Raid Fly Killer

Raid Fly Killer – Doesn’t do what it says on the tin.

Absolute waste of money this crap, left some dirty dishes in the sink last night because frankly I couldn’t be fucked. Woke up this morning and the fuckers are everywhere. That’s it get out the Raid!

Guess what let loose on the cunts directly and the little cunts are just licking it off whilst I’m here gassing myself. I thought I caught covid how much I was coughing.

What a load of shit! Raid are selling shite the cunts.

Nominated by: Clown Clown the Cunty Man

(I wonder if Animal Rebellion support the killing insects and other nasty creepy crawlies, or just only cute things like sheep & rabbits? – Day Admin)

52 thoughts on “Raid Fly Killer

  1. Not wishing to fly (geddit?) in the face of this cunting, but I have always found the Raid spray to be pretty effective.

    You need to ensure you spray precisely to cover the little motherfuckers, but once they have enjoyed a mist coat, they drop onto the nearest hard surface and give an accurate rendition of the Tiswas dying fly routine. This is accompanied by a manic, pleading buzzing.

    Finally the little buggers enter their big sleep; you can then sweep them up and enjoy your meal in complete peace.

      • I was fortunate enough to appear in an episode of Tiswas back in the late 70s when I was in my early teens and very hormonal.
        Made a determined effort to stand behind James with the rest of the kids, and even though I got splattered with “flans” and water, it was worth it just to see James in a clinging/revealing t-shirt!
        I also got to see Lenny Henry – a complete nobody back then, and had to resort to West Indian stereotypes to get a laugh. He was a cunt then, and a bigger cunt now.

        Anyway, those images of James in those t-shirts and tight jeans kept me “happy” for many a long year!

      • “ I also got to see Lenny Henry – a complete nobody back then” Well time hasn’t changed him as Sir Lenny of Premier Inn is a fucking nobody, now! Only funny thing I saw that cunt do was a character called Fred Dredd!

  2. “Doesn’t do what it says on the tin.”
    This is about Jellyfish Johnson right? You can’t fool me.
    As Fredo insisted….”i’m smart, I can handle things.”

    (Speaking of that cunt, Johnson. Watch this space! – Day Admin)

  3. Actually admin has a point. The wokies are always trying to outwoke each other to get more attention so how long before they are crying about the poor, mistreated rats, the arachnids and various insects we just splatter without thinking about it, like the fascists we are?
    You murdering bastards!

  4. Air rifle full of fine sand. Loads of fun shooting down house files

    • When I was a lady in the fifties we lived in the slums in south Walsall. A man who lived nearby was neighbour to a flour mill. Flour mills notoriously were always riddled with cockroaches (may still be for all I know). He would sit in the darkness for half an hour in the evening then when he switched on the light the walls in the room would be covered in the little buggers. He would then proceed to shoot them individually from the comfort of his armchair with his .177 Diana air pistol. As you can imagine the walls resembled a Gruyere cheese. This same character one day formed the theory that if he sealed the end of the barrel on said air pistol when fired the pellet would stop before reaching the end of the barrel as the air pressure ahead of it equalled the pressure behind it. He tested this theory by use of his left thumb on the muzzle……

      • I think he meant “when I was a LAD.” I could be wrong obviously, you can never tell these days.

      • Fucking hell MNC! Today I am going to do whatever it takes to kill fucking auto-correct! Thank you.

      • Hi Three Strokes. This was on a Yoga tablet using firefox so make what use of it you can. When I clicked on “reply” a window opens with a keyboeard displayed on the lower half of the touch screen. Immediately left of the space bar is a letter “a” with a comma and possibly a tick. Press and hold this letter and a window appears with the word “Prediction” and a tick-box. Touch this to change the tick to a cross and auto-correction is switched off. You will see that the tick has now disappeared from beneath the letter “a” beside the space bar. Good luck. Hope this helps.

  5. Trouble with flies?
    I have a Afghan kid stand in the corner, like a magnet for the fuckers.
    But I dont like posh expensive fly sprays,
    I haven’t money to waste.
    I have a copy of the Guardian rolled up,
    Im like Bruce Lee with the fucker.
    3 dead
    4 more meet their maker
    Last one,
    Roundhouse kick
    One inch punch
    Flies? I shit em.
    I didnt study martial arts in a Himalayan monastery for 10yrs to buy fuckin Raid flyspray pal.

  6. You heartless buggers….Fwanky da Fly was planning a picnic with Lily da Ladybird and Brucie the Beetle until you killed him….going down to Cuddlebunny Meadow where they were going to feast on the corpse of serial animal murderer, Nathty Farmer Turniphead who was killed by Brucie Badger,Felix Fox and Billy Bunnikin as revenge for his wholesale slaughter of da cute ickle furry-babies.
    I hope the same fate awaits you people who so lightly are cwuel and heartless.

    I’m away for a pushbike ride now,then I’ll have some milk ( cwuelly collected by wicked Farmers but I can turn a blind eye when it suits me) on my appalling organic muesli

    • PS..I went down to Cuddlybunny Meadow and scweamed ” CUNT!” in nathty Farmer Turniphead’s face…once I was sure he was dead and couldn’t kick my whiny little face in,obviously.

  7. I recall watching that wonderful 1950’s film “The Fly” with Vincent Price. The ending of which was truly horrific, with the scene of Price partially transformed into a fly, and trapped in a spider’s web about to be eaten!
    How I wish they could do a remake and have Boris stuck in the web, along with Gove, Lineker, Major, Blair and a host of other cunts part human/part fly, all about to be eaten by a huge ugly, smelly, bitter, twisted and vicious spider! (Anal Eaze Dodds, comes instantly to mind, strangely)

    • Those horseflies are right little bastards aren’t they?
      The cunts love me!
      Im not so keen on them.
      Had a few bites swell up of them,
      Because they dont clean their teeth and have horseshit all round their gob.
      Did you know a horsefly has a stronger bite than a great white shark?!

  8. Up a ladder years ago and a wasp got up my swim shorts inside the netting.
    It was continuously attacking my bollocks and for some reason I thought it was a heart attack. I can’t begin to describe the pain as I got into the bathroom and the cunt dropped to the floor.
    No raid for this fucker as I tortured it to death for a good 20 minutes.

  9. Ah thats because its now an ozone friendly green product, not like the Xyclon B used by the Nazis that was made by the same company.
    Nowadays its like giving the[ fly that bugged me ] wasnt that a bond film, a nice shower in cooling mist with a nice smell, honestly it would be more effective if you used the can and a lighter flame thrower style, that will definitely fuck up the buzzy bastards…..

  10. I never waste money on fly spray – not even from Poundland. If we have a few bluebottles flying about I just give Mrs. Boggs a family size Mars bar, and tell her to keep her tongue hanging out.

    Seriously, these sprays ar as useless as “slug pellets” in the garden – the little critters become immune to them.

  11. Get the cheapest one you can.
    I have one made in Chyna and it’s fucking lethal.

    I did wonder why the kids had 8 fingers on each hand but then I forgot about it.

  12. I use a tea towel to give them a waft, they head for the window and out.


    I must admit that the occasional stubborn little fucker does get a right uppercut from the tea towel.

  13. Those empty plastic bottles from all the surface cleaner we have been using, come into their own, for this purpose:

    Mix a very small amount of washing up liquid in one of these containers, filled with water.
    This solution really does kill wasps and flies, when sprayed over the unwelcome little cunts👍

    • Apparently, vinegar works well. And putting conkers on your window sill keeps spiders away. Keeping unwanted spazzy neighbours away is the real condondrum of life.

  14. Raid probably hasn’t changed the formula for patent and other legal and health reasons since 1955. The beasties are probably immune to the potion now and cranking up the potency would be dangerous to people, especially kids. It is kinda crazy how we have super-dangerous chemicals under our kitchen sink in an era of retards who eat bath salts.

    Just keep your kitchen clean and toss out the garbage at least once a day and flies won’t even try to come on, they’ll go to the dumpsters behind the Michelin Star restaurant or McDonalds, they aren’t picky!

  15. Possibly because my hygiene has improved, there aren’t so many flies about this year. For those that do enjoy my dubious hospitality, the big noisy ones will generally head towards the light (Flymasons?) and can be steered out of a curtained room towards an uncurtained open window. The small quiet houseflies are great for practising your backhand and volley on, with an Executioner Pro.
    I find Raid is less certain, a direct hit being necessary, but is ok for the occasional invasion of tiny black ants.

  16. I purchased a Venus Fly Trap some years ago having always been fascinated by the things since I was a child.
    I subsequently deduced that they must originate from Africa or some other such dirty shithole though as the very obviously fucking useless and lazy fucking thing never even once caught a single fly.
    In fact I ended up killing the flies and feeding them to it manually.

    • You must have purchased the variety ‘Davidus lammias’.
      This only eats kaffa, sorry, Jaffa cakes…

  17. I never forget being in the garden as a lad… We had a rat problem one year, under the shed. Grannie was out the back, massive g & t in one hand, lobbing bricks with the other. Eventually, she called out to my mother
    “Ro, DO go down to Garman’s in Mulgrave Rd, and get some Xyklon-B. I read in the Herald that they’ve got it on special, 3 for 2.”
    The only problem was, we had to get all the hospitals in the area on standby…

  18. Living deep in the countryside I have a constant battle with flies – Raid is in the armoury and the vacuum cleaner. Some just emerge from the walls and windows, others ‘fly’ in. Raid is in the armoury as is the vacuum cleaner. Some of them even respond to being asked to fuck off, as long as you wave something at them and point in the direction of the exit.

    Flies are the least of my worries – I got a tick on my waist after a walk with the dogs the other day. Didn’t realise until next morning. Later that day I had to shoot 4 baby squirrels. Two came in the house, the other two were following me about. Bang.

    • Ticks are a bugger, but did you ever come across chiggers? Found some once, and the itchy little pustules were with me for weeks. One left a lesion that lasted a year. Never sit down in a deer-infested wood….

      • Chiggers you say? Never heard of them until now but just looked them up. Dear god, another reason to wear long sleeves, trousers and boots when out and about.

      • Apologies said ‘Raid is in the armoury as is the vacuum cleaner’ bloody twice – what an idiot.

  19. Raid is pretty good for exterminating bluebottles. But the smaller black housefly is harder to kill. When houseflies are sprayed with Raid, the cunts just glide about in a daze. There’s two other fly sprays -Tox and Nippon – that absolutely destroy houseflies and those midge fuckers and those horsefly shitehawks. And my local chippy has one of those ace Star Trek style wall gadgets that electrifies all flying insect cunts. It melts Daddy Long Legs and makes moths explode. The cunts get done to a fucking crisp. Spectacular stuff.

  20. I always loved that Tommy Cooper gag. About he didn’t like killing flies, so he sprayed them with starch. And they all flew out the windows like a Spitfire squadron.

  21. More used to Flit with the old bicycle pump action and loads of DDT. Never waste money on Raid – cunt works out at about 15 pence a squirt. Get yourself down to the Pound Shop. They do a very nifty large can of Sanmex which rapidly annihilates everything including the user. That old Nazi technology never dies.

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