). Never, ever answer questions without legal council.. even if innocent. They WILL pin shit on you if you open your mouth and there’s an opportunity for them to do so.

    Remaining silent is your best defence.

    • There’s a guy on YouTube ‘Auditing Britain’, loads of videos a proper old school shit stirrer, as infuriating as the coppers are with their abuse of power, most of the vids have moments of comedy gold

      • The back story of why he does these Audit’s is interesting:

        Plod came knocking on his door, looking for a relative of his. The relative was not registered as living there and he informed them of this.
        They threatened him with arrest for obstruction.
        He told them to get a search warrant.
        They forced their way into his house and searched it, illegally.

        He never got a full apology and the officers involved were not reprimanded, for breaking conduct.

        He is also of Asian extraction, Lebanese or similar.

        I like him- he is somebody who had enough and is pushing back.
        His video at Aldershot police station, where he pretends to be Italian, complete with comedy accent, is priceless😂

        Also the one where he is harassed by 3x dumbo street enforcement officers in Basingstoke-I posted a link on here, last year.

      • The MI6 one is good. Highlights the spectacular hypocrisy of the bullshit around stabby racial profiling in London and being lax.. but when it comes to the establishment areas it’s all serious shit again. Cunts.

        As if a real terrorist would go anywhere near that place lmao.

  2. In the UK when being arrested the police have to say to you……

    “I am arresting you for [The crime they think that you have committed].

    You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court.

    Anything you do say may be given in evidence. Do you understand?”

    The reply should be, in all cases.

    ” No, I don’t understand.

    Either I have the right to silence or I don’t, so which is it?
    I don’t understand why you should be concerned about me harming my defense when it is in your best interests if I do harm my defense.
    Also, trying to intimidate me by bringing up the possibility of me having to go to court is puerile as I will not have to go to court unless I am charged with an offence.

    And if I decide not to answer any of your questions then you really can’t foresee what a court might decide from my decision not to talk to you at this stage”.

    But of course people don’t say that, they just meekly say “Yes, I understand”

    Well fuck you UK police.
    And fuck the questions that you ask.

    “Where were you on the night of……”

    “If that is the night when you think that I committed an offence then it’s up to you to prove that I did it.
    It’s not for me to prove that I didn’t.
    So fuck off”

    It’s no good moaning about the police if you don’t bother finding out what your rights (and their’s) are.

    Don’t give in to these cunts.

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