Reyes Maroto (Spanish Tourist Minister)

Spanish tourism minister, Reyes Maroto is a CUNT

I watched the news channels showing what looked like scenes from Hell. While thousands of people are fleeing for their lives, hundreds of homes have been turned to ash heaps, this fucking moron suggests that foreign visitors have no need to go home early 🤨

Indeed, this certified loon 🤪 thinks an active volcano, spewing lava everywhere, is a wonderful sight to behold and tourists should rush to the islands, to experience “this attraction – a lot of tourists can enjoy what nature has brought to La Palma”.

Is this MASSIVE CUNT for real ? 😲 Maybe Japan missed out on ‘Tsunami breaks’ where holidaymakers could sift through the wreckage counting corpses ?

This Wanker needs to stand on the edge of the Volcano with a sandwich board “roll up, roll up – come get your face melted off in this tourism paradise”

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44 thoughts on “Reyes Maroto (Spanish Tourist Minister)

  1. I wonder where she lives? Probably a billion miles away from the volcano, well insulated in her comfy home in her nice comfy bubble – just like with most politicians, rich cunts and celebs.

    They don’t see the bigger picture unless it affects them personally – and we’ve seen it with Covid, BLM, XR, immigration, and now this stupid cunt!

    To them its “don’t worry about the plebs and their minor little complaints i.e.. houses burnt down by wild fires/volcanoes, businesses looted by rioters. Just focus on tomorrow and a better beginning for all!”

  2. I don’t see the problem. If people are not intelligent enough to perhaps avoid the area then that’s their fault but her job is promoting tourism and she is doing just that. Any of our ministers actually doing their job?

  3. Completely agree. She’s probably done an inspirational management course which told her to turn every catastrophe into a business opportunity (the same course the PPE firms’ management went on before Covid)

    I think a flight over Afghanistan in a rickety C130 might satisfy her love of disaster tourism. If not shot down, she could be dropped.

    Volcanoes are dangerous. Volcanoes are not completely predictable. I could have forgiven the woman if she had made it quite clear that there is a 2Km exclusion zone, and any cunt tourist looking for a selfie any nearer than that will be detained in a stinking jail.

    The locals have quite enough on their plates without gorping grockles to contend with.

  4. Sounds like the lass has a touch of the Del Boy about her. “It’s a disaster to most people Rodney but it could be a nice little earner for us my son!” lubbley Jubbley, cushty.

  5. Well at least the bitch admitted it was a volcano not climate change or white supremacists setting fire to BAME houses. I can think of quite a few of our own politicians, and their hangers on, who would have grasped that opportunity.
    Personally i’m blaming the volcano on the fucking EU and Mr Punchface Dominic fucking Grieve.

    • Oh no….not more fucking refugees.
      Just been reading about two Afghan “refugees” in America. Have been charged with attempted murder and rape of a minor. That didn’t take long.

    • This is probably the prime worry. The model cited looks realistic – only its likelihood is in doubt. Look at before and after pics of Mt St Helens to see what the setup looks like on land. Though as much of the detachment fault would be underwater, there wouldn’t be so much ignimbrite…

      • As half a mountain’s worth of rock goes into the water, half a mountain’s worth of seawater will be displaced, resulting in a swell up to 900 metres in height off the west coast.

        No human in recorded history has seen such an event.

  6. What is our government doing about this major source of particulate pollution and greenhouse gasses. For fuck sake thanks to their completely wank energy policy and Boris being green I will have to spend my twilight years driving around in a clockwork car and eating grass sarnies. This outrageous behaviour by a volcano should be sanctioned immediately. In a word bollocks.

  7. If that’s her in the nom photo, I can almost hear a character from a 1950’s ASmerican “B” movie, crying out:

    “Don’t like the look of ‘er-bitch got craaazy eyes!”

  8. I knew a real cunt who went living in Spain. Apparently he’s since fallen on hard times. Anything bad that’s happening in Spain, I love to read about it. I want it to get worse.

  9. This is the thing about Mother Nature (Is that still relevant btw?)
    When she’s on the blob she can really put us in our place – earthquakes, volcanoes, tornados, tsunamis etc.

    These are natural incidents, and yet cunts like XR and Greta Bollockbrain, will somehow interlink it with climate change, woof woof.

    And then you have those mad cunts who live on the San Andreas fault line, which includes the millions of mugs living in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Palm Springs. Most of them are aware of what might happen if the fault line should move, causing earthquakes and even tsunamis. But rather than fucking off elsewhere they choose to live there and just hope nothing bad will happen!

    I suppose if something does happen, they’ll blame Trump!

    • Yes, that is the problem with a lot of people, even scientists.
      They think something is unlikely, so don’t worry about it, but there are such things as very low probability/very high impact events such as supervolcanoes and asteroid/comet impacts. Those would change a continent or globe in a few hours, and the atmosphere over days. Then there is the prospect of nuclear conflict which, again, could change the surface of the planet in a matter of hours (in ‘a lazy summer afternoon’, in the word’s of Carl Sagan).

      This is why it’s quite stupid to be so concerned with climate change.
      It will occur over centuries which leaves plenty of time to mitigate its effects.

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