Sporting Event MCs

M.C.’s at sporting events

Who the fuck thought this was a good idea? They use them at all kinds of sporting events now. Even heard them being used at footy matches, in Germany in particular for some reason. I’m not really into T20 cricket, but seeing as the World Cup is on, I’d thought I’d give it a go for an hour or so.

The opening game, which is on as I type this, is being ruined by some MC (which must stand for ‘Mouthy Cunt’ in his case) shouting out all sorts of unintelligible ‘rapper’ type shit.

He’s loud as fuck and doesn’t shut up. He’s shouting and playing drill/hip hop ‘tunes’ after every fucking shot.

Whoever thought this up should be strangled to death in front of his crying children. Off it goes.

Get fucked.

Nominated by: Cuntybollocks

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  1. It’s all part of the increasing Americanisation of sport. If you’ve ever been to an NFL or baseball game you’ll know what i’m talking about. Every non active moment must be filled with sound with cheer leaders, mascots and even acrobats around the side of the pitch to occupy the eyes. The customer must never be bored and his attention allowed to wander. All this against a constant flow of “customers” coming and going with drinks, hot dogs, burgers, pretzels, popcorn, all at eye watering prices. A sporting event is an opportunity to wring every last penny out of a captive audience. Take kids with you and be prepared to get home with an empty wallet. I notice the same process is happening at the pictures…….every cunt seems to want to pig out on food and drink. It’s the way of the world now, any event that draws a crowd is a “marketing opportunity.”

  2. These MC cunts are fucking annoying and they all follow the same pattern.

    “Champion of the Wooooooooooorld”

    No originality.

    They even have them at darts and snooker tournaments.

    Bring back the scantily clad ‘walk-on’ girls.
    Let’s have some cheerleaders in their short skirts doing high kicks so that we get a glimpse of thong.

    Good cunting “Cuntybolloooooooooooocks”.

    • Too right like Kylie did at the 2000 Olympic closing ceremony. Camera caught het cute butt gyrating with a perfect up-skirt shot, beamed around the world, millions of heart attacks

  3. On a similar note, American auctioneers who talk so fast that they speak in an unintelligible babble. Do they not realise what a cunt they actually sound? Obviously not.

  4. Spanish football commentators.

    Gol, Gol, Gol, Gol, Gol.
    (Big intake of breath)
    Messi la máquina. Messi el dios!
    Aúpa Barca”

    The commentators actually try to outdo each other on how long they can spread out the word ‘Gol’.

    30 seconds is not uncommon.

    • The worst thing is that it is now creeping in over here, the land of the stiff upper lip. Bloody female commentators tend to get over emotional. Bring back Kenneth (they think it’s all over) Wolstenhome, although he was a bit of a cunt, he put an offer in for my parents’ house and asked them not to tell the neighbours as he didn’t want them nosing around after a celebrity, 1955 for Christ’s sake.

  5. Aside from sporting events, why the fuck would any daft cunt want an MC at their wedding?

    Overdressed, pompous, overbearing and overpaid. A good Best Man should take on those duties of the day.


    • Best Man? Isn’t that some kind of hate speech these days?
      You might get away with it at a poof wedding. Do both parties have a “best man” at a Gaylord wedding? An interesting question but as i’ll never be attending one I don’t give a fuck.

  6. Another example of trying to attract the short-attention span of sports fans who are probably all glued to their phones to notice what the fuck is going on on the pitch/in the ring.

    You only have to look at the way cricket has rapidly gone down hill over the last 20 odd years in terms of dumbing down the rules, the length of a game, the razzamatazz and loud music played whenever some cunt hits a 4 or a 6, along with fireworks going off in between overs.

    Oh, and throw in the arrival of the wimminz/them/they games into the mix; plus bending knees and power salutes

    And now we have MCs shouting out any old bollocks for those who care to listen. And yet all the dolly birds (especially in F1 and boxing) who added a bit of glamour/attention to proceedings, have all been cancelled by the woke feminasties.

    Let’s Get Ready to Fuck off!

  7. Good nom.

    Do they still have those pretty cheerleaders? Or have they been banned? Probably the latter I guess as they were an enjoyable adjunct to the sporting action. Like just about everything else worthwhile, spectator sport is fucked. It is now just another megaphone for virtue signalling cunts.

    Good morning, everyone.

  8. Glamorous dolly birds? Are you still living in a cave Mr Techno?
    There are 8 or 9 NFL teams who have mincing blokes among their cheerleading teams. In fact the LA Rams had 3 of the fa**ots at the last Super Bowl.
    Imagine Eddie Izzard holding up the round card at Fury v Joshua.
    That’s the future and you will love it……..or else!

    • It won’t be too long before we’re all living in caves if XR, IB, AR, MSM, Boris, Princess NutJob and St Greta of Icebergs have their way!

      • Those plans will be kicking in sooner than you think – 2025 is only 3 years away:

        Thin end of the wedge to be followed by a ban on mortgages for, and banning the sale of, properties that don’t qualify. That’s 60% of the UK’s property market BTW.

        I wonder if they will have an MC at COP26? “Ladies and gentlemen, trannies, lesbians, homosexuals and everybody else please welcome your host of the event the ultimate duplicitous cunt himself Boris volte-face Jooooohsooon!

      • Well fuck a duck. Only just got my first buy to let and they pull this crap.

        Life’s just one long struggle…

  9. The net result of two decades of social media-obsessed cunts: a society with the attention span of a Goldfish with a brain injury.

    Facilitating this cuntfoolery.

  10. A good cunting .
    At the footy now it is getting more like the American sports : ott announcements , goal celebration music. And at the end of the match when we might have liked to have a song or two to celebrate, it is now drowned out by ultra decibel ‘music’. We are being cancelled.

  11. Overhyped American claptrap razzamatazz that we don’t want over here.

    Fuck off back to Las Vegas.

  12. I’m only interested in one sport and that’s because my Eskimo cousin represents his country in the Olympics, he competes in the North pole vault….

  13. When I first saw Bruce Buffer in action at UFC I thought it was a piss-take, he was so over the top. Then there’s another whose catchphrase is ‘make some noise – if you – are ready’, which doesn’t get much of a response these days when there’s about twenty three people in the audience.

  14. I have to mute the sound when that ugly wanker Rob Walker inrtoduces the players at TV Snooker championships – obsequious, fawning (especially to O’Sullivan and Higgins) – oily bastard,whipping up the applause. He looks like he should be introducing ladies night at the Starlight Club, Peckham, wearing a frilly shirt an bow-tie (and probably stockings and suspenders under his shiny suit.

    • Rob Wanker is now also commentating on snooker so you can hear the twat’s voice all match long so it’s like being strapped to a chair and forced to listen to Steve Wright. I’d like to put several six inch nails into the scrotum of whoever gave him the commentating job as a thank you for ruining snooker commentary.

  15. I remember the MC’s on World of Sport wrestling.
    ‘Ladeeeez and gnelmen, the mum’s and dad’s favourite Biiiiiiiiiig Dadeeeeee!

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